YXBG Ch. 16: Gao Yu

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How much influence would a teacher have on a person’s life?

This in-depth question would naturally not be raised by a guy like Yin Xiaomei who only had “golden underwear” in her eyes. But there was no doubt that as a student, the teacher’s influence was subtle and huge.

Yin Xiaomei naturally hoped that more good teachers should be there, but what was good?

Just don’t be like the Owl!

She sighed and looked at the results of the teacher’s assessment. At the top of the list, Mr. Li was still unmovable, and Mrs. Laura was voted fourth. As for Mao Ruiying, she actually became the last one!

Faced with this result, Xiaomei, although she had expected it long ago, was still worried about how Lin Daiyi had confessed. But if this was the case, next year’s head teacher would be Teacher Laura. She laughed and turned to go back to the classroom, but she didn’t expect someone to be standing behind her.

“Oh!” She ran into the person and said quickly, “I’m sorry.” When she raised her head, she found Gao Yu who was in the same class as her.

Gao Yu was a very thin and pale boy, but he was very tall and very dazzling among the group of elementary school students. He didn’t look at Yin Xiaomei but whispered: “It’s okay.”

Xiaomei watched him staring at the notice and couldn’t help but say: “Are you happy? Now Mao Ruiying is no longer the head teacher.”

Gao Yu turned to her now, with a little smile on his face: “It’s the big-character poster you posted! Thank you.” His eyes were light amber, which matched his skin color.

“Oh… it’s okay.” Xiaomei curled up the hair on her head, “you should still thank the monitor, although she always called you a repeater.” She felt that Lin Diyi was also indispensable in this matter.

Gao Yu lowered his head and said nothing. Seeing him like this, Xiaomei turned around to leave.

In the second class of the third year, “ten-thousand-year repeater” was a commonly used word for scolding, but the first person for whom this word was used was Gao Yu.

He and Xiaomei were the two extremes in the class, one was the oldest and the other was the youngest. However, it was not the only extreme, the treatment received was also quite different. Yin Xiaomei was from a good family and looked beautiful. Although the boys in the class always pulled her braids deliberately to provoke her, it was actually a kind of flattery in disguised form and a longing to be noticed by her. Girls liked her lively character even more, and always found her to play games with her, but Gao Yu’s situation was not so optimistic. When he was transferred to this class, Mao Ruiying directly approached the principal and said that she did not want him, because his poor grades would drag the whole class behind.

Of course, the most important thing was that it would affect her bonus.

Although Mao Ruiying was not liked by children, she won because of strict management. Her class performance had always been good, and she had always cared about it. The principal had a headache at the time. Although Li Jiajun never picked students, his class size was not enough. He had to promise not to include Gao Yu’s results in the final report card, then only Mao Ruiying was willing to give up. But the cunning principal just gave a blank check, and Mao Ruiying was almost mad at the final evaluation.

Gao Yu had always tried his best to make himself look like a transparent person, but his abrupt height and tragic performance could not be ignored. Especially after Mao Ruiying was put out by the principal, she became more unpleasant, and when she was in a bad mood, she would ridicule him.

“Gao Yu, you are so stupid that you can die!” She often said that.

But Xiaomei was very grateful to Gao Yu. Without him, she would have been the last one many times, so she would never call him a “ten-thousand-year repeater”.

Although Gao Yu’s grades were not good, he never mixed with those little hooligans in the society, and he could be considered to be very alone. However, other students were not so tolerant. They would make malicious jokes, saying that Gao Yu had a “stupid virus”, and whoever touched him would be infected.

Boys were particularly happy about this game, spreading the “virus” around. Sometimes it was more serious, and they would tear his books or throw his schoolbag downstairs. Xiaomei often saw Gao Yu looking for his schoolbag and stationery in the back of the building by himself when she would return home.

Although Xiaomei thought he was very pitiful, she was still a little nervous kid after all, not to mention that she still didn’t play with boys. The only one in the class who was willing to make a good start for Gao Yu was probably Lin Diyi. Sometimes when boys wanted to throw out his schoolbag, Lin Diyi would rush up and shout: “I don’t allow you to do this! I want to tell the teacher! Don’t bully classmates!”

Xiaomei felt that Lin Daiyi loved to make small reports, but she still had a sense of justice.

The boys probably muttered two swear words, but they let Gao Yu go. But Gao Yu never thanked Lin Daiyi. After all, the term “ten-thousand-year repeater” was given to him by the class leader.

Xiaomei was about to sigh again, Lin Diyi was indeed a little thankless sometimes!

Speaking of which, Xiaomei could be regarded as the only one who has some intersection with Gao Yu. At the end of last semester, she saw Gao Yu picking up his homework and stationery scattered around, and finally couldn’t help going downstairs to help him. Xiaomei also had her own selfish motives. After all, anyone who played with Gao Yu would be isolated, but there was no one now, so she was willing to come down.

Gao Yu took the pen, without any words of thanks, turned around and left.

He was always so cold that no one liked it! Xiaomei bulged her cheeks, a little angry.

At this time, Gao Yu suddenly turned around and slowly said: “Xiaomei, you…will you go to my house or not.”

Xiaomei was stunned. For a moment, she thought she had misheard, but she finally still nodded, Gao Yu looked really pitiful!

The Gao family lived in a very ordinary residential area, and that building looked quite old. Xiaomei walked in the gloomy haunted house like corridor and was a little scared, wow, this Gao Yu, the place where he lived was as uncomfortable as him.

Gao Yu took out the key to open the door, and there was a strong smell of Chinese medicine in the house. Someone in the room immediately said: “Gao Yu is back?”

A woman who looked very haggard came out of the room. Suddenly Gao Yu looked like a different person, with a bright smile on her face: “Mom, a classmate came home to play today.”

“Ah, classmate?” When his mother saw Yin Xiaomei, who was like a live game doll, she was a little embarrassed. She complained to her son: “Look at you, why didn’t you say it earlier, the house is so messy…” She wanted to move forward and stop Yin Xiaomei, but when she saw her stained hands, she immediately shrank back. She rubbed her hands back and forth on her clothes, and said in a panic: “Child, come on, sit down by yourself… The house is too messy… What is your name?”

Xiaomei was still in a daze, Gao Yu already laughed: “Mom, her name is Yin Xiaomei, and we are in the same class.”

Yin Xiaomei immediately said politely: “Hello Auntie, I am Gao Yu’s classmate.”

Gao Yu’s mother looked very old, although she was only about 30 years old, her face had deep wrinkles. Gao Yu said happily: “Mom, today the teacher praised me again. She said that my grades have improved and that I am very good.”

“Oh, isn’t it?” Gao mother laughed and looked at Yin Xiaomei.

Xiaomei quickly cooperated and said, “Yes, Gao Yu is very good, and we all like him.” She touched her nose unnaturally, worried that it would grow long.

Only then did Gao’s mother believe it, she whispered: “Xiaomei, I have to trouble you to take care of Gao Yu in school. He is a kid who always smiles when he comes back, but I know that he must have something to hide.”

“Mom! What are you talking about, isn’t it okay if I am happy? What else can I keep from you.” Gao Yu deliberately made a very angry look.

Xiaomei hurriedly helped him: “Auntie, Gao Yu is a very good person, really, you have to believe me.”

“That’s good, that’s good,” Gao’s mother looked at her son lovingly, “How am I talking to you? If you give the sweater to the teacher, she will take care of you.”

“Sweater?” Xiaomei asked blankly.

Gao Yu was about to stop her, but Gao’s mother had already told Xiao Mei: “Last time Teacher Mao came to visit my house, she fancied my sweater knitting skills, and asked me to knit one for her. Xiao Yu was still unwilling at the time, but you see it was very useful, wasn’t it? This kid is sometimes too stupid. Xiaomei, Teacher Mao has taken good care of Xiaoyu, right?”

Xiaomei didn’t prevent her from turning the topic to herself again, and she didn’t know whether to admit or deny it. Looking at Gao Yu’s gloomy expression, she finally nodded. Owl’s “care” for him was indeed too good.

Gao Yu was distressed and reproached: “Mom, your eyes are bad at first, so what kind of sweater do you want to knit! The teacher always takes care of me, it’s the same if you don’t send sweaters!”

“You child, you are still young and don’t understand this. Mother will knit you one more, and you will send it to the teacher.” Gao mother had a little limp when she walked, she looked funny like a duck. But Xiaomei felt that she had never seen a scene more saddening than this.

That day, Yin Xiaomei learned many things about Gao Yu. His father was an architect and passed away very early. His mother brought him up single-handedly, but because of an accident, her leg was hit by a car. She couldn’t find a good job and could only take the minimum allowance and make a living by making clothes for others.

What surprised Yin Xiaomei most was the painting in Gao Yu’s house. Even though she could not paint herself, she knew that Gao Yu painted very well, better than Yin Zhefei.

Yin Xiaomei was a little bit injured. She couldn’t imagine that the big idiot Gao Yu also had his unmatched talents. She was really too weak…

“Xiaomei, there is nothing to eat in my house. Auntie will make you some…” Mama Gao saying that, staggered away. As soon as Gao’s mother left, Gao Yu’s expression immediately became cold and dull again.

His amber eyes looked at Yin Xiaomei and said with a voice that his mother could not hear: “Thank you.”


“Xiaomei! Teacher Laura will be the teacher in charge next semester!” Yuanyuan’s eyes narrowed with a smile. She yelled happily, making Yin Xiaomei instantly regain her soul.

“Oh! You screamed so loudly! You scared me to death!” Xiaomei complained and pinched her ears.

“Hey, I’m happy.” Yuanyuan said, taking out a lot of snacks from her schoolbag and piling them on the table like a hill. Xiaomei glared at her absurd behavior and said helplessly: “You are not! Even Teacher Laura will not allow you to eat in class.”

“If you eat as much as I do, you can also take the first grade.” Song Yuanyuan rarely refuted her so strongly.

Xiaomei was choked into speechlessness and sighed in resignation before eating with Yuanyuan. Soon, other classmates gathered around, Yuanyuan shared food witj everyone, and the class was filled with a happy atmosphere like a holiday. As soon as Xiaomei turned around, she saw Lin Diyi secretly putting a bag of snacks on Gao Yu’s table while everyone was not paying attention.

T/N: I seriously hate the Owl.. she is the worst teacher and an even worse human being…

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