TBVSR Ch. 77: Moved

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The first round of the competition was over, and almost half of the students had been eliminated.

To everyone’s surprise, Jiang Yu, who was wearing the nameplate of Class F, unexpectedly stayed behind.

What shocked them even more was that in the next few rounds of brutal knockout rounds, every time it was Jiang Yu’s turn, as soon as the symphony sounded, she was able to quickly respond to the track and dance the corresponding dance steps accurately and perfectly.

Most of the students who participated in the competition were from the advanced classes, and there were almost no other students from the new class except Shen Aoqing and Wen Lun.

This freshman from class F was surprisingly strong!

Xie Yuan stood by the grass, with his arms folded admiring Jiang Yu’s dance, his pride was beyond words, and his eyes were full of tenderness.

More than once, he wanted to use his privileges, status and wealth to get glory and any number of trophies for his daughter.

But…she didn’t seem to need it.

With her hard work and talent, she could win everything she wanted.

Xie Yuan was really too proud.

Correspondingly, the expressions on the faces of Bu Tanxiang and Mrs. Bu were not so pretty.

Bu Xi performed very well and persisted until the end, but…she unexpectedly danced at the same level as a newcomer in class F.

This made the mother and daughter of the Bu family lose face.

As the symphony played round after round, a rare smile appeared on the corner of Xie Yuan’s mouth.

That was his daughter, no privileges were required, her strength was enough for her to get any glory.

Gradually, the number of people decreased, and in the last few rounds, there were only a few students left.

Jiang Yu smiled at Bu Xi, and Bu Xi responded, but because of tiredness, the smile was forced.

In the next few competitions, the difficulty of the music became higher and higher, and more and more people were eliminated. In the end, only Bu Xi, Wen Lun, Shen Aoqing, Jiang Yu and another boy remained.

This boy was said to be a disciple of the chief of a well-known ballet troupe, and his strength was also very strong, but in the last round because he didn’t keep up with the rhythm with his toes, he was pitifully eliminated.

Not long after he was eliminated, Shen Aoqing also jumped too fast because of her eagerness to win, and failed to meet the standard, so she was announced to be eliminated.

She gritted her teeth unwillingly, it was hard to accept that she was eliminated before Jiang Yu. However, so many judges and teachers present were there for all to see, even if she didn’t want to admit it… she had to admit it.

Shen Aoqing left the scene angrily.

Xue Jiayi glanced at Bai Shuyi who was beside her. Since Shen Aoqing was eliminated, she could hardly hold back the anxiety in her heart.

Xue Jiayi was secretly amused, it was Bai Shuyi who deliberately made things difficult for Jiang Yu on stage in order to take Shen Aoqing as her apprentice, and let this gem go.

Now that her chosen person lost to others, it could be regarded as a major Waterloo in her life.

How ironic.

Xue Jiayi was secretly happy for a while, and at the same time sweated for Jiang Yu.

After all, her opponents were Bu Xi and Wen Lun, both of whom… were talented dancers who had won international awards.

Because there were only three people left, the rhythm of the competition gradually accelerated, and the symphony orchestra shortened the performance time of each dance, from the previous five minutes to three minutes.

In this way, every few minutes, the three of them would take turns to dance on stage, which was a great test of the three’s ability to distinguish dance music and their ability to react randomly.

At the same time, it was also a great tax on their physical strength.

Soon, Wen Lun couldn’t take it anymore, and his dance steps became a little disordered, and he didn’t do well in raising and kicking his legs a few times.

The judges shook their heads and looked at Bai Shuyi again, hesitating whether they should raise their cards to eliminate him.

Bai Shuyi clenched her fist tightly, and her temples throbbed.

Xue Jiayi was also sweating at this time. If Jiang Yu, who she guided, eliminated Wen Lun, who was guided by Bai Shuyi, it would mean that Esmera’s chief director for five consecutive years would have to be replaced!

The judges didn’t raise their placards all this time, as if they were still tolerant of Wen Lun’s frequent small mistakes due to lack of energy.

However, at the end, one of Wen Lun’s feet spun, and his body staggered visibly.

This mistake was too obvious. If the judges didn’t raise their cards, it would be too unfair to other students.

There was no other way, Wen Lun could only be eliminated.

In the end, only Jiang Yu and Bu Xi were left on the dance floor, and the two were having a final duel.

The battle situation was extremely anxious. Both of them had reached the critical point of physical strength, but they still clenched their teeth and persisted. Accompanied by more and more complicated music, they danced one dance after another… All the artists and chiefs whispered to each other, discussing Jiang Yu’s origin.

She was able to compete shoulder to shoulder with the girl from the Bu family, what was the reason for this!

Everyone knew, Bu Xi was a girl who grew up with Mrs. Bu, and she had passed her knowledge on to her. After Bu Tanyan, she was the talented dancer with the most potential to win the queen trophy.

Jiang Yu actually fought her evenly in the end!


In the last game, Bu Xi was so tired that she was almost unable to think, her mind was buzzing, and she could only hear her own heartbeat and breathing. Therefore, when the melody sounded, two seconds later, the judges looked at each other, and at the same time looked at Mrs. Bu.

Mrs. Bu’s face was livid.

Finally, the judges raised their signs, and Bu Xi was eliminated in this round.

According to the rules of the competition, although she was eliminated, she had not lost yet, because Jiang Yu still needed to finish the last dance.

If she also made a mistake in the last dance, then at most it would be a tie, no winner or loser.

Therefore, the last dance was particularly crucial!

Bai Shuyi looked at the conductor of the symphony orchestra, and exchanged winks with him.

The conductor understood, directed the symphony orchestra, and played music, this piece of dance music gradually became a piece of violin performance, not a Western symphony, but…

What kind of dance music this was, many artists present did not recognize, this piece of dance music was too unfamiliar… and too rustic, it had a taste of the war years.

As they listened, they guessed that the match was going to be a draw.

For so many years, the Midsummer Night Ball had never been tied. They didn’t expect that tonight, Jiang Yu from class F would draw with Bu Xi.

What a historic night.

However, five seconds after the music started, just as the judges were about to raise their placards to declare a tie, Jiang Yu suddenly jumped up, stood on tiptoe, and danced the excerpts from “Red Detachment of Women” on the battlefield!

Accompanied by the melody with a strong sense of rhythm, Jiang Yu held her right hand empty, as if holding a blade, pressed her palm with her right hand, and her footsteps cycled out of legs, squatting, standing… Everyone watched her movements and suddenly realized!

This was China’s first ballet “The Red Detachment of Women”!

In recent years, major troupes had basically imported well-known foreign ballets. Except for some central troupes, commercial performance troupes would not rehearse the repertoire of “Red Detachment of Women”. Therefore, this dance music was very strange to them.

They didn’t expect this little girl to be… able to dance this at such a young age!

Jiang Yu didn’t wear a dance skirt tonight. For convenience, she wore a small vest suitable for dancing and loose black trousers, so that different styles of dancing could be easily performed without any sense of disobedience.

The music gradually came to an end, and Jiang Yu’s last dance ended perfectly without any mistakes.

After the music stopped completely, she sat down on the ground limply, gasping for breath.

She was really exhausted tonight. It was really exhausting to fight Bu Xi.

Xie Yuan immediately stepped forward and stretched out his hand to help Jiang Yu. Jiang Yu breathed with her chest up and down, and waved her hand at Xie Yuan: “Let, let me sit for a while.” The people around reacted after a long time and finally the first round of applause broke out.

Immediately afterwards… thunderous applause rang out.

The chief judge of the Ballet Association got up and announced excitedly, “This year, the star of Midsummer Night was born, Jiang Yu from class F!”

When the judges announced that Jiang Yu from Class F was the winner, the entire building erupted!

The EF classes had always been at the bottom of the food chain in Esmera, the most despised classmates were said to be in EF class, but somebody from the F class unexpectedly defeated Esmera’s strongest king, Bu Xi, and became the star of this year’s Midsummer Night.

This was too much face for the EF class. In the future, if the ABC class dared to laugh at them, Jiang Yu would be brought out to slap them in the face.

Tonight was definitely a night to witness history.

Jiang Yu got up and saw Bu Xi standing beside her mother.

Bu Xi just looked at her calmly, then turned and left.

Two days later, Jiang Yu went to the construction site where Qiu Li was moving bricks.

From a distance, she saw a boy in a black vest, pushing a cart full of cement bags, working hard on the white dusty construction site.

Carrying a bottle of iced watermelon juice, she walked towards him, but was blocked outside the door.

Jiang Yu simply stood by the door and waited for him.

Standing by the door, such a beautiful and slender girl naturally attracted the attention of the workers on the construction site.

Seeing that the little girl was looking at Qiu Li, they joked, “College student-to-be, your girlfriend has been waiting for you for a long time.”

“It’s such a hot day, it’s really a crime to let the little girl bask in the sun.”

“But isn’t it, this little girl has delicate skin and tender flesh, and she can’t stand the scorching sun.”

Qiu Li turned his head and glanced at her.

She was wearing a simple pastel yellow dress and carrying a cute daisy crossbody bag.

As the sun set, her fair cheeks were slightly blushing, and her facial features were a little childish, but they were already showing bright colours. After growing up, he didn’t know what kind of desolate scenery it would be.

A gust of wind blew up dust, and Jiang Yu couldn’t help coughing.

Finally, Qiu Li couldn’t stand it anymore, put down the trolley, ran to the faucet, rubbed his hands and arms vigorously, then flushed his head with cold water, lifted his vest to wipe the water, and then strode over to catch Jiang Yu.

Seeing him coming, Jiang Yu smiled, “Boyfriend!”

Qiu Li roughly grasped her slender wrist, pulled her under the shade of a tree, and said angrily, “What are you doing here?”

“Looking for you.”

Jiang Yu seemed to have completely forgotten the conflict between the two before, and said with a smile: “I came to tell you some good news, I won the school’s Midsummer Night Star, it’s amazing!”

Hearing this, Qiu Li’s expression was a little moved, and he wanted to ask a few more questions, but he had no choice but to say coldly, “None of my business.”

Jiang Yu stood on tiptoe and wiped the sweat off his face, said to him: “I defeated Esmera’s strongest senior, and got this award. The award for Midsummer Night Star is also made of crystal, and it’s very big.”


His gaze moved, and landed on the hand she was holding on to.

“I can accept your gift now.” Jiang Yu said with a smile: “But you also have to accept the prize of the Midsummer Night Star, we exchange hard work for hard work, and we will not owe anything.”

Qiu Li finally softened his heart, seeing her cheeks were flushed, and the tip of her nose was dripping with sweat, he kept fanning her with both hands.

However, his tone was still cold and hard: “You and I are very clear, but I want that thing to be useful, so you can keep it for yourself.”

After all, it was she who had worked so hard for so long and defeated the strongest opponent to get this glory.

“I know that’s useless to you.”

Jiang Yu smiled mysteriously, took off her schoolbag, took out the square box of the high-end version of the macbook pro from it, and handed it to Qiu Li: “I sold the trophy made of crystal, and bought you a computer for college use.”

Qiu Li: “…”

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