TBLF Extra 4 (Ch. 104): Get up after a Kiss

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When Ji Rang finished his basic training and was transferred to the city bureau, he deliberately rushed back from the field and was to see the rumored old director of the police the next day. Holding Ji Rang’s information and looking at his marital status, he asked the detective captain next to him in surprise: “Married?”

“Yes, this kid got married as soon as he turned 22, and he hadn’t graduated from the police academy at that time.”

The old director didn’t know what he thought for a while, and he smiled after a long time and commented: “Promising.”

As a high-risk profession, the police were busy at work, and it was always difficult to solve personal problems. Many veteran detectives did not get married until their 30s or 40s, and the bachelors in the police station competed with each other, and then a hairy boy came and walked in front of them.

After all, he was a new star who had attracted attention from all walks of life when he was in the police academy. Ji Rang had not reported yet. But the news of his marriage swept the criminal police brigade like the wind, becoming a “target of public criticism”, and aroused all kinds of envy and hatred.

When Ji Rang came to the team to report on the day, everyone looked sour.

No wonder people could marry a wife so early, he looked so handsome.

But as a policeman, it didn’t matter whether he was handsome or not. On the contrary, his appearance was too high, which made people notice his appearance at a glance, but also made them question his ability. This was the same in every walk of life.

There were too many rumors about Ji Rang, which inevitably caused some dissatisfaction among the newcomers of the same class. They privately said that he should go to the entertainment circle to become a star, instead of fighting for a future star in the police circle.

Further, the character was not good at all. Although the police uniform had been worn for a year, the natural spirit was ingrained and could not be erased. The hostility of the newcomers of the same period was not good for them.

During the period, there were some small conflicts. Ji Rang also wrote several reviews. The old detective who took him in was used to seeing these young people’s advances. He also really liked the apprentice Ji Rang so he advised him that it was better to speak with strength.

So, Ji Rang took off.

He plunged into various cases and participated in several big cases in a row. During the period, he performed well, and his personal ability was outstanding. He took the first place in the periodical assessment. Those who could not criticize him enough before really shut up.

Noww, Ji Rang had become the backbone of the Criminal Police Brigade. Although he still often made mistakes and wrote reviews, as long as it was not a mistake in principle, he was just scolded in the bureau without any actual reprimand.

At the end of the year, a serial robbery with a high degree of attention was cracked by the bureau, and a dinner was held. For this case, the team had put in a full half a month of work, so everyone wanted to eat and drink peacefully. Ji Rang got drunk after drinking two glasses of white wine.

When Qi Ying called him, his partner picked up.

Seeing that the caller ID showed “little baby”, he was immediately happy. He hushed for a while to calm everyone down, became solemn, picked up the call, and said, “Sister-in-law.”

The voice from the receiver was soft and cute: “Hello, I’m looking for Ji Rang.”

“Arang is drunk, just so, you come to pick him up, we are in the sea court.”

The other side responded, and after hanging up the line, the partner yelled cheerfully: “We can see Arang’s wife!”

Ji Rang usually protected his wife like Hu Bao. They had worked together for more than a year, but they had never seen Qi Ying.

They were very curious.

What kind of girl was she? Was she worthy of being with a policeman?

Qi Ying drove over soon. Her driver’s license was taken last year. Ji Rang had taken her to practice several times so she was skilled and passed the test.

When she found the private room according to the room number, she opened the door, and it was filled with the smell of tobacco and alcohol. Among countless scorching eyes, a small smile appeared, “Hello, I have come to pick up Ji Rang.”

Her laughter was sweet, her voice was sweet, she was wearing a white t-shirt and suspenders with an obedient ponytail. She was bright and full of sweetness, just like a little fairy merged with a strawberry candy.

The police comrades in the private room were busy squeezing the cigarettes in their hands.

The smoky miasma was simply a poison to the little girl!

Ji Rang’s partner quickly stood up, smiled and asked, “Are you Arang’s family?”

The little girl nodded.

The partner led her to the sofa: “Well, he’s lying down, he’s too drunk.”

Qi Ying walked over, and the line of sight of every person in the private room followed. They saw the little girl squat down in front of the sofa, bring out a wet wipe from her bag and tear it open, then wipe Ji Rang’s face.

Ji Rang squinted his eyes and shouted vaguely, “Baby?”

Qi Ying touched his forehead, “Well. Can you still get up? Let’s go home.”

He stretched out his hand and pressed the little girl to his chest as if reluctant: “I’m a little dizzy, you lie down with me.”

A whole room of people watched him play the hooligan.

Qi Ying was about to die of shame and whispered: “Let’s go home and lie down, get up quickly.”

The white wine burned in his body, and he felt a little uncomfortable. He turned over, facing the little girl with his eyes still closed. He said in a very familiar manner: “I’ll get up after a kiss.”

There were boos all over the room.

Unexpectedly, the usual cold, fierce and cool boss actually had such a shameless side.

The partner couldn’t stand it anymore.

Unexpectedly, the little girl really lowered her head and pecked at the corner of his mouth.

The voice was soft: “Okay, you have to get up quickly.”

Ji Rang, who was already drunk and unconscious, really sat up.

Qi Ying helped him stand up and waved to the people in the private room with different expressions: “I’ll take him back, see you next time.”

“Goodbye sister-in-law!”

“Okay, see you next time.”

“Sister be careful on the way, if you have anything just call.”

Until the two went out of the private room.

Finally, someone couldn’t help asking: “Arang his wife, is she an adult?”

Ji Rang’s partner gave him a blank look: “What bullshit are you saying, will the country allow them to be married if she was underage?”

But she looked so small!

Ji Rang that beast!

The next day, Ji Rang, who was suffering from a hangover and had a splitting headache, ate the anti-hangover medicine Qi Ying had prepared for him, and went to work dizzily.

As soon as he entered, everyone raised their eyebrows and smiled.

The partner happily: “Brother, Yanfu is not shallow, out sister-in-law is so beautiful.”

Ji Rang: “???”

He had no memory of what happened last night, and thought his partner sent him back. The partner observed his words and expressions, and the ending made a long “Oh”, “Did you forget?”

Ji Rang did not speak.

Partner: “Then you must have forgotten that you asked sister-in-law for a kiss in public.”

Ji Rang: “???”

Partner: “Still lying on the ground acting like a baby, only to get up if sister-in-law kissed you.”

Ji Rang: “???”

The colleagues were very cooperative: “Tsk tsk, it was hard to see.”

The captain of the brigade walked in from outside the room holding a thermos cup. When he saw Ji Rang, he patted him on the shoulder and said with earnest heart: “Arang, young man, you still have to pay attention to the occasion.”

Ji Rang: “…”

No face to live anymore.

T/N: Public enemy Ji Rang… Hospital people hate her because he married their angel in white and police comrades hate him because he got married early in life…. Such a tough life he has… smirk*smirk*

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