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After school in the afternoon, Mi Wan happened to meet Huang Mao, whom she hadn’t seen for a long time, at the entrance of the teaching building, but it was inappropriate to call him Huang Mao at this time, because Huang Mao had already dyed his hair black. He also seemed to have just finished class and was walking out with Guan Li.

“Huang Mao.” Mi Wan really couldn’t remember Huang Mao’s name, so she could only continue to call this memorable nickname.

But Huang Mao didn’t seem to hear Mi Wan’s cry, he continued to walk forward, and walked out at a fast pace as if there was something urgent.

Mi Wan was taken aback, didn’t he hear her?

At this moment, Guan Li, who was walking beside Huang Mao, turned his head and took a look. He spotted Mi Wan, and immediately reminded his friend who was walking beside him with his head down: “Xiang Zhen, Senior Mi Wan is calling you.”

“Don’t pay attention to her, hurry up! Let’s go.” Xiang Zhen didn’t turn his head back and pulled Guan Li away even more hastily.

“You are…” Guan Li understood, Xiang Zhen did hear Mi Wan calling him, but pretended not to hear.

Xiang Zhen pulled Guan Li and walked fiercely, out the door, down the stairs, and then unexpectedly turned into the teaching building to borrow the side of the stairs, and then he breathed a sigh of relief and asked, “Did she follow?”

“No.” Guan Li looked back and found that Mi Wan did not follow, “Why are you avoiding Senior Mi Wan?”

“Can I not avoid her?” Xiang Zhen said very irritably, “Just because of her, Chairman Bai now sees me like my eyes are not my eyes and my nose is not my nose.”

“Why?” Guan Li was puzzled.

“Because only I’m familiar with her in the Demon Hunter Association. Every time Bai Feng thinks of Mi Wan, he will look for me.” Xiang Zhen only felt that he was suffering, “Damn it, why am I so unlucky? Well. Do you know how I came here this winter vacation? Bai Feng with his petty mind specially sent me troublesome tasks.”

Xiang Zhen seemed to be very angry, and now he didn’t even call President Bai, and began to call him by his first name.

“Sorry.” Guan Li patted his friend on the shoulder sympathetically.

Xiang Zhen smiled bitterly, feeling that he was going to die, wronged.

“So I have to keep a little distance from her.” Xiang Zhen said sadly, “Did you know that two days ago, the association actually assigned the golden toad of your demon clan who likes to rob banks to deal with to me and asked me to find a way to bring him back.”

Golden Toad was a frequent visitor on the hunting list of the Demon Hunters Association, because it loved gold and silver treasures by nature, and was lazy so it often robbed banks, and the Demon Hunters Association had a headache because of it. However, the two clans had signed an agreement, so as long as the demon clan member did not hurt human life, the demon hunters were not allowed to harm the life of the demon clan at will, so every time they caught the golden toad, they couldn’t kill him, so the golden toad often took the opportunity to escape. In addition, this golden toad was not weak in cultivation, it was a sixth-level toad demon, so it was even more difficult for the Demon Hunter Association to capture it.

Guan Li had also heard about this demon bank robber. Even though most of the demons had integrated into human society, there were naturally a small number of demons who were still unwilling to integrate. And the Golden Toad was one of them. The patriarchs of the major demon clans disagreed with the actions of this kind of demon, but they didn’t insist. Of course, when the other party violated the two-term agreement between the clans, they would also not come forward to protect him.

“Then you are definitely not his opponent.” Guan Li said without thinking, Golden Toad was a sixth-level demon, and Xiang Zhen was only a third-level demon hunter.

“Who is not an opponent.” While the two were talking, a clear female voice suddenly came from above their heads.

The two looked up at the same time, only to see Mi Wan squatting on the steps in front of the teaching building, looking down at the two of them, apparently already aware that they were here.

“You… how do you know we’re here?” Xiang Zhen asked in a voiceless voice, didn’t he get rid of her?

“Are you stupid, hiding from me and running together with Guan Li, forgetting who taught you the demon-seeking talisman.” Mi Wan scolded with a smile.

“…” Xiang Zhen was speechless after being bullied, wasn’t he stupid, Mi Wan couldn’t find him, but was it not easy to find Guan Li with a demon-seeking talisman.

Guan Li stood between the two and touched his nose in embarrassment. Although he didn’t mean it, he seemed to have accidentally become a humanoid locator for his friend.

“Have you encountered a demon you can’t deal with?” Mi Wan jumped down from the steps and stood in front of the two.

“Why, you want to help me.” Xiang Zhen said angrily.

“Yes.” Mi Wan replied without thinking.

“I don’t have any money for you.” Xiang Zhen knew Mi Wan’s temperament well, and if he asked her for help, he would have to pay a corresponding price. Although his family background was not bad but he couldn’t afford the other party’s one million one demon fee.

“You don’t need to pay me.” Mi Wan smiled brightly, and her words were even more generous.

“No money? Is there such a good thing?” Xiang Zhen firmly refused to believe it.

“That’s right.” Mi Wan suddenly blamed herself, “Actually, I’ve thought about it recently, and I’m also a demon hunter anyway. The bounden duty of a demon hunter is to catch those demons that cause harm to the world and protect human society. So I, as a demon hunter, really shouldn’t just be obsessed with making money and forget my duty. So I decided, it’s time to do something.”

Xiang Zhen looked at Mi Wan’s impassioned expression and felt as if this world was a fantasy. Was this the legendary case of people earning black-hearted money and getting rich when they were young, and then suddenly starting to realize their conscience to do public welfare?

“Then what do you want to do?” Xiang Zhen asked in doubt.

“I’m planning to go out and collect some demons. But I don’t know which demons can be accepted and which ones can’t. In order to prevent mistakes and break the mutual agreement between humans and demons, I want you to help me.” Mi Wan smiled and said, “Copy a copy of the arrest warrants from your Demon Hunter Association, and I’ll pick a few to catch.”

“Are you serious?” Xiang Zhen still didn’t really believe it, but the more he thought about it, the more he felt that the deal was a good deal. He just needed to give Mi Wan the arrest warrant, and then Mi Wan would go to capture the demon. This could be regarded as a good thing for the Demon Hunter Association. Moreover, Mi Wan’s cultivation base was strong, and a seventh-level peak demon could even be stabbed with one sword strike. Those demons on the wanted list in the association were still easy to capture, and she could catch whichever one she wanted.

“Anyway, you don’t have any losses, so you’ll know if you give me the information for a try.” Mi Wan continued to seduce.

“Okay.” Xiang Zhen gritted his teeth and decided to trust Mi Wan again, “Then help me catch this golden toad first. If you catch it, I won’t let you catch it for nothing, and I will give you a bonus of 100,000 yuan.” As long as he completed this task, the bonus was secondary, the points for catching the golden toad were the actual good thing.

“Okay, you give me his information, is there anything it has touched, so that I can track his breath.” Mi Wan asked.

“Yes, I’ll go back and get it for you now.” It so happened that in order to hunt down the golden toad recently, he left a small gold bar touched by the golden toad and kept it in the dormitory.

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