CFCS Ch. 187.2: Anyang Saga (8)

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Su Huai was choosing what clothes to wear at night. The thought of spending the evening alone with Xue Chengyu on the boat made his heart beat faster. At that time, under the moonlight and above the lake, the outside would be lively while the inside of the boat would be quiet. After having a few drinks with him, he did not believe that Xue Chengyu would not be tempted by him.

The attendant sent Xue Chengyu’s reply to Su Huai, and Su Huai took it with excitement. After opening it and seeing the rejection inside, his expression immediately collapsed.

In recent years, he had always been proud of himself, he had been sought after by noble children and young talents of the imperial capital. No one had rejected him for many years. He was his father’s favored child, and this Xue Chengyu dared to reject him.

Su Huai angrily threw the reply on the ground, his personal attendant Fang Yun squatted down and picked it up, opened it and looked at it, then said, “This Prince Annan really doesn’t know what to do, how dare he refuse the invitation of His Highness!”

Su Huai didn’t say anything. In no mood to choose clothes, he sat on the reclining chair feeling sullen. While he was angry, he still wanted to meet Xue Chengyu, but he also felt unwilling, and his heart ached because of his entanglement.

Fang Yun observed Su Huai’s face and said, “This servant thinks that this Prince Annan’s rejection of His Highness’s invitation may not have been his intention.”

“What do you want to say?” Su Huai looked up at Fang Yun.

“His Highness is the number one beauty in Dayan and is highly valued by His Majesty. How could someone not be tempted by you?” Fang Yun said, “That Prince Annan’s world has been limited to the south for so many years. He must have seen only a few beauties, so when he saw His Highness, he must have thought that he had seen a fairy, and it was impossible for him not to be tempted by His Highness. He refused His Highness’s invitation, probably because of King Annan. King Annan might have known that His Majesty intends to marry His Highness to his son, but he has always had a quarrel with the Dayan royal family, so he must be unwilling in his heart.”

“You are right.” Su Huai thought about what Fang Yun said. He felt that it was very reasonable, so he stood up and said angrily, “This King Annan is really hateful, my father is the emperor now, but he still thinks about the royal family of the previous dynasty. Hmph! He doesn’t want me to marry Xue Chengyu, so am I not going to marry him? Can’t I do it? Then I will directly ask the emperor to marry him and see what he can do!”

“…Then, will His Highness still go to the lake tonight?” Fang Yun asked.

“Go!” Su Huai said, “Of course I’m going! Since Xue Chengyu isn’t coming, I can’t waste what this Highness has worked so hard to prepare in vain. You can ask someone to invite all the people I invited last time and let them visit the lake with me.”

“Yes.” Fang Yun saluted and went out.

Su Huai continued to choose his clothes, thinking about getting dressed up later and that he must fascinate the noble children who would be accompanying him on the lake tour tonight. Then he thought a little distressed, after the lake tour, who would he choose to stay with him for the night?

When night fell, Jing Yang had just woken up from sleep. He slept very well, so now he was full of energy, and some energy was specially reserved to go to the lake to teach someone a lesson by the way.

Jing Yang combed his hair and changed his clothes. He took out a porcelain bottle and smeared the potion he prepared on his face. Everyone else painted themselves for beauty, only he painted himself to become ugly. Although he didn’t plan to show his face tonight, he had to cover up just in case.

Xue Chengyu had already prepared everything that should be prepared. After he finished his business and returned to the palace, he would directly take Jing Yang to the lake.

Jing Yang saw Xue Chengyu coming in the mirror, got up and walked in front of him, raised his head and asked him to look at his face “Is it ugly?”

“Not ugly.” Saying this, he kissed him on the eye.

“Hmph, it’s ugly after all, don’t try to coax me.” Jing Yang was still a little excited at first, but suddenly he was unhappy, everyone had a heart for beauty, he had such a good-looking appearance, it didn’t matter if he couldn’t show off his face and had to be ugly, but it made him feel depressed just thinking about it.

Xue Chengyu had always been a person who was more inclined to action than words, but this did not mean that he was not good at being eloquent, but in front of Jing Yang, he could neither do anything nor talk, so he could only do nothing.

After helping Jing Yang put on the hat, Xue Chengyu took Jing Yang’s hand and went out.

There were already a lot of cruise ships on the lake of Yinyue Lake. This lake was very big, but not all boats could enter the lake. In ancient times, people were divided into three, six and nine. Although some ordinary boats were allowed to enter the Yinyue Lake, in some areas, only royal relatives and high officials were allowed to pass.

There were also many geisha boats on the lake, all of which had been parked in designated places, and the sound of music emanating from them could be heard in the distance.

The cruise ship of the Annan Palace was very conspicuous, because such a luxurious three-story cruise ship was rare even in the imperial capital. Even if the average person was rich, if the title was not achieved, they were not allowed to own such cruise ships.

After Jing Yang got off the carriage, Xue Chengyu helped him onto the cruise ship.

Xue Chengyu’s personal guards and servants of the palace were already waiting on the cruise ship, and all the arrangements were ready. After Xue Chengyu and Jing Yang boarded the ship, the cruise ship first rowed to the center of the lake.

In the most spacious and comfortable room on the third floor, Jing Yang took off his hat and asked, “Is Su Huai here?

“He is on the lake.”

“Really?” Jing Yang smiled.

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