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Flying through the air, Fan Chen and Old Turtle arrived at the east coast in the blink of an eye.

This was a small uninhabited island on the surface of the East China Sea. Fan Chen stood on the beach and put the old turtle in his hand where the waves could reach, so that the old turtle could return to the bottom of the sea after a while.

“This water is not only unpalatable, but also a bit muddy.” Seeing the sea again after five hundred years, the old turtle couldn’t help but sigh with emotion, “The sea is so vast, my sea clan has lived in this sea for thousands of years, but I have never seen water like this. How can human beings be able to change the sea to such an extent in only a few hundred years?”


A big wave came over, and the old turtle’s body suddenly became bigger under the beating of the sea water, and in the blink of an eye, his body expanded dozens of times. At this moment, it looked like a huge round pot.

“Pa-ta, pa-ta~~” There was a sound of a fish tail slapping the beach suddenly. The two turned their heads to look, and saw a snow-white little dolphin about the size of a person flapping its tail desperately on the beach.

Fan Chen frowned, he took a few steps towards the little dolphin, then squatted down, and tore off the fishing net that tied the little dolphin’s head with his hands. Yes, the whole head of this snow-white little dolphin was tightly bound by a green fishing net, and countless small wounds were worn around the lips due to hard struggle.

“Ou~~Ou~~” The little dolphin found that the things that bound his mouth were torn apart, let out two happy cries, and then gently pushed his head against Fan Chen’s body.

“It is thanking you.” The old turtle crawled over without knowing when.

“Yeah.” Fan Chen stroked the dolphin’s injured mouth, and where his palm passed, the wounds on the little dolphin’s mouth were all healed.

“It also said, can you please tell other humans not to throw things into the sea in the future. Its mouth is bound and it has not eaten for three days. It is very uncomfortable.” The old turtle continued to translate.

“…I understand.” Fan Chen said with a complicated expression.

“Yes, you have the ability to listen to the voices of all things.” The old turtle sighed as if he just remembered. Fan Chen had seen the changes of the five hundred years step by step, and he must know and understand better than himself. In fact, there were places where he needed to mention it to himself.

“Take it back together, it was washed far away, and the waves can’t take it back.” The one in front of him was just an ordinary little dolphin, his intelligence was not yet developed, and he probably regarded him as an ordinary human being.

At this time, a gust of sea breeze blew from the sea surface, and besides the salty smell of sea water, there was also a warm breath inside.

“It’s almost spring.” The old turtle asked suddenly, he smelled the smell of spring in the wind.

“En.” Fan Chen hummed lightly.

“I hope there will be a good spring this year.”

“Yes.” Fan Chen replied with a smile, as if promising something.

“I’ll leave you a piece of turtle shell. If you need me for something, you can take it to the seaside.” After finishing speaking, the old turtle’s shell moved with demon power, and then a huge wave came violently from the bottom of the sea, covering his head and face. It fell on him, rolled him and he disappeared from the beach with the little dolphin from just now. The sea water receded quickly, and where the old turtle disappeared, a palm-sized turtle shell was exposed.

Fan Chen picked it up, turned around and disappeared from the beach, leaving only two shallow footprints, which were quickly smoothed away by the new waves.

Mi Wan was sitting on the swing in the backyard of the pet shop, with Songzi that had been sleeping for more than a month on her shoulders. The little squirrel Songzi, because he drank the scented tea brewed with the camellia flower demon, received a lot of benefits, and had thus been sleeping for more than a month. In order not to let Butler Ye see the abnormality, Mi Wan temporarily put Songzi in the pet shop. When she came here early this morning, Songzi happened to wake up, so now he sat holding a nut and gnawing on it while resting on Mi Wan’s shoulder.

“Fan Chen went out suddenly in the middle of the night last night.” Mi Wan muttered to herself. She happened to sleep late yesterday. So, she noticed that Fan Chen had gone out at about twelve o’clock, and when she woke up in the morning, she noticed that Fan Chen had come back again, “Had he gone to see the ninth-level turtle?”

Fan Chen asked her where she saw the ninth-level turtle demon yesterday, and Mi Wan didn’t hide it, and directly gave him the address that the sparrow spirit found out, and then Fan Chen sneaked out at night, so Mi Wan guessed that he must have gone to meet the turtle demon.

“Does this count as helping the demon clan to find a big demon?” Mi Wan rubbed her chin, “And the sisters from the Liao family, although the elder sister has missed the best time to practice, the younger sister still has time. Ah, it would be a pity if I left it alone.”

At the moment when she saw Liao Tingting, Mi Wan felt pity for her talent, and she had no intention of accepting apprentices, but felt that it was a pity if such a good piece of jade was to go dusty. Moreover, if the sisters of the Liao family were the balancing force of the ninth-level demon, if she let it go, would it not break the balance of the demons and humans.

After much deliberation, no matter what Mi Wan thought, she still felt that she still had to try to guide the little girl to practice. But this matter was a bit difficult to handle. If it was five hundred years ago, she would only need to put on a good posture and go up and say something inscrutable to the other party’s parents: “I see your daughter’s bones are exquisite, and she is really a good seedling for cultivation. Why not let her follow me back to the mountain to practice.”

With just one sentence, it was likely to be able to abduct people away. But this was five hundred years later. Human beings had walked irrevocably on the road of breaking the feudal superstition. If she still said that, the parents of the other party would probably call 110 and ask the police uncle to do ideological work on her.

She didn’t know how the current Demon Hunter Association accepted apprentices, alas, no matter, let this kind of thing be left to professionals.

The so-called professionals were, of course, modern demon hunters with experience in recruiting apprentices. Thinking about it, Mi Wan took out her mobile phone, flipped through it, and found her junior, Wei Ji, and made a call. As the saying goes, fertile water shouldn’t be allowed to flow into the field of outsiders, if this little girl could really be absorbed, she would naturally stick to her teacher’s sect first.

“Sect master.” Wei Ji answered the phone quickly.

“What are you shouting for? Who is your sect master?” Mi Wan raised her eyebrows.

“Mi… sister Mi.” Wei Ji quickly changed his words, “What do you want me for?”

“Inquire about something with you.”

“You ask.”

“I want to ask you, how did your grandpa take in disciples?” Mi Wan asked.

“My grandfather?” Wei Ji was startled, “My grandfather is an eighth-level demon hunter, and many demon hunters keep crying and begging to be his apprentice.”

“That’s not what I mean, I’ll ask it another way.” After thinking about it, Mi Wan asked again, “I want to ask, how do you usually find good seedlings for demon hunters among countless ordinary people, and then absorb them and train them to become demon hunters.”

“Oh, you are asking how the sect recruits new students.” Wei Ji understood, “Our sect recruits new recruits through two channels, one is the awakened children of the demon hunter families, usually if there has been a demon hunter in the parent’s or mother’s generation, then their children have a high chance of awakening as demon hunters. Just like our family, more than half of the children awaken as demon hunters every year. In this kind of family, we usually pay attention to newborns. Another way is to use the spiritual power detector inside the division association.”

“Spiritual power detector?” It was the first time Mi Wan heard of such a thing.

“Yes, it is the same principle as the demon power detector, the difference is that this device is responsible for detecting the spiritual power in the air.” Wei Ji explained, “The difference between a demon hunter and an ordinary person is that they can convert the spiritual power in the air into their own spiritual power. Therefore, where there are demon hunters, the spiritual power in the air will be more intense than other places. The best age for practicing as a demon hunter is about three years old, so every year when a new kindergarten class starts, all sects according to the spiritual power ranking list of major cities given by the Demon Hunter Association, send people to kindergartens to screen suitable seedlings to become demon hunters. If we meet good ones, we will send them to our own kindergarten to study through special means, which is convenient to let them lay a solid foundation.”

“You still have your own kindergarten?” Mi Wan asked in surprise.

“Yes, not only our demon hunters, but also the demon clan. They not only have kindergartens, but also have their own elementary school, junior high school, and high school. Most of the demon clan will only let their demon clan members come out to meet us when they are in college. While demon hunters and human beings go to school together. We are okay, basically we can go to ordinary schools in junior high school.” Wei Ji introduced.

“Oh, what if a child with particularly good qualifications doesn’t go to kindergarten, or goes abroad?” Mi Wan asked again.

“Well… some seniors will occasionally visit the mountains and bring out good seedlings when they see them. As for those who go abroad, I don’t know.” Wei Ji said, “But with our current method, we can already census nearly 100% of the population. There are ninety-ninety children, and there are very few that can be missed.”

Very few? I saw two geniuses that you missed yesterday, thinking this Mi Wan couldn’t help but sigh.

“Sister Mi, why are you asking this all of a sudden?” Wei Ji finished answering all the questions before remembering to ask Mi Wan why.

“Oh, it’s nothing, I just saw a good seedling yesterday, and I want to ask if you are interested in taking it in and cultivating it well.” Mi Wan said.

“A good seedling? Sister Mi, have you found a seedling who is a particularly qualified demon hunter?” Wei Ji said excitedly, “We definitely want it. When we recruited students last year, we didn’t recruit a particularly good seedling. My grandfather has been sighing for a long time. What kind of qualifications, how old are they, and where are they?”

“They in Cannes, about six or seven years old, with a natural spiritual vein in their body.” Mi Wan introduced.

“Heaven… the natural spiritual vein?” The other end of the phone paused, and then Mi Wan heard Wei Ji’s excited, wailing, with a loud voice, “Grandpa, the sect master said she found a person with a natural spiritual vein. What a good seedling~~”

“Who is your sect master?!” Mi Wan roared, but Wei Ji on the other end of the phone was not paying attention to the phone at this time.

There was a panic on the other end of the phone, which was very noisy, and then someone else answered the phone. Old man Wei’s somewhat hoarse voice sounded from the other end of the phone: “Sect Leader.”

“I’m not your Sect Leader.” Mi Wan replied blackly.

“Oh…hehehe…Sect Leader, where did you find such a good seedling?” Old Wei seemed not to have heard Mi Wan’s words.

“…” Mi Wan was speechless. It seemed that she had to return the black iron sword to old man Wei as soon as possible. “I will send the address to Wei Ji later. You can contact them yourself. By the way, you can first ask if she is willing. If they don’t want to be a demon hunter, forget it.”

“Understood, we at Xuanwu Mountain never do things like forcing people.” Old Man Wei said.

“Oh, then you find someone to come over and take the black iron sword back.”

“Oh hehehe… Master, what did you say just now? Oh, get in touch as soon as possible, don’t worry, I will arrange someone to go, I guarantee that we will not force that little girl.” After speaking, without giving Mi Wan a chance to speak again, Old Wei hung up the phone directly.

“…” I believe you, you bastard, you old man, why are you pretending to be deaf in front of me.

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