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“The Battle of Feishui” was released on July 30. Although there was an imported sci-fi blockbuster released at the same period, the box office was evenly divided, but the word-of-mouth reputation was much better than “A Million Light Years Away”, which was based on special effects and had no logic.

The popularity of the movie made Yu Siyang, one of the protagonists, more unmovable from the first-line position in the circle. Film appointments and endorsements flocked to Luo Peng. Luo Peng very (pretentiously) unselfishly sent them to the internal group of All-Star Entertainment agents to let other agents pick and choose at will. As for whether they could try or not, he didn’t care about that.

And he himself… was very busy!

He was helping Yu Siyang prepare for the restaurant’s opening!!

“You say that I am an acting agent mixed in this, am I a success or failure?!” Luo Peng took a clear inventory of the fresh fruits from the orchard, pulling Meng Hailong along the way.

Meng Hailong wiped out a yellow peach and threw the peach-core in the trash can. “It’s fair to say that you, an agent, are helping the artist under your hand. I am the director of the hotel’s product promotion department who was sent to help. It’s really miserable.”

Especially when the chairman actually said, “There’s not a lot of business now, you are idle anyway.” This really made the employees feel angry and guilty. In fact, he didn’t want to be idle at all, really!

The brothers who were sent by their bosses to deal with miscellaneous things looked at each other, and they both saw the mutual sympathy in each other’s eyes, so they happily decided to eat spicy crayfish to comfort their hurt little souls.

After confirming that there were no more goods to be delivered in the morning, Luo Peng took the key to lock the store, and the brothers went to pick up the car side by side.

“Have you noticed that there have been a lot more people on this street these past few days?” Meng Hailong asked as he walked.

Luo Peng looked around, “Really, there are a lot of people, and most of them are girls.”

Meng Hailong twitched his mouth, “…You really have a pair of eyes that can spot girls anytime, anywhere.”

“My mother now calls me every week without fail and she asks me if I am looking for a girlfriend. I have thus gotten this reflex.” Luo Peng sighed, “When I was studying, I held the little hand of a female classmate in the same class. My mother gave me a violent beating, and now she is urging me not only to hold the little girl’s hand, but also to get over the psychological shadow~~~”

Meng Hailong patted Luo Peng on the shoulder empathetically, “Wait for you to reach the age of your brother. My mother doesn’t fight every week, but every day.”

Luo Peng shuddered after thinking about the situation.

I! Can! Be! Afraid!

“Uncle, uncle, please wait…”

Luo Peng found his handsome off-road vehicle in the parking space and was about to get into the cab when he was suddenly called from behind.

Meng Hailong, who was outside the co-pilot, looked over his head and smiled and said to Luo Peng, “So, ‘Uncle’ was calling you.”

He was obviously called “Uncle”, and Luo Peng was a little bit emotional.

But when he looked back and saw that he was called by a few little beauties, he instantly put away his little emotions, and asked in a pleasant tone, “Is there anything you want from me?”

One of the girls pointed at them and walked over. “Uncle, are you an employee of Yufu Family Banquet? I just saw you and this uncle inside.” She said, pointing at Meng Hailong.


He was also called Uncle?!

Meng Hailong felt that he had received ten thousand points of damage.

Nima, can this little girl speak!!!

Luo Peng smiled, and the depression from being called “Uncle” disappeared without a trace after Meng Hailong was called “Uncle” as well. He said, “We are not employees of Yufu Family Banquet, but friends of the boss.”

Several little beauties said, “Uncle, do you know when the Yufu Family Banquet will open?”

Luo Peng was about to speak when he suddenly felt that the expressions of these girls were not quite right, they were too eager.

“It hasn’t been settled yet, and I don’t know.” Luo Peng shook his head, “Sorry, we are going to eat, you guys should go back soon, there is nothing to go shopping in this street.”

Luo Peng and Meng Hailong got in the car. Here, several little beauties had already walked in the direction they had come from.

“The location of Xiaoyu’s shop has been leaked, right?” Luo Peng spoke to Meng Hailong while driving.

Meng Hailong had nothing to say. “Sooner or later, don’t all celebrities like to advertise and attract fans when they open stores.”

Luo Peng stared at the road conditions and resisted the urge to roll his eyes and said, “That’s it. You can also see what is happening in Xiaoyu’s shop. With just a few tables arranged like a restaurant at home, how do you attract fans? Just a few people coming in and it will be full.”

“Then…aren’t you cooperating with our hotel? There are not only a few tables in the resort.” Meng Hailong defended.

“Don’t say that,” Luo Peng couldn’t help but roll his eyes, “Xiaoyu is only a hands-on shopkeeper, it’s just that your resort is using his name.”

Meng Hailong, who was dissed, vomited back: “Then you are still investing in Yu Siyang’s company! Obviously, you are also using his name.”

Luo Peng countered: “Tsk, but your hotel is crying and crying for my Xiaoyu’s endorsement.”

Meng Hailong was unwilling to show weakness: “We are all foxes of a thousand years, let us say no more.”

The brothers who were sympathetic to each other more than ten minutes ago had turned against each other.

But for the Chinese people, even huge hatred between brothers was resolved with one meal of spicy crayfish, but if it didn’t work, then two meals.

Under the delicacy of spicy crayfish, the two people who had just quarrelled reconciled and wiped out the five catties of spicy crayfish.

After eating and drinking, Luo Peng finally remembered what was going on, and called Yu Siyang to tell that the address of Yufu family banquet was known by his fans.

Yu Siyang was testing the dishes at home. After receiving Luo Peng’s call, he sighed helplessly: “If they know it, you may have to hire more security guards on the opening day.”

Ge Rui and Xue Yunmu moved a small bench over by themselves. Sitting in a row in the kitchen, they were waiting for Yu Siyang to feed them. Seeing Yu Siyang answering the phone and sighing, Ge Rui asked: “What’s wrong? Has something happened?”

“Brother Luo told me that the location of the restaurant is known to my fans.” Yu Siyang said.

Ge Rui scratched her cheek awkwardly, thought about it, and decided to tell him, “Xiaoyu, do you still remember the fan called ‘I am an old fan of the leader’? You greeted her on Weibo.”

Yu Siyang’s beef cutting action stopped, and it took a long time to realize, “I remember, I had gone to the club to play at that time.”

“It was her, who organized the fans in the group, divided them by areas, street by street, looking for your shop.” Ge Rui said, really admiring this group of people for finding it so soon.

“Ah…” Yu Siyang felt dull.

This, this was too…

He hadn’t planned to tell the fans the location of the mom-and-pop shop.

If he told his fans, business would be good, but he didn’t want to use his reputation to consume fans. He only hoped that the people who came to eat in the mom-and-pop shop were those who really loved food, had discovered the delicious food there, and loved his craftsmanship.

Homemade dishes needed to be recognized for their deliciousness, which was the pride of every chef.

“They are really amazing.” Yu Siyang murmured, then lowered his head to cut the beef, his expression could not tell whether he was happy or unhappy.

Ge Rui quickly changed the subject and asked, “What are you making now? It’s so fragrant.”

“It’s Jiaojiang beef[1].” Yu Siyang said, “It’s a cold dish.”

“Are you done? Can you give me a bite now?” As Yu Siyang cut through the beef with a knife, the marinated beef exudes an overbearing fragrance, and Ge Rui felt that he could hardly restrain his saliva.

Xue Yunmu, who was sitting in the row as well, also raised his hands, “Brother, Mumu wants to eat too.” The little fat man was already hissing and sucking saliva.

Yu Siyang said helplessly: “It isn’t finished yet.”

He tried the dishes at home for several days. Because of this the little fat man didn’t even want to go to kindergarten. The little guy was stuck in the kitchen this weekend and was very happy.

This flavored beef had been sealed and marinated with spices for more than a week. It was when the spices became more delicious after aging. When it was cut, the scent locked in the meat was released.

But the problem was, this meat was still raw!

Seeing that the Fatty was too greedy, Yu Siyang had to speed up his meat cutting, and then he used white cardamom, bay leaf, grass fruit and other spices to make red brine. After the red brine was boiled, he put the cut beef in and marinated it. It took at least half an hour to heat and marinate, and then he turned off the heat and soaked it for more than an hour before it could be taken out of the pot.

After taking out of the pot, you could mix it with hot sauce according to your taste, and then sprinkle it with cooked sesame seeds. It was fragrant and spicy. The beef was chewy. When they ate, the soaked marinade filled the mouth as they chewed. The taste and fragrance of the prepared spices were very overbearing, invading every taste bud in the mouth.

Ge Rui hadn’t eaten it, but the little fat man had eaten it.

However, the little fat man didn’t put hot sauce in his food, and because of too many spices, his brother Yangyang wouldn’t let him eat more. He could only eat three pieces at a time. There was no fourth piece even if he acted like a baby, and he could only watch pitifully. Dad finished all the dishes and commented on the taste.

So angry!

Xue Yunmu squeezed his chubby paws and looked back at the kitchen door, afraid that his father would suddenly appear and eat all the beef.

In any case, he must stop Dad.

Mr. Xue, who was remembered by his son in his heart, did not have time to go to the kitchen to grab his son’s beef. He received a call from Luo Peng to report on the store’s situation and was asking his assistant to contact the security company and redeploy security personnel to ensure the opening day would not get out of control.

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