APY Ch. 130 We are not Familiar

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Fu Hengyi wanted to live up to Shen Qinglan’s hard work. He didn’t mess around anymore, but picked up the bowls and chopsticks.

“Is it delicious?” Shen Qinglan asked when sitting opposite him, looking at him, her face was always cold, but her hand squeezing the chopsticks slightly revealed her inner tension.

“It’s delicious, this is the best dish I have ever eaten.” Fu Hengyi smiled.

Shen Qinglan let out a sigh of relief, “If you like it, eat more.”

At noon, Fu Hengyi really wiped out all the four dishes and one soup that Shen Qinglan had made, as he ate it for the first time.

The dishes were washed by Fu Hengyi. Shen Qinglan took advantage of this time to take a shower in the bathroom after spending the whole morning in the kitchen, so she was full of the smell of oily smoke.

Fu Hengyi cleaned up the kitchen. By that time Shen Qinglan had already taken a shower. She had just washed her hair, and her hair was still dripping. Seeing that she did not dry her hair, Fu Hengyi felt helpless, so he walked over and took the towel from her hand and started to dry her hair himself. Sometimes, Fu Hengyi had the illusion that instead of marrying a wife, he had gotten a daughter. He always cared about whether Shen Qinglan took care of herself when he was away.

Last time, he said that he would find an aunt who cooks, but this person moved directly back to the dormitory. After coming back, she never mentioned the aunt’s matter. This matter was nothing more than that, and Fu Hengyi also knew that Shen Qinglan didn’t like strangers coming in and out of her house, and that’s why he didn’t say anything more about it.

After cleaning up, Shen Qinglan and Fu Hengyi returned to the compound.

“Hengyi, Qinglan, you are back.” Aunt Zhao opened the door and was very happy to see the young couple.

Shen Qinglan and Fu Hengyi greeted Aunt Zhao. They had just walked into the living room when they saw the person sitting on the sofa. Shen Qinglan glanced at Aunt Zhao, asking with her look why was she here.

“Miss Shen said that it has been a long time since she came to see the old man, so she came over to have a look.” Aunt Zhao explained.

“Grandpa.” Shen Qinglan yelled, and Mr. Fu smiled and nodded, and then greeted Shen Qinglan, “Qinglan, come and sit.”

“Hengyi, long time no see.” Shen Qingyi stood up and said hello to him with a smiling face. Her smile was gentle, but her eyes were stuck to Fu Hengyi’s body, and she looked at his face greedily, with undisguised nostalgia and longing under her eyes.

Fu Hengyi’s eyebrows were slightly cold, and he nodded faintly, as he sat down beside Shen Qinglan, “Grandpa.”

Grandpa Fu glanced at his grandson, his complexion was good, he and he didn’t seem to have lost any weight, “How many days are you staying at home this time?”

The number of days was not fixed, so when Mr. Fu saw his grandson coming back, he asked this in the first sentence.

“Three and a half days.”

Grandpa Fu nodded in satisfaction, thinking he was indeed a married man, unlike before, when he hadn’t come home for few years.

“Hengyi, I just learned that today is your birthday, and I didn’t prepare any birthday gifts. I’m sorry.” Shen Qingyi said with an apologetic expression. She had known from the beginning that today was Fu Hengyi’s birthday, and she also found out that Fu Hengyi would be back today, so she came to Fu’s household deliberately.

“I hadn’t planned on receiving any.” Fu Hengyi said lightly.

“Birthdays come only once a year. In previous years, you didn’t come back at this time. It’s rare that you come back this year. How can you do it like this? Let’s do it this way, I will be the host, book a hotel, and the two families can have a meal together.” Shen Qingyi said out the purpose of her coming today.

Fu Hengyi was about to refuse, but Shen Qinglan answered, “Okay.” Fu Hengyi shut up, he wouldn’t go against his wife’s words.

Shen Qingyi looked at Shen Qinglan, and a flash of jealousy flashed across her eyes. If it weren’t for Shen Qinglan grabbing the person she loved, then the person sitting next to Fu Hengyi today would’ve her.

So, the family banquet that was originally just for the Fu family became a dinner for the Fu family and the Shen family.

Shen Qingyi booked a hotel in the city center. She knew it was Fu Hengyi’s birthday. She also ordered a big birthday cake, but Fu Hengyi didn’t even eat a bite of the cake.

At the dinner table, Fu Hengyi drank a lot of wine with Mr. Fu, Mr. Shen, and Mr. Shen Junyu. His alcohol capacity was not too small. But today, Mr. Shen had taken out the wine from his wine cellar at home. The alcohol content in it was a bit high. Fu Hengyi drank quite a bit of it, and felt a little bit overwhelming.

“Are you okay?” Shen Qinglan asked in a low voice.

Fu Hengyi squeezed her hand to signal that he was okay, feeling the softness of her palm, he did not let go.

“I’ll go out for a while.” Fu Hengyi stood up and said.

Shen Qinglan knew that he probably needed to go out to sober up, but didn’t say anything, just looked at her brother coldly, as he was the one persuading him to srink just now.

Shen Junyu was stared at inexplicably by his younger sister and looked back innocently, but Shen Qinglan looked away and started talking to Mr. Shen.

When Fu Hengyi came out of the toilet, he saw Shen Qingyi who was waiting outside. He wanted to cross her to go back to the dinner table, but Shen Qingyi pulled at his sleeves, “Hengyi, wait.”

Fu Hengyi stopped and looked at her, “You want something? “

Shen Qingyi took out an exquisite small box from her pocket, which contained a men’s watch, “This is my birthday present for you, I hope you like it.” This was bought the last time she went abroad to perform with Chu Yunrong and picked it for him.

Fu Hengyi didn’t stretch out his hand, and Shen Qingyi’s hand was left hanging out there, she was very embarrassed, but she stubbornly refused to take it back.

“I received your heart, but you should take the gift back.”

The smile on Shen Qingyi’s face froze. “Hengyi, I chose this specially for you.”

“No need.” Fu Hengyi’s voice was slightly cold.

Shen Qingyi’s eyes lingered on his face, “Hengyi, do you have to be so indifferent to me? We still grew up together.”

Shen Qingyi’s eyes stayed on Fu Hengyi from the moment she first saw Fu Hengyi when he was nine years old. But Fu Hengyi never had her in his eyes. Although Shen Qingyi was disappointed, she was not sad. After all in his eyes, there was no other women. But now, seeing Fu Hengyi taking care of Shen Qinglan with her own eyes, Shen Qingyi’s heart was almost broken.

Especially at the dinner table just now, Fu Hengyi peeled shrimps for Shen Qinglan and picked out the fish bones for her. If it weren’t for her strong self-control, she was afraid she would cry on the spot.

“We are not familiar.” Fu Hengyi said openly, with a cold tone.

Shen Qingyi twitched, “We’re not familiar, we have known each other for seventeen years, you are not familiar with me? Am I like a plague? You want to hide from me like this?”

Fu Hengyi didn’t like women making troubles unreasonably. Shen Qingyi’s behavior is in his eyes was the typical behavior of unreasonably making trouble.

He lifted his foot and was about to leave, but was once again pulled by the corner of his clothes by Shen Qingyi, “Fu Hengyi, am I so non-existent in your eyes?”

Fu Hengyi’s brows and eyes contained hints of impatience. Shen Qingyi had been entangled with him like this several times, and his patience was about to run out.

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