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The capital star of the nox race was destroyed more than thirty years ago. After the catastrophic explosion that shocked all races across the interstellar, this destroyed planet was also reduced to an abandoned planet, and its past prosperity was never seen again.

Because it was already an abandoned planet, plus this planet was the source of the big explosion that caused the inexplicable dark nightmare in the interstellar area, this star field had not been passed by any starship all these years.

Even if it was a commercial ship, when going to the star field adjacent to the area where Attia star was located, it would choose to go the long way around by default.

In other words, this star field was equivalent to a blind spot in the current interstellar.

The torn space rift above Attia Star was expanding at a speed visible to the naked eye, but such abrupt and frightening scene was not noticed by anyone.

No one, including the Star Alliance, found it.

The destroyed city on the planet appeared to be a broken wall, occasionally sand and dust flew, then the rift in the gray sky was finally wide enough. Through this huge rift, a behemoth appeared——

It was a black warship that was larger than Gaia. After coming out of the rift, it directly obscured the already gloomy sky of Attia star, as if it had swallowed all the sunlight, and cast an invisible deep shadow on the ground.

“Arrived in the target space.”

A voice without emotional ups and downs came from a person dressed as a soldier, but before the other side spoke, all the soldiers on this warship had already accepted the other side’s acknowledgement of these words.

Communication with language was something that only other races needed. It was not necessary for the “Serra” group. The reason for the sound was the instinctive reaction left by the body.

It could be seen that in this extremely large black battleship, judging from the differences in the appearance of the soldiers on the post, these soldiers were obviously from a variety of different races.

But this was actually just the appearance, every soldier in this battleship now belonged to the Serra group.

The ontological consciousness of these soldiers had been deprived and eliminated, and they had become bodies that could be controlled by the Serra tribe, just like a virus invading the host. After eliminating the ontological consciousness, they had forcibly gained control of the body.

This was exactly the characteristic of Serra’s strange life form.

Serra was a kind of life form that could not be seen. There were countless individuals in this group, but they had a unified consciousness.

Because other individuals would adopt an attitude of absolute obedience to the strongest individual in the group. The individual with the strongest consciousness was the “king” in the Serra group and could dominate the will of the entire group.

Serra race was originally born in a relatively barren universe. They fed on various emotions, especially negative emotions, produced by individuals of other races. At the same time, they would also grab all the energy and matter they could, which made the group evolve to be stronger and more perfect.

The originally relatively barren universe was looted not long after, and when the world was destroyed, the Serra group went to the next destination that could be looted.

Being able to cross the plane to go to other universes was an ability possessed naturally by the Serra group, so they felt incomparably superior to other life forms.

Every selected world was inevitably destroyed in a terrible disaster that could not be resisted.

The only exception was the universe they were currently arriving in.

They were supposed to start plundering this universe more than thirty years ago, but in the same location as now, a race in this universe called the nox hindered their plans.

They had used a self-destructive attack to destroy them. As a life form with extremely high intelligence, the Serras also had to admit that this race called nox was the most powerful race that they had encountered among the many universes they had reached.

Strength was beautiful, this was the aesthetics of the Serra ethnic group.

Therefore, before suffering a rare and hard hit and having to leave the universe in the impact, the Serras put a mark on the only surviving cub egg, and at the same time left another gift for this world.

The gift was the black nightmare as called by the people in this world. This sickness manifested with black lines appearing on the skin of the sick person gradually which looked similar to a totem. When the totem had spread all over the body, the sick person would completely lose control of their own body. People only knew the above situation. Actually, when the sick person was covered with such black lines, the Serras could invade the other’s consciousness in an instant and gain control of the body.

Black Nightmare could almost be understood as a kind of “virus” spread by the Serras in order to make it easier to invade the bodies of other living organisms.

The mark on the cub’s egg was different. Although the mark was similar to the totem pattern of Black Nightmare, it was not the same thing.

It was just said that the Serra ethnic group used the emotions of other ethnic individuals, especially negative emotions, as food. When this black mark was applied to an individual, it would act as a catalyst for the darkness within the individual’s heart.

The original slight displeasure might turn into anger, boredom into hatred, and the growing darkness would slowly push the person into madness.

The more anger and hatred a person had, the more this person could become delicious food for the Serras.

But because they agreed that the nox were a beautiful race, the Serras didn’t want to deprive the only surviving nox of his consciousness. They wanted to absorb this nox’s consciousness into their group and let the other party become one of their members.

The other races in this world didn’t know about their existence. After they left, they would only think that the nox race had done things that shouldn’t be done, causing its own destruction and bringing disasters to the world at the same time.

The surviving cub egg would thus be treated with hostility from these races after it was born. Not surprisingly, the black mark on this nox would become darker and darker.

Having visited so many universes, the world in which the nox race was located was a rare world that the Serras felt might be a little troublesome to plunder.

If the surviving nox wanted to destroy the world because of his hatred after growing up, letting the opponent disintegrate a few forces first would help them in their subsequent attacks.

It was originally planned like this.

Suffering heavy accidental damage in the target world that time, the Serras who were forced to leave could only choose to go to the lower planes, that was, to a universe where the civilizations of various races had not yet developed, plundering the material energy of this lower universe to repair the injuries.

After recovering from their injuries, the Serras did not choose to attack their previous target world immediately.

This world was a little more difficult. They chose to wait for that nox to grow, and during the waiting period they went to other worlds to squeeze resources to make themselves stronger.

But after plundering several worlds, the Serras once again sensed the reaction of the black mark, but the result was not as expected.

Instead of deepening of the mark as they had thought, it had faded away. The darkness that could be seen in the heart of nox who was imprinted with the mark became less and less due to unknown reasons.

Not only that, the Serras discovered that the various forces in this universe had hardly waged wars under the stability of an interstellar organization called the “Star Alliance”.

The Star Alliance had maintained peace in this world, so the civilizations of all races in this universe had entered the golden age of development in these years-

This was the only world where exceptions had appeared during the looting by the Serra tribe. There had always been a little fear of this target world in them.

Originally, they wanted to fish in troubled waters, but now it seemed that this target world was developing in a direction that was not good for them.

They couldn’t let it go on, otherwise it would increase the difficulty of destroying them.

After the huge black battleship completely emerged from the huge rift that was torn apart in the sky, the battleship pointed its direction towards the planet called Hilorin Star in this universe.

The headquarters of the Star Alliance was there.

Deviations in the plan must be corrected immediately-

Compared with Gaia, the winter of Hilorin was very short, and it was now early spring.

Spring was full of vitality. The trees of Hilorin Star had spurted out new young shoots, and the soothing greenery was growing, depicting a new life full of vitality on this planet.

Since this was where the headquarters of the Star Alliance was located, Hilorin Star had certainly developed very prosperously, and this planet was quite famous throughout the interstellar.

Whether it was tourists from other planets or aboriginal people, on the streets of Hilorin Star, a smile could be seen from the face of every pedestrian.

Hilorin Star was rated as a planet with a very high happiness index.

Opposite the smiles on people’s faces, was the haze that was approaching.

At this time, whether it was the Star Alliance, or Xie Luan who was still sleeping in the Yunbao Branch next to a nox with his tail half-circled around his waist, nobody knew about the arrival of the enemy they had never met.

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