APY Ch. 131 Birthday Present

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“Shen Qingyi, is this the education of you young ladies from wealthy families?” Shen Qinglan’s clear voice came out from behind the,. Shen Qingyi was startled, and subconsciously let go of the hand holding Fu Hengyi’s clothes corner and looked in the direction of the voice.

Shen Qinglan stood there just like that and her cold face was calm, and even the eyes looking at her were calm, but Shen Qingyi felt unusually embarrassed.

“Shen Qinglan, why are you here?” Shen Qingyi’s face was not good, and the her tone was naturally not much better.

Shen Qinglan looked at her faintly, “I’m here to look for my husband.” The word “husband” was deliberately bit down, successfully making Shen Qingyi pale.

Shen Qinglan glanced at the box in her hand, guessed the matter seven or eight times, then glanced at Fu Hengyi’s cold face, a smile flashing in her eyes, as she walked over, “Drank too much?”

Fu Hengyi shook his head and held her hand, “Why did you come out?”

Of course, Shen Qinglan couldn’t say that it was because she saw Shen Qingyi going out, but did not see Fu Hengyi coming back. She was afraid that Shen Qingyi would act like a ghost, so she came out to have a look, “I’m afraid you were drunk and fell.”

Fu Hengyi started laughing, without piercing her thin excuse, the two looked at each other and left together. Shen Qingyi looked at the back of the two leaving and stood there for a long time without moving.

It took a long time for Shen Qingyi to come back to the room, “Qingyi, are you feeling unwell and why is your face so ugly?” Chu Yunrong asked with concern.

Shen Qingyi pulled out a smile at the corner of her mouth, and said a little far-fetchedly, “Grandpa’s wine is too good to drink. I drank two more glasses just now and I was a little drunk.”

Chu Yunrong glared at her angrily. “You still drink so much.” The tone was very distressed.

Seeing that everyone had almost eaten, Chu Yunrong suggested to go home and rest, and everyone had no objection.

Neither Shen Qinglan nor Chu Yunrong drank at night, so they were the ones who drove the car.

Chu Yunrong, Shen Qingyi, Mr. Shen and Shen Junyu were in one car, and Fu Hengyi, Shen Qinglan and Mr. Fu were in the other car.

Shen Qinglan sent Mr. Fu back to the compound before returning home with Fu Hengyi.

As soon as they got home, Shen Qinglan went in the bathroom, without saying a word to Fu Hengyi. Fu Hengyi touched his nose, he knew that she was upset by what happened with Shen Qingyi in the hotel, but she was happy in her heart.

After Shen Qinglan took a bath, it was Fu Hengyi’s turn to go in and wash up. He always took a quick bath, and he came out within a few minutes. Shen Qinglan was half leaning on the bed, playing with her mobile phone from an unprecedented time.

Fu Hengyi walked over and took a glance, she was chatting with Yu Xiaoxuan on WeChat.

He walked to the other side of the bed, lay down, put his hands on Shen Qinglan’s waist naturally, Shen Qinglan’s typing movements stopped, but there was no other reaction, and she continued typing.

Fu Hengyi waited for her for a while, but saw that his wife didn’t pay attention to his thoughts. He reached out and took the phone from her hand. “It’s getting late, we should go to bed.” Shen Qinglan did not take the phone back, but instead, she turned off the light and lay down to sleep.

Fu Hengyi:…….

He lay down and naturally encircled Shen Qinglan in his arms, “Wife, today is my birthday.” Fu Hengyi’s low magnetic voice fell into Shen Qinglan’s ears.

“So?” Shen Qinglan was finally willing to speak up.

“Where is my birthday present?” With turned off lights, he couldn’t see Shen Qinglan’s expression. He could only hear her voice, “Didn’t someone already give you a gift?” The tone was flat and he couldn’t distinguish the emotions.

“Wife, as you saw, I didn’t ask for a gift from others.” Fu Hengyi claimed his innocence.

Of course Shen Qinglan saw it, and knew that it was completely wishful thinking of Shen Qingyi, but looking at Fu Hengyi’s rotten peach blossom, she felt depressed in her heart, and was naturally angry at Fu Hengyi.

Seeing Shen Qinglan not speaking, Fu Hengyi continued to speak, “Wife, didn’t you prepare a birthday present for me?”

This was the first time in Fu Hengyi’s 31-years of life that he asked for a gift from someone else. If he let his brothers saw it, their eyes would be sticking out.

Shen Qinglan was also amused by Fu Hengyi’s appearance of begging for sweets, and laughed softly. She was not too angry in the first place, and now she couldn’t be angry anymore.

Fu Hengyi felt relieved and finally smiled.

Shen Qinglan was nestled in Fu Hengyi’s arms, Fu Hengyi played with her hair, and the atmosphere between the two was very warm.

It was just that when he started, Fu Hengyi’s eyes suddenly fell below Shen Qinglan’s neck, because today Shen Qinglan had changed into a low-cut pyjama, and there was a piece of snow-white skin visible to him.

Fu Hengyi’s eyes darkened, he glanced at her again, then slowly lowered his head and kissed her lips.

Shen Qinglan had become accustomed to Fu Hengyi’s closeness, and habitually wrapped her arms around his neck. Fu Hengyi was not satisfied with the kiss, and stretched his hand in along the hem of her pyjamas.

His hands were a little rough, causing a slight itching. Shen Qinglan’s body trembled slightly, and she involuntarily let out a moan, and then Shen Qinglan was stunned. The coquettish voice just now was it really made by her?

The gloomy light in Fu Hengyi’s eyes flickered, and his Adam’s apple rolled up and down, as he deepened the kiss.

His hands got up and touched the softness, he paused, looking at Shen Qinglan, his eyes were burning, “Qinglan, is this okay?”

Shen Qinglan slowly said, “Yes,” in a very soft voice.

Fu Hengyi’s eyes were overjoyed, and Shen Qinglan’s pyjamas fell from the bed with a lightly hooked finger, and a large area of her white skin was reflected in Fu Hengyi’s eyes.

The temperature in the bedroom rose higher and higher, and soon, their clothes were thrown all over the floor.

Shen Qinglan snorted, frowning, Fu Hengyi froze, no longer dared to move, waiting for Shen Qinglan’s pain to pass.

After a long time, Shen Qinglan’s breathing slowed down, and she raised her head and kissed Fu Hengyi’s chin.

After receiving the gesture, Fu Hengyi slowly started to move.

Outside the window, a crescent moon hid in the clouds, seemingly afraid to look at the magnificent scene in this world.

The next day, when Shen Qinglan woke up, it was already bright. Her biological clock failed for the first time. She blinked and her mind was still a little confused.

“Wife, morning.” Fu Hengyi’s low voice sounded above her head, and then a hot and humid kiss was printed on her forehead.

Shen Qinglan smiled slightly, “Morning.” Then, Qinglan blushed because she saw the glaring teeth mark on Fu Hengyi’s neck, which was blood-red, it was where she had bit him last night.

The scenes from last night flashed through her mind, Shen Qinglan was a little uncomfortable, well, last night, she gave herself to Fu Hengyi as a birthday present.

Master Fu said that he liked this gift from his wife.

Knowing Shen Qinglan’s thin skin, Fu Hengyi didn’t tease her, and stood up, “I’m going to make breakfast, you can still sleep for a while.”

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