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During this period of time, Duan Rulan’s life had been difficult.

The first was because of her husband. Ji Wenhan had become more and more indifferent to her recently. Although they both used to play their own roles and the relationship was not very close, but at any rate they could still maintain respect for each other as guests. Now, Ji Wenhan directly showed his disgust towards her. When two people lived under the same roof, but if they looked at each other, they didn’t want to talk, it was clear that they couldn’t stand each other!

Duan Rulan had been living a life of dignity since she got married. Where did she receive this kind of treatment, she felt suffocated in her heart, but she didn’t dare to lash out at her husband, after all, she was shrewd. If she quarrelled with him, what if Ji Wenhan asked for a divorce? She didn’t want to give away the lifestyle of a rich wife!

The second reason was her own son Ji Lin. When it came to her son, Duan Rulan had a headache. When she gave birth to her son, she happened to have just married and entered Ji family home for a short time. It was the first time she became a wealthy man’s wife, so Duan Rulan was madly happy, and her favourite thing to do every day was to show off, thus she didn’t have the heart to care for her son. She threw Ji Lin to the babysitter’s care, such that when Ji Lin grew up, he couldn’t get close to her at all.

If he didn’t want to get close, then don’t get close. Anyway, Ji Lin was her own flesh and blood, so how could he not respect her? Duan Rulan comforted herself, and let Ji Lin go outside to have fun, but who would have expected that her son would turn his elbow out in the end, and would rather stand behind Zhou Siyu, that dead girl to support her than help his mother.

Duan Rulan really didn’t understand why this was.

But she knew that because of Zhou Siyu, she was considered to be bloody mildew. Now that the Ji family had offended Fifth Master Lu, their life was getting more and more uncomfortable. Those noble ladies who had been intimate with her in the past had found excuses to alienate her one by one. Ji Wenhan’s business was hitting dead ends everywhere, adding a lot of resistance for no reason. Ji family was originally flourishing, but now there were visible signs of decay which could be seen even with the naked eye.

Duan Rulan thought for a long time, until she heard about the special relationship between Fifth Master Lu and Siyu, she realized that the source of everything was in this daughter who was abandoned by her.

But now it was too late to react. She used to be rude to Siyu, how could she easily seek success now?

Sure enough, she tested Chu Shuangyan but was flatly rejected, Duan Rulan returned home with a black face and saw her husband walking down the stairs. Ji Wenhan glanced at her, and seeing her look ugly, he knew that he had failed again this time, and he couldn’t help being irritated.

Duan Rulan didn’t care about the company, but Ji Wenhan knew clearly that if the stalemate continued, sooner or later his company would be killed by the Lu Family and become one of those opponents who had failed after facing Lu Family’s wrath!

He blamed Duan Rulan for everything, this woman, who was such a scourge… Ji Wenhan looked down at his wife condescendingly, and said with a cold voice: “Aren’t you Zhou Siyu’s mother? Why doesn’t even your daughter listen to you? Isn’t it because you didn’t have a good relationship with her before!”

Ji Wenhan became more annoyed as he thought about it: “Do you know what her status is now! She is Fifth Master Lu’s prospective wife! If she falls out with our Ji family, it will be such a waste! What else do you do besides shopping and playing mahjong? You can’t handle such a small thing. I was really blind when marrying you!”

These words also aroused Duan Rulan’s anger. Today was different. She went everywhere and begged. She was so aggrieved by others, now she saw her husband push the responsibility onto her, she immediately threw her bag on the sofa and screamed: “What do you mean, Ji Wenhan, I said at the beginning to teach that dead girl a lesson, didn’t you agree with me? You clearly agreed! Now, you are pushing the blame on me, don’t you have any responsibility?”

She sneered and said sarcastically: “Who was looking for the girl in the first place? After coming to the door, saying that Ji family does not have such a humble daughter, and that we would never admit her identity? Was it not you!”

Seeing that the atmosphere was flaring, the couple was about to quarrel again, a voice came from outside the door: “Among the people surnamed Ji, I only recognize A Lin, you don’t have to rush into a relationship with me.”

The Ji family’s husband and wife were both shocked. They looked up in a panic, and saw Siyu holding Fifth Master Lu’s arm, standing at the door quietly looking at them, while the Ji family’s housekeeper nodded and followed them. Behind him, he kept raising his head and wiping cold sweat, perhaps because he didn’t dare to stop them, he could only watch the people walk in.

The moment Ji Wenhan saw that one of them was Fifth Master Lu, he changed his expressions and ran down the stairs almost in a hurry, while in his heart he cursed the housekeeper for not letting him know that someone had come. He didn’t know how much Fifth Master Lu heard from his and Duan Rulan’s conversation. While sticking a cordial and enthusiastic smile on his face, he glanced at the interlocked hands of Siyu and Fifth Master Lu and cautiously said: “Fifth Master Lu, we were just talking about you, and you came. It seems that it was destiny.”

“Si…Siyu?” Duan Rulan subconsciously put away her hostile face, and froze in place for several seconds. Only then did she come to her senses and greeted them quickly. Going up, she stretched out her hand towards Siyu, “You came here and didn’t tell your mother in advance…” Before her hand touched Siyu, Fifth Master Lu looked over lightly, the chill in his eyes seemed to be able to freeze one’s blood, Duan Rulan became stiff, and reflexively retracted her hand. This was a permeating aura, as if he could chop off her hand immediately if she dared to touch Siyu…

Ji Wenhan watched from behind and couldn’t help but curse Duan Rulan in his heart. Did this woman think the situation was not messy enough? The relationship between you and Siyu was so rigid before, and now you go up to show her courtesy, normal people would not pay attention to you, okay!

He hurriedly stood up and respectfully invited Siyu and the others into the living room, took out the best tea, and personally made a pot of good tea to entertain them. Then he looked at Siyu with a smile on his face and said, “A Lin, often talks about you. Rulan and I also like you very much. I also asked him about you, a few days ago. Why didn’t he bring you back for a meal? We are all a family. We might have misunderstood each other before.”

Ji Wenhan tried his best to mend the bad relationship between Ji family and Siyu, so Ji Wenhan said that he and his wife missed Siyu for a while, and then said how much they were just waiting for Siyu to come, so that they could give the gifts they had bought for her face to face. In short, he tried her best to please Siyu. At this time, he didn’t even need face, so he bowed down and apologized to Siyu.

“Rulan used to be unreasonable and may have said the wrong thing, but she always remembers you in her heart. She is very happy to see you having a good time. Siyu, it seems that Rulan is your biological mother. Please forgive her once?” Ji Wenhan said sincerely, with a moved expression. If someone didn’t know the inside story, they would think that he has a deep relationship with Siyu.

As he said, Ji Wenhan gave Duan Rulan a look, and signalled her to take the conversation forward. It was time to worship the Buddha, before she couldn’t see Siyu, and now Siyu herself took the initiative to come to her door, why was she acting stupidly, she should hurry up and say something nice.!

In fact, as early as when Duan Rulan was looking for Siyu everywhere, she had been repeating in her heart countless times, thinking about how to make a fool of herself after meeting Siyu to reconcile with her. After all, in Duan Rulan’s eyes, Siyu was always nothing. She thought that with his naïve wild girl, just coaxing her with a few sentences and it would be over.

But for some reason, when Duan Rulan raised her head and saw Fifth Master Lu’s cold eyes, she became dumb. After hesitating for a while, she barely squeezed out: “Siyu, you and A Lin are my children. You…you have a boyfriend, why didn’t you tell your mother?” As soon as this was said, Ji Wenhan wanted to yell badly, wishing to go up and scold her for being brainless.

Sure enough, Siyu asked with a smile, “I still need to report to you about my affairs?”

She didn’t know if Siyu had been with Fifth Master Lu for a long time. But the arcs of their sneer looked very similar, which made Duan Rulan feel hairy.

Duan Rulan opened her mouth and wanted to rectify her mistake, but Siyu no longer paid attention to her, but turned to look at Fifth Master Lu, and said: “I and Yuanhe are here this time to tell you something.”

Fifth Master Lu hurled out a folder, threw it on the table, and said indifferently: “Siyu’s mother unfortunately passed away during childbirth. She was a child of a single parent family and was raised by her father. Later, her father died accidentally. She lived with her grandparents. There are both the birth certificate provided by the hospital and the DNA test. Her mother has passed away a long time ago, and it has nothing to do with you.”

This series of words made Duan Rulan a little embarrassed, and she shook her hands to open it. Looking through the files in the folder one by one, she found that all of them were genuine official certifications—proving that she was not Siyu’s mother.

“Nonsense!” Duan Rulan was overwhelmed by a huge shock. She didn’t care that Fifth Master Lu was still in front of her. She pointed to Siyu and cried out in a panic, “I am her mother, not a fake!”

Fifth Master Lu not only did not deny it, he curled his lips and nodded, “Yes, they are fake. But now, if I say it is the truth, then this is the truth.”

He said it lightly, but he didn’t allow anyone to question, it may not be easy to completely change a person’s birth, but for him or the Lu family, it was just a matter of effort. There would always be only one answer Siyu’s biological mother, and it was not her.

No one knew what this meant better than Duan Rulan. If she lost this level of relationship, then she would no longer be able to claim to be Siyu’s elder, and she would not be able to get the slightest benefit from Siyu, and she couldn’t even make trouble because she had been deprived of the right. Without the identity of a mother, there was no standpoint at all!

Ji Wenhan also looked shocked, even if he expected that Fifth Master Lu’s attitude wasn’t going to be too good, but he did not expect this person to do such a good job-this was no longer a draw from the bottom of the pot, this damn it was simply wanting to eliminate the roots!

The Ji couple was so shocked that they couldn’t speak. At this time, Siyu smiled slightly and said to Duan Rulan: “I’ve said that I don’t have a mother like you. If you don’t believe me, I will put the evidence in front of you this time. If you let me hear you claim to be my mother or do anything in this matter… you know the consequences.”

The reason Duan Rulan still had hope was because she was Siyu’s mother, but Siyu just tore off this last layer of hope, she couldn’t stop herself from getting upset.

Although this would prevent her and Ji Lin from being publicly announced as siblings, Ji Lin said that it didn’t matter. He regarded Siyu as his sister, and his blood relationship was second. As long as they were clear in their hearts, it was fine. Anyway, netizens thought he was talking nonsense…then let them continue to misunderstand.

After that, Siyu quietly poked Fifth Master Lu, and signalled him to pick the conversation up. After all, he was her boyfriend, so he should support her in time when she was pretending to be forced. Fifth Master Lu raised his eyebrows and boldly treated his little girl. The move declined to comment, anyway, after returning home, some of the time was slowly “careful”.

Fifth Master Lu glanced at Siyu, his eyes flashed with indulgence, but when he turned to look at the Ji couple, his expression turned into indifference: “Since you are not Siyu’s mother, there is nothing to forgive. So all the things you have done to her before, let’s take care of it today.”

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