PTTP Ch. 5.1: Kindess is Kindness

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Xie Lingya stuffed his student ID card back and ignored He Zun who shouted to see inside. He had asked for leave before, so he didn’t hand over his student ID card, and he just put it in this pocket.

He Zun was a little confused. Although Teacher Xie looked very young, he never expected that he was still a student… This was the ultimate in hiding within the city!

He Zun said: “I can’t tell, Teacher Xie, you have gone to school. Do you still have time to learn skills after finishing your homework…”

Xie Lingya said with black lines on his face: “I am also preparing to take the postgraduate entrance examination. Isn’t it scary?”

He Zun: “…”


After He Zun rang the doorbell, a beautiful middle-aged woman came to open the door. He Zun called her aunt.

While Aunt He let them in, she looked at Xie Lingya with a little doubt on her face, as if she didn’t expect the person He Zun brought to be so young. And he looked very good, so she would believe him if he even told her that he was an actor.

She was also an atheist, but she was half-convinced because of the nightmare, however she still had the idea that it might be a trick of a charlatan.

He Zun introduced: “This is Teacher Xie from Baoyang Temple!”

Aunt He said politely: “I’ve heard about you for a long time.”

In fact, everyone knew that she may have never heard of Baoyang Temple. Baoyang Temple was too small and deserted. Even though it was in a prosperous area, few people knew about it.

He Zun saw that there was no one else in the room and asked, “Where is uncle?”

“He took a call and went out, please wait.” Aunt He asked them to sit down, poured tea, and sent a text message to her husband.

He Zun saw the suspicion in his aunt’s expression, and wanted to prove that the person he invited was indeed an expert, so he quickly created an opportunity: “Teacher Xie, my aunt said that it is very dark here during the day, is there any methods you can do that will work immediately?”

Aunt He chuckled, vaguely looking forward to it.

Xie Lingya followed his good deeds and held the Lingguan Jue in his hand, but as soon as he raised his middle finger, Aunt He’s expression changed, “You…”

I can do this question!

He Zun took a look and immediately answered: “Let me tell you! Although it looks similar, it is actually the Taoist spirit official secret, and it has the function of exorcising evil and avoiding evil!”

Aunt He: “…”

Seeing that Aunt He was still dubious, Xie Lingya silently said to the Patriarch, “Master, please give me some strength.” He simply pinched the Lingguan Jue with his left hand, addressed Wang Lingguan, and held Aunt He’s wrist with his right hand.

Although Xie Lingya had never been in this industry, he also knew that he could not let his client think that he was a liar.

Aunt He felt that as soon as Xie Lingya held her wrist, the faint cool breath lingering on her body immediately left her body, and the inexplicable tiredness she felt in the past few days also disappeared, as if being illuminated by the warm sun.

“This…” Aunt He looked surprised, even a little horrified, because it happened right under her nose. It could be seen that Xie Lingya simply held her wrist.

Was this possible to explain scientifically? Did she neglect anything?

Before Aunt He could figure it out, there was a noise at the door.

“Mr. Wang, please, Teacher Shi, please.” A middle-aged man’s voice sounded.

He Zun immediately turned around, “Uncle?”

There were two other men who came in with Uncle He, one was a thin and elegant middle-aged man, and the other was a handsome young man. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be Shi Changxuan, the red-robed Taoist priest whom Xie Lingya had seen in Taihe.

Shi Changxuan did not wear a monk’s robe today, but carried a bag on his back, because his outfit had a touch of fireworks. However, when he raised his eyes and scanned the room with clear eyes, he became even more indifferent.

His eyes fell on Xie Lingya, and he paused for two seconds before moving away.

Xie Lingya was surprised and happy. What surprised him was that they had found another Taoist priest. What he was happy about was that this Taoist priest was Shi Changxuan, his number one candidate for observation.

Uncle He looked a little embarrassed and explained: “This is my friend Mr. Wang. He heard about what happened here and specially invited Taoist Master Shi from the provincial capital to come… It was my negligence and I didn’t have enough time to communicate this.”

He Zun’s face suddenly turned ugly.

Mr. Wang looked at Xie Lingya and said with a smile: “These are Mr. He’s nephew and his friend. Why are you all so young and handsome these days? But if you don’t bother the two masters, Taoist Shi is a serious person. Xiao Junyan, I originally wanted to go to Taihe Temple to invite Master Chen, but I was lucky enough to meet Taoist Master Shi. I was able to invite him this time because he came to participate in the rain prayer ceremony hosted by Taihe Temple. Otherwise, I would not have such a good opportunity. Look, it started raining two days ago.”

With a proud look on his face, Mr. Wang praised Shi Changxuan and seemed honored to have invited him.

Uncle He was in a dilemma. Although Mr. Wang had good intentions, he took the initiative and brought the person directly, which caught him off guard. He usually relied on Mr. Wang for business, so he was embarrassed to say anything.

Aunt He was also a little stunned. One was Teacher Xie, who had just touched her hand and made her feel refreshed. The other was said to have asked for the rain in the past two days… The former was okay, but was the latter not too exaggerated already??

He Zun said unhappily: “Then there should be a first-come, first-served basis!”

The atmosphere at the scene suddenly became more awkward.

Xie Lingya really wanted to make this money, but when he saw Shi Changxuan, he wanted to get to know him even more, so he said in a good manner: “You’re all here, let’s take a look together, Daochang Shi doesn’t mind, right?”

To Mr. Wang and others, didn’t this mean that everyone was competing based on their abilities, and he couldn’t help but look at Daozhang Shi.

Shi Changxuan said calmly: “Whatever.”

Having said that, of course both of them should stay.


Everyone sat down in the living room, and Uncle He told his story from the beginning, “It has been about two months since we moved here. In fact, as soon as we moved in, we felt a bit shady, but since it is backed by a mountain, it felt quite cool. But since the beginning of this week, our family of five has had nightmares every day.

“These nightmares have no rules. It’s all about the past, but they are so real that we can’t even wake up. When I woke up in the morning, I felt very tight in my chest and I was covered in sweat. We looked for the real estate agent and did some physical examination, including investigation and testing of the surrounding environment, but everything seemed to be fine.

“My parents are elderly. So, I have invited them to stay in a hotel these days. My son is in school and will not come back to live on weekends. Alas, I originally planned to change rooms, but I heard that it might not be possible. So I would like to ask everyone to just look at it from another perspective, what are the problems we could have here?”

Mr. Wang usually believed in Feng Shui and immediately said: “Daozhang Shi, could it be a Feng Shui problem? Look at the mountain behind them, the mountain is shady.”

Xie Lingya subconsciously thought in his heart, it’s impossible, but he didn’t know much about it, so he wasn’t completely sure to speak.

At this time, Shi Changxuan also said what Xie Lingya was thinking: “No.”

Everyone, including Xie Lingya, stared at him, but he had no intention of explaining.

Mr. Wang asked sarcastically: “Daozhang Shi, can you tell me why?”

Shi Changxuan frowned, and suddenly there was an urge to reflect on why his homework was so poor. He said: “Although this place is close to the shade of a mountain, the shape of the mountain is suitable for the energy. The three peaks gather together like a lotus. There is a square pool opposite, and the water faces outward. It flows at an angle, just like a rolling curtain. Although it can easily lead to the loss of family wealth, it is not like this…”

“What?? What about family wealth???” Uncle He interrupted him hastily.

Shi Changxuan glanced at him: “Lost. But Mr. He and his family have constant nightmares, it should be…”

Uncle He grasped the key point and said, “What should a person do so that his family fortune is not ruined while living here???”

Shi Changxuan was interrupted twice and was silent for a moment before saying: “Change the situation and fill the pool.”

Uncle He breathed a sigh of relief, “Oh, okay!”

Seeing his fuss, Mr. Wang smiled and said, “Just change this little thing as Taoist Master Shi said.”

Uncle He laughed dryly and drank some tea to calm down.

Shi Changxuan’s tone remained calm, as if this was nothing, “The nightmare is probably because of the flying corpses in your house.”

Uncle He spat out a mouthful of tea, “Pfft! Flying, flying corpse?!”

Aunt He was not sure after what happened with Xie Lingya just now. So, at this time, she also said with a pale face: “It sounds scary. Could it be that… there have been people buried under our house? Could it be that there are corpses flying around the house when we have nightmares at night?”

What a rich imagination. Xie Lingya couldn’t help but glance at Aunt He and said: “The flying corpse is one of the taboo ghosts in the house. There are seven in total, such as the flying corpse, Tu Gong, Jiu Mei, Bei Jun, etc. They are not really flying corpses. It’s too scary for you to think about it.”

In addition to reading his notes these days, he also read some classics in the Taoist temple, which recorded this. The evil spirit of flying corpses referred to the situation where guest ghosts were causing trouble in the house.

Uncle He said with a pale face: “Teacher Xie, the guest ghost may not be scary anymore, right?”

Xie Lingya: “…”

How should I put it, compared to the evil spirits causing trouble, it’s just average.

Uncle He touched his face and said, “Daozhang Shi, Teacher Xie, why do I feel that the more I understand, the more scared I am? It turns out that it’s better to just have a nightmare. It’s a waste of money and it’s haunted. It’s too scary. Can I just move?? I feel like there will always be a shadow!”

“At this time, ordinary people don’t want to do anything about family matters, so moving can be done.” Shi Changxuan glanced at Uncle He, “But half a month ago, did you make a small windfall?”

Uncle He suddenly lost his voice and said: “How do you know?”

He Zun was also stunned, he didn’t even know this was happening.

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