RCFS Ch. 80: Battle of the Heirs 3

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Butler Wen also stood at the door to receive him. Young masters and young ladies came one after another, and they were also very polite to Butler Wen.

“Butler Wen, I heard that you went to invite the eldest brother? He definitely won’t come, right? He must have ignored you again, hey, my eldest brother is so selfish, he can’t even take care of uncle’s wishes.”

Facing the provocation, the butler smiled and said nothing.

Ye Jianxing had only one son, Ye Junpo, and the rest were the children of his brothers.

He couldn’t help outsiders who spoke ill of his master.

“How my dad is, it’s still not the third uncle’s turn to make irresponsible remarks.”

An indifferent voice sounded, Ye Junru frowned and glanced back, seeing it was Ye Junpo and his family, he couldn’t help but want to ridicule them in two sentences, but was shocked by the clothes they were wearing.

This, wasn’t this clothing brand from Zhenhua shopping mall?

And it was also very expensive. A casual shirt could be sold for tens of thousands!

Where did Ye Junpo get it from, was this the imitation version he bought?

Ye Junru stared at Ye Junpo’s clothes, and couldn’t help sneering: “Brother, we won’t laugh at you if you don’t have money, but wearing a fake, it doesn’t look good!”

“Fake? Third uncle, whether it is fake or not, can’t you see it?”

Ye Yunji couldn’t help laughing.


Open your dog eyes and look at it clearly!

This was bought by the girl herself at the mall. It’s genuine, do you want to see the receipt?

Ye Junru’s face was flushed, they turned out to be real, did he make a mistake?

They were all kicked out of Ye family. With a meagre monthly salary, could they afford this luxury?

He couldn’t even afford it!

He was not even comparable to the poor ghost who was pretending to be forced by the family!


The host, Ye Jianxing sat on the old-fashioned Eight Immortals chair and received the greetings from the guests.

In order to inherit the family business, the heir must be an adult, but if the family had decided on a suitable candidate, it could also be announced in advance.

“Uncle, you are not in good health! It’s good to choose an heir early, uncle can relax.”

“Yes, uncle, your health is getting worse and worse recently.”

The young people were sitting around, talking and laughing, but their eyes looked around from time to time until they saw Ye Yunxi’s family walk in.

The family of three were well-dressed, and the high-end suits were top-notch in both fabric and tailoring. This instantly packaged the sloppy poor ghost into a handsome uncle in the upper class. Even Ye Yunji looked a little less white and delicate, and somewhat more manly.

As for Ye Yunxi…

Many women stared straight at the dress on her body.

That was new this season!

And there was only one piece in one store!

Such an expensive thing was actually worn by such a poor ghost, which made people envious and jealous!

They were shocked looking at the poor people in the whole family who were dressed better than themselves!

What a shame!

However, the male guests all looked at Ye Yunxi subconsciously.

The navy blue background made the girl’s fair skin look as delicate as jade, and the dotted decorations were like an endless galaxy. She was full of fairy spirit and elegance. It outlined the girl’s slender waist and upturned chest.

“It’s true that people rely on clothes!”

“It’s so beautiful!”

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While the system seized the Awesomeness XP, it laughed, mortals, all kneel down under my host’s pomegranate skirt!

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