FPH Ch. 31

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“Eating at Dynasty has always cost sky-high, it goes without saying, but their takeout is not cheap at all. Even this box is the same as eating in the restaurant. I’ve never eaten at Dynasty, not even a shredded potato. But I know that your family’s takeaway, just this bento, must have cost comparable to going to a five-star hotel for a table of dishes.” He Yishan said enviously, “Who ordered it for you? Such an expensive takeout, I wouldn’t believe it if you say you are ordinary friends!”

Gu Nian didn’t know how to answer, but she didn’t seem to know Chu Zhaoyang very well.

“Hey, tell me, does he want to chase you?” He Yishan poked Gu Nian’s arm, “What does he look like? Do you have a photo?”

Gu Nian glanced at the magazine placed at the corner of He Yishan’s desk, on the cover was Chu Zhaoyang. She wanted to say, the one on the cover that you see every day.

“Although I don’t understand why, but he is definitely not chasing me.” Gu Nian lowered her head to eat, no matter how He Yishan asked, she would not let go.

He Yishan had no choice but to give up, then looking at Gu Nian’s bento, she swallowed: “Is it delicious? I’ve never eaten ‘Dynasty’ food before.”

Gu Nian laughed and took a piece and gave her: “Well, try it.”

“Nian Nian, you are so good! Later, I can also brag to others, saying that I have eaten tempura from the ‘Dynasty’.” He Yishan happily took a bite, then squinted as if intoxicated. She opened her eyes, “Well, as expected of a ‘Dynasty’, it’s really delicious. Those so-called the most authentic Japanese food stores in City B, compared to this, are spicy chicken!”

Gu Nian finished eating and felt that this bento box was really good, the thick wooden material, a box of this grade would have cost few hundred yuan in the physical store, she didn’t want to throw it away, she thought that she would wash it and put it away.

She was thinking about calling Chu Zhaoyang to thank him, but she didn’t know if he had eaten. If he could think about ordering takeout for her, then he must have eaten it too.

When she was tangled with whether to call or not, it was time for work.

At this time, the director actually came over, and there was a man behind him. He looked about the same age as Chu Zhaoyang, wearing a neat and regulated police uniform, which matched his handsome and stern face.

Seeing the epaulettes on his shoulder, Gu Nian almost opened her mouth in surprise.

Such a young boy had become a police inspector!

Then, she listened to the director’s introduction: “This is Mo Jingsheng, a director from the city bureau, Director Mo.”

“It’s the deputy director.” Mo Jingsheng corrected lightly beside him.

The director laughed twice and said, “Okay, you will explain to them about the specific matter?”

Mo Jingsheng nodded, then said to Gu Nian and the others, “I am here to select one person from each area to join the criminal investigation team. Of course, this is a voluntary assignment. Anyone who wants to join can sign up, but in the end, selection will be carried out. Just because you sign up does not mean that you will be able to enter.”

Mo Jingsheng’s eyes swept across the crowd, and He Yishan took a small step back with a dry smile.

Liu Zhiyuan scratched his head and said, “I have a wife and children at home, and I don’t want to worry them.”

Looking at the others, they didn’t even want to join.

The director’s face couldn’t help but hang up a bit. He heard that other areas were very active in signing up. Why did they all become tortoises when it came to his team?

“Okay, this is a voluntary assignment, since everyone doesn’t have the will-“

“I.” Gu Nian raised his hand, “I want to sign up.”

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