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After watching the big brother and the little brother leave, Nuan Nuan was also dressed up beautifully by Mother Gu and she took her away from Lincheng for a while.

“Mom, where is uncle’s house?”

That’s right, now Mother Gu and Father Gu were going to take her to her uncle’s house, her maternal grandma and grandpa were long gone, and now there was only one uncle at mother’s house to manage the big family. So even if he knew that Nuan Nuan was back, he couldn’t get out to see her.

So there was this trip.

Mother Gu patted her head, “We will arrive soon by plane. Your uncle’s house is in the Jiangnan area.”

“Do we have to take a plane?”

Nuan Nuan looked at Mom and Dad with shining eyes.

Gu Linmo nodded affirmatively, “Yes, it’s our family’s private jet.”

Nuan Nuan, who was flying for the first time, was a little nervous and excited. When she saw the real plane, she opened her eyes and her round mouth couldn’t even utter a word.

It turned out that the small plane in the sky turned out to be so big!

Moreover, the layout inside the plane was also particularly luxurious, with everything to eat and drink, and Nuan Nuan didn’t get airsick, so she just knelt on the soft sofa and kept looking out at the outside world while holding the window.

As the plane took off, the buildings and pedestrians on the ground turned into black spots like ants, until finally they could no longer be seen.

When she got above the clouds, she realized that the fluffy clouds that looked like cotton from the ground to the sky turned out to be so thick. The thick layer was as white as snow, and as broad and boundless as the sea. It was still rolling, and it looked great.

Ever since she got on the plane, she had been in a state of excitement and curiosity, looking here and there to see everything. After nearly an hour, she finally became less curious. She sat quietly on the soft sofa stool, bowed her head and hugged own mobile phone.

“Xiao Ai?”

A soft voice called out.

“I’m here.” A mechanical loli voice sounded, and a high-tech smiling face appeared on the phone screen.

Nuan Nuan blinked her eyes, “But didn’t I turn off the phone?”

Xiao Ai’s smiling face immediately turned into a look of grievance, “Does the master not like Xiao Ai?”

Nuan Nuan shook her head quickly, “No, it’s just that Mom and Dad said that it’s best not to use the phone.”

Xiao Ai’s expression turned into a smiling face again.

“It doesn’t matter, even if the phone is turned off, but if the owner needs it, Xiao Ai can still come out.”

Nuan Nuan suddenly smiled softly, talking with Mom and Dad on the plane and talking with Xiao Ai, it was not at all boring.

There were still so many delicious things, and by the time she got off the plane, she had already stuffed a lot of food in her little stomach.

“It’s coming soon. Your uncle is a very serious person. His job is a university professor, so he usually manages a lot of students. If he is not serious, he can’t control people, but his heart is actually quite soft. You have two cousins, both of whom were abroad when I informed them about you before. The eldest cousin is a doctor and is still participating in a closed medical research project. The second cousin is a very good painter. Nuan Nuan saw your parent’s painting in our room, those were all drawn by your second cousin, it’s a pity that this child rarely draws portraits, and your father and I only have that one portrait.”

Nuan Nuan “!!!”

Nuan Nuan’s eyes widened. They went round, of course she had seen those paintings, they were exactly the same as her parents and they were very beautiful, she always thought they were photos, but she never thought they were paintings.

“Okay… that’s amazing.” She admired so much that her eyes turned into stars.

Why were her brothers so powerful!

Mother Gu smiled and pinched her gradually fleshy smiling face, which was smooth and tender, while her skin had also turned milky white in such a short period of time, until she was becoming more and more like her grandma.

Mother Gu’s family was also a scholarly family. Several generations of elders in the family were masters of teaching and had a decisive influence in the education field, but compared with the Qin family, they were not as good.

The Qin family, which was Nuan Nuan’s natal family, was the real century-old scholarly family. Since ancient times, it had been dedicated to literary pursuits, and the education in the family was also very strict. Although there were still some black sheeps, but they also remembered family rules and ancestral training, and never did anything out of the ordinary.

The water town in the south of the Yangtze River was soft and beautiful. Most of the buildings here were pavilions, and they paid more attention to the garden style of architecture.

The Bai family’s old house was located in a place with beautiful mountains and clear waters. It was a courtyard house with carved beams and painted buildings, which had the unique style of Xia Kingdom from ancient times to the present.

The two stone lions in front of the gate looked mighty and domineering. When you enter the main gate, you could see a big ginkgo tree which could be hugged by four people. Now was the time when the leaves of the ginkgo tree were turning yellow. The fan-shaped leaves were like delicate and beautiful small fans, which were shocking at first glance.

The blue brick and stone floor under the ginkgo tree was also covered with a layer of golden yellow, revealing a natural beauty.

Nuan Nuan stood under the tree and looked up at the big tree, almost unable to move her short legs.

The ignorant little girl was completely shocked. In her clear and bright pupils, the only reflection was this beautiful big ginkgo.

“It looks good. This yard is an old yard. It has changed owners over several generations. Before the older generation moved in, this tree had been growing here for many years.”

Nuan Nuan took her parents’ hands and nodded obediently, it was really nice to see.

“Go and have a look?”

Nuan Nuan looked up at her mother and asked softly, “Can I touch it?”


Encouraged by her mother, the little girl stepped on the clean bluestone carefully, trying not to let her shoes step on those leaves, and then slowly walked under the big ginkgo tree.

With a sense of reverence and excitement, Nuan Nuan carefully placed her thin white palm on the rough-textured tree trunk.

When the breeze blew, the leaves on the ginkgo tree made a rustling sound. The wind seemed to be gently brushing her soft hair with the palm of a hand, as if greeting her.

There was a smile in her warm and clean eyes, and the moment she looked up, she seemed to hear a shallow voice, and it seemed that countless voices were combined together and they were all talking.


Nuan Nuan pursed her pink little mouth and smiled slightly, her brows and eyes curved like a clear moon, crushing the warm light seemed to sprinkle a piece of warm golden color, very gentle.


The little girl greeted softly.


Suddenly, she heard her mother calling for someone, and turned around to see a middle-aged man with a serious face.

His body was straight, not the straightness of a soldier, but a kind of arrogance from the bottom of his bones, his body was like a pine tree, tall and unyielding.

He had a bookish atmosphere that had been soaked in through being immersed in books all the year round. With his hands behind his back, he was wearing a dark grey gown. He looked like those admirable teachers in the Republic of China period. He was majestic, but also revealed convincing elegance.

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