YXBG Ch. 17: Brother and Sister

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The monitor was so considerate! Yin Xiaomei didn’t know if this was also a way for Lin Diyi to win people’s hearts, but she also felt that she did this without gathering everyone’s attention. So, Lin Diyi gave her a glorious image of the Virgin Mary.

When class was approaching, Gao Yu came back. He was obviously taken aback when he saw the snacks on the table, and then quietly put away the snacks.

When Xiaomei got home from school at night, she found a note in her language book with the words: Thank you.

It was written in a very beautiful official script.

Who wrote it at this time! Xiaomei stared at the note for a long time and couldn’t remember what she had done that was worthy of gratitude.

As the time approached June, the weather was getting hotter. Yin Ruoji went to Singapore because of company matters, and Chang Mei had to take the students to France to participate in a dance competition. Only Yin Xiaomei and Yin Zhefei were left to prepare for the end of the heated battle.

Although the air conditioner was on in the room, Yin Xiaomei still felt dizzy while looking at the white daylight outside.

Yin Zhefei immediately knocked on her head unceremoniously: “You’re distracted again!”

“Hate You!” Yin Xiaomei hugged her head, “You can’t speak with your mouth? I was beaten stupid by you!”

Yin Zhefei sneered. He pointed to the draft paper in front of him: “Remember these words, and I will come back to check.”

“Where are you going! You are a teacher; you should keep an eye on me!” Xiaomei quickly grabbed him.

“I’m going to take a shower!” Yin Zhefei squinted at her. “Are you going to come together?”

“Rogue!” Xiaomei retracted into the chair and glared at him. Yin Zhefei loved cleanliness very much. Although he had not yet reached the point of being overly hygienic, he often took a shower several times in summer. Xiaomei leaned on the window sill, and in the garden downstairs, Xiao Min was trimming the bushes wearing a straw hat with sunshade. Yin Zhefei greeted him and went straight to the garden tap to get water and poured it on himself.

Alas, such hot weather would only make people want to sleep. She looked at the words with a headache, and then at the brother who was bathing downstairs, she found both to be annoying. At this time, Xiao Min finished cutting the bushes and went back to the house to escape the heat, leaving only Yin Zhefei to take a shower in the sun comfortably.

The light bulb that had been short-circuited in Xiaomei’s mind seemed to be repaired in an instant, releasing 1,000 watts of brightness! She almost reflexively grabbed the camera from her bag, rushed downstairs, hid in the curtains of the French windows on the first floor, staring at the situation outside.

The flying drops of water rolled down from Yin Zhefei’s skin, leaving behind strips of transparent water stains. His hair was lingering like a hedgehog, and it looked a little cute. Because he was afraid of water getting in his eyes, he kept his eyes closed, and the long eyelashes that covered his eyes trembled slightly, with a bewitching glow. He only wore a pair of boxer briefs, and his beautiful figure was undoubtedly revealed. From the wide shoulders to the lean waist, to the slender and well-proportioned legs, all shaped according to the golden ratio of the Western sculptors. No wonder there were so many girls crazy for him, with this perfect body, she didn’t know how many people’s favor he could win.

Yin Xiaomei was not at all confused by his “beauty”, just holding up the camera and pressing the shutter desperately. She was so nervous that she was trembling, but she still refused to back down, as if every time she pressed the shutter, a piece of RMB fell into her pocket.

She felt that she really wanted to make money.

Yin Zhefei shook his head, shaking off the water droplets from his hair. He took the towel draped on the side and wiped his body. Suddenly, as if he felt the presence of a voyeur, he suddenly turned and looked at the French window –

– there was no one.

It was strange, could it be his illusion just now? Why did he always feel that there was a scorching sight stuck to him? Yin Zhefei felt a little ominous in his heart.

However, Yin Xiaomei almost rolled aside at a speed comparable to that of a jaguar. Although her posture was ugly, she felt that she hadn’t been spotted yet. Her two short legs were shaking with fright, but she climbed back upstairs as soon as possible and hid the camera.

When Yin Zhefei flew back, he had already changed into light gray short-sleeved home clothes. He had scruples that Xiaomei was a girl, and when tutoring her in homework, no matter how hot the weather was, he would not be shirtless. Even in normal times, if he happened to meet Xiaomei after playing basketball, he would ask other teammates to dress well.

Hu Fei often mumbled that he also had a younger sister, but he was not as neurotic as Yin Zhefei.

Yin Zhefei himself didn’t quite understand, but he always had a…very shy feeling about exposing himself in front of Xiaomei. As soon as this thought came out, it immediately made him stubborn and disgusted.

He watched Xiaomei obediently reading words on the chair, and hesitated: “Just now…you went downstairs?”

“En?” The little guy blinked innocently, “No, Xiaomei is memorizing words.” Yin Zhefei looked at her suspiciously, this guy often spoke in black and white, which he found unconvincing: “So, how many words have you memorized?”

Yin Xiaomei didn’t expect that he still had this trick, so she hurriedly made an angry look: “Brother the words are so difficult! Xiaomei can’t memorize it!” In fact, other children were memorizing apple, pear and so on. Yin Zhefei actually gave her a bunch of words like religious and verbatim. It’s so shameless!

“It seems that your brain is stupid, and it has nothing to do with me.” He sat back in the chair and continued to teach.

Yin Xiaomei secretly breathed a sigh of relief, thanking herself for passing the level.

If she was replaced by other girls and Yin Zhefei flew over to be a full-time teacher for them, they would be so happy. But Yin Xiaomei felt that this poison-tongued man looked so disgusting! Alas, it would be great if mother was there. Although she had only talked to her mother on the phone yesterday, she was still young and could not do without Chang Mei. Yin Ruoji’s conversation with the two children was even simpler, and only when he was talking with Chang Mei did he have innumerable words.

In the evening, the two had eaten and sat on the sofa to watch TV. Yin Xiaomei took a step toward the remote control and desperately selected the channel.

“Only watch for an hour.” Yin Zhefei immediately gave the order.

“Who cares about you.” Xiaomei did not fear him, her eyes stuck to the TV. Tonight was the finale of her favorite TV series “Beautiful Love”, and she was bound to see the end.

Yin Zhefei sat next to her. Today was the weekend. It was okay for her to relax and watch the vulgar TV series by herself.

The tall young man and the little girl beside him formed a sharp contrast.

Xiaomei stretched her neck, like a tortoise in a live match, she just wanted to get into the TV. Yin Zhefei immediately looked at her like this and found it a little funny. If he could see his expression at this time, he would definitely find that there was a trace of pampering in that smile.

The protagonist on the TV finally realized that the heroine was his true love. The two embraced each other enthusiastically and looked at each other affectionately.

“Jun, I never thought that you would come back!” The heroine looked at her lover in front of her pitifully, tears streaming down her face.

“Shhh, fool, don’t say anything…” The actor held her face and slowly approached.

Xiaomei’s eyes widened immediately, wow! Going to kiss, going to kiss, going to kiss!

However, before she could see it, her eyes suddenly turned black. Yin Zhefei’s right hand covered her eyes in time and pushed her down on the sofa.

“Ah! What are you doing! You bastard! Quickly let go.” Xiaomei twisted and struggled like a loach, “I want to see them kiss!”

It’s a pity that her struggle was insignificant under Yin Zhefei’s strange power. Yin Zhefei seemed to be pressing a wild rabbit, still looking at the TV, waiting for the kissing scene to pass. He faintly said: “Not suitable for children.”

“Not suitable for your children! I want to see them kiss!” Yin Xiaomei screamed and twisted her body, kicking her short legs and trying to kick him.

“Look again when you grow up.” Yin Zhefei didn’t move at all, his big hand still stretched out, confining her head and looking to the ceiling. This damn TV show, how was the kissing scene so long.

“Yin Zhefei! I’m going to kill you!” Yin Xiaomei used both hands and feet, but she couldn’t reach him. She used her feet on the sofa again, resisting with all her strength, but still couldn’t shake Yin Zhefei at all. She tried to squint her eyes, wanting to see even a fragment.

At this time, the imprisonment suddenly disappeared, and Xiaomei was suddenly brought into Yin Zhefei’s arms by inertia. She hurriedly turned to the TV, and the hero and heroine were already hugging each other happily. The camera kept pulling up, slowly turning to the blue sky.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, at this time, Xiaomei had almost become a soprano,” Yin Zhefei! You bastard! I want to tell mother that you didn’t let me see them kiss! Ahhhhh! ” The arms turned around, and she wanted to hurt the dead man in front of her!

“Mom will only praise me.” Yin Zhefei avoided her attack, seeing her flushed with anger, and wanted to laugh and make a serious look. This little thing was already precocious, so it’s better not to let her touch these things.

The ending song was already playing on the TV. Yin Zhefei kindly reminded: “It’s over, you should do your homework!”

“This old lady will did you!” Xiaomei picked up the cushion on the sofa and threw it at him.

Yin Zhefei easily caught the attacker and continued to tease her: “You should read the book carefully, otherwise, in case that idiot in your class has diarrhea, you will be the last one.”

Yin Xiaomei almost fainted, this poison-tongued man, why did he always pick her weakness to attack! She cursed unceremoniously: “What about you? Are you still watching pornographic movies! You rascal!”

Yin Zhefei shrugged, “That’s a kind of physical education.”

“Huh? The education has made you wet the bed? You are not ashamed or embarrassed!”

Yin Zhefei couldn’t help laughing again: “That’s not bedwetting.”

“Sophistry!” Another cushion flew over.

The two people were fighting here, but Ah Chun smiled and thought: The relationship between the young master and Xiaomei is really good!

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