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Shen Yue had been very upset recently.

She inadvertently found the biggest secret of her own artist, and because Siyu said that Shen Yue had met her boyfriend, now every time she saw a male, she felt suspicious of them, wondering if this person was compatible with Siyu.

Shen Yue’s first object of suspicion was actually Ji Lin. After all, Siyu’s relationship with him was really good, but this option had been rejected by Siyu herself, and Shen Yue had to cast her suspicion on the second alternative i.e., Wen Yuan, the actor who was in the same crew as Siyu at the moment.

Shen Yue saw a lot of clues about this observation.

“This place, your acting is a little harder, you don’t need to be so tight, just relax, this time the script is a bit lighter with a tone of comedy, you can try this kind of acting…” This was Wen Yuan teaching Siyu how to act in a scene.

“The temperature suddenly dropped last night. I borrowed the hotel’s kitchen to boil mutton soup, and added a little more longan and wolfberry. It’s the best way to fight off the cold. I will ask my assistant Sheng Yizhu to send it to you later…” Wen Yuan opened a small stove in private to give Siyu food.

“I know that you are not in good health and are easily overworked, so I discussed with Director Yan and changed your night scene. If conditions permit, try to make up for it with late lighting, so that you can have more rest time in the day…” This was because Wen Yuan personally negotiated with the director in order to make Siyu not work so hard.

Watching the entire filming process, Shen Yue found it more and more problematic. If Wen Yuan, the actor was Siyu’s boyfriend, that made sense, if not, according to this level of concern, it was clear that he was interested in her!

Not only Shen Yue felt that way, but Mu Yan who ran to the crew from time to time to discuss the script also noticed it. In private, he even went to discuss it with Shen Yue: “Are they a couple?”

Although Shen Yue felt that the possibility was very high, she still didn’t talk nonsense, and said with a cautious attitude: “I don’t know this, Siyu didn’t tell me, and I didn’t dare to ask.”

Mu Yan while chewing the seeds asked curiously, “You don’t even know about it? But don’t they, that is the entertainers, have to inform the company about their love affairs?”

Shen Yue shook her head, “Other artists do have such requirements. But Siyu seems to be quite free. The company has never restrained her. On several occasions, Mr. Lu also personally asked me about Siyu’s situation and asked me to take good care of her. She may be very important to him.”

Mu Yan nodded clearly. It seemed that she had another hard to provoke background. After the gossip was over, she shared the news on the Internet with her popular author, Koi.

“Koi, shocking gossip! I tell you, don’t tell this to anyone, I heard that-Zhou Siyu and Wen Yuan may be lovers! This is what Siyu’s assistant told me personally, and the authenticity is as high as 80%.!”

After the filming, Siyu returned to the hotel and saw this message after turning on her phone: “…” Was she a couple with Wen Yuan? Why didn’t she know!

This rumour had spread to me, it’s too outrageous! When Siyu figured out that the source of this statement turned out to be her assistant Shen Yue, she was speechless. She rubbed her forehead and replied: “Fake.”

Mu Yan: “…How can this be fake? I saw it with my own eyes. Yes, the relationship between the two of them is indeed unusual. They are delivering food and teaching each other.”

Speaking of this, Siyu also had a headache. It was not that she had not refused Wen Yuan’s favour. When Wen Yuan gave her food, she sent it back the same way, and said euphemistically that it was inconvenient to accept. Even if Wen Yuan wanted to teach her how to act, Siyu insisted that she would only agree if they were in the presence of others, and resolutely rejected all private invitations, but there was still no way to put an end to it…

Wen Yuan, although he acted gentle, he was tough in his bones. If she declined once, he would not send it personally again. However, he would give it to someone. The frequency of his requests for discussion on acting with her had increased significantly, and he had even caused the director to encourage this behaviour. If Siyu continued to reject it, it would make her look too hypocritical.

Everyone was filming in the same crew, so Siyu couldn’t make the relationship between them sour, right? In doing so, it was not just a matter of two people. If the male and female protagonists had a quarrel, it could easily involve the entire crew and could make the atmosphere very embarrassing. Siyu originally wanted to solve it in private, so naturally she did not want to make trouble. But now everyone knew.

In such a stalemate, when the filming of half of the plot was finished, Siyu was not particularly tired physically, but was very tired mentally.

She said to Mu Yan: “You believe me, I have a little friendship with… that Siyu, she told me, the news is false.”

Mu Yan first wondered when Koi had friendship with Zhou Siyu, and then immediately asked: “Then did she tell you who is her boyfriend?”

Siyu paused for a few seconds, and said, “No! But it has nothing to do with Wen Yuan, so please stop talking nonsense, lest you get caught.”

Hearing it, she started chasing for the wind and shadows again. Mu Yan was itchy, and she promised that she would never talk about it outside. After the two talked, she came back to her senses, touched her chin, and murmured: “Even the movie emperor is not enough for her. How awesome is Zhou Siyu ’s target…?”

After dealing with her curious editor, Siyu had just picked up her paintbrush when the phone rang again. She glanced at the name that was on her phone-Fifth Master Lu. The name in the address book had evolved from “the crazy devil” to “the big devil at home”-she sighed, she had just sent one away, and ushered in a more difficult to deal with vinegar jar. No, she didn’t want to sleep tonight.

Siyu put on her clothes, greeted Shen Yue, and opened the door to go out. These days, Shen Yue had become accustomed to her behaviour of not returning home every few days. Although she was very curious about who had asked Siyu to come out, Shen Yue still held back her desire to question and did not ask too much.

Anyway, no one from the media had ever taken pictures of Siyu going out at night, so Shen Yue opened one eye and closed another.

On the way downstairs, Siyu happened to ran into Chu Shuangyan who was returning to her room. Her scenes were getting over in a few days. Recently, she hardly stayed in the crew, but went to play around and came back to the hotel at night. When the two met, Chu Shuangyan showed a very understanding smile. Seeing no one was around, she whispered: “Sister Siyu, Fifth Master Lu hasn’t lasted three days this time. I told you that he was reluctant to leave you for a long time.” It should be said that Chu Shuangyan was the first to know that they were together. After all, she boasted that she was the matchmaker. After that, Chu Shuangyan had gained one more hobby: betting.

What was she betting on? She betted on how many days Fifth Master Lu could bear Siyu’s absence. After all, Fifth Master Lu was the real person in charge of the Lu family. There were various things to occupy him. Many times, he could not stay in Jiangcheng for a long time and had to go to other places. The situation was also normal, but it was not working now. He seemed to be unable to accept that Siyu was not in his sight, so he usually handled things quickly in a day or two and flew back immediately.

The last time Chu Shuangyan gambled was within three days, and as expected, she won again.

Siyu glanced at her and sighed, “Don’t make fun of me.”

Chu Shuangyan tacitly said, while waving her hand: “You play slowly.”

Siyu: “…”

She walked slowly to the lobby, and the people brought by Fifth Master Lu had already cleared the scene in advance. The paparazzi lying in ambush outside the hotel was nowhere to be seen, and she was completely clean. As soon as she stepped outside, she was dragged into the car with both hands.

The cabin was fully heated, and the warmth swept her up along with the familiar fragrance of sandalwood, covering her slightly cold lips, dyeing Siyu with its own taste from head to toe.

The driver who was driving did not even squint, he just raised the partition between the front seat and the back seat and drove forward. After about ten minutes, Siyu was panting and struggling out from under Fifth Master Lu’s hands, tilting her head and coughing.

Fortunately, with the help of the Senior Brother of Fifth Master Lu, she was not as miserable as before when she used to cough up blood.

“That Wen Yuan is still showing courtesy to you?” Fifth Master Lu grabbed the rabbit who wanted to crawl away into his arms, and snatched the person back, and asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter?”

When Siyu heard him, her heart had a bad premonition. Fifth Master Lu was originally good at making things out of nothing, but now he also had the “facts”. She didn’t know what bad decisions he was going to make, and she quickly denied: “It’s just normal exchanges between colleagues. I definitely haven’t been alone with him in private. Really, Shen Yue can testify!”

Fifth Master Lu raised his eyebrows. Of course, he knew that the people he put next to Siyu weren’t furnishings. He just wanted to bully his family’s little girl, so he had to find a reason, or she would turn around and say that he was bullying her.

So, Fifth Master Lu now learned what it meant to close his eyes and listen, and he couldn’t refuse Siyu and blocked her excuse.

Siyu had a bad premonition: “Wait, wait… I don’t have a high-necked dress…” The words of resistance were forcibly suppressed, and Siyu rolled her eyes in her heart, and she knew it would evolve into this!

The car drove steadily until it stopped, when Fifth Master Lu finally let her go. Siyu lay on her hands and feet for a while, then got up with difficulty, looked out of the car window, and found out that they were below her house.

“Why did we come to my house?” Siyu asked strangely. Under normal circumstances, Fifth Master Lu would take Siyu around Jiangcheng, and when he had his fun, he would send Siyu back to the hotel. Today, for some unknown reason, he suddenly changed his itinerary.

Fifth Master Lu led her out of the car, walked upstairs, and faintly explained: “Ji Lin…your brother, just came back from the field today. I thought you hadn’t seen him for a long time, so I asked him out for you.”

Siyu froze for a while before uttering a single syllable: “… Huh?” She stared at Fifth Master Lu suspiciously. The more she thought about it, the more she felt something was wrong. When did Fifth Master Lu become so kind? Was it possible that he wanted to swear sovereignty to Ji Lin?? She was too naive.

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