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Chang’e then remembered that she was going through a calamity. She would retain her memory every time she completed her life, so her memory was complete, but it was temporarily hidden when she was reincarnated. However, despite this, she still suffered a big hit when she saw her fat body.

She blinked her eyes, and the tears rushed down. As a result, the fat on her face was so crowded that she cried into ravines.

Some beauties with facial expressions looked rosy when crying, but when the fat uncle did it… it was a bit harsh on the eyes.

“…Sister E, I can only block out the sky and the sun for a quarter of an hour. We can’t chat for too long. Let’s talk properly first.” Yueye Rabbit suppressed the urge to cover his eyes and reminded helplessly.

Chang’e wiped away her tears and nodded: “Yes.” Her eyes fell on Shen Yu and Xu Maomao again, and she asked with some confusion, “Who are these two people?”

“Friends of Suan Ni, they know, it’s okay, and they are very circumspect.” Yueye Rabbit comforted her, thinking that no one would believe them even if they told it loosely. Besides, the body of the one named Xu Maomao was still in Black Lightning’s hands, so he wouldn’t have anything to worry about.

The fat man covered his face shyly: “Wow, I didn’t expect anyone else to see me like this. I have no face to act like a fairy.” Chang’e herself must look shy and charming when doing this action, but with her current appearance, it was indeed a bit… It was hard to describe in one word.

Shen Yu suddenly said: “There are many beautiful appearances, but few interesting souls. You don’t need to care.”

When he said this, he was looking at Xu Maomao, but he had already comforted Chang’e.

She looked at Shen Yu, and when her eyes were fixed on Shen Yu’s handsome face, she felt that he looked familiar for some reason, as if… she had seen him somewhere before?

It was a pity that all her magic power was sealed now, otherwise she would definitely be able to see through some tricks.

“Sister E, please tell me about the tribulations you have experienced in your several lives.”

Chang’e looked away and sighed: “That’s it, a hard life, a burdensome lover, and a burden that almost crushes people… But this life is still better, there were two previous lives where I was reincarnated as a domestic animal and poultry, and Brother Yi had to remain unmarried for the rest of his life to achieve his mission.”


Yueye Rabbit said in surprise.

“I was reincarnated as chickens and ducks, and they were the food he raised. God knows how I survived.” Chang’e couldn’t help wiping her tears. “Fortunately, Brother Yi still had the instinct to love me. So, he killed all the chickens and ducks except me, there was even a year when the harvest was not good and there was a famine. He would rather eat dirt than do anything to me and served me with delicious food until the end of his life. Fortunately, chickens and ducks have a short life span, otherwise we won’t know what to do….”

The experience of being reincarnated as your lover’s reserve food and having to worry about being slaughtered by your lover. Although it was very sad, for some reason, everyone wanted to laugh after hearing it.

So in comparison, although Chang’e and Hou Yi in this life changed their gender and were still poor, they were indeed much happier than before. However, Yueye Rabbit still felt terribly distressed. He did some calculations and even more worriedly said: “Sister E still has twenty years to endure in this life.”

“Just endure it. Although it is very hard, I have a good relationship with Brother Yi.” Chang’e had regained her memory and was about to brush her long hair that should have been hanging on her shoulders out of habit, but she found that her hair was now short.

Shen Yu looked around at the difficult environment in the room, and for some reason, he suddenly thought of his parents. His parents’ bad relationship started with a business crisis at home. Of course, it was resolved safely later, but at that time both of them felt that they couldn’t get over it. They wanted to go their separate ways and leave the mess to each other. It was so ugly that after the crisis was resolved, the two people’s emotions were completely shattered. So he kind of admired Chang’e and Hou Yi because despite living so hard, their relationship was not wiped out. It was obvious that they were just mortals at this moment. How big was the difference between their mortal and immortal life?

It was rare for Shen Yu to feel a little moved.

“Sister E, don’t be afraid. If you persist for twenty years, you can honestly get together with Hou Yi.” Yueye Rabbit cheered her up.

Chang’e smiled: “Even if I hadn’t recovered my memory, I never thought about giving up Brother Yi, let alone after recovering my memory now.”

“…Ji,” Yueye Rabbit’s eyes wandered, and after a moment he said honestly, “Sister, you will lose your memory again soon.”


“Qingyun Marshmallow can only temporarily awaken the memory. When the ‘Sky-Blocking Formation’ passes, your memory will be sealed again,” Yueye Rabbit sighed, “Otherwise you will be discovered by the Queen Mother, and I’m afraid she will punish you again.”

Chang’e blinked and said firmly: “It doesn’t matter, I am confident that I will never leave Brother Yi.”

Yueye Rabbit said angrily: “You are confident now, but what if Hou Yi abandons you!”

Chang’e smiled: “Him? He can only rely on me to take care of him now.”

Everyone looked at the unconscious thin woman on the bed and felt as if what Sister E said was right.

“Humph, this troublesome Phoenix man!” Yueye Rabbit was still unconvinced and took out a few pink marshmallows from his arms. “If he dares to reject you and torture you, use this to confuse him!”

Chang’e took a look at the marshmallows and immediately blushed: “Little Rabbit, why did you bring the heavenly aphrodisiac too!”

Jade Rabbit: “One small flower can last for days and nights, I will leave one for my sister to treat him then! For example, if he wants to, don’t give it to him, huh! Or in turn, talk to him! Talk to him!” Because this fake white rabbit was too unobtrusive, it had been automatically silenced.

“….That’s what it said in the book. I think this is a good way to force the overlord to bow down in the human world.”

Xu Maomao took the blame for no reason, flushed and waved his little paws and said: “Don’t read those dark histories of mine anymore! Besides, I don’t have that much of it in my books now!”

Shen Yu’s eyes darkened secretly, and he thought to himself: The overlord being forced to bow? I think it’s good too…

The sky-shielding and sun-shielding formation would soon disappear, and Chang’e’s memory would be temporarily sealed soon. So, she twisted her fat body, reluctantly said goodbye to the Jade Rabbit, and then bowed to Shen Yu and said: “Thank you for taking in my little rabbit and cat, thank you for playing with him.”

Shen Yu said seriously: “I’m afraid your life will not be very good in the future. Is there any way to improve it?”

Yueye Rabbit shook his head and said: “With my identity, I cannot interfere too much in my sister’s life, otherwise it will attract the attention of the superiors.”

“What if the help comes from me? I am a mortal, so I shouldn’t violate your regulations, right?” Shen Yu asked.

Yueye Rabbit: “Maybe, but it must be well-founded. You can’t give sister a lot of money all at once for no reason, right? This kind of windfall is very bad.”

Shen Yu said lightly: “I have a way.”

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