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Guan Li at the side heard this, and couldn’t help asking in a low voice: “Senior sister, are you planning to go out and catch a wave of demons?”

“Ah, yes.”

Mi Wan thought that Guan Li was worried, so she comforted him, “Don’t worry, I only catch demons who have committed crimes. I won’t catch you if you are obedient.”

You two demon hunters are discussing catching demons in front of me who is a demon. Is this appropriate? Does it fit?

Guan Li wanted to roar, but he also knew that the demon Xiang Zhen and Mi Wan were going to catch was a demon that broke the agreement between the two clans, and he had no reason to stop them. However, as a demon, he knew such incredible inside information, so he had to make a small report based on the friendship of the demon clan at the same time.

So after Mi Wan left and Xiang Zhen ran to the dormitory to get the small gold bar, he quietly sent a message to his family group.

(Recently, the Demon Hunters Association is going to crack down hard. Demon hunters above the eighth level have even come out. Be careful and don’t make trouble.)

There was a burst of inquiry in the group, but Guan Li did not reply further.

“Fellows, I can only help you till here.”

Half an hour later, Xiang Zhen appeared in the pet shop with a small gold bar wrapped in red cloth, and he handed the gold bar to Mi Wan.

“This little gold bar was dropped by the golden toad when he robbed a jewelry store half a month ago. There is not much demonic aura on it, so the detection range of the demon-seeking talisman is very small, unless it is within a radius of ten kilometers. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to detect.” Xiang Zhen said.

“It’s not a big problem.” Mi Wan took the gold bar, felt it for a while, then used her spiritual power with her fingers, and began to draw amulets on the gold bar. After a while, the advanced demon-catching amulet was completed. At the same time, the gold bar trembled violently, and flew out of Mi Wan’s hand, pointing to the southeast direction.

“…” Xiang Zhen stared fiercely at the flying gold bar. He should have known a long time ago that the demon-seeking talisman that this woman taught him back then was not the highest level at all.

“Let’s go.” Mi Wan smiled and patted Xiang Zhen on the shoulder, then she stood up and walked out.

The two went out and took a taxi and followed the instructions of the demon-seeking talisman all the way to an old-fashioned community in the city center.

“That’s it.” Mi Wan stopped at the door of Building 10, Unit 202.

“Are you sure it’s this?” Xiang Zhen was a little skeptical, “Golden toads love money the most. According to their habits, they generally like to live in richer places.” But the community this golden toad lived in was really a bit dilapidated.

“Go in and have a look and you’ll know.” Mi Wan said.

Xiang Zhen thought that he had already arrived at the door anyway, so it would be okay to go in and have a look, so he went up to knock on the door, knocked a few times, and soon a middle-aged man’s voice came from inside the door: “Who is it?”

“Express delivery.” Xiang Zhen said casually.

“Wrong delivery, I never buy anything.” The man inside the door replied.

“…” Damn, there were still people who didn’t buy things these days… Cough… Demon, is this golden toad a miser who only likes to hoard money?

Seeing that Xiang Zhen failed to knock on the door, Mi Wan went up and knocked twice more by herself.

“I’ve said it already, I never buy anything.” The man inside the door shouted again.

“Sir, I picked up a gold bar at the door. I don’t know if it’s yours.” Saying that, Mi Wan took the gold bar and shook it at the peephole.

Xiang Zhen was speechless, such a clumsy excuse for a trap, only ghosts would open the door for you.


As soon as Xiang Zhen thought about it, the door in front of him was opened, and a man in a long-sleeved shirt with a pimple on his face appeared at the door with a smile on his face and said: “Yes, this is the gold bar I lost. Thank you for bringing it back to me. I have been looking for it for a day.”

Mi Wan handed over the gold bar, and at the same time reminded him to keep it safe intimately.

“Definitely, I’ll definitely keep it safe.” The man went to pick up the gold bar with both hands, but just when his fingers were about to touch the gold bar, he suddenly felt a chill in his fingertips, and a golden light flashed across his eyes.

Spiritual power, demon hunter?

The middle-aged man muttered inwardly, withdrew his hand, turned around and ran away.

“Hmph!” Mi Wan sneered, and instead of chasing, she just swung the gold bar in her hand and smashed it. Mi Wan’s throw was extremely accurate, and the gold bar hit the middle-aged man’s back. A burst of spiritual light exploded on the gold bar, and the middle-aged man who was rushing towards the window shrank suddenly, then turning into big toad, he fell to the ground.

“Ribbit…ribbit…” The golden toad struggled desperately, trying to jump out of the window, but the finger-sized gold bar on its back seemed to be as heavy as a mountain, making it unable to move.

“This… is this caught?” Xiang Zhen looked at the futilely struggling toad on the ground incredulously, the sixth-level toad demon who had been robbing banks for thirty years and had never been caught, was he just caught?

Mi Wan walked over, picked up one of the toad’s feet, and lifted the golden toad up: “I’m taking this toad away, you can go back to the Demon Hunter Association and close the case.”

“You want to take it away?” Xiang Zhen was taken aback.

“Yeah, I have a piece of land in the desert, and I plan to plant some trees, and I just happen to need a few gardeners. You go back and check the arrest warrants of the Demon Hunters Association to see if there are any more demons to catch. I will catch a few more. There is a shortage of gardeners recently.”

“…” Xiang Zhen.

“I don’t want to plant trees, I don’t want to plant trees.” The Golden Toad struggled heartrendingly.

“Hehe, it seems that I need to allocate a large area for you since you have cultivated to the sixth level.” Mi Wan was quite satisfied with the cultivation of Golden Toad, and it was not in vain that she specially drew a high-level demon-catching talisman for him.

The author has something to say:

Xiang Zhen: Don’t you toads like to live in expensive places? Why are you squatting in this kind of broken community.

Golden Toad: You know what a fart, the old and small ones in the city center, this is a semester room, do you know how much it costs per square meter?

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