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The light turned on suddenly.

In front of the vanity mirror of the rental house, the young girl was facing the mirror, carefully brushing her eyebrows.    

When the tip of the black eyebrow pencil was hooked to the end of her eyebrows, someone suddenly put her hands on her shoulders: “Hey!”

“Jia, you scared me to death! Look at my eyebrows, you made them look like caterpillars!”

“Can you blame me?” Zhao Jia rubbed the shoulders of the girl in front of the mirror with a smile, “I just came back and saw that you were looking so beautiful in the mirror, why, can’t wait to meet your online dating brother?”

The girl turned around with a good temper, wiped off her crooked eyebrows with a cotton pad, and joked by the way: “Are you jealous of me? Then you find one too.”

“Cut, I don’t want it.” Zhao Jia waved her hands and walked back to her bed. “I’ve warned you—there are not many good men out there, so don’t be fooled, and come back to cry with us—right, Bingbing?”

“…” There was no response.

Sun Bingbing, who was nestled on the sofa holding potato chips and silently watching the drama, only raised her eyes, and soon drooped them back.

Zhao Jia curled her lips in boredom, and muttered, “I shouldn’t be talking to this little autistic…”

“Zhao Jia.” The girl in front of the mirror stopped her in a disapproving voice.

“Okay, okay, we know that our goddess Qian Yi is the kindest, so it’s okay if I don’t say anything?” Zhao Jia gestured to zip her mouth.

In front of the mirror, Qian Yi put on her makeup and blushed while holding her mobile phone, as if she was sending a message to someone. Sitting cross-legged on the bed, Zhao Jia couldn’t help leaning over again, and staring at Qian Yi’s face with a smile.

“Hey, look at our Goddess Qian’s blushing cheeks, isn’t the online dating little brother so nice? Haven’t you known each other for two years? How can you blush so easily after chatting for a day and making an appointment?”


Qian Yi’s face turned even redder immediately: “You, you, you, don’t make fun of me. No matter how long we have known each other, this is the first time we are meeting. I’m sorry, it’s human nature.”

“Okay, okay, human nature.” Qian Yi hesitated. “You really can’t go with me, I’m too embarrassed to go alone.”

Zhao Jia said: “I have a part-time job at night, and I don’t want to be a light bulb. Sun Bingbing this little autistic, cough, it is even more impossible for her to go out.”

Qian Yi frowned in distress.

Zhao Jia smiled: “Don’t be afraid of life, be brave. If he is a good person, then seize the time to take him down; if not…”

Zhao Jia made a gesture and geared up: “Then just tell me, this sister will definitely help you beat his dog head.”

Qian Yi laughed and pushed her away: “Don’t come here, if girls are so violent they will scare the peach blossoms away.”

Zhao Jia pouted: “Peach blossom? I don’t care about it.”

“Dingling Bell—”

The alarm clock rang suddenly.

“Ah,” Qian Yi got up from the chair and ran out in a hurry, “I’m going to be late for my appointment! I’m leaving first!”

“Be careful on the road.”


The door of the rental house closed.

The smile on Zhao Jia’s face disappeared, and she turned to look at the sofa: “Bingbing, do you think her online dating brother is reliable?”

Sun Bingbing didn’t speak.

Zhao Jia: “If you ask me, men don’t have many good things. Unfortunately, Qian Yi doesn’t believe it. She insists that this Li Ding is different.”

“…” The room was quiet for a few seconds, and the girl on the sofa suddenly lowered her head and said, “You can’t treat all the men in the world like your father.”

Zhao Jia got up from the bed with a ferocious expression, as if she was about to pounce on someone and beat her.

After a long time, she endured it, and sneered: “How good can you be? If you had met a good man, would you be too scared to go out at night?”

“——!” The girl on the sofa suddenly froze.

The lights dimmed a little.

Then the lights lit up again.

In the summer night, there were also cicadas chirping and making noise, in a coffee shop with bright and clean windows.

Qian Yi was sitting in a chair, holding a coffee cup awkwardly: “I, my name is Qian Yi, I am 23 years old, and I am a cartoonist by profession. Now I am working with two friends on comic works, and I have a car of my own. I haven’t saved enough down payment to buy a house, so I’m renting with them.”

The man on the other side of the table smiled softly and helplessly: “We’ve known each other for so long, and we just met, why are you so nervous like we are on a blind date?”

“I’m sorry.” Qian Yi held the cup in her hand even more nervously.

“Don’t hold it so tightly,” the man said, “the coffee must be hot.”

“…Ah.” The girl regained consciousness belatedly, and spread out her red palms, then her cheeks became even redder. “Am I looking particularly stupid?”

“Hmm…do you remember my name?”

“Li Ding.” The girl looked up blankly.

“Remember, that’s okay,” Li Ding smiled, and gently touched the girl’s head with his warm palm, “It’s not particularly stupid.”


The girl’s face turned even redder.

Summer went and winter came.

The boy and girl walked hand in hand through every corner of the city and saw countless scenery together. The two years of online dating had made them familiar with each other. Many times when they said the same sentence tacitly, they couldn’t help but look at each other, and turn away blushing.

Finally, when the first snow fell that winter, he stood in the snow and proposed to her.

She agreed with tears in her eyes.

The wedding was to be held in the summer of the second year.

As the wedding approached, when happiness was within reach, there was a disagreement between the two for the first time.

“Why can’t you move here earlier?” Li Ding asked puzzled, “Didn’t we agree that you would always live with me after we got married?”

“The joint tenancy agreement with them is signed till next year…”

“It doesn’t matter, that part of the money can still be paid to them, as long as you come over?”

“But when the three of us met, I promised, I can’t leave them like this.”

“What did you promise?”

After repeated questioning, Qian Yi finally explained the reason: “Although the three of us are cartoonists, we didn’t meet because of cartoons.”

“What did you meet because of?”

“Three criminal cases.” Qian Yi showed a painful expression, “We couldn’t get out completely and participated in the same mutual aid meeting.”

Li Ding looked at the girl in astonishment, and it took him a while to recover his voice: “Criminal case?”

“I experienced campus bullying in middle school. The last time you asked me about the scar on my leg, it was the last time I was pushed down the stairs by them and left with an open fracture in my leg.”

“…” Listening to the girl’s trembling voice as she tried her best to speak out her experience in a calm voice, Li Ding couldn’t help but hug her into his arms.

Qian Yi held back her tears and said softly, “Zhao Jia has a father who is a gambler and an alcoholic. She was abused at home since she was a child. When she was in elementary school, her father once got drunk and killed her mother.

“Sun Bingbing was working part-time outside to earn living expenses when she was in college. Once she was going back late at night, she met someone on the road…”

Qian Yi finally couldn’t continue, she buried herself in the man’s arms and her tears welled up: “We relied on each other when we were most desperate. We made a promise to each other that we wouldn’t leave each other behind, so I can’t help it, I’m sorry…”

Li Ding hugged her and sighed softly: “It’s okay, I can wait.”

“But I can’t make you wait forever.”

“Then wait until your joint tenancy contract is over, okay?”


After a long silence, Qian Yi still nodded in the man’s arms.

As usual, Li Ding drove Qian Yi back at night.

When he sent her out of the building, he sighed softly: “I didn’t understand before, I thought you were just ordinary roommates, why you always said you want to come back to accompany them… Now I understand, the relationship between you is of course very deep.”

Qian Yi hesitated and hugged him cautiously: “I still love you the most.”

Li Ding smiled lightly and hugged her back gently: “I’m not jealous. If there is a chance, should I invite them to dinner together?”

“Maybe, Bingbing won’t pay attention to you, and Zhao Jia,” Qian Yi couldn’t help laughing, “she might beat you up first.”

Li Ding laughed helplessly.

The weather in summer changed extremely quickly, and within a few seconds of the two hugging each other, there was thunder in the clouds, and raindrops started falling down with a crackling sound.

Qian Yi quickly got out of his arms: “It’s raining, why don’t you go back quickly?”

“Okay, you go upstairs first.”


Watching the girl enter the apartment building, Li Ding turned and returned to the car. He closed the car door, put on the seat belt, and just as he turned sideways to buckle it up, he caught a glimpse of the rear seat out of the corner of his eye.

Qian Yi thought it was stuffy in the car, so she took off her jacket and threw it in the back row and forgot to take it when she got out of the car.

Li Ding glanced inside the building, quickly unfastened his seat belt, picked up the jacket and put it in his arms, then he opened the car door and rushed into the apartment building in the rain.

“Hey—wait a minute, are you a resident? Not everyone can enter here.”

Li Ding had just entered the building when he was stopped by someone from the security room on the first floor.

Li Ding patted the raindrops off the coat on his shoulders, and then took out the coat from his arms. After hesitating for a moment, he handed the coat to the other party.

“This is my girlfriend’s jacket. She just left it in my car. Can I store it here and get it when she goes out or comes back tomorrow?”

“Oh, yes, give it to me.”

“Thank you.”

Li Ding turned around and stopped at the door.

He frowned and looked at the pouring rain outside, and the muffled thunder in the clouds could be heard from the sky.

Li Ding took a breath, and was about to rush out in the rain, when the person in the security room poked his head out and asked, “I almost forgot, which floor and household does your girlfriend live in? I’ll not be on shift tomorrow morning, so I’ll talk to the person who will change with me at that time.”

Li Ding turned back and said, “Room 1003, the one among the three girls, Qian Yi.”

The security guard was stunned for a moment, then smiled: “Hey, what ghost stories are you talking about at night?”

Li Ding was stunned: “What?”

“Room 1003, Qian Yi?”


The wind suddenly blew up.

Outside the long window behind him, lightning tore through the entire night sky—

“She has lived alone, for five years.”


The lights on the stage went out.

Two white words full of cracks slowly lit up on the screen:


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