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The monk seemed well-acquainted with Fifth Master Lu at first glance, as he spoke extremely casually with him. Fifth Master Lu stared at the monk with a calm face for a while, as if his anger was soaring, just when Siyu felt that he was going to get angry in the next second, he unexpectedly suppressed his anger, and just sneered: “Stop pointing at me.”

The monk remained unmoved, still smiling, he was so good-looking that he looked like a Maitreyan Buddha. At this time, he was greeted by Fifth Master Lu’s anger, and said in a relaxed tone: “It’s everyone’s responsibility to care for the physical and mental health of juniors and disciples. Just one question to you, don’t you need to stretch your face to show me? Compared to when you were young, your temper is now getting bigger and bigger.”

Fifth Master Lu’s eyes were dark, his face was cold and he didn’t reply.

Siyu on the side was led by him to the Buddhist temple, and a curious look appeared on her face when she heard that. To be honest, Siyu knew very little about Fifth Master Lu, and this monk seemed to have known him since he was young. Siyu couldn’t hold back for a while, and asked in a low voice, “Then was he good-tempered when he was a kid?” “

Fifth Master Lu couldn’t get angry at Siyu, just squeezed her palm and signalled her not to ask, but Siyu finally came across someone who knew Fifth Master Lu well and didn’t seem to be afraid of him. How could she let it go easily, so she pretended that she couldn’t understand his hint, and continued to look at the monk, hoping to hear the story.

Seeing Siyu ignore him, Fifth Master Lu’s eyebrows jumped, and he began to reflect on whether he had indulged her too much.

He just wanted to maintain his cold face and let Siyu put her curiosity away, but at this moment Siyu raised her head and smiled at him, cautiously turning around and grabbing his fingers, her expression seemed to be as curious like a wolf, soft, but full of lethality.

Fifth Master Lu: “…” Forget it, let’s not take it as an example.

The monk watching from the side was seeing this scene, and especially when he discovered that Fifth Master Lu had silently compromised, he showed a look of surprise again.

He was immediately interested in Siyu–no, it was not right, it should be said that he was very interested in people who could make Fifth Master Lu feel flat and helpless. After all, for so many years, he always thought that such a person hadn’t been born yet.

“No, this younger brother has had a bad temper since he was a child.” The monk denied Siyu’s statement, and then explained, “But after Buddhism edification, he became calmer and more peaceful by the time he left, but now it seems that this peace seems to be just a facade, it just covers him, it doesn’t mean that he is really meditating.”

The monk said that when Fifth Master Lu was young, his family invited someone to do fortune-telling for him. He then went to a Buddhist temple to take refuge, so when he was only five or six years old, he was thrown into the Xiangji Temple, and he became a brother to these monks. It was just that Fifth Master Lu came to avoid disasters. Naturally, he didn’t need to practice Buddhist precepts such as shaving his hair. He just followed a group of monks every day, practicing martial arts, reciting scriptures, knocking wooden fish figurines and farming. Because of this reason, the abbot at that time felt sorry that Fifth Master Lu could not really become a monk.

Later, Fifth Master Lu’s parents had an accident and died unclearly. Their family was in a good position in the Lu family, but when his parents died, Fifth Master Lu became an orphan and seemed weak, and it was impossible for members of the clan to think on the child’s account, so no one even remembered to pick him up at the Buddhist temple.

He was abandoned in the Buddhist temple like that. The young child didn’t seem to understand what it meant, and then he seemed to understand everything. For a long time after the death of his parents, he became more and more silent every day. During this period of time, the monk found that his junior became more and more able to control his own temperament, just like a wolf who didn’t know how to hide his claws before, who had learned to hibernate and forbear, and only wanted to wait for the prey to come, so he could kill them all.

The Fifth Master Lu, who was forgotten by the Lu family, spent ten years at the Buddhist temple, and was finally picked up by the current Lu Family Patriarch-Lu Xingzhou’s father. After returning to the family, he conquered the clan by his thunderous ways in just a few years. He became the “Fifth Master Lu” who had absolute authority. After all, his days at the Buddhist temple left an indelible mark on him. He didn’t believe in anyone, and his desire for control was terribly strong. After sometime it became known that he rotated Buddha beads in his hands, but the thought of murder was circulating in his heart.

Speaking of this, the monk sighed: “Junior Brother’s fame is out of the ordinary. I heard about it even when staying in the Buddhist temple.”

Fifth Master Lu’s eyebrows were already stained with impatience. It seemed that he had heard this sentence many times. Since he left that year, he had come back once or twice a year. Of course, the reason was not to visit the seniors, but because the ashes of his parents were buried on the back mountain of the Buddhist temple. He came to pay his respects, but every time he came alone and never brought anyone else. It was an accident to bring Siyu this time.

Siyu asked: “Master, I didn’t expect you to care about the Fifth master so much.”

The monk shook his head: “No, I heard about it from the pilgrims.”

Siyu put on a questioning expression, and the monk glanced at her. He glanced at her and explained: “Many pilgrims have inquired whether the younger brother had been in the monastery, so they came here to light incense, and pray that the younger brother will not take them. This has become the most prosperous business in our temple. In the New Year, there will be people who will throw 10,000 gold to grab the incense, just to make this wish.”

Siyu: “…” This was also fine.

Fifth Master Lu’s impatience had already been exposed. He firmly held Siyu’s hand and interrupted them coldly: “Don’t talk nonsense, I’m not here this time to reminisce about the past.”

The monk asked with a smile. “You have something to ask, right?”

Fifth Master Lu looked reluctant to admit it, but he looked at Siyu, who was pale because she had just vomited blood, and finally nodded slightly: “She confronted me, resulting in loss of blood and energy, frailty and sickness, is there any way to solve it?”

The monk was surprised for a moment: “Naturally a pair of partners, logically speaking, there shouldn’t be any conflicts!”

He invited the two of them into an inner room, and carefully looked at Siyu’s face, and asked her to spread her hands to look at her palms, and then said firmly: “Absolutely, when my brother’s red star moved, it was your star. Since I’m right, it should be caused by external forces …”

Siyu sat honestly and couldn’t help feeling a little ashamed when she heard the monk’s serious analysis. She seemed to know what this “external force” was, because Zhou Siyu’s frail and sickly vomiting blood image was imposed by her as the author. Later, she became Zhou Siyu herself, and she could see the luck of people. Good luck was hanging on her life, so she felt uncomfortable when she met Fifth Master Lu, who was full of evil spirits.

In the final analysis, it was still a matter of “setting”. If she was in good health, she won’t worry so much.

But of course it was impossible to tell the truth. Siyu watched the monk chanting, and even began to search through the boxes and cabinets, and quickly stopped him: “Master, you don’t need to worry, I am fine now, there is nothing life-threatening…”

Fifth Master Lu pressed her shoulder and told her to sit back: “Let him find it, he pretends that there is no problem that can’t be solved, then let him prove it.”

Siyu naturally couldn’t hold back Fifth Master Lu, so she had to stay put obediently.

Of course, the monk did not find any solution after searching for a long time, so he sent the two of them away first, saying that they would go to the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion in the temple early tomorrow morning.

“I have a limited collection of books here, but you can be rest assured, it is rare for the junior to speak, I will naturally help.” The monk sent them out, and then seemed to think of something, then turned back to the room and took out a sandalwood bracelet. The style looked similar to Fifth Master Lu’s, except that the beads were much smaller. He let Siyu wear it on her hand, like a simple ornament.

“The best Bodhi beads are hard to find. The junior brother’s one was left by the former abbot. Although the one I gave you is not that good, it is still okay for you to calm your blood. You should wear it for a while, and then wait. I will find a way to help you out.” The monk was obviously a good and responsible monk, and he also provided great after-sales service. Siyu naturally thanked him.

Fifth Master Lu didn’t have such a good temper. He pulled Siyu and got into the car. The monk was not angry, as if was used to Fifth Master Lu’s temperament, and his eyes contained a little bit of love, as he looked at Fifth Master Lu. The master endured and endured, but he didn’t pretend in front of Siyu.

Saying goodbye to the monk, Fifth Master Lu originally wanted to take Siyu to his villa, but he knew Siyu still had to film tomorrow, and Siyu also refused because if Shen Yue woke up in the morning and found no one in the room, she would freak out.

After refusing, Siyu realized that Fifth Master Lu had an unpleasant look, and she paused. According to her previous experience, she should have coaxed him with good words, but Siyu felt that the two talents had just reconciled, she should be calm for some time. So, she pretended to be invisible, and deliberately said: “I forgot to ask, what does Red Star Movement mean?”

Fifth Master Lu: “…” That monk had a big mouth!

Seeing Fifth Master Lu not speaking, Siyu suddenly had the illusion that she had the upper hand. The corners of her mouth were secretly curled up, and she asked, “A natural couple? Destined?” Fifth Master Lu looked down at her, like an ancient well with no waves in his eyes.

Siyu couldn’t help but laugh out loud after speaking. She actually didn’t believe this, but for some reason, when the monk said this, she didn’t reject it much… Instead, there was “Oh, it’s like this” kind of reaction. It was the feeling that the dust had settled.

Her smile made her throat a little itchy, but the newly worn sandalwood beads on her wrist exuded a faint cold fragrance. Siyu sniffed this strange fragrance, and suddenly felt that the blood surging in her chest calmed down a lot. The desire to cough up blood was not so strong anymore.

“The things your senior brother gave are really useful.” Siyu raised her hand and looked at it, a little surprised, “Sure enough, he is a high monk!”

Hearing Siyu violently praising someone else, Fifth Master Lu smiled coldly and bowed his head to Siyu. “Since it’s useful, don’t waste it.”

Siyu said with a dazed look: “??” Fifth Master Lu didn’t explain, he turned his head to cover her soft lips, and stretched out his hand to press her on the seat and kissed her intensely.

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