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There was a small village called Liaojia Village in the north of Kangcheng.

Almost all the people in Liaojia Village had the surname Liao. It was said that a large family moved here hundreds of years ago to form a village. There was an ancestral hall in the center of Liaojia Village. This ancestral hall had a history of more than 100 years. It enshrined the genealogy of the Liaojia Village family and some important figures who had made contributions to Liaojia Village had their memorial tablets here. The people of Liaojia Village had been doing well in the past few hundred years among China’s changes. They all felt that this was because they were blessed by their ancestors, so every year and festival, people from Liaojia Village would come to worship at the ancestral hall. Even children who had already gone to study abroad would find opportunities to come back to pay respects during the Chinese New Year.

At this time, just after twelve o’clock and it was the second day of the new year.

The candlelight of the Liao family ancestral hall was still burning strongly, a large area of red candles illuminated the huge ancestral hall making it seem as bright as day. Suddenly, a tender green seedling emerged from under the heavy floor of the ancestral hall. The seedling first slowly emerged with a head, and when the head with two leaves emerged, it began to grow wildly upwards. The grown vines twisted into the shape of an adult man in the air, and then turned into a tall man.

The man was Fan Chen, and he rushed over overnight according to the address Mi Wan told him.

Fan Chen saw at a glance that on the table where the red candles and incense were enshrined, a palm-sized turtle shell was lying there quietly, seemingly lifeless, and if he didn’t pay attention, he would think it was just an empty turtle shell.

“It’s just to sleep, why make such a strong enchantment?” Fan Chen was a little speechless and walked straight to the desk.

When he arrived at the desk, the sleeping turtle still didn’t respond. Obviously, in order to sleep well, he not only blocked the outside world’s perception of him, but also blocked his own perception of the outside world. Fan Chen reached out his hand helplessly and tapped lightly on the turtle shell twice: “Get up.”

The turtle shell still didn’t respond.

Fan Chen frowned, could it be that the demon power was not enough. He knocked again with his hands, but this time the knock was not as gentle as the first time. He used all the demon power on his fingertips, and then knocked down heavily: “Old turtle, get up.”

Following Fan Chen’s movement of knocking on the turtle shell, the cyan demonic power disappeared in an instant, touching the barrier inside the turtle shell. The turtle shell trembled slightly, a breath of life belonging to living things finally coming out from the turtle shell, Fan Chen knew that the old turtle was finally awakened by him.

The turtle shell shook left and right twice, and then four taupe turtle legs protruded from the shell one after another, followed by the tail, and finally the head. When the dark brown head was stretched out, the eyes were still closed, but the eyelids suddenly trembled, as if the owner was trying to open them, but the eyeballs were too heavy to open immediately.

Fan Chen didn’t urge him and just stood aside patiently waiting for the old turtle to wake up slowly.

The old turtle’s small mung bean eyes opened after a full two minutes, and the first thing he said when he woke up was: “Hey, why did I turn over?”

As a turtle, turning over was a big problem. The old turtle twisted his limbs, trying to straighten the turtle’s shell. He tried twice, but the turtle’s shell only shook slightly and could not be turned over at all. The old turtle immediately gave up resisting and asked for help: “Old friend Fan Chen, do me a favor.”

Fan Chen’s mouth twitched: If you can’t turn over, can’t you turn into your human form?

While complaining, Fan Chen still stretched out his hand and turned the old turtle over.

“It’s much more comfortable now.” The old turtle breathed out comfortably, and then he raised his head and asked Fan Chen, “How many years have I been sleeping here?”

“Five hundred years.” Fan Chen replied.

“Five hundred years?” Old Turtle stretched his neck in surprise, “Is there another catastrophe for the demon clan?”

“No.” Fan Chen shook his head.

“Then why did you wake up again?”

“I didn’t wake up again, I was awake all this time.” Fan Chen said helplessly, this old turtle, feeling that he was the same as itself, waking up again after sleeping for a while.

“Always awake?” The old turtle had slept for a long time, and his head felt a little unable to move. It was silent for a while, carefully sorting out the meaning of Fan Chen’s words, and asked after a long while, “You mean, since you woke up five hundred years ago, you have never slept deeply.”

“En.” Fan Chen nodded.

The old turtle raised his front paw, and touched his bare chin with his front paw in a very humane and unscientific way: “You woke up this old turtle, do you need my help with something?”

“Yes.” Fan Chen continued while nodding.

“Let’s talk about it first, I don’t want to do too complicated things.” Old Turtle said first.

The biggest reason why their turtle clan lived so long was that their turtle clan spent most of their time sleeping and resolutely kept themselves from getting involved in trouble. Just like five hundred years ago, the demons of their sea clan wanted to go ashore collectively to fight against the demon hunters. As a rank nine big demon, it couldn’t do without going ashore, otherwise people would always go to his door and shout. But he was witty after all. After landing, he quickly found a corner where no one was around, and continued to sleep on his stomach.

He slept until Fan Chen woke him up, and the fight between the demons and humans subsided. At that time, he was adopted by a human official surnamed Liao, and he was taken care of very well, so he didn’t bother to go back to the sea and stayed on land. This stay had lasted five hundred years.

“It’s not complicated, just let you sleep in another place.” Fan Chen said.

“Sleep in another place?” Old Turtle was a little confused, where could he help Fan Chen while sleeping?

“It’s been five hundred years since you left the East China sea, don’t you want to go back and have a look?” Fan Chen looked at Old Turtle.

“East China Sea? What happened to the East China sea?” East China Sea was the hometown of the old turtle. It had been staying in the depths of the East China Sea since it had gained spiritual consciousness. Except for a few times when it woke up, it almost never left the East China Sea.

Fan Chen didn’t speak, but took a plate containing fruit from the desk of the Liao Family Ancestral Hall, he took out the fruit, and then flicked his palm on the plate, the plate was filled with water in an instant.

“Taste.” Fan Chen handed the plate filled with water to the old turtle.

The old turtle slowly poked his head over, he first smelled it, and smelled a salty smell.

This was sea water! Speaking of which, he hadn’t drunk seawater for a long time. The old turtle took a step forward excitedly, stuck his head in, took a big sip of water, and then…

“Cough… bah… bah bah!” The old turtle shook his head desperately, and said in disgust, “Where is this sea water from, it’s so bad.”

“East China Sea.” Fan Chen looked at Old Turtle’s appearance at this moment with some amusement.

The old turtle froze, and looked at Fan Chen in disbelief, as if saying that you lied to me, how could the water in my house be so bad.

“I specially took this water from a thousand meters below the surface of the sea. The current sea people think the taste is okay, but you despise it so much.” Fan Chen shook his head, as if accusing the old turtle of being picky.

“What happened, why did the sea water become so unpalatable?” the old turtle said seriously.

“The times are developing.” Fan Chen said a sentence that was very popular in modern times and could sum up the current situation very well.

“What?” Old Turtle, who had been asleep for five hundred years, could not accept such a fashionable answer.

“After the Human Demon War, human beings entered a stage of rapid development. Especially in the past two hundred years, human technology has penetrated into every corner of the world. Going up, they can explore the universe and space, and going down, they can go deep into submarine volcanoes.” Fan Chen patiently explained.

“Human beings have already become so powerful?” The old turtle’s eyes widened in surprise, and those mung bean eyes even glowed green due to surprise.

Fan Chen nodded and continued: “The faster the development of human technology, the more thorough the exploitation of the natural environment, the more serious the damage, and because of the human-demon war five hundred years ago, the demons suffered heavy losses. Naturally, as a result, the recovery ability has lagged a lot.”

“No wonder, no wonder I felt that the aura between heaven and earth has become very thin after waking up, and I thought it was because of the special environment I was in. Now, listening to your explanation, old friend, I am afraid that the spirit energy between heaven and earth is so thin because of this. Your aura must also be thinning out?” The old turtle asked.

“Yes.” Fan Chen nodded. If it wasn’t Fan Chen who was here at this time, but another demon clan member, then the demon clan member would definitely complain loudly: How much do you love to sleep, did you stop practicing when you fell asleep? You can’t even feel the reduction of the spiritual energy in the world, so what’s the difference between that and death?

“Then you came to me because you want me to go back to the sea to purify the sea?” The old turtle guessed Fan Chen’s reason for coming, that he should go back to the East China Sea to sleep, and his own role was probably only this.

“That’s right.” Fan Chen said, “I’m already thinking of ways to improve the environment of the earth, but I can’t take into account the depths of the sea for the time being. An eighth-level demon, one year of practice, is enough to catch up with a dense primeval forest. But there are not many big demons above the eighth rank. As early as 70 or 80 years ago, I wanted to find you, my old friend, to go back to the sea, but it is a pity that you slept so deeply that I couldn’t find you for a while.”

“Uh…hehehe…” Old Turtle smiled awkwardly. At that time, the demon war had just ended, and the demon hunters were still very hostile to the demon race. He was going to sleep on human territory, so he had to set a barrier, only by being stricter could he feel at ease. But he didn’t realize that he made the setting too strict, and it made it difficult for Fan Chen to find him.

Wait… No matter how powerful his enchantment was, it shouldn’t be difficult for Fan Chen.

“Old friend… are you in good condition?” Old Turtle asked worriedly.

“I’m fine.” Fan Chen heard Old Turtle’s worry and smiled reassuringly.

“That’s good.” Old Turtle nodded reassuringly, yes, even if all the demon races in the world were going to be extinct, Fan Chen must be the last one to be extinct, and he was still alive, so how could something happen to Fan Chen.

“Okay, I’ll go back to the East China Sea now.” The old turtle tried his best to prop up his shell with his stubby limbs.

Seeing his appearance, Fan Chen couldn’t help twitching the corners of his mouth again, this guy, he doesn’t think he would just crawl back to the East China Sea, right. Based on Fan Chen’s understanding of Old Turtle, this possibility was extremely high.

“Let me take you back.” Fan Chen raised his hand and caught the old turtle in his hand.

“Then I will trouble my old friend.” Old Turtle grinned happily without having to climb up by himself.

Fan Chen didn’t speak, he just turned around and prepared to leave. Just as he was about to leave, the old turtle lying in his palm suddenly called out: “Wait, let me put a turtle shell on the desk.” The Liao family enshrined him for five years. For the past five hundred years, he had slept extremely comfortably, so leaving a turtle shell for them to calm down and count on could be their reward.

As he said that, the old turtle turned towards the desk, opened its mouth and spat lightly, then a turtle shell the size of a mung bean spat out from its mouth, and landed firmly on the place where he was lying on its stomach just now. Then, under the control of the demon power, the mung bean-sized turtle shell began to grow slowly, until it was about the same size as the old turtle at this time.

“Yeah.” The old turtle nodded in satisfaction, and then said to Fan Chen, “Old friend, please turn the turtle’s shell over again.”

“…” You really pay attention to details.

Speechless, Fan Chen still stretched out his hand and turned the turtle’s shell over, putting it in exactly the same state as when he came, and then disappeared in place with the old turtle.

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