TCYEC Ch. 59

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Since the last time he was compared in the bathroom, Yu Siyang was very uncomfortable seeing Mr. Xue for the next several days. Seeing him, he inexplicably thought about him taking off his clothes that day, and how his strong and powerful body almost collapsed his heart.

——I don’t really want this skill of undressing others with my eyes!

Fortunately, after a few days of rest, he recovered from his injury, so he was allowed to go to the crew again, and the P&H commercial shooting was already on the agenda. After getting busy, he had no time to think about Mr. Xue’s figure.

Only occasionally he was still jealous that Mr. Xue was older than himself.

The crew of “Pretending Overload” was really too poor. The crew had rented the studio for only a month, and then moved to a location. After Yu Siyang rested for a few days, the entire filming plan became tense, and his daily schedule was fully packed.

The actor who threw stones on the ground had been fired by Jin Ce. The small studio where the actor was signed was beaten by Wei Xiaofeng, and the actor was terminated on the grounds of violating the company management system and labour contract.

The man lost his job and received a letter from a lawyer asking him to compensate Yu Siyang for medical expenses, lost work expenses, nursing expenses, transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, nutrition expenses, and mental damage expenses, totalling 5 million.

The actor almost vomited a mouthful of old blood, even with such a small injury, he dared to ask for five million. Damn, Yu Siyang is crazy about money.

It is definitely impossible for him to lose money. So, he went to find Pang Yujie to lose money.

Pang Yujie was uncomfortable too, because the lawyer’s letter had also been sent to him, not only asking him to compensate money, but also for a public apology. He was so angry that he immediately tore the lawyer’s letter to pieces.

Yu Siyang’s injury was a minor injury. He can’t be sued for the crime of intentional injury, nor can it be regarded as a bad circumstance. He cannot be sued for the crime of provoking trouble. It can only be regarded as a civil dispute. The police can mediate and there was no need for monetary compensation.

But Luo Peng didn’t want to let this happen.

This Pang Yujie stared at his own Xiaoyu like a mad dog. If he didn’t step on him this time, he would still use Xiaoyu as a soft persimmon in the future, and he could pinch him as he pleased.

——Aren’t you going to invite the navy, then I will post the draft.

Luo Peng contacted several media who had good relationship with him. The company’s department gave the handwritten details of the matter and sent it to the media together with the lawyer’s letter to make the issue sensational.

Wasn’t it just to incite those ignorant Internet mobs?

The two most influential online media first reported the whole incident of Pang Yujie hiring people to hurt Yu Siyang. After the press release was polished by the media, it contained more ups and downs and even more incited the people who were there to eat melons[1].

Then, the mainstream media also reported on the incident, which immediately raised the attention of the “hiring and hurting people incident”. Various ghosts and monsters also ran out to comment on the incident, pointing directly to the unspoken rules and behind the entertainment industry.

At first, ordinary people were very interested in the things that could not be told to outsiders under the glamorous appearance of the entertainment industry. This incident made them see some disharmony in the entertainment industry, and they suddenly began to dig into all kinds of bullies. People’s affairs, even the old news more than ten years ago, have been turned out and criticized.

The “hiring and hurting people incident” became a topic of concern and discussion by the people for a while, and the two core figures of the incident, Yu Siyang and Pang Yujie, also received unprecedented attention.

It was just that everyone sympathized with Yu Siyang. In the eyes of most netizens, Yu Siyang has become an excellent young actor who has been oppressed but worked hard. Of course, this has nothing to do with the fact that food groups are selling meng everywhere on the network.

For Pang Yujie, people felt more disgust. He bullied newcomers based on money in his family, and hired people to hurt others, and the people thought that his character was extremely bad. Such people should get out of the entertainment circle and not stain everyone’s eyes.

The so-called wall fell, and everyone pushed, and the artists who had been bullied by Pang Yujie’s tactics in the past also stood up and cried and drew on this wave of enthusiasm.

When there were more and more calls for Pang Yujie to apologize publicly on the Internet, Pang father found his son and completed a men’s singles[2] first.

Pang Yujie was beaten forcefully by his father. He had never been beaten since he was a child. The family never even scolded him. He was beaten and shouted: “Dad, what are you doing, stop.”

“What am I doing? I can’t beat my son in my family also?” Father Pang’s force was even stronger, obviously out of anger.

Father Pang also felt wronged in his heart. His son had never caused him trouble since he was a child. But after growing up, his son gave him such catastrophic trouble this time, that his father was no longer able to carry him.

“Dad, what’s the matter?” Pang Yujie hid on the other side of the dining table, letting his father chase him.

Father Pang was also tired. He went to the sofa and sat down in despair, with his elbows on his thighs, ten fingers inserted into his hair, his head down, and he said dully: “Who have you offended? All-Star’s parent company, Heng Sheng, is now intervening, and has intercepted many of the company’s customers, and even controlling the supply of raw materials. In just a few days, the company is already on verge of a state of exhaustion.”

Pang Yujie was dumbfounded for a while and shouted angrily: “Who are they? How can they do this?”

“Why can’t they do this?” Father Pang said, “Xiaojie, not all people and things in this world revolve around you. All your requirements must be met. Dad told you before. I said this many times, but you just didn’t listen. I hope it can make you change this time.”

Pang Yujie was so angry that he was completely devoid of reason, as if he could still listen to Pang father’s preaching. He ran out like crazy, muttering: “I’m going to find Yu Siyang, he actually dared to do this, how dare he…”

Father Pang hurried to chase his son, but when he saw his son driving away quickly, he suddenly had a more ominous premonition in his heart.

 —Pang’s legacy is about to be destroyed in the hands of this son who grew up under his love since he was a child.

Yu Siyang didn’t know that Pang Yujie was speeding up to find him. He was listening to director Jin’s play. The next scene was that Dongfang Zhe was despised by Ximen Guang when he vowed to dispense a peerless magical medicine to cure Ximen Guang.

“When you are speaking, you must be ferocious, which is completely different from the usual fairy-like appearance of the character, creating a little contrast.” Jin Ce pointed to the script and said.

The girl who was also serving three positions brought a black lacquered liquid. The liquid was actually green mixed with purple liquid, and he didn’t know what solution the girl was using. The two colours were not mixed, so he stirred it. Green and purple got intertwined, but it looked disgusting.

“This is the peerless magic medicine?” Yu Siyang asked in surprise.

The girl smiled and said: “The peerless magical medicine has to be boiled. This is the soup of the boiled medicine.”

Hong Zhehao looked closer, curled his lips, and said, “This is the peculiar poison, it looks like something a medieval witch made out of bats and zombies.”

“Anyway, you do not really have to drink it,” The sister’s lip also curled up,” Isn’t is good for comedy?”

Hong Zhehao didn’t comment on this, but just looked at the casserole in disgust.

Guan Yahua came over to tell everyone that the studio was ready, and the girl quickly brought the “peerless magic medicine” to the small stove on the counter. The stove was burning, and after a while, the solution in the casserole was boiled. Turning on, rolling in the pot, it looked even weirder.

Standing behind the counter, Yu Siyang was still in a white and elegant costume, but in order to make a “peerless medicine”, he specially tied up his sleeves into a bow.

After Guan Yahua clapped the board, he immediately entered the role.

The weird soup medicine in the pot kept boiling. Dongfang Zhe added a handful of red cinnabar to the soup, gritted his teeth and said: “He actually said that I am a scam artist, and that I can only swindle, hum, he forced me. When I get serious, I scare even myself.” Then he threw some strange things into the soup.

Ximen Guang was peeping in a corner, and seeing what Dongfang Zhe threw into the soup, his face turned pale.

Is this stuff meant for him?

He was going to die.

At the same time, the killer sent by the martial arts leader also lurked in another part of the room, intending to wait for an opportunity to kill Ximen Guang.

Ximen Guang had discovered the killer a long time ago, and had an idea, he wanted to use the killer’s hand to let him face Dongfang Zhe, regardless of whether he won or lost, it would be beneficial to him.

So, he just did it, and rushed towards the killer.

Dongfang Zhe was taken aback by the sudden appearance of Ximen Guang and the assassin who was still standing at the same place. Seeing that there were outsiders present, he immediately recovered from the hideous appearance to an immortal appearance, and pretended to persuade him: “What injustice do you have to report? “

Ximen was dying of anger. This killer obviously had much higher cultivation than the previous martial artist. He was extremely struggling to deal with it. Even if the charlatan didn’t come to help, he was still talking nonsense.

The killer couldn’t kill Ximen Guang immediately, and there was a person next to him who was saying things like “It’s better to solve the enmity and not to kill each other”, “Respect the old and love the young “, and “The weather is so good today, violence is not suitable”. He was extremely long-winded.

The killer was selected after rigorous training. The first lesson of the training is to be calm. Don’t be moved by foreign objects in the face of any complicated environment. The first thing to do is to complete the goal.

He had done a good job in this aspect of training, and as he was able to keep his calm, he was one of the top three killers in the organization.

But now, he felt that he should go back to the furnace to remake his calm, the man in white clothes that looked like a male ghost was simply annoying.

The assassin’s forehead pulsated with blue veins violently, and he was so annoyed that he immediately exposed his flaws, and Ximen Guang kicked Dongfang Zhe.

Dongfang Zhe was shocked, and subconsciously poured the “peerless magical medicine” he was brewing on the flying killer.

The weird-coloured soup medicine went towards the mouth of the killer, and a lot of the soup medicine actually entered into his mouth through the black cloth on his face. He suddenly felt that life was better than death, and rolled on the ground frantically, screaming in pain. The colour on his face went green and purple for a while, which was very nauseating.

After a while, the assassin finally stopped rolling and died silently. Ximen Guang went over and lifted the cloth off the assassin’s face, and immediately threw the cloth in Dongfang Zhe’s direction in fright.

He saw that the assassin’s exposed skin had all turned emerald green, and his hair had turned purple, which was terrifying.

“Charlatan, what were you cooking?” Ximen Guang asked with lingering fear.

——Is that stuff you wanted me to drink?!

Dongfang Zhe held his hands behind him, his robe and his hair fluttered, and he said in an ethereal voice: “Peerless poison.”

Ximen Guang wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. If it weren’t for this pot of peerless poison, he was afraid that he would not be able to survive today. So, he patted Dongfang Zhe’s shoulder and said, “Thank you, charlatan.”

Dongfang Zhe smiled particularly nobly, and the hand behind him tore into his sleeves viciously.

“Cut-” Jin Ce happily put down the camera and said: “Very good, passed, the next shot.”

Yu Siyang and Hong Zhehao’s acting skills were both good, Jin Ce shot very smoothly, and most of the shots were passed in one take.

Jin Ce thought of the idol dramas performed by Hong Zhehao he had seen before, and he couldn’t help feeling perplexed. He had heard that director Peng Zhigao would train actors particularly. As expected, Hong Zhehao, who was taught by Peng, finally got rid of the previous vase appearance and worked hard towards acting.

Several people who were responsible for the props and sets immediately went over to change the scene and props. The killer actor got up and found the poison mixer girl and asked her to put special effects on himself, which is the appearance after being poisoned by the “peerless magic drug”. After finishing the makeup, the scene of poisoned death of the killer was added to the shoot.

Yu Siyang and Hong Zhehao sat together practicing their lines, both of them were wrapped in a thin coat that was exactly the same. These two days have cooled. The fluttering costumes on them didn’t keep them warm. Yu Siyang’s thin coat was given by Hong Zhehao. The name was “Brother’s Coat”.

When Guan Yahua saw them like this, she quickly took out her cell phone and took a photo. This is good promotional material. When the movie will be about to be released, it could be used for hype.

While the crew was busy changing the scenes, when Yu Siyang and Hong Zhehao were holding the script to practice the lines, an uninvited guest barged in.

“Yu Siyang, I have come here for you.”

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[1] Passer-bys

[2] Beat him up.

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