CREG Ch. 31: Surprise Night 1

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When they came to the house, they found that there were two anti-theft systems on the door, one of which was a combination lock.

“Do you still remember the passcode?” Shen Yu looked at him.

“Meow!” Of course I remember.

Since the lock was too high, Shen Yu picked him up to make him flush with the keyboard, and watched him carefully enter the passcode with his paws… As soon as the door was pushed open, Xu Maomao couldn’t wait to rush in!

He hadn’t been home for a long time!

Awow, I missed my single sofa, my workbench, my small computer and red-axis keyboard!

Seeing the cat excitedly plop down on the very soft sofa, and then sneeze from the dust, Shen Yu laughed a few times and reminded: “Look for any clues, maybe Oscar left some hint behind?”

Xu Maomao was startled, jumped up quickly and began to sniff around the room carefully with his nose.

He loved cleanliness very much, so the house was always tidy, it seemed that the cat immortal didn’t mess up his house, except that there was a set of his pajamas on the bed that was not folded, it was the clothes he was wearing the last moment he remembered, and now it was messily spread out on the bedding. Xu Maomao pulled his clothes, saw a few hairs floating on them, and subconsciously wanted to clean them up.

As long as people lost their hair, they would be affected, the difference was that young people could grow back when they lost it, and the middle-aged group could only support the city in the countryside[1].

As a result, as soon as his claws touched his hair, his whole body felt a slight electric shock. He couldn’t tell what it was. It seemed to touch the trembling feeling deep in his soul, but he hadn’t had time to delve into the weird feeling, when a long-lost bell rang in his ears.

It was different from the time of obtaining love value, this bell sounded like the beeping sound from a human mobile phone after dialing, could it be…

Ding, it is connected! A slightly grumpy, familiar voice came from the other end—that cat immortal!

“Meow? How can you, a human, contact me!” The Cat immortal exclaimed over there, “Human, did you sneak back to your home?”

Xu Maomao was so shocked that his jaw almost dropped: “Meow meow!”

Cat immortal, I finally found you QAQ, yes I am at my home now, when will you come back!

Cat immortal: “Why can you go back? Cats have to stay at home obediently. As a cat, how can you run around! Could it be that my dear shit shoveler abandoned you?”

Yes, how can cats run around, so boss, can you come back quickly? Xu Maomao complained wildly in his heart, and said pitifully: “He didn’t abandon me, your shit shovel officer brought me here…”

“How is it possible? He never took me out,” the cat immortal sounded very jealous, “…Could it be that you told my shit-shoveling officer our secret!”

Xu Maomao meowed: “He discovered it himself, can you return the body to me quickly?”

“Damn! You human, you actually broke our agreement not to divulge the secret!” Oscar exclaimed unhappily.

He and the cat immortal had no agreement, it was obvious that he unilaterally forcibly took away his body. Xu Maomao said aggrievedly: “I’m sorry, but I can’t do anything. Your shit shoveler is too scheming. When can you change our bodies back?”

The cat immortal said angrily: “I’m not happy, I’m not happy. Won’t return it! I think your skin fits me very well! It fits perfectly with my soul consciousness and blends seamlessly!” The tone was very matter of course, as if it should be worn that day.

Xu Maomao screamed as if his tail was stepped on: “Meow!” What? What is a good fit?!

This sound startled Shen Yu: “What’s the matter?”

Xu Maomao didn’t have time to talk to him and screamed: “No no no no no no! That’s my body! How can you do it this way! Give it back to me!”

The Cat immortal was silent for a moment: “I still need to borrow your skin for a while, I have something to do, hum, don’t contact me privately in the future!”

Saying that, it “hangs up” the voice transmission, and with a jingle, everything returned to calm.

This made Xu Maomao angry!

What do you mean it fits well? My body is not just a random piece of clothing! Is it trying to borrow it and not return it! Does it want me to be a cat all my life?

Xu Maomao thought carefully and was terrified!

Shen Yu also saw that something was wrong with him, bent down and patted his head: “What’s wrong with you, you kept meowing just now.”

It’s all your cat’s fault! The savage cat master you raised!

Xu Maomao, angry and aggrieved, dipped his paws in some water, and then drew on the floor.

[I just talked to Oscar, and he refused to return my body to me]

He had to say that writing with paws was much more convenient than typing on a keyboard.

Shen Yu asked in surprise: “Can you talk to it? Where is it?”

[Talk in consciousness, don’t know where it is]

Xu Maomao finished writing aggrievedly. There was even a little accusation.

“Meow!” Blame you, blame you, blame you! Your cat is spoiled lawlessly by you!

Shen Yu smiled lightly and picked him up, stroking him along his fur, as simple as an owner pampering his own cat.

Xu Maomao lost his temper after being shunned, and with a tender meow, he jumped out of his embrace with a blushing face. He was not as big-hearted as Shen Yu, and he still remembered his own identity! Shen Yu may have done so with peace of mind because of his current appearance.

“By the way,” Shen Yu thought of a suspicious point, “You don’t look like you could get in touch with my Oscar?”

No! Speaking of this, Xu Maomao became angry again. When he first became a cat, he touched the bell countless times and tried to talk to the Cat immortal, but there was no news, but now he could contact him as soon as he got home today?

Was it because of the reason of “returning to the original residence”?

However, he quickly denied this guess, because if he could contact him when he got home, the bell should have responded as soon as he entered the door, so it must not be the reason, could it be… Xu Maomao’s eyes stopped on the pajamas, it was as if it was dialed because I touched my hair!

So he used his paws on the bed to pull out a few strands of hair, and sure enough, a bell rang in his ears.

However, he was quickly hung up on by the other party, and then a notification sound came: I hate it! Oscar has blocked you!

Xu Maomao: …It’s quite a black technology, even has a blocking program.

But now he understood a little bit, maybe the reason for the call was touching the things on his original body?

With this guess, Xu Maomao experimented with many things at home, and sure enough, there was no response when he encountered ordinary things, only things that touched his body could activate the call, such as hair and nail clippings etc.

Although he was still on the blacklist, it provided a way for Xu Maomao to contact the Cat immortal. Maybe one day he would be able to contact it again!

Shen Yu looked puzzled at the puppet cat under his feet, who had suddenly cheered up, jumping up and down on the mattress and quilt, and licking his paws, as he carefully collected the scattered hair on the bed, and then using a small bag to pack them, then a pair of bright eyes looked at him, and put the bag into his hand.

“For me?” Shen Yu asked.

“Meow!” No, I want you to hold it for me.

Shen Yu narrowed his eyes slowly, his lips moving.

Xu Maomao didn’t know, so he scratched his side with his small paws, making a “giving” movement, thinking that if he still couldn’t understand such a simple sign language, then his male god would be a fool!

Shen Yu stared at him steadily for several seconds before putting the small bag into the coat pocket with a complicated expression.

Xu Maomao, Xu Maomao, will you send me your hair? Do you know what this means? Um?

“Meow.” Xu Maomao meowed with a smile. Please keep it safe for me!

Ever since then, a beautiful misunderstanding full of ambiguity started from that clump of broken hair, like a seed exuding sweetness that took root in the heart of Shen Yu, who also had the same brain power max…

The two of them investigated in the house for a long time, Xu Maomao was shocked to find that a small piece of his small treasury had been quietly poached again-his wallet was empty, but it was not much, just a few thousand yuan, presumably it was taken away by the Cat immortal. It could go out for so many days with such a small amount of money, didn’t it need meals and shelter? Hey, he shouldn’t waste his pampered body! That was the capital of his struggle! Fortunately, on the call just now sounded like the Cat immortal was still very energetic, so he finally felt relieved.

Xu Maomao was a little frustrated, but Shen Yu didn’t think so.

He calmly said: “Even if my Oscar is playful, it doesn’t matter if he refuses to return his body for a while, it will come back one day, right? Just catch it when the time comes.”

Catch it? He was a real cat demon! Besides, it was hard for them to predict when it would come back.

Xu Maomao meowed suspiciously, what are you going to do?

Shen Yu thought for a moment in silence, and said slowly: “In fact, it is enough to install a camera and an alarm system at the door of your house, and connect the program to my mobile phone…”

Just like what he did to Xu Maomao.

Xu Maomao: “…” The male god Da Da seemed to like spying on the screen very much, it would be a pity not to do investigation.

“It just so happened that I brought the previous cameras with me today just in case.” Shen Yu said with a well-prepared tone, then he dug out the cameras embedded in the doll from his carry-on bag, and then eagerly searched for a hidden spot suitable for the security camera in the house.

Xu Maomao thought in shock, just in case something happened! Male god, your old profession was really in the direction of investigation, right? Tell me honestly, are you having an affair with the camera?

Shen Yu finally secured the three cameras, facing the entrance in three directions, there was absolutely no dead angle, as long as the cat immortal came back, a reminder would be triggered immediately, and Shen Yu would receive an alarm and a live broadcast of the video at the first time.

The cat immortal who was somewhere on this earth, suddenly felt cold on his back, and shivered…

——Since he completely lost his vest, the life of one person and one cat had changed a little.

Change 1: Xu Maomao had become honest, he didn’t dare to hug him as presumptuously as before, and he absolutely dared not think about eating tofu.

Change 2: Shen Yu knew to keep the door closed after entering the bathroom…

Everything else remained the same. But Xu Maomao still resisted, and Shen Yu would still threaten and lure: “Do you still want my popularity?”

Xu Maomao: …Yes.

Mosquito meat was also meat, so he had to lie down obediently, revealing his furry belly.

Shen Yu put his hand on it contentedly.

[From Shen Yu’s love value +200]

Huh, the shit-shoveling officer finally knew how to let go of his emotions!

In this way, after a period of time, Xu Maomao checked, and his love value had reached 10 million, and he could open the mall!

He couldn’t wait to enter the chat group, ready to report the good news to the group leader. Unexpectedly, the group was also very lively this day, and many cats who were always smashed thousands of feet deep and couldn’t be blown up on weekdays were still bubbling.

[Ginger]: Hey hey hey! This seat wants to announce a big happy event every day! The annual surprise night is here! Although we are in different places, we are in the same group at the moment, so I feel it is necessary to celebrate!

PS: Dogs have already held two surprise nights in succession, so we cats must not lag behind!

Ginger was always very concerned with the dogs, Xu Maomao thought to himself that no matter how old and wise a cat was, the discord between cats and dogs was still deeply ingrained.

Say, surprise night? What was it?

[Oscar]: Just a weak question, can you explain the surprise night to us young cats?

[Rice] quietly sent a private chat: The surprise night is the group leader’s birthday, the day after tomorrow…

Xu Maomao: …

[Ginger]: Good question! Surprise night is my birthday! However, I have already applied to the Demon Administration to make this day a surprise night for our cat clan, so not only will I not accept gifts from you on this day, but I will send gifts to everyone!

For Ginger, who was usually stingy and only sent out his own photo in his red envelopes, this was really generous and maddening!

Xu Maomao had an idea and sent a line of words.

[Oscar]: So it’s like Christmas for humans? Are you that Santa Claus?

[Ginger]: What is Santa Claus?

[Alalei] was a knowledgeable person, so she popularized science in the group, and she even popularized science in a decent way: Santa Claus is a god who distributes gifts, but not only does Santa Claus send gifts, but humans also send gifts to each other, it is a very interesting festival

[Ginger]: Alright, then it’s decided, our cat alliance red envelope group will also have a good first surprise night!

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[1] Metaphor for empty land in between fertile patches.

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