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All Weibo posts and communications are in bold…

“With boutique vacations as the core, accommodation, food, entertainment, recuperation, and shopping, it would have all-round services. In addition to accommodation, I am going to use the business model of outsourcing to diversify risks and improve service quality. Our hotel would conduct an all-round investigation in our partner. I have a new idea for a section——”

“I will outsource the gourmet section to Mr. Yu, and Mr. Yu will form a team to enter the resort. At the same time, Mr. Yu would be still the spokesperson of our hotel, so that there is no conflict, and the gourmet section can use Mr. Yu’s fame as a way to develop, and Mr. Yu’s starting point for starting a business in the catering industry would also be elevated.”

“So, isn’t it a win-win situation?”

Huo Zhilun talked openly, with a confident smile on the corner of his mouth.

The Jade Hotel wanted to transform, and Yu Siyang wanted to start a business. Cooperation would benefit both parties, especially Yu Siyang. It could be said that his entrepreneurship would be standing on the shoulders of giants.

Huo Zhilun believed that anyone with a bit of ambition would be tempted by this plan.

“We will consider it.” Xue Chengxiu said lightly, taking a sip slowly while holding a teacup.

Huo Zhilun got up very wisely, “Then I will go back and wait for the news from Mr. Xue and Mr. Yu.” After finishing speaking, he nodded in greeting to Yu Siyang, and left Xue Chengxiu’s office gracefully.

After Huo Zhilun went out, Yu Siyang tried to suppress his words but finally he could not help but ask, “He meant that he wants to contract me for their hotel’s catering?”

Xue Chengxiu nodded, “About that.”

Yu Siyang frowned and thought for a while and asked: “Then what about our mom-and-pop shop?”

Xue Chengxiu laughed and rubbed Yu Siyang’s hair. “Naturally, I didn’t want you to go to the battle in person, but just borrow your name, and the person who does the job would be recruited separately.”

“So, I would only be a mascot.” Yu Siyang realized suddenly.

“Well, the summary is very brilliant.” Xue Chengxiu nodded.

Yu Siyang suddenly lost his interest, “I still like our mom-and-pop shop. It doesn’t need to be too big, it makes people feel cozy and comfortable and it is like my own restaurant. Of course, the most important thing is delicious food.” He said as he got more and more excited, holding a box in his right hand, “I will become a Michelin-starred chef before I turn thirty.”

“After that, it will be a Michelin three-star mom-and-pop restaurant.” Xue Chengxiu said with a smile, thinking about the feasibility of Huo Zhilun’s plan.

Yu Siyang was not very interested in contracting for the catering of the Jade Hotel, but Xue Chengxiu looked at the feasibility of this matter from the perspective of investment. After Yu Siyang returned to the crew, he sent the project to the Hengsheng Capital Evaluation Team for evaluation.

“Dead Land” was filmed for more than eight months, and it was finally about to be finalized. The two major scenes of car chase and urban street fighting were set up by the crew for half a month with more than a dozen cameras, including rocker arms, aerial photography, etc. The crew was also fully armed, dozens of vehicles arrived at the scene, and more than a hundred group performers were pulled from Tenglan Film and Television City. The scene was spectacular.

There were many big scenes in Yu Siyang’s “Battle of Fei Shui” before, but Chu Quan used more CG technology, while Bu Guanqing liked real-life shooting.

The most direct result of this road chase and urban street fighting drama was that the big drug lord Shao Qing was arrested half-dead, and his men were either dead or injured, and the drug cartel that had been entrenched in the border for more than ten years was annihilated.

The police also paid a great price. Qiu Shizhe died under Shao Qing’s gun to protect Wu Wenjing. More than half of the border drug police died or got wounded. Wu Wenjing then left the front line because of psychological problems.

“Dead Land” meant the place of death.

This place was full of killing and blood. It was a dangerous place, and some people, for the happiness of thousands of families behind them, knowing that they were bound to die, still go forward.

“Dead land” could also be understood as a place to be put to death and then to live.

When you don’t even fear death, what else can be terrible?

Whether it was Wu Wenjing, Qiu Shizhe, or the drug police who had dedicated their lives for the faith in their hearts who had no names, they were all respectable and lovely people.

This was also the original intention of Yan Haiqing’s creation of the “Dead Land” script.

On the newly released “Dead Land” movie stills poster, there was a striking sentence-To the unsung heroes fighting on the front line of anti-narcotics.

A few posters vividly expressed the tense and tragic atmosphere in the movie.

“Nima, I cried when I saw the movie poster for the first time, and my tears are falling again. [Cry][Cry]”

“Upstairs, you are not alone, I also cried.”

“Yu Pang’s acting burst [hug and hug]”

“It is the first time I found out that Shi Zhen still has acting skills, how could I be a black fan who blacked him?!”

“At such a sentimental time, can Shi Zhen’s black fan be rejected? Come out, don’t be funny.”

“Sorry, blackening Shi Zhen has become a conditioned reflex, everyone just didn’t see it, hahaha.”

When the new poster was hotly searched, the chief producer of “Dead Land” received a call from the China Anti-Drug Office to invite several of the main roles in the movie for filming an anti-drug public service advertisement.

The chief producer politely said that he would discuss with the few leading actors first, but generally everyone knew that it was impossible for a celebrity to refuse a public service advertisement funded by the state.

Luo Peng actually got the news earlier than the chief producer, because he was contacted for a public service advertisement to help orphans.

When Luo Peng told Yu Siyang, Yu Siyang immediately nodded in agreement.

After the film was finalized, the leading actors were taken to the Imperial Capital to shoot the public service advertisement.

Before the public service advertisement had started filming, the mom-and-pop shop had been renovated.

After the renovation, the mom-and-pop shop finally had a formal name-Yufu Family Banquet.

Xue Chengxiu asked to have all the certificates and licenses for the Yufu family banquet, and get everything ready, so he could just wait for the chef to come back and open it.

Mr. Xue, who was idle, also registered the company under the name “Yufu family banquet”, and the legal representative was Yu Siyang.

At the same time, the professional manager of Hengsheng Capital, on behalf of Yufu Family Banquet Catering Investment Management Co., Ltd., had a friendly negotiation with Jade Hotel on the catering outsourcing project of Jade Resort Center.

Mr. Xue believed that this project was feasible for investment. Anyway, the company had already been registered, and the company had a dedicated manager. After the project was won, Yu Siyang did not need to do anything, nor did it consume too much energy.

The only problem now was that the project had not yet been launched, and the news of Yu Siyang’s registered company had been leaked out.

The foodies took a look-okay, the head of the group registered a catering company.

Master, where is your restaurant? Why don’t you put an advertisement on Weibo and tell us, look at the so-so and so-so, who can advertise and sell goods on Weibo. Can you learn from other celebrities?!

As the master, Yu Siyang saw the call of the foodies with a dazed expression-why are these people so well informed?

Yu Siyang V: “You know too much [cry][cry]”

The picture was the face of the Yufu family banquet sent to him by Xue Chengxiu.

The food groups suddenly couldn’t calm down.

“Address address address address address… send address ah ah ah ah ah ah”

“You have the ability to send the door, you have the ability to send the address!”

“360-degree Thomas rolls around and asks for the address for the head’s shop [Roll around.gif]”

“Yu Pang, don’t play anymore, tell us the address quickly, be good~~~”

A photo triggered a hot search, the power of food was great. After a while #YuSiyangOpensShop# #ThethemeoftheTop##”TheBattleofFeishui”settobereleasedonJuly30#, ranking first in the hot search list.

The crew of “The Battle of Feishui” was dumbfounded.

If someone else was the first to top the hot search, they could let the navy go up again, but the one who topped the hot search was one of the leading actors of their movie, and they suddenly fell into a (pseudo) philosophical proposition- brush or not to brush, this was the question.

The crew had no choice but to contact Yu Siyang and ask him to post another movie-related Weibo.

Yu Siyang very cooperatively sent another one.

Yu Siyang V: “Doesn’t anyone think I look handsome in armor @Movie the Battle of Feishui”

The picture was a still of him wearing a light armor.

“Dwarf oil~~~Who cares about whether your armor is handsome or not? We only care about where your shop address is.”

“Yu Pang, hand over the address!!”

“Ah ah ah ah … husband you look handsome out of the sky.”

“Well, upstairs you have come in the wrong set, please go out and turn right.”

“Battle of Fei Shui powder please go to the official blog, thank you, here now is the food group control field.”

The ability of food fans to control the field was unmatched. They squeezed out Face Fans, Girlfriend Fan, and CP Fan from Yu Siyang’s Weibo and gave them almost no place to survive. Then Face Fans, Girlfriend Fans, and CP Fans angered and united, and started to smash the food fans together.

Some passers-by were surprised to find that Yu Siyang’s fans actually fought inwardly and couldn’t help but laugh at him.

The fans who had just fought inwardly, immediately unanimously ridiculed the cheap passers-by not letting them escape so they couldn’t win and made them wish to uninstall Weibo from now on.

Yu Siyang very obediently posted a Weibo to divert the attention of fans, but the effect was limited, which was beyond his control.

In this regard, he was also very innocent!

Although Yu Siyang admitted that he wanted to open a store, he did not respond with the address of the store no matter what fans asked but–

How could it be difficult for fans to get information with so many people and powerful skills!

The core backbones of the several food groups organized people in the fan group, and they worked together to find Yu Siyang’s shop.

I am an old fan of the leader: [First of all, the leader’s company is in Yunzhong City, and he himself lives in Yunzhong City, so the possibility of the store being in Yunzhong City is as high as 99%]

Why am I hungry again?: [Why is it 99%, and not 100%?

I’m an old fan of the head of the group: 【…Why am I hungry again, don’t make trouble.]

Why am I hungry again: [Oh, you continue]

I am an old fan of the head of the group: [Now, everyone in Yunzhong City hits 1, and Food is better than other goods will count them]

Food is better than other goods: [I am Eat goods, not second goods. [Beat.gif] Don’t make trouble if you are not in Yunzhong City]

It’s better to eat goods than second goods: [I set up another discussion group. After I went in, I put everyone one by one in the different positions.

The discussion in the fan group was full of enthusiasm, and one backbone member of the food group, “Gourmet Can Swallow the Sky”, could only pretend to be absent.

Ge Rui glanced at the screen in front of the computer, and silently gave Yu Siyang tears of sympathy.

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