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“Gold Medal Screenwriter” started the first wave of official warm-up in mid-to-late August.

With the youngest movie queen Wen Chu and the popular traffic actor Yu Song sitting in the cast, plus the first-line star Zong Shiyi joining, there was another mysterious existence with black shadow treatment, who was popularized as “the first show of a newcomer on the screen”, and the single cast had captured the attention of a large number of people, triggering a wave of discussion.

In addition to keeping up with the hot spots of domestic audiences’ real-time complaints, as the first domestic screenwriting variety show, the starting point of pushing the behind-the-scenes screenwriting work to the front of the screen was also unprecedented.

Several BH executives from the chief planning and public relations department risked their “life” to invite Zhuo Yixuan to join the team, so naturally they would not let this gimmick go.

In the second stage of preheating, the lineup of the screenwriter team of “Gold Medal Screenwriter” was announced. The variety show aimed to discover young new screenwriters, and the supposedly peaceful segment was once again pushed into a hot spot of public opinion because of Zhuo Yixuan’s self-contained discussion of “Is it Meng Zhi or Meng Zhi 2.0”.

Naturally, not many people knew that the real Meng Zhi was holding a melon at this time and watching the fun in the “Gold Medal Screenwriter”.

The two rounds of warm-up were over, and on August 29, “Gold Medal Screenwriter” would be officially launched.

The part of the game was over, and the competition was seamlessly connected.

The stage lights flickered on and off, and the first mini-short drama ended in 28 minutes. On the screen, cracked white letters on a black background appeared—

“Broken” curtain call.

The bullet screen was dead silent for two seconds.

Rolling over and over again.


[Aigoo aigoo aigoo! I got goosebumps all over my body this night!!]

[I’m dumbfounded but it doesn’t stop me from sweating all over in fright]


[So those two roommates didn’t exist at all, they were only in the imagination of the heroine?? What they experienced was actually her experience alone?!]

[Don’t ask, it means that the person is on the bed, the lights are off, but the thief is still awake now]

[The humble school student asks online: How to make sure that my roommate is not my imagination]


[Seeking a sequel! Want to see the back!!]

[Fuck, I’m convinced, this is the first script of the first issue, right? So high-powered? If you save this script until the end, you will probably win the championship. Why do you just open the big one as soon as you come up??]


On the night of its launch, related words related to “Broken” hit the topic lists of major platforms.

The heat was persistent.

Preheating depended on the lineup and gimmicks, but the real word of mouth still depended on the content and quality.

The first issue of “Gold Medal Screenwriter” lived up to expectations. The scripts of the second and third groups were notable, and the fourth group, “Meng Zhi 2.0”, which received the most attention at the beginning, also brought a lot of talk because the script was completely crushed by the actors’ acting skills. But compared to the unexpected high-energy reversal of the first group, the other three groups inevitably seemed a bit dull.

With real word-of-mouth as the sail, and BH media escorting behind it, the “Broken” short drama quickly became popular in the circle, and it also directly stabilized and guaranteed the follow-up continuous attention and topic volume of “Gold Medal Screenwriter”.

In the next few days, more related topics were excavated and fermented.

For example, regarding Luo Xiu:

[N brush still can’t help but sigh, this newcomer is so handsome, woo woo woo]

[Yes, yes, yes! The first time I saw him, I wanted to scream, but I was so scared by the final reversal that I forgot]

[Hahaha Actor: I picked up the wrong series]

[Really so handsome, I thought there were three veterans and one newcomer who must have come in relying on relationships. Now I understand, no! His face is enough!]

[Really, with his good looks, when can’t you brush his face?]

[Give it up, sisters, he is so handsome and hasn’t debuted in the draft, obviously you have to rely on your acting skills for a living, while you will get married and have one child in two years, and two children in three years]


[The one who dares to tell the truth, wash your trust. Do you not believe?]


Another was about Gu Nian:

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The screenwriter also plays the heroine!!]

[Knock, the actor and screenwriter are the same, awesome]

[No show, it’s amazing]

[Woooooooooooooooooooooooooh yahoo, huh]

[Damn, I found out she’s only 22 years old after reading her resume]

[mum, that counterfeit Meng Zhi 2.0 is so weak compared to her]

[Don’t mention it, that doesn’t deserve it, this is the Ms. Meng Zhi in my mind woo woo]

[? Please don’t post any more, let Mrs. Meng Zhi go, okay?]


Then there were some about cp:

[Oh my god, this couple smells so good! I can eat this candy!]

[A lot of details kill me]

[This can’t be a real couple, can it??]

[How is it possible, the screenwriter variety show is not a love variety show]

[It must be the program group doing something, they must have devil edited the cp, it has always been the same routine]

[That is, such a handsome newcomer actor with even better acting skills, with a reliable team, plus with such a good debut opportunity, he will be able to book a top stream in two years. How can he think about falling in love in his early years, self-destructing the fan board and topicality?]


All major related topics remained hot, but BH Media seemed to have some scruples, and people in the industry wondered why they didn’t seize the opportunity to bring the topic to the heat.

The variety show had just launched, and the topic was at its peak. At this moment, time was traffic, and traffic was life. Of course, BH Media understood this truth. They were more anxious than anyone else, but the top management was suppressing everything, as if they were waiting for someone to let go.

The insiders sighed and said, “If the big boss doesn’t open his mouth, no one dares to move.”

After a few days of ants jumping on the hot pan[1], they finally got through to the “big boss”.

Qi Han was powerless: “Mr. Luo, if you don’t answer the phone again, the spittle I’m talking about is nothing to worry about, but it won’t be good if there were any criminal cases after your family was not pacified?”

“Well, I’m sorry.”


Qi Han tensed his waist.

Although he knew that their boss was different from most bosses, he still felt guilty when he heard the word “sorry” at first: “What happened to you these two days? I have been calling for several days, but no one answered the phone at home. If we didn’t know the exact address, we were ready to call the police.”

“It’s okay, I didn’t answer because I wasn’t at home.”

“Ah? Where were you?”


Luo Xiu raised his eyes.

There was a large garden with mangroves and green grass in his field of vision, and there were a few security personnel walking back and forth downstairs, occasionally casting their eyes on the second floor.

Luo Xiu lowered his gaze and mocked lightly: “There was an accident.”

Qi Han was startled: “What accident? When did it happen?”

“The night before yesterday.”

“Huh? The night before yesterday was that not the end of the second recording session? Was it at Miss Gu’s home?”

“Yes, I was kidnapped from below her house.”


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[1] Feeling antsy.

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