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When he arrived at the fat uncle’s house, Mr. Jade Rabbit was on the verge of fainting again.

The Sister E in his imagination, even if her residence was not as magnificent as Guanghan Palace, should be kept in order, with bright and clean windows, but the pigsty in front of him was a very small and broken cage-like house with not even decent storage furniture. The house was overcrowded, and there was almost no lighting. A small dim light bulb was turned on all day long, and the wind kept leaking inside from nowhere. A stove was thus required to keep warm. The smell in the room was also pungent.

Chang Bao knocked the door frame crooked when he entered because he was too fat. When he secured the shaky door frame again, he saw the two people standing dumbfounded and said enthusiastically: “Sit, sit -“

But there was no place to sit, because there was only one chair, and the chair only had three legs. You had to balance it against the wall, but it would probably fall apart as soon as you sat down.

The only place where people could sit was the bed. However, there was a big ball of quilt on the bed, and it was obvious that someone was sleeping there.

Chang Bao walked over and patted the person on the bed gently.

“A Yi, we have a guest!”

The quilt shook, and then a skinny middle-aged woman got up. Her hair was disheveled and covered her face. After she sat up, she used her withered hands to brush her bangs, pushing them behind her ears to reveal a… disfigured face. A large area of scalded flesh could be seen on her skin as thin as a skeleton. Turning over the scroll, it was really amazing at first glance. In addition to her terrifying appearance, she looked really weak. Her cheeks were sunken and her lips were purple. It was unclear whether it was because of cold or weakness. When she saw them, she grinned shyly, showing her missing front teeth.

“Let me introduce, this is my wife, Hou Yi.” Although his wife was a bit ugly, the fat uncle sounded quite proud. After introducing his family, he introduced Hou Yi to the guests he had just met on the road, and mentioned Shen Yu as the big boss, such that the skinny woman was so frightened that she hurriedly took off the quilt to make room for them to sit down.

No one moved.

Hou Yi…could he be the Hou Yi??

Hou Yi, who was born with the power to shoot a sunbow, was actually reincarnated as a woman, and she further looked so frail and sickly!

Yueye Rabbit rolled his eyes and stood stunned for several seconds in shock. The Queen Mother’s punishment was too terrible!

“You, please tell me about your situation…” Yueye Rabbit said angrily.

Chang Bao: “What are you talking about? Do you want to know how we make zongzi?”

“No, just tell us about your daily life.”

Although this question was a bit strange, Chang Bao had never met a big customer. Basically, they could ask whatever they wanted. No matter what, gradually, Shen Yu and the others got to know this couple who were reincarnated from gods.

It had to be said that Chang’e and Hou Yi lived a very difficult life.

Hou Yi’s reincarnation – Hou Yi’s legs were disabled, her right cheek was disfigured, and her body was very weak. She got out of breath even doing simple manual tasks such as making rice dumplings. It was only symbolic that she helped Chang Bao wash the rice. Sometimes she would get inexplicable illnesses, fall into a coma, scream, and destroy everything at hand like crazy, and she couldn’t even feed herself. Basically, her daily life was like being unable to take care of herself, almost like a baby, and not even looking as cute as a baby.

By the way, in this reincarnation of Hou Yi, she was still infertile, and the two had been married for decades and had no children.

——Of course this was not nonsense. Hou Yi was a man, and he would only be able to give birth if he was a ghost.

As for Chang’e-Chang Bao, she only knew how to make rice dumplings, but she was not very good at making rice dumplings, and her income could only barely make ends meet. Although he was fat, his physical fitness was still good. He originally wanted to work part-time, but he couldn’t do that with his huge baby wife at home, so he almost didn’t have a penny in savings. There may not be a couple more miserable than them in City B.

Even so, the two of them still had a big dream of saving money to have an in vitro fertilization baby one day…

As Yueye Rabbit listened, his eyes turned red from crying, and he couldn’t help hugging the fat man: “Sister E, you are so awesome. It’s so hard, you have it so, so hard, and you still have to take care of the good-for-nothing brother Hou Yi!”

He spoke with a cry, and you couldn’t hear his words very clearly, but it frightened the fat man who wanted to struggle free, but he didn’t know what was going on with the boy, he was so strong, and he had hugged him so tightly.

“Meow!” Rabbit, please calm down. If you accidentally expose the secret, she will be punished for another life.

“Ah, that’s right, we can’t let the superiors know.” Yueye Rabbit wiped his tears and released the fat man. When everyone was confused, his eyes suddenly glowed red and he shouted: “Blocking the sky and the sun!”

The next second, the red diamond on his forehead actually floated out of the body. The red diamond exploded and turned into layers of mist that enveloped the small house. In an instant, the sound of traffic outside was no longer heard, as if they had entered a different dimension.

Then the rabbit shot a red light at the middle-aged woman Hou Yi had transformed into, hitting her forehead, and she fainted instantly. The fat man was shocked and anxious, but the Jade Rabbit made a lightning move – took out a green marshmallow, and straightforwardly stuffed it into the fat man’s open mouth.

As soon as it touched his lips, the marshmallow turned into smoke and flew into his mouth.

The fat man looked like he was being choked and his eyes filled with mist.

“Sister E, wake up.” Yueye Rabbit said softly.

After a while, the fat man’s eyes regained clarity. When his eyes came into contact with the Yueye Rabbit, he looked extremely surprised: “Little Rabbit!”

“Sister E!”

“Little Rabbit!” The fat man’s huge body came over.

This time it was his turn to hold Yueye Rabbit in his arms, but he found that his belly almost pushed the rabbit away.

“Little Rabbit, what am I?” The fat man looked down and was immediately frightened by his own body shape, “Me, how did I become so fat!”

“Sister, don’t panic, you are going through a disaster, this is just your container for reincarnation, it doesn’t matter, you can go back when your tenth life is complete!” Yueye Rabbit quickly comforted her.

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