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Before Siyu could react, her hands were held behind her and she couldn’t move. This posture was not very friendly to her. She was forced to raise her neck and endure a hurried kiss from that man. From the corner of her eye, she glanced at the driver in the front seat and saw that the driver glanced in the rear mirror, then silently looked away. He also raised the black partition very pretentiously to completely isolate the back seat, leaving an absolutely private space.

Siyu: “…”

The subordinates trained by Fifth Master Lu thoroughly carried out the eight-character mantra of “Don’t see evil, don’t listen to evil,” showing their professional qualities, but Siyu had to suffer due to this. Fifth Master Lu caught her for a while and there was a torrential plunder, anyway it did not matter where they were, but no one would disturb them now, so he was even more unscrupulous. After a while, Siyu felt that her lips were slightly numb.

Her lung capacity couldn’t be compared with that of this big man. She quickly became dizzy. When they finally finished, her hands and feet went soft, so she couldn’t maintain her strength. When Fifth Master Lu carried her in his arms, her whole person was still fuzzy ,and she could only lean in his arms and pant for breath.

Fifth Master Lu looked down at her for a long while, then lowered his head. This time he didn’t torture Siyu’s lips and tongue anymore, but gently kissed her temples, eyebrows and other places, and settled Siyu’s hair which had just been scattered because of the struggle, and the movements were much gentler than before.

To be honest, this feeling was quite new to Siyu. This kiss did not contain possession and conquest. It was more like a silent comfort. Siyu squinted a bit lazily in this gentle wind and drizzle and worked hard for a long time. Then she slowly calmed down her rapid heartbeat.

Her hands and feet were still weakening, but she didn’t think about struggling anymore, rather she lazily nestled in Fifth Master Lu’s arms in a daze, smelling the light scent of sandalwood in the air, and gradually a trace of fatigue rose in her.

Her biological clock was adjusted to be very punctual, and Fifth Master Lu took her out for a trip to the Buddhist temple at night. It was already midnight, and she couldn’t help being sleepy.

Fifth Master Lu squeezed Siyu’s chin and kissed almost every part of her face. He pecked at the corner of her mouth with unbelievable talent, straightened up again, and let her go.

But when Fifth Master Lu didn’t do these unscrupulous things, he returned to his indifferent and detached appearance. He looked unusually upright. Compared with Siyu, his face was not red, his hair and clothes were not messy, and he looked reserved. Although he let go of Siyu’s lips, he started playing with her cold fingers again. Siyu was too lazy to argue with him, instead she let him do what he wanted, lest this person make excuses to kiss her again.

No matter how big the bargain was, it was not bad this time.

Fifth Master Lu looked at her sleepy look and hugged her tighter.

Siyu asked him just now what the red star movement meant. Although he had been in the Buddhist temple for many years, he did not believe in numerology, but the moment Siyu asked him, he felt that this statement was quite reasonable.

But to be precise, it was not that the red star was moving, but that his heart was being moved. After thinking about it for so many days, he finally realized that from the moment he saw Siyu, he wanted to tie her to himself.

And speaking of it, he lost his parents since he was a child, and his home had been vacant for many years. He had waited long enough for a hostess.

Siyu leaned on Fifth Master Lu’s chest and was about to fall asleep in a daze, when she suddenly heard Fifth Master Lu whispering her name in her ear: “Siyu.”

Her sleepiness was suddenly dispelled. Soon her eyes widened slightly. Having known each other for so long, Fifth Master Lu basically didn’t call her seriously, and she could not help but feel uncomfortable after hearing her name from this person, so she subconsciously replied: “Something wrong?”

Fifth Master Lu stroked her hair. He paused for a few seconds before slowly saying, “Wait for my…senior brother, after he finds a solution, follow me back to Xiangji Temple and we will visit my parents together.”

He said this sentence in the same tone as if talking about the weather, as if it wasn’t a big deal, and was too calm. But it was also possible that he had thought about it a long time ago, repeatedly weighing it in his heart for a long time, and then when he showed his heart in front of Siyu, it became natural for him.

All the sleepy bugs under Siyu ran away.

“You…What did you say?” She was a little suspicious that she was having hallucinations, and raised her head suddenly, staring suspiciously into Fifth Master Lu’s eyes, as if she couldn’t believe it, and asked carefully, “You just told me to accompany you to visit your parents next time?”

Fifth Master Lu nodded slightly, indicating that Siyu had heard him right.

Siyu’s eyes went empty for a while, and she wondered if Fifth Master Lu didn’t quite understand what it meant to meet the parents in ordinary people’s homes? This was not impossible. After all, this person had a surly temperament. When he was a child, he lived in a Buddhist temple. When he grew up, he had been busy accumulating power. There was no close person around him, and his emotional experience was blank. It seemed that he might not be aware of folk customs…

But Siyu knew something about Fifth Master Lu, since this person had spoken it out, how could it be a whim!

But this was too fast! Although Siyu now acquiesced that others could treat the two of them as a pair and did not reject Fifth Master Lu’s intimate behaviour, but they still had to take it step by step. Visiting parents, wasn’t this a very big step?

“Lu Yuanhe, why are you in such a hurry!” Siyu bit her lip after holding back these words for a while.

Fifth Master Lu seemed to be very strange, and asked, “Why do you say that?”

He really didn’t understand or did not want to understand… Siyu held his face helplessly, and muttered: “It’s too fast, I can’t accept it… …”

A faint doubt appeared in Fifth Master Lu’s eyes. He reflected on where he was going. Taking Siyu to see his parents who died young, for Fifth Master Lu, it was complete and thorough. At the end, he had a person under his wings and regarded her as his own -he had not hesitated since he had determined his feelings for Siyu, so he wanted to give Siyu the most thorough acknowledgment.

In Fifth Master Lu’s concept, there was only a difference between zero and everything. There was nothing like doing it by halves. Now that he had determined his future partner, he naturally had to do everything.

Siyu didn’t know what he was thinking, but could faintly feel his seriousness, so she choked and couldn’t find a word to refuse.

In the end, she took the initiative to bury herself in the man’s arms like a compromise, and said, discouraged: “Let’s talk about it then…”

Fifth Master Lu bent his lips and leaned over to kiss her eyes.

Shen Yue was a good assistant with a strong sense of responsibility. She remembered her artist’s biological clock. She woke up at six o’clock in the morning. After washing up, she prepared to go to the cafeteria downstairs to help Siyu get breakfast. She ran into Siyu with a wandering look.

“Sister, what’s wrong with you? Didn’t you sleep yesterday?” Shen Yue was startled when she saw Siyu’s obvious panda eyes.

Siyu glanced at Shen Yue faintly, and sighed: “It’s nothing, I was just not accustomed to the bed.”

Shen Yue: “???” They had been in this hotel for more than a week, and now she wasn’t accustomed to the bed. Wasn’t it too late?

At this time, Shen Yue stopped getting breakfast. She hurriedly asked for an ice pack from the hotel staff, took it back to apply to Siyu, and said with some worry: “If you put on makeup, I wonder if you can completely cover it… This is not a movie. There are not so many close-up shots. You can only cover it with foundation. I hope it won’t affect…”

Siyu sat quietly on the sofa, letting Shen Yue play around, but Shen Yue didn’t know that she didn’t sleep enough. What was the matter, Shen Yue always felt that her thoughts were wandering beyond the sky.

After being quiet for a while, Siyu asked nonchalantly: “Xiao Yue, are you in a relationship?”

Shen Yue was a little surprised. Siyu rarely asked about her private life, but still replied: “No, but I’m talking about it with with an old classmate. What’s the matter?”

Siyu hesitated and continued to ask: “Generally speaking, if your boyfriend proposes for you to meet his parents, is there any way to refuse it without hurting others and with a high success rate?”

Shen Yue:” ……???!!!”

She shook her hand and almost smashed the ice pack on Siyu’s face, so she hurriedly put it away, and stammered: “Boyfriend?”

Siyu pursed her lips, looking a little embarrassed, but still nodded gently: “Well, boyfriend.” It took Shen Yue a minute to make sure that these three words weren’t any secret words, and then her voice suddenly doubled: “Sister Siyu, when are you—who is that person, is he from the circle, do I know him?!”

At the same time, she was shocked in her heart. When Siyu fell in love, she didn’t know if it was love, but the progress was too great. She was already going to see his parents now?

Siyu only replied three words, and she refused to say more: “You have seen him.”

Shen Yue immediately mobilized all the brain cells to recall and screen them. She asked uncertainly: “Is it Brother Ji?”

Siyu couldn’t laugh or cry: “What do you think, A Lin is my younger brother, literally my own younger brother.”

Shen Yue’s mind was in a mess, and she couldn’t think about the shocking news in Siyu’s sentence, and her thinking remained stuck. Regarding her celebrity being in love, she said with a blank face: “If you don’t want to see his parents, you can use your parents to shirk him, saying that your family is still investigating him, and when it is passed, it will not be too late for the two families to meet together. “

Shen Yue had no experience, but many of her friends were already married. She referred to it and gave a compromise plan.

Siyu’s face remained unchanged, but her tone was faint: “I don’t have parents in my family.” Duan Rulan kind of mother was naturally not counted. Thinking about it this way, she was in a similar situation to Fifth Master Lu, but Siyu was more fortunate and still had a younger brother who thought about her all the time.

Shen Yue knew that she had made a mistake, and was racking her brains to think of other ways, but Siyu smiled: “Forget it, I was just asking casually, but it’s better to keep this matter secret for the time being.”

Shen Yue nodded quickly. Of course, although Siyu was very Buddhist, and the company held her in high regards, but she was also a celebrity.

Although she wanted to know who Siyu was targeting, Shen Yue still suppressed her desire to explore. In these years, curiosity could easily kill a cat.

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