IHSB Ch. 68

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Gu Nan came very quickly, he was the first to come among all the parents.

When the tall and indifferent figure appeared at the police station, Nuan Nuan was the first to notice and also the first to jump off the stool, and jump up with her short legs and arms.

“Big brother.”

The little girl really missed her big brother, she looked at the young man with sparkling eyes, which was very good-looking.

Many people originally thought that this indifferent young man would not be gentle, but when he squatted down, they realized that they were wrong.

The young man hugged the little girl who was rushing towards him, and the tenderness in his eyes seemed to all be given to this delicate little girl.

“Were you scared?”

Gu Nan rubbed Nuan Nuan’s little head with slightly cool fingers.

The little girl shook her head obediently. The police uncle said that they would not have to go to jail. Fighting was something that happened between children. They were just mischievous and not considered bad children.

Nuan Nuan was relieved, as long as her brother was not arrested and sent to jail, she would not be afraid.

“Fourth brother and his friends are all injured.”

The little girl grabbed her big brother’s hand, “Big brother, I want to take them to the hospital.”

Gu Nan’s eyes fell on the group of young people, his eyes turned cold instantly, they all shivered from the cold, and each of them straightened their backs, standing more obediently in front of him than they did in front of the head teacher or even the police.

Yang Xingchen screamed in his heart, why is this big devil coming!!!

At the same time, the scene he saw just now was so shocking that he even started doubting his life.

The indifferent big demon king of the Gu family, the nightmare in the hearts of children, even he was no exception, at this moment… he actually squatted down and rubbed a child’s head so gently!!!

He didn’t know whether he should be shocked that the big demon king actually had a trace of tenderness besides indifference, or whether he should lament that the kid was so bold.

The child from the Gu family was found to be so terrifying!

After all, he still couldn’t help himself against Nuan Nuan’s worried eyes, so Gu Nan still brought Gu Mingli and his friends out with a blank expression.

Everyone looked at Gu Nan, and felt his reluctance for some reason.

As if…he kind of wanted them to continue sitting here.

Gu Mingli and the others “…”, touched their noses, and they obediently followed him to the hospital. After getting  everyone’s wounds treated, Nuan Nuan felt relieved.

“Fourth brother, are you still in pain? Nuan Nuan will give you a hug.”

Hearing the soft and waxy milk voice and her worried tone and seeing her worried eyes, Gu Mingli rarely reflected on whether he was too impulsive.

“It doesn’t hurt, this little injury will heal soon.”

Gu Nan, “From today onwards, you are not allowed to take Nuan Nuan anywhere for a month, also write a review and give it to me.”

Gu Mingli knew he was wrong, he recognized it by rubbing his nose.

He couldn’t take Nuan Nuan to eat and play, suffering!

He still had a lot of fun things and wanted to take the little one to experience it.

He had to write a review, torment!

He usually wrote a self-criticism at school and managed to suppress it, but after reading it in front of the majority of alumni, he was chased and beaten by the teachers of the whole school.

Alas… so difficult!

Back home, the parents of the Gu family also got to know about this, and then Gu Mingli and Gu An were chased up and down by the old man and his father.

Gu An yelled aggrievedly, “It’s none of my business!”

Father Gu, “Who told you not to bring your sister back!”

It hurt, I have to run.

The well-behaved little girl ran out after him, and hung a bear hug on the little uncle.

“Uncle stop beating my brother, my brother was injured.”

Gu Mingli was so moved, he didn’t love this little girl for nothing.

Gu An was going to die of anger, he was the real brother!

Uncle Gu picked up the koala on his lap and kissed her on her small face, laughing.

“Okay, uncle will listen to Nuan Nuan, I’ll stop hitting that brat.”

Father Gu didn’t have the heart to pursue Gu An anymore, so he leaned over with a sour heart.

“Whose girl are you hugging?”

The resentful eyes almost turned into real staring at Uncle Gu.

Uncle Gu: “…”

Brother, you are such a big brother!

After Nuan Nuan was hugged by Father Gu, she kissed him on the face. Father Gu’s jealousy was gone, and he laughed like a silly dad holding his soft and good daughter.

If things were normal today, the parents might ask if their son was okay, but who made them fight in front of Nuan Nuan?

They said, they can fight on their own, but Nuan Nuan is obviously a good girl, what should they do if she was frightened by that scene and had a psychological shadow?

Fortunately, the little girl was not frightened.

Gu Mingli muttered, “How is that possible? Is it possible for us to be as scary as big brother when we fight?”

Everyone: “…” There seems to be nothing wrong with this.

It was Gu Nan who stabbed at him like a knife with his cold eyes.

Soon came Monday, the most hated day for the scumbags, as it was really difficult to get out of bed early in the morning.

Nuan Nuan slept with her big brother last night, while Gu Nan resumed his usual habit of running in the morning.

He got up earlier than Gu An, a student who was studying. Nuan Nuan was originally curled up in her brother’s arms, sleeping soundly while holding his clothes with her thin and soft little fingers, and woke up when he moved.

Confused, she opened her beautiful big eyes, and yawned like a kitten, as a layer of water mist filled her clean eyes.


Nuan Nuan rubbing her furry small head in Gu Nan’s arms, while the back of her neck was gently pinched twice by a well-articulated palm.

“I’m going to run in the morning, you continue to sleep.”

Nuan Nuan shook her little head and got out of the bed.

“Nuan Nuan is going with big brother.”

Gu Nan glanced at her, walked over to help her put on her clothes, and took her to wash up together.

One big and one small stood in the bathroom, brushing their teeth and washing their faces together, and finally she turned her little face up and asked her brother to rub the fragrance for her, then it was done!

Gu Nan ran around the villa in the morning. He used to be alone, but today, there was a small tail and… a crazy, super excited dog.

Rhubarb wagged its tail and barked, ran faster on all fours than anyone else, and then ran to the front and poked its butt and left a pile of shit.

Gu Nan frowned in distaste, then he saw Nuan Nuan take out a bag from her pocket, and walk over with a grunt, while wrinkling her little brows and saying stinky to Rhubarb, as she was picking up the poop.

Gu Nan’s brows became even more tangled.

“Just let the servant come.”

Nuan Nuan raised the disposable glove in her hand.

“It’s okay brother, I’m wearing gloves. They don’t know where Rhubarb did it. What if someone steps on it? It stinks.”

The little girl was quite responsible for her dog.

All right, it’s just for the rest of the journey, Gu Nan stared at Rhubarb expressionlessly, making it impossible to poop even when it pouted its ass.

Rhubarb: “…” whimpered and ran away, this person is so terrifying!

Gu Nan said warmly with a rare serious expression, “I’ll have someone teach it to go to the toilet when I go back.”

Nuan Nuan looked at Rhubarb, as she was unwilling to pick up the dog’s stinky poop, she agreed with her brother’s idea.


Rhubarb was finished, the fun of letting it play outside was gone!

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    and Gu Nan resumed her usual habit of running in the morning.

    She got up earlier than Gu An, a student who was studying.

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