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“Brother and sister, is this a pet hospital?” The little girl walked up to Sparrow Jing and asked expectantly.

“Yes.” The sparrow spirit nodded with a smile.

“Great.” The little girl blushed with excitement, “I checked on the Internet and found that many stores are closed, and only yours is open today.” After finishing speaking, the little girl seemed not very confident, so then she asked for confirmation: “Brother, is your store open today?”    

“Yes. What kind of animal is it?”    

“It’s a cute tortoise.” Saying this, the little girl put down her red schoolbag, and then brought out a transparent box from inside. In it lay a tortoise about the size of an adult’s palm. No, it should not be called a tortoise, it could only be regarded as a tortoise shell, because the tortoise’s limbs and head were not exposed, and they were all retracted.    

“Uh… a tortoise.” The Sparrow Spirit picked it up and looked at it. The tortoise shell inside was abnormally bright, as if it had been washed and touched by people often, and it didn’t look like a living thing at all. Because if it was a living thing, it would have been impossible for humans to wash the tortoise shell so clean, unless they didn’t want the tortoise to live. It seemed that this was really just a tortoise shell, not a live tortoise with its hands and feet retracted.    

“Yeah.” The little girl nodded her head and said innocently, “Master Guigui is already hundreds of years old.”

“Hundreds of years old?” Sparrow Spirit asked again, “Then where is it feeling uncomfortable?”

“A few days ago, I went to feed Old Guigui, but my sister said that Old Guigui died a long time ago. There is no need to feed it at all. But I obviously saw it move, I told my parents, but my parents also said that Mr. Tortoise is dead.” The little girl pouted, “I don’t believe it, so I want to find the doctor to show him Mr. Tortoise.”

“Uh…” The sparrow spirit didn’t know what to say for a while, to be honest, he was afraid of hitting the little girl, because he really couldn’t feel the breath of a living person on Mr. Tortoise’s body. But he did not want to tell a lie as well since that would be irresponsible.

Sigh, it’s so difficult~~

“Brother, are you afraid that I don’t have money, Tingting has money, Tingting received a lot of red envelopes yesterday, look.” After saying this, this little girl named Tingting, brought out seven or eight big red envelopes from her schoolbag.

“…” The sparrow spirit became even more troubled. He looked at his boss beside him begging for help, trying to get her to think of a way, but he saw that his boss was staring straight at the little girl named Tingting, her eyes unblinking. She was not blinking, her eyes were in fact even glowing. That look seemed to want to hide the little girl back home.

“Boss?” Sparrow called his boss in a low voice, reminding her not to make mistakes.

“Ah?” Mi Wan came back to her senses, knowing that she was distracted just now, she coughed awkwardly, “What’s the matter?”

“Tingting wants to know if this tortoise is still alive.” He passed the matter to Mi Wan.

“Let me see.” Mi Wan took the tortoise out of the box. The moment the tortoise was in her hands, her first feeling was lightness. This tortoise was so light that it seemed to only be a shell.

At this time, the phone watch on the little girl’s wrist suddenly rang. The little girl took a look and connected the phone. Immediately, a distraught female voice came from the other end of the phone: “Tingting, where are you now?”

“Sister, I’m at the pet shop.” The little girl replied.

“The one on Xueyuan Road?” The little girl’s elder sister had obviously grasped her sister’s whereabouts through positioning.

“Well, I’m seeing a doctor for Mr. Tortoise.” The little girl said.

“You wait for me there, I’ll come right away.” The girl’s elder sister’s voice sounded very fierce.

Then the phone hung up.

“My sister seems to be angry?” Tingting said with some fear.

The sparrow spirit wanted to say, could you still hear it? But looking at the little girl’s frightened look, it was not easy to hit her.

“Sister, is Master Guigui still alive?” Knowing that her sister would definitely take her back when she arrived, the little girl asked Mi Wan anxiously.

“This one, I have to check it again.” Mi Wan said to the sparrow spirit, “Go and get the flashlight that Xu Zhuang often uses.” See if there is something in it.

As soon as Sparrow Jing brought the flashlight over, a girl in a yellow down jacket rushed in from the door. The girl looked sixteen or seventeen years old. As soon as she entered the door, she saw her sister. She walked over angrily and scolded: “Xiao Tingting, you what’s going on? You ran away from home on the first day of the new year, how old are you, aren’t you afraid of being kidnapped?”

“I didn’t run away from home?” Xiao Tingting argued.

“Then why did you go out alone?”

“I didn’t have one, and I brought Mr. Tortoise with me.” Xiao Tingting pointed to the tortoise in Mi Wan’s hand.

“…” Seeing the tortoise, the little girl’s sister seemed even more angry, “I told you, this tortoise has been kept by our grandfather for decades, and has never emerged from his shell for eating or for being touched. The thing is no longer alive.”

“But I really saw it move.”

“That’s because you hadn’t woken up.”

“Tingting didn’t sleep, Tingting was very awake, the old tortoise really moved ” Xiao Tingting insisted.

“…” Tingting’s sister was so tired. Her sister must have read too many fairy tales. “Okay, we happen to be at the pet hospital. Let’s ask the doctor, is this tortoise still alive?”

Then, the little girl’s sister looked at Mi Wan who was holding the tortoise, only to find that this female doctor, who was not a few years older than herself, was looking at her with strange eyes.

“What’s wrong with me?” Tingting’s sister subconsciously thought that there was something on her face.

“It’s okay.” Mi Wan returned to her senses, but her eyes were full of surprise.

Although the sisters looked like ordinary people on the outside, they had natural spiritual veins in their bodies. Born with a spiritual vein, this was a born demon hunter seedling. Even five hundred years ago, a demon hunter with this kind of qualification could be considered a genius, not to mention that now that the demon hunter had withered, they were simply geniuses among geniuses.

The Demon Hunters Association was so fucking stupid, saying day after day that the awakening rate of the Demon Hunters was not high, when such a good seedling had no aura of cultivation. Didn’t they notice that?

“Are you the boss here?” Tingting’s sister asked.


“Then can I trouble you to prove that this tortoise has been dead for hundreds of years.”

“Master Tortoise is not dead.” Tingting yelled from the side.

Tingting’s sister ignored her sister and continued: “Boss, this tortoise has been handed down in our family. It is said that it was raised by my grandpa. Because the meaning of the tortoise is very good, our family has been offering it prayers in our ancestral hall. This time our family returned to China to celebrate the New Year and went back to worship the ancestors. For some reason, my sister kept saying that this tortoise is alive, so please tell her the truth.”

Tingting puffed her face angrily, still firmly convinced what she saw was real: “Master Guigui really moved.”

At the beginning, Mi Wan also thought that the tortoise was dead, after all, no living tortoise could be so light. Coupled with Tingting’s sister’s description, a tortoise that had been enshrined in the ancestral hall for hundreds of years was even less likely to be alive. But… after realizing the good aptitude of the two sisters, Mi Wan suddenly became less sure.

Fan Chen said that demon hunters were created by the Heavenly Dao to balance the demon clan, so it could be simply and crudely translated as, wherever there were demons, there must be demon hunters. In an ordinary family, a pair of sisters had such excellent aptitudes to catch demons at the same time. If their family had never been in contact with demons, Mi Wan would not believe it.

“Let me check it carefully.” Mi Wan thought a lot but didn’t say anything. She pretended to use a flashlight to carefully take a look in the cracks of the tortoise’s shell, and vaguely saw a bunch of dark gray objects.

It was not empty.

Mi Wan thought for a while, inserted a touch of spiritual power into it with her fingertips, and gently sent it in. The spiritual power penetrated the tortoise shell but was blocked by an invisible force during Mi Wan’s further testing.

This was an enchantment?

Mi Wan became interested. It seemed that he was not only a demon, but also a big demon. A barrier that could hide all the breath in his body so well.

Mi Wan couldn’t help but increase the input of spiritual power and wanted to find out the details of this tortoise, but the more she probed, the more frightened she became. She used 80% of her spiritual power, but she couldn’t even break through the barrier.

If she attacked with all her strength, Mi Wan might not be unable to break the tortoise’s barrier, but she didn’t want to hurt the tortoise. After all, he had slept for hundreds of years and hadn’t done anything harmful. It would be impolite to attack with all her strength.

After thinking about it, Mi Wan returned the tortoise in her hand to the two sisters, and under the expectant eyes of the little girl, said apologetically, “This tortoise is indeed dead.”

“Look, believe it this time and give up.” Tingting’s sister said immediately.

“But…” Little girl Tingting still couldn’t believe it, but she couldn’t find any reason to refute it.

“Okay, let’s go back quickly. When out parents know that you have run out, you see how they will spank your ass.” Tingting’s sister took the tortoise back, and after asking if there was any medical fee, she left the store with her depressed sister.

“This little girl was quite cute.” The sparrow spirit had a good impression of the little girl Tingting who touched the head of the wolf demon.

“If she is so cute, then you can escort them home.” Mi Wan said.

“Huh?” The sparrow spirit was a little puzzled.

“Follow them to see where they live and tell me the address.” Mi Wan said again.

The sparrow spirit was startled, then changed into his original form on the spot, and flew out.

About two hours later, the Sparrow Spirit came back, reported the home addresses of the two sisters and some other information he had inquired to Mi Wan, and asked, “Boss, why are you investigating them? Could it be that there really is a problem with the tortoise.”

“Well, that tortoise is a big demon.” Mi Wan said.

“Big demon?!” The sparrow spirit was a little confused, big demon, his boss was a demon hunter who could stab a demon at the peak of the seventh level with a single sword, what level must it be to be called a big demon by her?

Mi Wan was very curious about this tortoise. From the enchantment of the other party, it could be seen that this tortoise should have at least a ninth-level cultivation base. Most of the demon races with this cultivation base must have lived from five hundred years ago to the present. But five hundred years ago, she had never heard of any powerful tortoise demon.

It was better to ask Fan Chen about it.

Thinking about it, Mi Wan sent Fan Chen a message on her mobile phone: I met a ninth-level tortoise demon today.

Fan Chen: Where is it?

Mi Wan: Do you know him?

Fan Chen: If it is who I’m thinking, he is an old friend.

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