MMMYT Ch. 4: Little Penguin

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When the moon showed its head, Chi Yan managed to regain his energy and returned home.

In the northernmost courtyard, a little girl about ten years old looked at him with gloating eyes as she gnawed the half an apple in her hand. Her skin was yellowish, she was a little fat, and she couldn’t be called pretty.

When Chi Yan entered the room, there was nothing on the wooden table, not even a grain of rice left for him. His Aunt Deng Yulian and uncle Zhao Songshi were picking vegetables in the yard. Zhao Songshi glanced at Chi Yan with an embarrassed expression. However, he was cowardly by nature and did not dare to speak to Chi Yan. He only said in a low voice: “A Yan is back?”

Chi Yan nodded: “Uncle.” He licked his lips but showed no expression and was about to go back to the house.

Behind him, his cousin Zhao Nan saw that he had nothing to eat and said with a smile: “He deserves it.”

What hardships had he not endured in these years? Chi Yan had no expression on his face and walked towards the room where the sundries were piled. It had only been half a month since the Zhao family moved here, and his uncle Zhao Songshi spent tens of thousands of yuan to buy this yard, giving one room to him and Deng Yulian, and the other to his biological daughter Zhao Nan. But the two nephews Chi Yan and Chi Yiming could only tidy up the original pantry and live in it.

Before Chi Yan entered the door, he saw Chi Yiming writing seriously at the wooden table.

Chi Yiming was nine years old this year. When he heard the sound, he raised his head in surprise: “Brother!” When he saw the blood stains on Chi Yan’s clothes, his happy expression immediately turned solemn. Chi Yiming quickly stood up: “Brother, what are you doing? Did they finishe eating everything already?”

Chi Yan said calmly: “It’s okay, I’m tired.”

The expression on Chi Yiming’s young face changed several times, then he gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

Life had taught them to grow up too early. Chi Yiming looked outside and took out a white steamed bun from his worn-out “girls’ schoolbag”.

“Brother, eat.”

Chi Yan didn’t even raise his eyebrows: “Where did you get this from?”

Chi Yiming poured out a pile of “Summer Homework” from his schoolbag. He said, “I help them write homework, and they pay me.” So when he went out today, he went to collect homework books.

Chi Yan didn’t say anything, he just took the steamed bun and started eating it.

He had been kneeling in the sun all day, and his throat was dry and painful. The steamed buns of this year were not as soft and sweet as those of later generations. They were pressed tightly and only had enough weight, which made people feel panicked.

However, this was nothing compared to the dull pain of hunger in his stomach.

His stomach finally felt a little fuller, and Chi Yan also felt better. He slowed down and took a bite of the bun.

Chi Yan said nonchalantly: “That young master from the Sun family in the yard, he will buy things for you next semester.”

Chi Yiming was so smart that he had red eyes on hearing this but he said nothing.

Sometimes Chi Yiming really hated his current life. His uncle and aunt took away the pension from his mother’s car accident and said they wanted to raise him and his brother. However, the two teenagers who had not yet grown up, one was twelve years old, and the other was a nine-year-old boy and they couldn’t even get enough to eat at Zhao’s house.

However, Chi Yiming no longer dared to talk about living in an orphanage.

The orphanages in 1997 were not as decent as shown in the movie. The children who were not wanted these days were more or less handicapped. There were many children with macrocephaly and children born with handicaps.

Not to mention studying.

At least by staying at his uncle’s house, Chi Yan still had a chance to study.

When the moon rose, Chi Yan said, “I’m going to take a shower.”

He went out of the yard and fetched water from the well. Chi Yan was holding a gourd. The boy was naked from the waist up. The cold water rushed down his body, stinging his abdominal muscles, making Chi Yan frown slightly.

When Chi Yan came back, Chi Yiming was still writing the thick pile of “Summer Homework”.

Chi Yan only glanced at it, then lay down on the bed and slept.

Sometimes Chi Yiming felt that this brother was very indifferent, but in their most difficult year, Chi Yan did everything he could to support the two of them. He had even picked up garbage, carried oil drums, and done all kinds of hard work.

Chi Yiming knew very early that Chi Yan was not his biological brother, but a street child brought back by his mother, who was raised spoon by spoon.

Later, when the child grew up, he still had broad shoulders to support him.

In Chi Yiming’s heart, this was his brother.

Not daring to turn on the light, Chi Yiming wrote for a while under the moonlight. His little body was a little thin. Compared with Chi Yan’s cold appearance, Chi Yiming’s eyebrows were delicate and beautiful.

Chi Yan was almost asleep.

Chi Yiming zipped up his schoolbag and looked at his brother sadly.

Chi Yan had a quick mind, could bend and stretch, had great ideas, and was particularly tolerant. He could swallow sour food without expression, and his expression didn’t change much when he gnawed on the soft steamed buns.

Chi Yiming whispered: “Brother, one day no one in this world will dare to look down on us.”

Chi Yan closed his eyes: “Yeah.”

Chi Yiming added: “In the future, I will have a very big house. It won’t have any room for my aunt and that ugly girl Zhao Nan to live in. I will also have a car and bodyguards.”

Chi Yan was noncommittal.

Chi Yiming became interested and suddenly asked: “Brother, what about you? What do you want?”

In this terrible world, what did he want most?

On a summer night, there was a faint sound of frogs croaking in the grass in the distance.

The night finally brought a refreshing chill, and Chi Yan was actually not asleep yet. His narrow eyes opened, but he didn’t say anything in the end.

Before dawn, Chi Yan got up and went to move the goods.

Zheng Chun bought a bunch of new snacks today, and the truck carrying the goods arrived early. Chi Yan had a slight fever and his breath was burning when he woke up in the morning, but this was not a big problem. He took two sips of cold water, ignored the high temperature, and went out through the morning mist.

The temperature was the most comfortable at this time of the day, and it was also suitable for moving goods.

He moved goods outside the compound for a while, and then a bicycle rode outside. A square-faced man said gently: “Suisui, daddy is going out. You have to be careful when you walk. Don’t fall again.”

Chi Yan paused while lifting the box of water on his shoulder.

After a while, the little girl said in a slow and soft voice: “I understand, goodbye dad.”

Jiang Shuisheng sighed inwardly when he saw Chi Yan moving things steadily in the courtyard. However, it was not his own business after all, and it was really difficult to control others. Raising a baby was not as easy as raising a kitten or puppy.

Jiang Shuisheng went out on his bicycle.

After Jiang Sui got up, she started doing physical training.

Soon there was a big bump on her forehead. Jiang Sui got up, hissing in pain, and it took a while before she could stand up.

It still didn’t work. The body’s response was too slow, as if having pressed “Slow down X4”.

Jiang Sui accepted her fate. She was forced to be a clumsy nine-year-old girl.

After the sun came out, the courtyard gradually became lively.

A child shouted loudly outside her door: “Jiang Sui! Come out to play!”

Jiang Sui thought the voice sounded familiar. She hesitated for a moment, then moved to the door after a few minutes and looked at the girls under the elm tree.

The girl in the mint-colored skirt waved to her with a bright smile: “Jiang Sui, come here, let me introduce you to a new friend.” The girl in the mint-colored skirt had an oval face and round eyes that looked extremely pure.

Jiang Sui stared at her for a long time with swollen eyelids, and finally slowly remembered who she was.

Her name was Liang Qian’er, and she seemed, probably, she was said to be the boss’s white moonlight, who would be hated by the boss in the future.

Jiang Sui: “…”

When she was a child, Liang Qian’er was the most respectable girl in the courtyard. She had the best grades, wore nice clothes, and looked as elegant as a daisy. She was the most popular girl in the courtyard.

It was not surprising that Chi Yan liked her.

Liang Qian’er pouted and said with concern: “Jiang Sui, what are you looking at? Come here quickly. Do you want me to pull you?”

If it were really the little Jiang Sui, she would definitely be moved. After all, there were very few children like Liang Qian’er who were as friendly to her. But Jiang Sui looked at her numbly several times, her left eyelid twitched, and she said slowly: “No, I’ll come over.”

Liang Qian’er had a strange habit. She liked to play with ugly girls.

Jiang Sui suffered from constant bruises and had a swollen nose and face, so she was her “best friend”.

Of course, later on, this friendship was ruthlessly broken. Jiang Sui became beautiful and Liang Qian’er would rather die than stand with her.

Jiang Sui walked over and saw another familiar person.

Oh oh oh, Liang Qian’er was still holding Zhao Nan.

Seeing Liang Qian’er’s gesture of affectionately pulling Zhao Nan, Jiang Sui endured it again and again, but still almost laughed out loud. Fortunately, she reacted slowly, and her facial expression moved slightly before returning to its original position.

Zhao Nan had dark skin and a short chin, which made her look really unsightly.

Liang Qian’er’s criteria for choosing friends were really very harsh.

Liang Qian’er held Zhao Nan with her left hand and wanted to pull Jiang Sui with her right hand. For her, this was simply the pinnacle of her life.

Jiang Sui originally wanted to pull her hand back, but when she saw the little boy coming from a distance, Jiang Sui’s body instantly stiffened.

Jiang Sui stretched out her little hand, “Little beauty Liang Qian’er, please pull me, pull me!”

Liang Qian’er was like a little angel at this time, holding her happily.

Jiang Sui followed them anxiously.

Cicadas were chirping from a tree and flying to higher branches. The little boy Chi Yiming was carrying a schoolbag and talking to the boys.

In childhood, Chi Yiming had a rosy face, long and curled eyelashes, and a shy smile. Not knowing what he said, but Sun Xiaowei and a group of boys gave him several exercise books.

Just as Chi Yiming put them into his schoolbag, Zhao Nan shouted suspiciously: “Chi Yiming! What are you doing?”

Chi Yiming looked up.

Despite her slow body, Jiang Sui’s scalp still felt numb for a moment.

The boy’s eyes first glanced at Zhao Nan, then briefly at the lovely Liang Qian’er in the middle, and finally when he looked at Jiang Sui, who had a bruised nose and swollen face, Jiang Sui keenly saw a hint of ridicule and disdain in his eyes.

Jiang Sui was delighted.

The fact that Chi Yiming judged people by their appearance was really… great!

However, the child Chi Yiming pretended to be very good. He smiled sweetly and shook his head at Zhao Nan: “I’m going home, you guys have fun. Goodbye, everyone!” He didn’t even give her a glance.

Jiang Sui held Liang Qian’er’s hand tightly, her heart spinning with joy! After turning back time, it made people happy three thousand times a day, with new hope every day!

Under the sun, Chi Yan, who was moving goods, looked over from a distance.

Next to a little girl in green clothes, the “little penguin” with peach blossom eyes had piercing eyes, where she was trying not to laugh. She may not even know it, but she could hardly hold back her laughter.

The person’s fair face was tender and cute, but the little penguin’s face was too horrible to look at.

Chi Yan lowered his eyes, sweat dripping down from his brow bone.

Chi Yan thought lazily, this stupid girl who came out of the ivory tower couldn’t even find good friends.

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