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As a top-ranking university in China, Beijing University did not recruit many students every year, but they were all top students. This year, the admission of Beijing University was also in accordance with the usual practice, with senior brothers and sisters waiting for new students to enroll.

Standing at the gate of the school, Chi Fang looked at the bustling crowd around him, and felt a little headache. He turned his head and looked at Yu Mo behind him: “Go report first?”

Yu Mo nodded.

Both of them were outstanding, and when they stood at the school gate, they quickly attracted the attention of a bunch of people. It was just that those people didn’t know whether these two people were freshmen or seniors. If they were freshmen… the hands of these two people were too clean, just look at this circle of freshmen, with at least a suitcase in their hands. These individuals came completely empty-handed.

But if it’s an old student… When did their school have these kinds of handsome guys, and why didn’t they know!

Chi Fang and Yu Mo did not stay at the school gate for long. During the summer vacation, the two of them visited the Imperial Capital and bought a small apartment nearby. They arranged the place half a month ago. They also visited the Beijing University.

According to the direction, the two people first reported to the Academic Affairs Office and received all the student ID cards by the way. As for the dormitory of the school, although the two had decided to live outside, the process still had to be done.

Because these days were the initial days for reporting, there were freshmen dragging suitcases or seniors leading the freshmen everywhere in Beijing University. Chi Fang and Yu Mo felt a little bit abrupt inside.

The students along the way couldn’t help but look back at the two people. Chi Fang was still okay, but Yu Mo’s expression was becoming more and more impatient. In the end, when another pretty good-looking girl, looked back at them after passing by them, Yu Mo reached out and took Chi Fang’s hand.

The girl’s eyes widened suddenly and looked at the two boys as they were going to go hand in hand.

…The handsome boys were all self-sufficient, what should girls do?

As a result, many people at Beijing University knew about the two before they enrolled. There were two handsome guys in the freshmen of the finance department, but the others had no chance.

Yu Mo, who had successfully declared his sovereignty, felt much better, and even his expression softened. When Chi Fang saw this, he shook his wrist and raised his eyebrows: “Isn’t it childish?”

Yu Mo didn’t blush, his hand holding Chi Fang tightened. After he enrolled, he would take courses in two departments so he had to declare the ownership in advance, so that no one would dare to come near Chi Fang.

The dormitory had a four-person setup, which was quite spacious. There was a bed and a study table, and everyone had their own wardrobes. The bathroom was also independent, with a small balcony. But for Yu Mo, it was impossible for a person who had already tasted meat to be a vegetarian and stay in the dormitory. So, Yu Mo just glanced at it casually, and didn’t plan to live there at all.

There were already two boys in the dormitory. Seeing Chi Fang come in, they just thought of getting up to help, and found that both of them were empty handed. The boy was at a loss for a moment, and reacted, “Is there too much stuff downstairs, we will help you move it up.”

Chi Fang smiled and explained to the two people, and they heard him say that he and Yu Mo didn’t plan to live in school. The expressions of those two boys were also a little surprised. After all, if this was the case, those two people could sleep in a four-person room.

After finishing the report, they didn’t delay much at school. They bought some vegetables in the supermarket beside the school and strolled back to their small apartment.

It was not correct to say that it was a small apartment. This time the apartment bought by the two people was a duplex, with a small balcony on the upper and lower floors. There were two bedrooms, but the other bedroom was used by Yu Mo as a working room, containing his computer equipment.

“What do you want to eat?” Chi Fang put the dishes in the kitchen and opened the refrigerator to take a look. The two of them arrived in the capital a few days ago, and the refrigerator was filled up long ago, and at a glance they had everything they needed.

As soon as Yu Mo wanted to speak, Chi Fang poked his head out again: “You are not allowed to eat sweets.”

He didn’t know what Yu Mo’s problem with sweets was. No one had noticed before, so he had been suppressing it all the time. As a result, after being discovered by Chi Fang, Yu Mo was as if his seal had been lifted. Probably because he knew that Chi Fang would look at him, Yu Mo didn’t restrict himself, and tried to get some sweetness from Chi Fang every day.

Anyway, he couldn’t eat sugar, it was still sweet enough to eat Chi Fang.

As soon as he heard Chi Fang’s words, Yu Mo’s expression dropped suddenly, and there was no interest in choosing: “Anyway …” There was no sugar anyway!

Chi Fang laughed and shook his head helplessly, “Come.”

Yu Mo stood up silently and walked to Chi Fang’s side. Although Chi Fang took care of nourishment when he was in high school, he managed to grow to only 1.78 meters in the end, which was half a head shorter than Yu Mo who was 1.87 meters.

Chi Fang looked at Yu Mo and said with a smile, “Head down.” Yu Mo bent over subconsciously, lowered his head, and felt a warmth on his lips. He only froze for less than a second before reacting directly, and quickly turned his back, pressing Chi Fang’s head with one hand and protecting Chi Fang’s back with the other, pressing Chi Fang directly against the kitchen table.

These days, they had been busy going back and forth for several days, and the two of them had not been intimate for a long time. When Yu Mo retreated after getting satisfied, Chi Fang’s legs had become soft. Chi Fang slowed down, raised his eyes and saw that Yu Mo, who had just fallen into depression, was now full of smiles, as if he had managed to steal honey.

“It’s okay, don’t make trouble.” Chi Fang refused to admit that he was soft-hearted and hardened his heart to push the other person out of the kitchen.

Yu Mo didn’t care and waited in the living room well. When Chi Fang finished cooking, he eagerly came up to help with the plate, but his eyes didn’t fall on the plate at all, only looking at Chi Fang.

Chi Fang stared at the food and almost didn’t know how to eat it, so he finally had to put down his chopsticks and look at Yu Mo helplessly: “Eat first, wait… till it’s finished.”

Yu Mo’s eyes lit up, and he didn’t lose his mind anymore and was well-behaved for the rest of the meal.

He even seriously ate dessert after the meal.

No, he ate it several times over and over again.

After the school started, Chi Fang and Yu Mo really attracted greater attention.

Not to mention the looks of the two people, just to talk about the relationship between the two and Yu Mo’s double-degree advanced studies, was enough for the students to be curious. Although there was no opposition to same-sex feelings in China, it was still a minority after all. It was just that Chi Fang and Yu Mo rarely showed up at school except in class, and neither of them had a temperament that liked to join in the fun. Yu Mo would not say anything. He was cold to everyone, and one must be careful of getting frostbite when talking to him.

Although Chi Fang always had a smile on his face, his attitude was obviously alienating. In addition, once someone approached Chi Fang, the air pressure around Yu Mo would instantly drop until the person understood the situation and left.

In this way, fewer people dared to come in front of two people.

However, although the two people did not appear much, they were always a topic in the school forum. There was even a dedicated post just to collect information on the two people getting along.

The most noticeable topic among them was the look in Yu Mo’s eyes. Even if he was indifferent in the last second, as long as his eyes fell on Chi Fang, he would always be focused and smiling.

At the beginning, there were still people who were not convinced, thinking that they might have a chance when the two were separated, but until the senior year, both of them had gone out for internships, and Yu Mo’s gaze remained the same.

Even when the two of them had their own businesses, Yu Mo’s gaze at Chi Fang never changed.


Five years later.

Yuchi Group had become a business leader, and all the cooperation cases with Yuchi Group had been profitable. It was just that the president of Yuchi Group rarely showed up, let alone having any scandals.

People who had cooperated with Yuchi Group had the opportunity to see their true colors. They heard that the man not only looked great, but his methods were also very powerful. Some people were active and took their daughters with them during the second cooperation. Not only did they fail to negotiate the cooperation, but they were blacklisted instead.

Although the consequences were serious, there were still many people who wanted to make opportunistic tricks.

Until the official Weibo of Yuchi Group suddenly posted a Weibo at 7 o’clock in the morning one day, the Weibo only had two words and a picture.


In the picture, two hands were together, and the rings on the ring finger was shining.

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