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There was a private villa on the south side of Weiming Mountain by the sea. Few people know who the owner of this villa was, and the villa had no road which could be accessed from the outside. If you wanted to go there, you could only take a helicopter. Of course, if you had the ability to walk over mountains and vallies on your own, you could also enter from the main entrance.

A big event happened in the villa today, which alarmed everyone in the villa.

The tall man with a stern expression carried someone from the courtyard to the hall in a princess hug. The surrounding men in military uniforms widened their eyes.

When Qin Shi’an and his wife Xiang Zhen, who hurried downstairs when they got the news, saw the scene, Xiang Zhen’s face was excited at first, but then it became like an ice cube, “Afan! What did you do to this child?”

Qin Fan’s footsteps paused, and he said with a blank face, “He’s dizzy… probably.”

He was dizzy?


What was this situation?

Qin Shi’an also became serious, “Did you get sick again?”

Qin Fan pursed his lips, “No!” At first, he felt a little bit sick, but when he saw the child, he was sure that he wasn’t.

Xiang Zhen sighed and walked over, “Let’s hand him over to Grandma.”

Who knew that Qin Fan turned to avoid her, leaving Xiang Zhen, who was about to take over, stunned, staring at her grandson in disbelief?

Qin Fan frowned, moved his lips, and without saying a word, strode to his room and disappeared in front of people.

“Shi’an! What’s the situation?” Grandma Xiang Zhen was stunned.

Grandpa Qin thought carefully: “Did you think that Afan was mentally better just now?”

Grandma Xiang Zhen was shocked again: “Really! When he went out this morning, he was like a depressed volcano, but now he is calm… he even held people in his hands!”

“Wait for Afan to come out and talk about it carefully.” Grandpa Qin decided, but who knew that the couple waited outside for a long time without seeing their grandson emerge.


In the room.

Qin Fan put the unconscious Si Huang on the bed, and then unfolded the neatly folded quilt and placed it over her body. He originally planned to leave after doing this, but he couldn’t move his steps for some reason. He frowned and stared at the person on the bed: the skin was like a creamy white jade, and even with his eyesight, he couldn’t see any flaws! With his eyes closed, you could clearly see the thick and long eyelashes, which complemented his eyes and face, making him look more delicate and weaker, and also making this person look much more childish than when his eyes were opened, like a minor.

In Qin Fan’s eyes, Si Huang’s appearance was weak, simply too weak! It was hard to beat just looking at it!? How could his skin be so white and so tender, even better than a woman! But it was still a little satisfying, that is, there was a huge potential and strength hidden in this weak body.    

Thinking of seeing the boy’s jumping power and speed in the woods before, Qin Fan nodded secretly, and was suddenly awakened by the cool and soft touch on his fingertips. He narrowed his pupils again, staring at the thick and long fingers that had started poking Si Huang’s cheek at some point silently.    

Poke, poke again.    

His heart, like a cat scratching, was scratched and scratched again.    

Qin Fan slowly felt a little sleepy among this tangled and fresh feeling.    

This was so rare!    

Anyone who had been suffering from insomnia for ten consecutive days and suddenly felt sleepy, what a happy experience it was.    


Qin Fan didn’t resist this growing sleepiness. He lay down on the bed and closed his eyes. There was an inexplicable attraction in his confusion, just like encountering an oasis spring in a scorching desert. It made him want to rush to occupy it uncontrollably, and wait until the spring water filled his body, this kind of comfort was priceless for Qin Fan, Si Huang’s sleep was very unstable, she was dreaming a memory from her previous life.

The 18-year-old Si Huang had just graduated from high school in her previous life. While she was happily welcoming the upcoming college life, Si Zhihan suddenly asked her to marry someone she had never met before! Judging from Si Zhihan’s attitude at that time, she knew that the man she was being asked to marry must have an amazing identity and could bring him huge benefits.

At that time, she was taken by Si Zhihan to Shenqilin Peak by private helicopter. An ancient manor was located in the forest, which made Si Huang amazed. However, a violent noise interrupted her thoughts, and her eyes crashed into a scene that she would never forget, and at that moment, the bile in her stomach surged.    


The man had his upper body bare, with his dark curly hair messily covering his eyebrows, but she could still feel the cruel and icy gaze behind the black hair. His expression was cold and distorted, even his neck was protruding with blue veins, and his clenched teeth were very terrifying in Si Huang’s eyes, and his tall and perfectly textured body was like a mad liger. The hairs all over her body stood up and trembled.    

“Afan! Stop!”    

“Brother Fan—! Calm down, calm down!”    

Two people were trying to pull the man, their faces full of awe and anxiety. Suddenly, the middle-aged rough man just touched the man’s arm, and no one could see what the man did next. The terrifying sound of tearing came into her ears, accompanied by the screams of the middle-aged man, who had turned bloody. His arm was torn off from his body with bare hands.    

Si Huang only felt scarlet all over her eyes, and the smell of iron in her nose made her stand like a rock, unable to move, while her stomach felt sour.    

At this moment, the shirtless man turned his head in her direction, she did not know whether it was an illusion or a psychological effect, but Si Huang seemed to see a pair of bloodshot eyes through his jet-black hair, and her heart throbbed violently.     

The man’s expression seemed to change sluggishly, with a strange and suppressed madness all over his body, and then he reached out to Si Huang.    

With thick palms covered in blood!    

And the hand that had ripped off a human arm!

Si Huang made a “gulp” sound like a broken bellows, her body’s instinct prompting her to retreat sharply, so she turned her head to the side, unable to suppress the tumbling of her stomach, she vomited out a burst of sour water, her heart tense and her nose full. The smell of blood made her almost breathless.

The huge black shadow approached silently, causing her heart to shrink again, and she almost died. With vigilant and frightened eyes, she stared at the man half a meter away, like an injured cub, and let out a hoarse cry: “Don’t… come here!”

The man really didn’t come over, and after two seconds of silence, he turned and left.

They did not know what happened after that, but the Qin family did not see them again, instead they sent someone to take them back.

All this happened so fast that it was like a dream for Si Huang, who had been either at school or at home till he was 18 years old. He learned that the person Si Zhihan wanted her to marry was that terrifying man named Qin Fan. Si Huang rebelled against Si Zhihan for the first time in her life.

“I’m a man! I’m a man, it’s impossible for me to marry a man!” Si Huang shouted in a panic, the identity that was rejected before was now used as a protective umbrella.

Si Zhihan sneered: “Even if you want to marry, others don’t want it, it’s useless! You remember it clearly, if you don’t marry this time, don’t even think about getting married in the future. You yourself said that you are a man, so be my good son, and don’t even think about ruining my reputation.”

From the expression on Si Zhihan’s face at that time, Si Huang’s still unrecovered heart plunged into a bone-chilling cold, and she finally saw through something which shattered her heart.

Dad… Obviously you were too scared to sit on the ground with weak legs. Obviously, you also know how terrifying that man is, and obviously you are so scared, why do you want to push me out!?

What surprised Si Huang even more was that instead of letting her go to college, Si Zhihan signed her to Fenghua and made her debut as an idol at the beginning. It didn’t take long… before she encountered the first darkness in her life. Si Zhihan handed her over to his business partner. He still remembered the first sentence from the gentle and decent man who said, “This is what Master Qin liked? It’s really good.”

Did Lord Qin like her? Si Huang didn’t think that terrifying man would say this to others, so only her father, Si Zhihan, could have said this!

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