LGHIHW Ch. 11.1: Arc 1.7

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Xuan Ming’s slow and powerful applause was exchanged for Qiao Yanan’s reserved smile.

The rest of the shareholders also applauded, with admiration and praise in their eyes.

After Dr. Zhao was murdered, Qiao Yanan was the only person who could support the Haiming Group. Her existence greatly stabilized people’s hearts and the company’s stock price, and her status was incomparable.

Feeling everyone’s admiration and respect, Qiao Yanan nodded without being humble, and then looked at the laptop in her hand.

A speech was displayed on the computer screen, which was compiled by system 248 after comprehensively analyzing Dr. Zhao’s research results. The content involved the development and promotion of 5G.

Qiao Yanan only needed to read out the speech word by word to control the rhythm of the meeting. Of course, although she sacrificed some dry goods, she would not show the real 5G algorithm, because it was not the time yet.

She said in her mind: “I have to wait until the company is suppressed by the US side and is about to go bankrupt before making a move, otherwise Xuan Ming will not realize my importance.”

“Yes,” the system agreed: “The host’s strategy is very good. For a man with a strong personality like Xuan Ming, it is useless to use tenderness to influence him, you have to beat him first, and then pull him out of the mud.”

Qiao Yanan said confidently: “I will let him know that I am a woman who is strong enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with him. You see, he has been convinced by my excellence.”

Xuan Ming put down his slow clapping hands and turned them into fists. This conversation, full of obsession, obscenity, and superiority, disgusted him.

System 248 denied: “I think what he paid attention to was not you, but the young man sitting next to him. When you gave a speech, he looked at that person a total of fifty-nine times, which is very abnormal.”

“Who is that person beside him?” Qiao Yanan’s dark eyes immediately fixed on the curly-haired youth. She obviously forgot that the other party had introduced himself when he entered the door.

“I should hack into the human resources department’s system to check. Xuan Ming has a cold personality, and rarely pays so much attention to a stranger.” System 248 became suspicious.

“Yes, he usually doesn’t even take a second look at me. In the whole company, only Dr. Zhao could win his favor.” Qiao Yanan said sourly.

Just at this moment, a beep sounded in the office.

Xuan Ming tapped the table next to him with his knuckles, and said in a deep voice, “What were you doing just now? The meeting has been going on for more than ten minutes, why didn’t you take the meeting minutes?”

“Ah?” Holding the tabletop with one hand, and turning the ballpoint pen with the other, his Erlang’s legs were raised high, and the toes of his shoes were still shaking up and down. This style was not like a small employee, but more like a major shareholder.

For a moment, everyone looked at him, and murmured in their hearts: Who is this person? While sitting next to the big boss, he can still be so leisurely?

The doubts in System 248’s heart were immediately dispelled, “It turned out that he was arrested for slacking.”

“This person should be a related party who was pushed in by some shareholder through the back door. He must be used to being a young master at home and doesn’t know anything when it comes to the company. What a waste. Xuan Ming hates this kind of person the most.” Qiao Yanan was full of disdain.

Only then did Zhuang Li realize that he was in a meeting, and quickly put down his wobbly legs, threw away the ballpoint pen that was spinning at his fingertips, pulled the laptop over, and started typing with a burst of crackling.

“I’ll make the minutes of the meeting right away.” He said seriously.

Only then did Xuan Ming wave his hand at Qiao Yanan who was on the podium: “Go on.”

“Good Mr. Xuan.” Qiao Yanan continued to speak, and everyone’s attention returned to the framework of 5G construction.

Everyone thought that Zhuang Li hit the keyboard indiscriminately to cover up his embarrassment. He didn’t listen to the content of the meeting just now. Even if he did, how much could he remember after more than ten minutes?

But Xuan Ming, who had been watching the young man out of the corner of his eye, knew that the other party had already recorded the contents of the previous meeting: including who made what speeches at what time, what was the point, who raised questions, and what answer was given.

Even though he had been fighting fiercely with the system and enduring the screams and pain in his head, the curly-haired youth could still devote part of his mind to what was happening outside.

He was simply a humanoid system!

Thinking of this, Xuan Ming turned his head to look at the curly-haired youth, realized that he was being monitored by Qiao Yanan’s system, and abruptly looked away. This feeling of living under someone else’s control made him very angry.

Contrary to his mood, Zhuang Li, who was parasitized by the system, did not feel the slightest pressure. While making meeting minutes, he asked in his mind: “System, besides detecting favorability, what other abilities do you have?”

7480, who had just cried for a while, said with a last bit of hope: “As long as the host successfully completes the primary stage tasks, with a certain amount of points, I can open the system mall to the host. You see, these are the commodities that the host can buy.”

A panel appeared in Zhuang Li’s mind.

Strangely, a panel also appeared in Xuan Ming’s mind, on which there were products lined up, and the prices were marked below the products, the cheapest was 100, and the most expensive was 100,000,000. However, the icons of these products were currently gray and had not been activated.

“Adept negotiator, financial expert, gold medal investor…” Zhuang Li counted these products with great interest, and asked, “It seems that you plan to train your host to become a business elite? Buying these products will give you corresponding abilities?”

The system nodded quickly: “Yes, the host can get certain points every time he completes a task, and when he has accumulated enough points, he can exchange them for goods. The host can master these abilities without any learning!”

Hearing this paragraph Xuan Ming’s heart was very disturbed.

With the help of the system, it was not a myth to transform from an ordinary person with no special skills into the best industry elite. Qiao Yanan was a living example. Taking out this hole card, the attractiveness of the system instantly increased hundreds of times.

Would the curly-haired youth be tempted? Xuan Ming suddenly felt uncertain.

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