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Although Yiqu Huahua felt very annoyed at this time, he didn’t pay attention to Su Yu, and just glanced at him coldly.

Standing beside him, Falling into the Water immediately raised his chin and said arrogantly: “The boss has already said that this matter will not be dealt with anymore, what else do you want? Yishui Liushang, don’t push yourself too far!”

Su Yu’s gaze turned to Falling into the Water, and he said jokingly and contemptuously: “It seems that you really have no brains. You just tried your best to slap yourself in the face. Are you going to start again?”

Being poked on the sore spot, his eyes were almost popping out: “Yishui Liushang, are you looking for death?!”

Su Yu chuckled and enunciated word by word: “You are the ones who did the wrong thing, and now you are unwilling to admit your mistakes and take responsibility. It’s also you, so you should be the ones looking for death.”

After finishing speaking, without giving Falling into the Water a chance to speak, Su Yu directly said to Yiqu Huahua: “My request is not high, you can whitewash Liu Jinjin by yourself. Then, I’ll let you go, and your helpers, how about it?”

These words made Yiqu Huahua’s face extremely ugly, although he looked down on Liu Jinjin very much now, and even put all the responsibility on her body, but this did not mean that he would go to whitewash a woman.

As the leader of a guild, the big bull in this game, how could he do such a thing that would lose his identity?!

The blue veins that had just faded from Yiqu Huahua’s face immediately popped out again, then he looked at Su Yu coldly, gritted his teeth and said: “I’ve already said, I won’t take care of this matter anymore, it’s already very good for you. Don’t blame me for being rude to you if you want to save face.”

“So you don’t want to?” Su Yu said with a laid-back look, “Even if you take the risk of implicating the entire guild, you don’t want to do it either?”

Yiqu Huahua’s eyes turned even colder: “If you say one more word, I will let you experience for yourself what is life worse than death.”

Su Yu blinked innocently, and once again said loudly to everyone: “Have you all heard it? Your boss first brought you here to embarrass yourself for a woman, and now for this woman, he chose you to be cast out in place of this woman, do you feel surprised now? Surprised?”

Everyone: “…” We have no expressions to put on now, okay?

When the two bosses brought them here at the beginning, they had all heard the gossip before, and they knew that the boss brought them here just to make a girl smile.

But at that time, Yizhi Jingcai still existed like a goddess in their hearts. She was good-looking, gentle, skilled in operation, and willing to help them. She was simply an ideal wife in their minds.

But now, Liu Jinjin’s true face had been completely exposed. They really couldn’t imagine that the person who was so gentle, sweet, fair and selfless in front of them before would be such a vicious, cold-blooded illegitimate daughter.

What disgusted them the most was that she was able to do such disgusting things as seduce her half-brother for her own selfishness. This was simply subverting their three views, okay?

And when Liu Jinjin’s affairs were exposed, what they originally considered as helping the beauty and their behavior of saving face for the boss turned them into a group of blind clowns, jumping around in embarrassment here.

Although this choice was made by themselves, when something happened, they still subconsciously wanted to shirk responsibility.

They were also deceived, if it wasn’t for the woman who hid it so well, how could they be deceived? So in the end, this vicious woman should be blamed for this matter!

They were also called by the two bosses, otherwise why would they appear here? Therefore, the two bosses could only be blamed for this debacle, not them.

Some people never learnt to blame themselves, no matter what happened, they could blame it all on other people.

Because of this state of mind, they were already faintly dissatisfied with their boss. Now that they heard Su Yu say this, their dissatisfaction suddenly became stronger. This behavior of abandoning them because of women still made them feel very chilled.

Hearing this, Falling into the Water couldn’t help but be filled with righteous indignation and he reprimanded him: “Yishui Liushang, don’t sow discord here. We all follow the boss wholeheartedly. Your provocation is useless!”

Su Yu said this to everyone. He didn’t feel annoyed by the lack of response, or the ruthless anger of Falling into the water. He just leaned into the arms of Cang Qiong who had been standing silently behind him and asked in a good mood: “Dear Boss, I asked you for help before. How’s it going?”

Cang Qiong held Su Yu’s shoulders with one hand and looked up at the sky: “They are already here, do you need them to come out?”

Su Yu nodded, shook his head again, and said with a smile: “I’ll lay the groundwork first.”

After that, Su Yu looked at Yiqu Huahua directly, while being in the posture of being embraced by Cang Qiong, and said with a loudspeaker: “Are you really sure you want to give up your brothers for Liu Jinjin and let them die in vain?”

Yiqu Huahua’s eyes fell on Cang Qiong, he had already noticed the existence of this person just now, and he also had some doubts about this person’s identity, but now that the two sides were at war, it was not good for him to ask the other party’s identity at this time.

At this moment, it sounded like Yishui Liushang was planning to ask this person to help him?

But even if this person did seem to be unpredictable, it was absolutely impossible for him to fight against hundreds of them with his own strength, right?

Yiqu Huahua just thought for a while, then raised his eyebrows and sneered coldly: “Yishui Liushang, if you keep messing around like this, you’re really welcome!”

“Since you still refuse to change your mind, then I can’t help it. Su Yu shrugged helplessly, and looked at Cang Qiong again, “Honey, you can let them come here, but don’t let them hurt these people, they are all good people who support me.”

Cang Qiong shook his ears. He was keenly aware that Su Yu changed his address from “Dear Boss” to “Honey”, but for some inexplicable reason, he didn’t point it out.

The next moment, under the unexpected gazes of everyone, a large group of people suddenly appeared in the sky, and they rushed over while shouting.

The clothes of these people were all different, some were dressed in brocade clothes, some were dressed in sackcloth, they were also of all ages, there were men and women, old and young, some of them were even holding books in their hands, some were holding iron rods, some held spoons, and some even held pinwheels.

“…” The guild members of [Flashy Dreams] looked at the crowd coming out of nowhere and rushing towards them in bewilderment, forgetting how to react for a while.

At the same time, some players who were completely unaware of this matter were also completely confused.

Someone stopped at the place where the quest NPC should be standing and looked around blankly. According to the quest prompt, the address of the NPC who submitted the quest should be here. Now that the NPC was gone, how could they continue to do the quest?

Some people were locked in restaurants, pharmacies, pawnshops… Looking helplessly at the closed doors in front of them, didn’t they say that the NPC shops in the game were open 24 hours a day? So what was going on now???

Similar situations filled every corner of the main city, making everyone wonder whether the game gave these NPCs a unified holiday today, so that they disappeared at the same time.

Speaking of pretending to force the main battlefield, after those NPCs who looked dazzling appeared, they went directly to the guild of [Flashy Dreams] after appearing, and the things in their hands were unceremoniously slapped. These people seemed to be playing, but their actions were very serious.

After the shock and bewilderment at the beginning, the guild members of [Flashy Dreams] finally came to their senses and began to pick up weapons and start to fight back. The two sides fought into a chaotic mess almost instantly.

It stood to reason that these NPCs were generally less aggressive than the guild members of [Flashy Dreams], and many of them didn’t even have the most basic skills, so they could only reach out and smash at each other.

Most of the people brought by Yiqu Huahua this time were people with strong fighting power in the guild, and they had various skills given by the game. It should be a very simple matter to deal with these strange NPCs.

The gang members of [Flashy Dreams] also thought so at first, but as time went by, their blood bars were decreasing at a slow rate, while the opponent was like a cockroach who could not be defeated. Standing still under the skills, they gradually realized that something was wrong!

It seemed that at a certain moment, they finally realized that these people were NPCs!


They had no blood bars at all!

An NPC without a health bar, no matter how low its blood volume was, it was impossible for it to be killed by them! Because they didn’t have blood loss at all!

Everyone who discovered the truth burst into tears. How could they have naively thought that these people were definitely not their opponents just now!


So what was going on with these NPCs who ran over out of nowhere! Did they suddenly have a convulsion, so they ran over to attack game players at will?

And surrounded by the crowd, the other few people who had not been affected for the time being, also had a dumbfounded expression at this time, they couldn’t believe what they saw, okay!

NPCs would also gather to attack players?

Why did this weird setting exist in this game?!

Only Su Yu, after observing the slow progress of the NPCs, complained to Cang Qiong a little dissatisfied: “Although the pretentious effect is very good, the speed is indeed a bit slow.”

Cang Qiong thought for a while, then slowly floated into the air with Su Yu in his arms, and gently waved his wide sleeves, then everybody saw a sharp blade moving around him at an extremely fast speed, everywhere it went, not one person survived, and they all died instantly!

Su Yu stared at this scene dumbfounded, not knowing what expression to put on for a while.

But Cang Qiong didn’t seem to feel that he had done anything that made people dumbfounded. He turned his head to look at Su Yu seriously and asked, “Is this speed enough?”

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