CRA Ch. 94

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After the initial treatment of the wound on Morrison’s left arm was completed, he was given two follow-up treatments in the next half a month or so, and it was announced that he was completely healed.

The pain that had always been felt in the injured arm disappeared completely. Even though Morrison felt that he had been patient before, he still felt an unprecedented sense of relief.

“I won’t cover the service of prosthesis, you go to the hospital by yourself.” Bella took off the reading glasses on the bridge of her nose and wiped it, then put it back on again.

It was not that Bella was unwilling to help with this, and it was not that she won’t. It was just that going to the hospital to get a prosthesis was much more efficient than asking her to do it.

The effect was the same anyway, so he won’t lose out.

“Thank you very much for your help.” Morrison solemnly thanked her, and despite his rigid face, this thank you was undoubtedly sincere.

They didn’t know when the Laili cub ran over to the lounge. When Morrison thanked Bella, the little Laili cub came in with his small fins. The little Laili cub walked to Morrison’s legs, then turned around and walked a few steps closer to the old woman wearing reading glasses and raised his head.

“Guji~” With a childish cry, the Laili cub gently waved its small fins twice to the old woman, looking at her with affectionate eyes.

The cubs’ performance was very simple. Seeing a cub come to her in this way and make a cry, Bella couldn’t help but soften her face.

There was also a very small cub in the family, and Bella treated the cubs very mildly.

The Laili cub seemed to know that the old woman in front of him made Morrison completely better, so he had the same behavior.

In fact, it wasn’t that the Laili cub could run over by himself, but it was Xie Luan that was following the cub’s behavior.

This Laili cub was really sensible, Xie Luan thought in his heart.

During this half a month or so, when she helped with the treatment at the Yunbao branch, Bella lived directly in the Yunbao branch during this time.

Considering the inconvenience for the elderly to travel around, Xie Luan felt that it was better to clean up a room and let the other party stay there temporarily instead of letting the other party live in an outside hotel. Anyway, there were many empty rooms in the staff dormitory.

It was also after this period of time that Bella first experienced the overall atmosphere of this cub raising branch, and the environment here made her feel very good.

It was obvious that the caretakers in the branch treated the cubs attentively. In addition to this, the ability of the combat mentor in the branch could also be seen to be of a superlative level.

And what surprised Bella most was Xie Luan’s mental power.

The youth hummed a lullaby to the cubs in the club every day, which was also a kind of spiritual guidance, which would be good for the growth of the cubs, especially in the development of abilities.

Considering the above points, Bella had a vague idea of transferring the cubs from her family here.

Thinking that it took time to get the prosthesis and adapt to the prosthesis, Xie Luan directly gave Morrison a one-week vacation, so that the other party could adjust his situation first. If the vacation was not enough, he could extend it.

But in fact, in today’s interstellar age, it was actually very simple to get prosthetic limbs on demand in regular hospitals on various planets.

After recording the body data, the hospital could customize a suitable prosthesis for the patient on the same day.

Prosthetic limbs were not visible from the outside, and to the person who wore the prosthetic limbs, it would be like their original body, without any obstacles in movement.

When Morrison returned to Yunbao Club from the hospital that same day, the Laili cub immediately rushed to the door of the living room.

In a posture in which the cub was likely to fall down in the eyes of others, he slapped his fins and ran towards the door of the house. The Laili cub finally braked and stopped safely in front of the door. He saw the adult who came back in good condition. When his left arm began to flutter, the small fins on both sides of his body were constantly waving.

“Guji, Guji—!”

This couldn’t even be called a wave, but it should be said that it was flapping the fins, and the little Laili cub raised his head and made a continuous and crisp sound to the adult in front.

Morrison bent down to pick up the Laili cub and held it with one hand. For the first time, he could hold the cub while using the other hand to touch the cub’s back.

This was really great.

Everyone in the room who saw this picture thought so.

The club’s construction of the cub playground was also on the agenda. In the past half month, Xie Luan had fully referenced the playgrounds built by each club.

Combined with some of his own thoughts, Xie Luan had formed the prototype of a playground in his heart.

Thinking of the playground accident that he saw in the Felon branch, Xie Luan spent nearly twice the budget to hire a well-known engineering team, and officially started construction yesterday.

The old living house was demolished, because the new building this time was not an ordinary building, the construction process took a little longer.

After another half a month, the cub playground in Xie Luan’s heart was officially completed.

“This part of the facilities is prepared for you.” Xie Luan led the chubby birds from the branch to this side and pointed to the simulated track ahead.

A misty light golden gas circle appeared on the track one after another. This was a playground designed for the flight simulator competition track.


“Tweet, twee—”

When the cubs tweeted too much, Xie Luan basically only had the sound of tweeting in his ears.

It could be seen that the cubs of the three races were very interested in this simulated track. When Xie Luan’s voice just fell, he could already see several chubby birds flying across the track one after another.

Taking into account the purpose of entertainment and competition training, although the venue was not as good as the entire map in the flight competition, the space was already very spacious.

In addition to this facility, the other facilities of the Cubs Playground were very rich, and the architectural style was very childlike.

The cubs who were brought to this newly built playground each found interesting facilities to play, and Xia Qi filmed this scene.

In addition to this scene, a water park was also built in the ocean simulation hall. Xia Qi uploaded photos and recorded videos of the cubs’ activities in these two places to their official blog and received a lot of comments in a short while.

Since the Yunbao branch entered the top three thousand list of StarCraft, the number of fans of the club’s official account on Youxing had now doubled, with millions of fans.

“This playground looks a little cute. I hope my cub’s club can also build such a playground.”

This repost was quickly clicked with countless likes, and many parents agreed with this statement.

As a dark horse that broke into the top three thousand in the interstellar rankings, Yunbao Club had been receiving a lot of attention during this period of time.

After posting photos and videos of the cubs in the playground, Xia Qi did not expect that this would cause a wave of heat, and the number of fans in the club rose slightly.

Soon after the playground of the Yunbao Club was completed, Bella, who had seriously considered the issue of transferring the family cubs for a long time, finally made a decision.

“Squeak.” The young Woma cub, who was taken to the new living environment, had round eyes like glass balls, and let out a clear cry when the young man who had rescued it held it in his arms.

Holding this Woma cub that looked like a black furball, Xie Luan carried the small furball into the hall. The black and round shape of the cub quickly attracted the attention of other cubs.

This kind of attention was not malicious. Several cubs in the hall gradually approached the black furball because of their pure curiosity and tried to get in touch.

After a while, Xie Luan saw a few cubs playing with this little furball.

It was not just that this cub joined the Yunbao Club. When the old woman said that she would transfer the cub to their branch, Xie Luan’s heart moved, and there was an additional thought in his heart.

He fancied Bella’s excellent ability as a physician, Xie Luan sent an invitation to the other party, hoping that the other party could join the Yunbao branch.

It was easier to understand the cub’s living conditions if the guardian also lived in the branch. Xie Luan thought so. Of course, the other party also understood this. After considering it for a long time, she agreed.

After joining the Yunbao Club, Bella was told about the nox and General of the Star Alliance in the club, and slowly accepted these things in surprise.

In addition to a nutritionist, Yunbao branch now had a regular doctor.

When these things came to an end and he found a relatively free day, Xie Luan proposed to the nox who was with him the idea of using the Ark ship to visit Attia.

Although this planet had been destroyed, leaving only a barren ruin, it was still Ya Yi’s hometown.

Because it was Xie Luan’s proposal, Ya Yi would not refuse, even though he did not actually have any concept of the term “hometown”.

Regardless of his hometown or his family, these terms were of great significance to others, but it was difficult for Ya Yi to have corresponding feelings and thoughts.

It was lost before it had time to own it, so the corresponding concept could not be produced.

Seeing Ya Yi’s cold side face on the Ark ship, Xie Luan thought about holding the other’s hand, and said: “There is the place where you were born.”

Hometown is where you were born, Xie Luan had once explained this to Muka Cub, but now he said something similar to Ya Yi.

“Yeah.” Ya Yi nodded.

“In addition to me, there must be many people on that planet who were looking forward to your birth.” Xie Luan said this sentence smoothly in a positive tone.

At the beginning, the cub egg was protected by a defensive device, so besides him, there must be people who are looking forward to the birth of this nox.

Although these people were no longer there, the anticipation and love that once existed still existed.

Ya Yi didn’t answer this time, and it didn’t take long for the Ark ship to reach its destination.

A desolate and silent planet, like a dead planet.

Alighting from the Ark, Xie Luan saw a scene similar to what he had seen in Ya Yi’s spiritual realm.

At this moment, Xie Luan felt that the hand he was holding in turn grabbed him.

His hometown was not beautiful at all.

There was a scene of destruction in front of him. Ya Yi firmly grasped the hand of the young man next to him, and the silver tail behind him also circled it, as if he was afraid that the young man would run away and trapped him one step in advance.

Xie Luan saw his emotions from the slightly taut profile of the person next to him, so he said directly: “I won’t run away.”

He wanted to show the youth beautiful things, but no. Ya Yi heard Xie Luan’s voice and lowered his eyes slightly.

Seeing that his sentence did not convince him, Xie Luan thought for a while after watching the nox and said: “Do not worry if I run, as now always catch me, so I cannot get away”

Regarding Ya Yi’s feelings, Xie Luan acknowledged that he was moved in the process of being struck by this nox unconsciously many times. In the face of such simple and direct feelings, Xie Luan was always poked by the other side. He couldn’t ignore the feeling of this poking.

Having said the sentence just now, Xie Luan didn’t want to turn back, but suddenly, he felt that the silver tail that had been tightly looped around his waist loosen.

After the tail let him go, the owner of the tail stood in front of him.

Without waiting for Xie Luan’s response, Ya Yi took off the necklace he was wearing, then took off the beautiful ring that was used as the key to the Ark on the necklace and squeezed it in his hand.

It was the key used to activate the ultimate weapon of the nox race. Before Xie Luan could react, the ring was put on the ring finger of his left hand by Ya Yi silently.

After putting it on, Ya Yi used his tail to re-enclose the young man in front of him, as if enclosing a beloved treasure. The nox then narrowed his blue vertical pupil slightly.

He had caught it.

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