MGSGW Ch. 218

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They had to just accept it, anyway, there were only a few Yun family members, and more children made the home livelier.

But the girl Yun Ruoshan was spoiled by Yun Jianguo.

Five years ago, the fourteen-year-old girl was able to squeeze Yun Ting’s older brother Yun Zheng to join the army in the most remote Xijiang Province, and almost made him lose contact with this family.

Yun Zheng was six years older than Yun Ting, and Yun Ting admired this brother the most when he was young.

It was also because Yun Ting liked Yun Zheng so much, that it stimulated Yun Ruoshan’s vague possessiveness, always feeling that Yun Zheng was taking away something from her, Yun Ting was hers.

After Yun Zheng left that day, Yun Ting lost his temper and tried to strangle Yun Ruoshan to death.

At that time, Yun Ruoshan was really strangled to the point of being out of breath, and Yun Ting threw her out of the house and told her that he would beat her every time he saw her.

But Yun Jianguo wasn’t worried about losing his son at all, he just wanted to pamper this adopted daughter, and made a fuss like crazy. He would fight desperately with anyone who dared to touch Yun Ruoshan, even his own son.

This farce, after all, ended with the victory of the father.

It was also in that year that the relationship between Yun Ting and his father also weakened. From then on, the army was his home and he almost never went home.

Now Yun Ting bought a courtyard house outside, took a young wife home, and finally had a home again, and lived a normal life.

But this year his father became obsessed again, for the sake of Yun Ruoshan, he didn’t even want the name and prestige that he had accumulated all his life, and wanted to save her.

How many people were staring at the fairness of the procuratorate, Yun Jianguo saved Yun Ruoshan on the front foot, and lost his position on the back foot.

People who were about to retire would not be guaranteed anything. Not only would their own reputation and future be ruined, but the reputation of the Yun family would be smeared with a layer of stains.

Yun Jianguo’s whole life had been planted in the hands of this adopted daughter.

Lin Mumu finally understood why Yun Ruoshan dared to be so arrogant, and the backing behind her feelings was a bit stable.

Lin Mumu also understood the wisdom of Old General Yun. He seemed to be complaining to Yun Ting, but he was actually here to be a lobbyist.

When he told Lin Mumu these things, he gave Lin Mumu an explanation. After all, Yun Ruoshan was not friendly to Lin Mumu before, and was later bailed out by the Yun family. The old man was afraid that Lin Mumu would inevitably have thoughts in her heart.

If it were someone else, of course Lin Mumu wouldn’t bear it. But since she married Yun Ting, she always had to think from Yun Ting’s point of view.

What’s more, Lin Mumu had enough self-confidence, Yun Ting would naturally protect her, and won’t let anyone really bully her.

Yun Ting listened to the old general talking about his family affairs, and did not interrupt, later he pursed his lips, and finally said: “Everyone is an adult, and should be responsible for their words and deeds.”

“I know, I don’t blame you for this matter.”

Old General Yun then turned his head to look at Lin Mumu: “Why, the little girl isn’t going to call me grandpa? Do you really think I don’t know anything when I’m old?”

“Grandpa.” Lin Mumu stuck out her tongue, it turned out that the old general already knew about it.

“Well, good girl, grandpa will give you a big red envelope later.” The old man was very happy.

“There is an old saying in China: even an ugly daughters-in-law has to see their parents-in-law, you really don’t plan to go back?”

“You need to be pointed out by someone.”

“I will listen to Yun Ting.” Lin Mumu was obedient now, but she was really not good at handling family disputes.

Lin Mumu knew Yun Ting’s scruples, his father loved Yun Ruoshan so much, God knows what he would do to Lin Mumu because of Yun Ruoshan.

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