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“I’m telling you, I will come to see my little brother anytime. If you dare to bully him, I will never forgive you.”

Chi Zheng said a few words to Yu Mo as a warning, and he was full of reluctance to let his brother go. However, Chi Fang followed Yu Mo into his villa.

It was already eleven o’clock at night, and Chi Fang hopped into the door of Yu’s house with one foot. As a result, as soon as he hopped into the living room, he saw Mother Yu sitting in the living room, who had been sitting and was not visible.

Chi Fang: …It’s over, his image is gone.

Chi Fang hurriedly put on a well-behaved smile, trying to make Mother Yu forget how stupid he looked just now hopping around. But Yu Mo showed no mercy to his mother still in the living room, “Why haven’t you slept yet?”

The smile on Mother Yu’s face became stiff; now Yu Mo was not as silent as before, but what he said was getting more and more annoying. If this was not for her son, she would let him know why chrysanthemums are red.

Ignoring her fake son, Mother Yu stepped forward to support Chi Fang and helped him sit on the sofa, carefully looking at the bandage on Chi Fang’s head, “Does it hurt?”

“Of course, it hurts.” Yu Mo said.

Mother Yu: …

Chi Fang: …

Why was Yu Mo… suddenly very aggressive today? Chi Fang also glanced at Yu Mo with some doubts, but he could see that Yu Mo was in a bad mood now. It was normal for a person to be in a bad mood if his boyfriend was injured… Chi Fang had found the reason for Yu Mo’s bad mood.

Mother Yu was helpless, so she changed the subject, “If you have any inconvenience these days, you can hire a caregiver.”

Yu Mo: “No need.”

Chi Fang: …

Mother Yu: “…………… …Did you go to the hospital to eat just now?”

Yu Mo shook his head suspiciously.

Mother Yu: “Oh, I thought you took the wrong medicine.”

This time Yu Mo was speechless.

Only then did Chi Fang know from whom Yu Mo inherited his poisonous tongue.

Mother Yu didn’t delay Chi Fang too much, and after exchanging a few words with Chi Fang, she let him go to rest. Chi Fang smiled and nodded, turning his head to go up the stairs to the second floor, but was led by Yu Mo to the other direction on the first floor.

Chi Fang: “Where are we going?”

He was actually really tired, his head still aching, and now he just wanted to lie down and take a good rest.

Yu Mo took Chi Fang to the outside of a room on the first floor and opened the door. Only then did Chi Fang realize that this room was actually a cleaned room, with all the utensils he had placed in his small apartment.

Yu Mo: “I asked someone to get the things back, thinking you might be more used to it…”

Chi Fang squeezed Yu Mo’s hand with a smile, “Thank you.”

Yu Mo helped Chi Fang enter the door. He put him next to the bed, and put his feet in place, without making Chi Fang move much during the whole process. Chi Fang hurt his foot, not his hand, so he changed his clothes, but after changing his clothes, Chi Fang watched Yu Mo habitually turn off the light, and then…lay beside him.

Chi Fang: “…Aren’t you going back to your own room?”

If it were before, Yu Mo might have followed Chi Fang’s intention for him to go back upstairs, but today Chi Fang was suddenly abducted, and Yu Mo felt unsafe. The feeling erupted directly, not to mention letting him go back upstairs to sleep, Yu Mo now wanted to handcuff Chi Fang to himself.

“This is my quilt,” he patted the quilt on his body, “and my pillow,” he patted the pillow again, trying to quibble, “Where am I going?”

Chi Fang refused to listen to his quibble and pushed. He said, “You will be discovered by Mrs. Yu when you sleep here.”

“Find…what?” Yu Mo was blank.

“Just…about us, that we are together.” Chi Fang whispered, in his mind, Madam Yu would definitely not agree with this matter, and it was estimated that he and Yu Mo would be beaten at that time.

Yu Mo blinked and became more puzzled, “But she already knows.”

Chi Fang: “…I don’t seem to have heard what you said…”

Chi Fang’s sleepiness was immediately scared away by him.

Yu Mo was a little puzzled about Chi Fang’s concern about this, but he still explained it to Chi Fang. Chi Fang almost jumped up when he heard Yu Mo say that he had abandoned the Yu family. But after another thought, Yu Mo was Yu Mo because he could give up such a big backing for him. For a while, he didn’t know whether he should be happy that he was important in Yu Mo’s eyes, or he should teach Yu Mo for making decisions without discussing it with him.

“Okay, go to sleep.” Yu Mo said after finishing a few sentences.

Chi Fang looked at Yu Mo speechlessly, and asked after a while, “Aren’t you afraid that she would disagree?”

“She won’t.” Yu Mo saw that Chi Fang seemed to be worried, and he took the rare initiative to explain, “Mother is a very enlightened person. She doesn’t try to control me. I have fulfilled her requirements for me. She has never concerned herself with my marriage. What’s more, my mother is very satisfied with you.”

Suddenly, when Yu Mo praised himself, Chi Fang felt a little bit complex in his heart. He naturally knew that he was very popular with the elders, but he really felt that Madam Yu’s satisfaction with him and Yu Mo’s satisfaction might not be the same thing.

The former was as her son’s friend, the latter was as the… daughter-in-law?

Chi Fang rolled his eyes.

As for Mrs. Yu’s failure to ask for Yu Mo’s marriage, it was probably because Yu Mo was completely expressionless, so compared to what sex Yu Mo likes, Mrs. Yu doubted whether her son could like others at all.

As a result, Yu Mo told Mrs. Yu directly that he fell in love with a man. Thinking about the mood of Madam Yu at that moment, Chi Fang was full of sympathy for her.

Yu Mo finally slept in the guest room, but he slept uneasily, waking up almost every hour, and lowering his head to confirm that Chi Fang was still in his arms.

The next day, Yu Mo had two big dark circles under his eyes.


A few days after Chi Fang was abducted, the culprit was found out. It was Wang Pengyu who was looking for someone to beat Chi Fang, but it was Wang Liang who coaxed him to do it and finally abducted Chi Fang away.

In fact, this matter was not so rigorous. After all, Wang Pengyu was just a student. He originally wanted to find a few people to teach Chi Fang a lesson, but didn’t want to kidnap Chi Fang, so he asked Wang Liang to find someone, but Wang Liang’s order was to abduct Chi Fang and torture him a little.

Chi Zheng couldn’t figure out how his little brother provoked Wang Liang, but after Chi Fang heard it, he understood.

Wang Liang must have noticed something.

Ever since Father Chi took over the investigation of the Wang family, Chi Zheng had not been in the mood to hypocritically act in a friendly manner with that snake Wang Liang, not to mention that he actually discovered that Wang Liang was talking ill of Xu Guang secretly! He didn’t know how Wang Liang could be ignorant of his conscience and say that Xu Guang had crooked thoughts.

After listening to Chi Zheng’s reason, Chi Fang couldn’t help but twitch his mouth. He was speechless at his second brother’s EQ.

Then there was what he said to Wang Liang on the mountain road.

Stay away from my second brother.

Wang Liang’s ulterior thoughts about Chi Zheng were discovered by Chi Fang in his previous life after Xu Guang’s accident, but it was a pity that Wang Liang had already taken over the Wang family at that time, and even Chi Fang could not compete with him.

However, this time, he would never have the opportunity to reach that position again.

And the kidnapping this time was probably because Chi Zheng had been suddenly indifferent to him recently, coupled with the threat from Chi Fang last time, and… the Wang family’s recent upsets. Wang Liang probably just wanted to find a punching bag. He didn’t expect Chi Fang to run out. He originally wanted to keep Chi Fang for a few days, and then rescue Chi Fang from those people and blame everything on Wang Pengyu.

Chi Zheng’s gratitude could still be discussed.

But now, let alone being grateful, Xu Guang tried his best to stop Chi Zheng from directly hitting him.

After thinking it through, Chi Fang only felt that he had really suffered an unsuspecting disaster.

He didn’t know how Chi Zheng and Chi Yan told Mother Chi. Mother Chi actually believed that Chi Fang and Yu Mo had gone out to play and called Chi Fang to tell him to pay attention to safety and remember to eat well.

Chi Fang obediently responded.

However, because of the forehead injury, Chi Fang didn’t have any appetite, and he also felt dizzy if he got up too quickly. The injury on the foot even confined him directly to the bed, and at most he could go to the living room.

On the day when the results were issued, Chi Fang asked for leave. Although Yu Mo was reluctant, he still had to go to school. He brought back the two people’s winter homework from school and also brought back their transcripts.

Yu Mo was still the first place which could not be beaten even by thunder, more than forty points higher than the second place, without any suspense at all. Chi Fang also advanced a lot, and reached the 200th place in the school year, barely stepping over the key line.

There was still a year and a half…Chi Fang put away the transcript and laid back.

T/N: If only Mother Yu could hear Chi Fang’s inner thoughts….

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