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It was not easy to get injured. Still the head injury was okay, it only made washing his hair inconvenient. But the injury on the foot was very troublesome. In normal times, Chi Fang could not move, so he even drank less water, just to prevent Yu Mo from being troubled.

However, Chi Fang had just endured it all morning and was discovered by Yu Mo. Yu Mo silently brought a glass of water and watched Chi Fang without speaking.

Chi Fang showed a good smile.

Yu Mo stared at Chi Fang with heavy eyes.

Chi Fang silently reached out his hand to take the water glass and drank it.

Yu Mo accepted the empty water glass with satisfaction.

In addition, Chi Fang had another headache which was the tonic soup and traditional Chinese medicine that had to be eaten every day.

Since the doctor said that Chi Fang was a little weak, Yu Mo specially asked Yu’s family doctor to prescribe a Chinese medicine prescription for Chi Fang, and he boiled Chinese medicine at home for him every day. It was a big bowl, and it was terribly bitter. Every time he finished drinking; Chi Fang felt that his sense of taste had been destroyed.

But the above was not the only headache for Chi Fang. There was one other thing…

“I’m coming.” Yu Mo said earnestly.

Chi Fang shrank silently, “I can do it.”

Yu Mo looked at him disapprovingly, “You will fall.”

Chi Fang insisted, “No.” The two did not speak and looked at each other for a minute. Seeing Chi Fang’s insistence, Yu Mo also had to agree. He reached out to support Chi Fang and led Chi Fang into the bathroom.

The bathtub in the bathroom had been filled with water, and there was a chair beside it. Yu Mo carefully placed Chi Fang on the chair and made him sit down, but still asked a little worried, “Really don’t need my help?”

Chi Fang nodded, watching Yu Mo turn his head and go out of the bathroom one step at a time. He was very relieved.

The water in the bathtub was still cooling slowly. Chi Fang first sat on a chair, took off his clothes carefully, and then put one hand on the chair and put the bandaged ankle outside the bathtub. When the body was immersed in the water, Chi Fang suddenly felt comfortable all over.

He hadn’t taken a bath for so long, and Chi Fang had felt that he was entirely made of mud.

After taking a bath comfortably, Chi Fang reached out his hand to wipe off the water stains on his body and moved to reach for the new clothes placed aside. However, the clothes were placed on a shelf on the side. Chi Fang could only hang one foot in the air and one hand on the edge of the bathtub. As a result, the hand slipped violently, and he fell from the edge of the bathtub. The chair on the side also fell and brought a number of bottles and cans down with it.

“Chi Fang?” Yu Mo’s voice came from outside the door instantly.

“Don’t come!” Chi Fang didn’t care about anything else, and first stopped Yu Mo from entering the door. “I’m fine!”

Yu Mo’s hand touched the bathroom door handle. Hearing Chi Fang’s voice, he resisted pushing the door in. Impulsively, he asked in a low voice: “What’s wrong with you?”

Chi Fang dragged his injured leg and sat up from the ground. However, the ground was too slippery. Chi Fang worked hard for a long time by himself, but he couldn’t get up from the ground. In the end, he had to give up, take the bath towel from the side, wrap himself whole, then close his eyes and whisper: “You…come in.”

Yu Mo pushed the door in without hesitation and saw Chi Fang’s whole person. Sitting quietly on the ground, with his eyes closed and not looking at him, and only a towel wrapped around him.

Hearing the sound of Yu Mo opening the door, Chi Fang’s eyebrows trembled slightly, but he insisted on closing his eyes and pretending to be dead.

When Yu Mo saw this, a smile flashed in his eyes, and he stopped asking any more questions. He took two steps forward and picked Chi Fang up and put him on the bed. He didn’t let Chi Fang lie down, but sat behind Chi Fang, holding Chi Fang in his arms while holding a towel in one hand, and gently dried Chi Fang’s hair before letting him lie down.

Hearing the movement of Yu Mo leaving, Chi Fang quietly opened his eyes and squinted. Yu Mo entered the bathroom, listening to his movements, he was cleaning up his mess. Chi Fang held the quilt silently and shrank himself into the quilt. However, as soon as he retracted, he realized that something was wrong. Yu Mo had always slept on the left, while Chi Fang had slept on the right. The quilt he was holding… was actually Yu Mo’s quilt.

It felt like Yu Mo was holding him.

Chi Fang’s face turned red in silence, and he knew clearly that he should throw away the quilt quickly, and then return to his own quilt, otherwise he would definitely be molested by Yu Mo, but he couldn’t help but hug it tighter.

When Yu Mo came out, he could only see a ball wrapped in his quilt. He tugged lightly, but the ball moved in silently, as if he wanted to pretend that he didn’t exist.

Yu Mo knelt on one knee on the bed, pushing his arms forward, trapping Chi Fang in his arms.

Chi Fang hid under the quilt for a while and found that he could not move whether he moved left or right and could only silently stick his head out of the quilt.

Directly facing Yu Mo’s gaze.

“…What’s wrong?” Chi Fang asked in a low voice.

Because of hiding in the quilt, Chi Fang’s hair had become a bit messy, and his face was a little red, and he looked inexplicably lazy and… seductive.

Yu Mo’s eyes were instantly full of aggressiveness, and Chi Fang couldn’t help but shrink into the quilt again. Yu Mo took a deep breath and comfortably rubbed the fish that was scared away by him before he stood up.

He turned around and went to the bathroom and took a cold shower.


A month passed quickly, because he had good meals but could not move, Chi Fang had gained a lot of weight. It was not that the food at Chi’s family was not as good as Yu family’s. The main reason was that Chi Fang was a bit picky. Although Mother Chi and Chi Zheng knew that Chi Fang was not getting enough nutrition, they could only relent in front of him. In the end, Chi Fang still only ate those vegetables that he wished to.

However, at Yu home, every time Mother Yu asked Zhang Ma to cook something for Chi Fang, Chi Fang was always embarrassed to refuse.

After recuperating for a month, Chi Fang went home after his ‘tour’, but Mother Chi didn’t even say the phrase “You lost weight”. On the contrary, she was a little curious and asked Chi Fang, where did he go to travel, and was the food that good?

Chi Fang had to smile helplessly.

Because of the injury, Chi Fang missed the Chi family’s annual meeting and did not see Zhang Chen. Hearing Chi Zheng say that since his aunt could not get his cousin employed into their father’s company, his cousin was furious, and he looked down on other small companies, so he stayed at home like this and made his aunt worry.

Chi Fang smiled and said nothing. The cousin in the previous life took the information and betrayed his uncle and soared high all the way, but it was a pity that Chi Fang found the opportunity in the end and pulled him down.

In this life, Zhang Chen’s entry into the company was directly disturbed by Chi Fang, and the girlfriend who he originally wanted to arrange for Mr. Chi’s side was also exposed by Chi Zheng. Zhang Chen himself was an unlearned bastard with no backing. He couldn’t cause any waves at all.

As for Wang Liang… He was already in the wind.

He didn’t know who found out what happened back then, but they also revealed that he was actually the illegitimate child of the Ma family to the Wang family. Now, Wang Liang not only had to deal with the angry Wang family, but was also abandoned by the Ma family, making the whole person embarrassed and afraid.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Chi family caused a lot of trouble for Wang Liang’s company, plus the Yu family…

Wang Liang had not been able to sleep well for several days.

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