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After learning of his ability, he wanted to show Xie Luan first. The smoky eyes of this goose-yellow chubby cub who was standing upright toward the young man seemed to be filled with small stars, which looked particularly bright.

When seeing the cub behave like this, generally speaking, the adults who saw it would be softened a little bit in their hearts.

Of course, Xie Luan was the same.

Kneeling down to hug the puffed-up cub, Xie Luan reached out to touch the furry chest and abdomen of the Kuwei cub, with a surprised and happy expression on his face, “Ravi, you’re amazing, so you learned an ability so quickly.”

The plump feathers of the three races looked particularly rich in their cubs. Xie Luan continued to pat the furry chest and abdomen of the Kuwei cub, with a touch of warmth in one hand.

Knowing that this cub must have come to show him as soon as he learned the ability, Xie Luan estimated it should have appeared this morning.

“Tweet, twee!”

Hearing what the youth said, the little cub puffed up his body a little bit more, and his tender and crisp screams were obviously louder than before. His eyes were lit up as he looked at Xie Luan’s face.

Although the wind power of the Kuwei cub just now only created a mini hurricane like a small spinning top, but it had the power to roll the carton up to the extent of spinning two times in the low air, thus Xie Luan’s surprise was very obvious, as if this little fat cub had accomplished something very remarkable.

“Can Ravi do what he just did again?” Arranging feathers was an expression of loving the cub. Xie Luan was now arranging the feathers for the little fat guy who was squatting in his arms, and then stretched out a finger to tap the cub’s pointed beak.

This cub came to him first, and Xie Luan was of course very happy.

However, this little fat man had now developed abilities, and other people should also know. Xie Luan believed that other adults in the branch would be happy if they saw it.


Leaning the whole furry body against the young man’s arms, the Kuwei cub responded with a crisp, sharp sound and rubbed against the young man’s slender and beautiful fingers.

“Then I will call the other people over, and Ravi will show it again later.” Xie Luan tweaked the goose-yellow cub in his arms and held it high with both hands.

The young man was holding him up high, and the cub tweeted several times, and the little wings gathered behind him fluttered down at this moment.

Before going to find other people, Xie Luan took out a solid color ribbon in the drawer next to the cub’s snacks under the table not far away. Xie Luan used this ribbon to tie a beautiful small bow, and then put the bow on the cub he was holding.

“Okay.” Xie Luan said warmly, looking down at the Kuwei cub who was obediently squatting in his arms like a little chicken.

When he saw that the young man was going to put the bow on him, the little cub became basically motionless, and his black eyes were looking straight at the bow.

It wasn’t until the beautiful little bow had been worn on him that the Kuwei cub moved its wings together slightly.

Standing in a relatively empty space in the hall for this short meeting, Xie Luan already had a lot of cubs close by, calling the others over, Xie Luan gently lowered the little cub he was holding in his arms on the ground in this area.

Wearing a beautiful little bow, the Kuwei cub looked really cute.

With two small paws stepping on the soft blanket spread on the floor of the hall, the Kuwei cub seemed to feel a little more nervous under the gaze of so many people, and the small wings behind him closed.

Aware of this, Xie Luan knelt down and touched the soft back feathers of the cub encouragingly, and then heard the Kuwei cub raise his head and tweet at him.

Xie Luan put the prop, that is, the small paper box with little weight, not far from the cub, and stood up.

“President, what do you want us to come and see?” Zheng Zhou asked curiously, a little confused about the young man’s act of placing a paper box in front of the cub.

Xie Luan just called people over without saying anything, so now everyone present was not clear about the situation.

Xie Luan motioned to the others to look at the Kuwei cub. When everyone looked over again, they saw the goose-yellow chubby flapping its wings on the spot.

In the next second, a mini hurricane like a small spinning top appeared in front of everyone. It seemed that the hurricane created by this Kuwei cub was a little smaller than the previous one.

The Mini Hurricane rolled up the small carton again. This time, the carton was only rolled up and rotated one and a half times, and it snapped back to the ground within a few seconds.

The use of abilities required mental power, and the cub’s use abilities would obviously be weaker the second time than the first time, which was completely within Xie Luan’s expectation.

Without waiting for other people’s reaction, Xie Luan squatted down to pick up the Kuwei cub, who should have been a little tired, and kissed the little cub’s fluffy forehead.

“Tweet Tweet–“

Although he was still trying to straighten his body, the cub nestled in the warm embrace of the youth and actually wanted to sleep because of the short period of mental energy exhaustion.

This Kuwei cub had developed an ability-all the onlookers reacted after a long time, and the expressions of surprise suddenly appeared on their faces, the surprise level was even more exaggerated than Xie Luan had just shown.

Of course, everyone would not be stingy when praising the cub.

“High-level wind powers, it seems that this cub has a high growth potential, and it will become very powerful in the future.” Zarad analyzed, Morrison, who was standing near him, also agreed with a nod after hearing it.

Regardless of just such a mini hurricane, for a cub who had just learned the ability, it was not easy to create a small hurricane and control something to fly up.

As long as this cub could receive good guidance in the future and was willing to study hard on its own, his future was very promising.

Regarding the point of “good guidance”, Zarad acquiesced that this cub had it.

Obviously wanting to sleep, this Kuwei cub still kept his eyes open while listening to the praise, until the praise stopped, this little fat tweet arched into Xie Luan’s arms again, then his whole body nestled into the warmth as if it was his own bed.

“Tweet tweet…”

The immature chirp became low, and the Kuwei cub was comfortably nestled in Xie Luan’s arms. This was a place that felt particularly safe to him.

“Go to sleep.” Xie Luan continued to hug the Kuwei cub in his arms and did not place the little fat guy back on his bed.

Feeling sleepy and being coaxed by the youth with such a warm voice, the Kuwei cub quickly fell asleep.

Another cub in the club had developed an ability, which was of course a happy thing for everyone.

And when Xie Luan just put the cub in his arms to sleep, Zarad gave him another message: “Speaking of the cub’s ability, I have also discovered one thing in the past few days, it’s about little Gale.”

“Yes?” Upon hearing this, Xie Luan cast him a questioning look.

“Little Gale may have developed another high-level ability.” Zarad stated, “The mental ability cannot be realized, and Gale has not fully developed the ability a few days ago, so I am still not too sure.”

Although it could not be realized, the fluctuations of the little mermaid’s inadvertent use of abilities were still detectable, and Zarad repeatedly confirmed it several times before he felt surer.

For the Kuwei cub, if it hadn’t had a chance to see it before, Zarad would also have been able to detect it.

“High-level…?” Holding the cub who had just fallen asleep, Xie Luan lowered his voice a little, and asked in a low voice in a hesitant tone.

Based on his experience in the alternate world line, Xie Luan had long known that the little mermaid could develop dual-line abilities.

But in the other world, what Gale possessed were high-level ice abilities and intermediate-level mental abilities, which were different from what Xie Luan now knew.

Hearing the question, Zarad nodded, affirming his own statement.

Even if the same type of abilities were developed, there were high and low points. Needless to say, the ability of high-level abilities was far superior to the effects of low-level abilities.

For example, high-level wind powers could create huge tornadoes that rivalled natural disasters and could easily destroy an entire city.

Depending on the user’s mental power, even more terrifying things might be done.

The low-level wind abilities couldn’t do such highly destructive attacks at all. Using wind blades or blessing their own speed in battle was already the best bet for such ability users.

The level of the ability could be advanced through hard work, but this was very difficult. For example, if there is a low-level ability, it can only be promoted to the intermediate level. The gap with the high-level ability could not be made up by hard work.

Seeing Zarad nodding, Xie Luan’s brows and eyes slightly changed. Holding the little cub who had only just fallen asleep, Xie Luan walked over to the indoor pool.


Near the edge of the pool, the mermaid cub called from a distance to the youth who was walking towards it, and the ice blue fish tail swayed under the water.

Seeing the parent made the little mermaid really happy, and the young figure was clearly reflected in his blue eyes.

Xie Luan approached the pool and squatted down. With the mermaid cub grabbing his trouser legs, Xie Luan reached out and carefully touched the light gold pattern on the little mermaid’s forehead.

There was indeed a slight change in the pattern, which was extremely inconspicuous, but this had been able to confirm what Zarad said that this little mermaid had developed a new ability.

High-level mental abilities…Different from the situation in the alternate world line, this mermaid cub had better abilities.

The development trajectory of this world was very different from that of that parallel world. Xie Luan was sure that all of this must mean that things were changing for the better.

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