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Su Huai had been able to make the young talents and noble children of the imperial capital turn around him in the past few years, because of his status as the female son of the emperor, many people had to act like they were falling for him, while some were genuinely attracted by his talent.

Su Huai had a modern soul that had transmigrated here, and he naturally used the advantages of his modern soul to show his charm. His qin skills and literary talents could be said to be famous in the imperial capital, because the music he played and the poems he wrote were all modern classics. Of course, he could make these ancient people feel that his talent was incomparable.

Su Huai’s favorite thing to do was to get together with the young talents of the imperial capital and the children of nobles. After he played a song or composed a poem, he enjoyed the compliments and praises of others. Then after those people dispersed, one of them was secretly left behind to accompany him all night to drink and talk, and sometimes accompany him to bed.

Because Su Huai’s way of showing his charm was not only by talent, but also by physical conquest. He had learned a lot of things, so that the men who were his guests could never forget him, and this was the one of the greatest sources of his sense of accomplishment.

On Su Huai’s cruise ship, all the invited noble children had arrived. They were sitting, drinking and chatting, waiting for Su Huai’s appearance. Su Huai didn’t invite everyone, and all the people who could be invited by him were carefully selected by him. First of all, he had to be satisfied with their appearance, so these people here were all good looking.

Su Huai liked moon white clothes very much. He thought moon white was the most suitable color for him, and it could best set off his temperament. Those who wanted to flatter him called him the moon god, which made him feel very satisfied.

The door of the spacious banquet hall on the second floor of the cruise ship was opened from the outside, and the sound inside instantly quieted down. Everyone stood up and greeted the owner of the cruise ship.

Su Huai made a noble gesture and walked in while everyone was watching. Behind him were Fang Yun holding a guqin and Feng Yu holding an incense burner, and behind them were twelve servants with lotus lanterns.

After Su Huai sat down in the main seat, everyone saluted him. Su Huai raised his hand with a smile and said, “Everyone, please take a seat.”

After everyone sat down, they started the routine, and began their first round of praise and flattery for Su Huai.

Jing Yang was sitting by the window wearing a cape, looking down at the full moon reflected on the lake, and the lanterns hanging from the cruise ships were also reflected in the water, which looked very dreamy and artistic. Xue Chengyu sat behind him with his arms around his waist, touching his face from time to time, worried that he would be chilled by the night wind.

The boat from the Annan Palace was not far from Su Huai’s boat. Jing Yang was waiting for the sound of the piano from Su Huai’s boat, as were the other boats surrounding Su Huai’s boat.

Because Su Huai played some modern classic songs, it naturally attracted a lot of people. Moreover, he was the female son of the emperor, so the geishas did not dare to learn to play the songs he played for his guests. So, every time Su Huai was entertaining guests on the cruise ship, those who didn’t receive the invitation would park the cruise ship beside him and listen to him play, which was also one of the pursuits that Su Huai enjoyed.

And Jing Yang wanted to hear what kind of tune Su Huai, who had a modern soul, would play.

Jing Yang was a little bored waiting, when he finally heard the soft sound from Su Huai’s cruise ship. He wanted to stop carefully for a while, but after listening to a few syllables, he was stunned.

The tune Su Huai played was very familiar to Jing Yang, not only because he had heard it somewhere, but the tune being played by Su Huai, was composed by Jing Yang himself when he participated in a competition in his previous life. Although the style of this piece was slightly modified by Su Huai, to make it more ancient, but Jing Yang heard it right away, and was very sure that it was a piece he had composed.

Xue Chengyu looked down at Jing Yang’s face, and found that his emotions seemed a little wrong, so he turned his body, made him face him, raised his chin and asked, “What’s wrong? Are you uncomfortable?”

“No, just…, a little sleepy.” Jing Yang said with an excuse.

“Then let’s go back.” Xue Chengyu said.

Jing Yang shook his head, lying in Xue Chengyu’s arms, hugging his waist and continued to face the doubts in his heart.

Jing Yang remembered that such a situation had occurred before, but he didn’t take it to heart. This time it happened again, so was it a coincidence? Or, in fact, every person who was his enemy in every life had the same soul, just like him and Xue Chengyu, and he also constantly reincarnated to meet him. But the difference between him and his lover who had to love each other in every life was that he and his enemy in every life must be life and death enemies.

If this was really the case, then the reason why he kept reincarnating may be more complicated than he imagined.

Jing Yang closed his eyes and activated the system and began to search for information about Su Huai’s previous life. He wanted to see if Su Huai also happened to live in the same world as him in his previous life by coincidence? Or Su Huai was Ji Xiao from the previous life, and he was reincarnated into the same world as himself in every life.

The system showed that it could not be searched. Just like the last time, this kind of situation had happened before, so it was very likely that his enemies in every life were the same person, but he did not know how much memory they had about the previous lives.

But now was not the time to think about these things, and there were no other clues. No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t think of a reason. He could only live his life as before, trample on the enemy and avenge the original owner.

Jing Yang sat up from Xue Chengyu’s arms and said to Zhu Xin who was standing with his head bowed, “Go and fetch the pipa.”

Zhu Xin brought the pipa, Jing Yang took it and pushed Xue Chengyu, “You sit over there.”

Xue Chengyu got up, after which Jing Yang plucked the pipa strings a few times to start tuning. After trying the strings and finding that the tuning was normal, Jing Yang sat with his back upright, closed his eyes and picked out the tune he wanted to play in his mind.

The geisha boat was a little far from the center of the lake, so you couldn’t hear the sound there, although many cruise ships of the noble family usually invited geishas to play on board. But because Su Huai’s cruise ship appeared in the center of the lake today, everyone knew that he was going to play, so except for the sound of the piano from Su Huai’s ship, it was quiet everywhere.

The sound of Jing Yang’s pipa sounded like a large pearl falling on a porcelain plate.

The people who had been listening to Su Huai playing the piano with a face full of intoxication were stunned by the sound of the pipa. But it was the sound of the pipa farther away, not the sound of the guqin closer to them, which attracted them more.

After Su Huai heard the sound of the pipa, he immediately became angry, wondering who had the guts to steal his limelight while he was playing the qin. Although Su Huai tried his best to maintain his composure and continued to play the piano as if he didn’t hear anything, the sound was clear and tactful, disturbing all his emotions.

Su Huai thought, the pipa player clearly wanted to suppress his qin sound on purpose, but how could he easily admit defeat? He had to teach the man who dared to steal his limelight.

The contest between the sound of the pipa and the sound of the guqin began. The two were not to be outdone by each other, but the sound of the guqin was quickly suppressed, because whether it was the intensity of the tune intruding into the brain or the skill of playing, the sound of the pipa was always much stronger than the sound of the guqin.

The people sitting on Su Huai’s boat pretended to be listening to Su Huai playing the piano, while they tried their best to conceal that their thoughts had been pulled away by the sound of the pipa. But Su Huai glanced up and saw that they were pretending. Although their expressions were serious, he knew by looking at their eyes that their thoughts had long gone away from him, so Su Huai was even more annoyed.

The other cruise ships around all sent people to see where the sound of the pipa came from. After discovering the sound of the cruise ship was coming from the Annan Palace, they all rowed their cruise ship over there, as close as possible, just because they wanted to listen to the pipa music that shocked them, more closely.

Su Huai’s hands were shaking with anger, and he couldn’t play anymore, so he simply stopped, got up and walked to the window to look out. At first glance, he found that the other boats that were supposed to be parked around his cruise ship had already left. He clutched the edge of the window tightly, he was so angry but he could only bear it and couldn’t show it, because he didn’t want to destroy the image he had finally created.

“Fang Yun.” Su Huai shouted, “Go and see whose boat is that.”

Fang Yun was ordered to go out to check, and he soon came back to report, “His Highness, that is the cruise ship of the Annan Palace.”

“What did you say? ?!” Su Huai asked with wide eyes.

“Yes… it’s the cruise ship of the Annan Palace.” Fang Yun said cautiously.

Su Huai took a deep breath, adjusted his emotions, and tried his best not to lose his temper in front of so many people. Xue Chengyu only replied to him at noon that he had no time for the appointment, but at night he appeared on his boat on the Yinyue Lake, and he also brought along someone who played the pipa and overwhelmed him, which was a blatant provocation to him.

“His Highness,” Fang Yun stepped forward and whispered in Su Huai’s ear, “The person on the boat is not necessarily the prince, the prince has two younger brothers.”

Only then did Su Huai realize that Xue Chengyu did have two younger brothers, although his mood calmed down a little, but it did not completely relax. “Go and ask who is on the boat.”

“Yes.” Fang Yun left again, this time for a long time, because the other boats were surrounding the Annan Palace cruise ship, it took them some time and effort to send someone over to inquire.

As soon as Jing Yang’s performance stopped, an attendant came in and wanted to report to Xue Chengyu, “Shizi, the guards of His Highness Qing came to ask if the prince was on the boat.”

Jing Yang handed the pipa to Zhu Xin, smiled and said to Xue Chengyu, “I really want to see what Su Huai’s expression will look like when he comes to know that you came out to tour on the lake after you rejected him.”

Xue Chengyu looked at Jing Yang and knew that Su Huai had killed An Yang once and also because the Su family stole the throne from the An family, he was very dissatisfied with Su Huai. Su Huai’s slight actions gave him reason to vent his anger, and even if Su Huai was now the prince, he still wanted to vent his anger.

“Tell them, I’m on the boat.” Xue Chengyu said to the attendant, how could he not let him get his wish in the face of Jing Yang’s request to him?

“Yes.” The attendant stepped back and replied according to Xue Chengyu’s instructions.

Fang Yun walked to Su Huai’s side, and in a very small voice, he said cautiously, “His Highness, yes, the prince is on the boat.”

“Let someone row the boat over, I’m going to see Prince Annan.” Su Huai held back his anger and said expressionlessly.

Su Huai’s cruise ship began to approach the cruise ship of the Annan Palace, and the other ships quickly gave way when they saw his ship passing by.

Su Huai sorted out his emotions and said to the others with a smile, “Everyone, I have asked to approach the Annan Palace ship because the pipa song from just now was coming from the cruise ship of the Annan Prince’s Mansion, and the Prince of Annan is on the cruise ship. Everyone, come with me to meet and see who was playing the pipa just now.”

Su Huai led everyone downstairs, walked to the deck at the bow, and looked at the cruise ship of the Annan Palace, which they were slowly approaching.

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