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Siyu specially asked for leave with the crew because she wanted to record “Hear Your Voice”. Before she left, she didn’t expect that drastic changes would happen in just one day. After thinking about it all night, she finally posted that Weibo. Siyu had already predicted what kind of storm she would face, but after returning to the crew, she realized that the situation was worse than she thought.

Until now, Siyu has been on the crew of “Fashion Strategy” for two months, and they were all familiar with each other. In addition, she was soft-tempered and talkative, and many staff members had a good relationship with her. When she went back, someone immediately came up and asked curiously: “Sister Siyu, are you really in love?”

This question had been asked countless times by people, so Siyu calmly said: “Yes and the person I love is not from the entertainment circle, and the people guessed by the netizens are completely unconnected, and you all don’t know each other. We haven’t been together for long. Disclosure was not a negotiated matter, it was just an accident… Is there anything else you want to ask?”

The people who are eager to pull out the first-hand information: “…” You have said everything, what else do they have to ask, such gossip is so unfulfilling!

The crowd who had originally wanted to watch the excitement disappeared because Siyu was so calm and cooperating, that they were embarrassed to go ask anything.

Siyu fled the scene under the regretful eyes of everyone, and then wiped away her sweat. Fortunately, she was prepared early so that she would not be too embarrassed, when questioned.

As soon as she thought of this, she ran into Wen Yuan, who was walking side by side with Director Yan, and Siyu stagnated, suddenly remembering that when netizens were making random analyses, they had regarded Wen Yuan as the “number one suspect”. So, when she came face to face with Wen Yuan, she felt a little embarrassed, and stood still and greeted in a low voice, but didn’t look at Wen Yuan’s face.

Director Yan was careless and did not smell anything wrong in the air. As soon as he saw Siyu, he cheerfully asked, “Xiao Yu, after being in the crew for so long, I didn’t even know you had a boyfriend. If the crew won’t have told me about this matter, than I would still be in the dark. Anyway, I would like to congratulate you. I hope I will have the opportunity to give red envelope to you.”

Director Yan didn’t use Weibo very often, so he didn’t know about the bloody storm last night. He only learned about it after listening to other crew members chatting.

Siyu laughed and said, “Director Yan, you think so long-term, you don’t need to give red envelopes…”

At this time, Wen Yuan suddenly looked over. His voice was as gentle as before, and didn’t seem to be at all unusual:” Congratulations.”

He only said these two words, but when they fell in Siyu’s ears, they made her feel a little awkward. In fact, Siyu knew what Wen Yuan’s previous actions represented, so she had always tried to avoid it. Although it was an accident to announce her relationship in public, she was honestly relieved, at least she could be at ease when facing Wen Yuan again.

So, Siyu also smiled at him, and said, “I didn’t mean to keep it secret, but I didn’t think it was necessary to say before… and it didn’t take long for the two of us to decide, so I didn’t want to be so anxious.”

Wen Yuan didn’t know that. Without believing her explanation, he asked: “When did it happen?”

This question was not out of the ordinary. Even Director Yan looked at Siyu curiously. Siyu thought for a while and replied: “Half a month ago… …”

Director Yan said: “Half a month ago, you stayed in the crew every day, and you found a boyfriend on your own. We didn’t know it at all. You are really amazing.”

Wen Yuan fell silent, he thought further, although Siyu said that the relationship was confirmed only half a month ago, but Wen Yuan understood that the time between two people knowing and getting along must be much longer than this little half a month. No wonder when he often gave Siyu things after he joined the crew, she always refused.

Wen Yuan stared at Siyu a little uncomfortably. She smiled dryly and said that she had something to do. She turned her head and ran away, but when she walked far away, she could still feel the gaze burning on her her back.

When it was time for the meal break, Chu Shuangyan commanded several servants at home, carried over five big bags of various dishes from the five-star hotel, and walked into the crew with her head held high.

She was still wearing her favourite princess dress, her little high heels were clacking, and as she walked in, everyone smelled the aroma of food. They were all tired and hungry after working all morning, so Chu Shuangyan was like a pie falling from the sky. Especially since she brought lunch, she was undoubtedly an angel in the eyes of everyone.

Quite a few people leaned in, and while trying their best to look at the lunch box in the hands of the servants, they said doggedly: “Sister Chu, why are you free to come over today?”

Everyone thought, Chu Shuangyan’s role had been finished. Yes, did she make a special trip to send warmth when she came back this time?

This was of course impossible, or was it not the only reason. Chu Shuangyan waved her hand and took down all the food. She glanced around and found Siyu who was sitting in the corner drinking tea. This made her happy and she said frankly: “This is what I invite you to eat, today there is a big happy event, and there need to be a celebration.”

Everyone followed her gaze and saw Siyu, suddenly realized: Oh, it is indeed a big deal, a happy event.

Siyu was discussing the follow-up public relations matters with Shen Yue, and suddenly felt that many eyes were falling on her, so, she raised her head questioningly, and saw Chu Shuangyan leaping towards her side: “Sister Siyu, as soon as I saw your Weibo, I rushed over, you and Lu…”

She was so excited that she almost spilled the truth. Fortunately, Siyu reacted in time, covered her mouth and dragged her into the lounge, which prevented another similar performance as the tragedy of Ji Lin from being staged.

“Be quiet, don’t be as reckless as A Lin.”Siyu exhorted, Chu Shuangyan nodded hurriedly, then moved a chair to sit opposite her, and couldn’t wait to say: “I waited until this day. In fact, our family got the news very early. I heard that it was the Lu family who let out the news first, but it was only secretly passed on, because Fifth Master Lu has spoken, and he had to wait for your nod to agree before this matter could be made clear.”

Siyu subconsciously asked: “Wait for me to agree?”

Chu Shuangyan looked righteously at her face: “Wait for you to give yours and Fifth Master Lu’s relationship a name.”

Siyu: “…” Was this order reversed?

Seeing Siyu didn’t believe it, Chu Shuangyan was a little anxious. She patted her chest and vowed to say: “Really, my mother said that the Lu family might even have prepared for a wedding. If you don’t believe me, you can ask the Fifth Master.”

Siyu, thought she would be crazy if she asked him. Maybe he would admit it and tie her to the wedding scene-this kind of meticulous thing Fifth Master Lu could definitely do!

Chu Shuangyan didn’t notice Siyu’s subtle expressions, and instead mentioned another thing: “By the way, Siyu, you’d better pay attention during this period. I heard that Aunt Ji seems to be inquiring about you, and even found me and hoped that I would tell her about you. I didn’t dare to agree and asked Brother Ji what to do. He seemed very angry when he heard it and told me not to be nosy.”

Siyu was still laughing. Hearing this, her smile faded and she asked indifferently, “She came to you?”

Chu Shuangyan looked at her expression and nodded carefully: “Yes…but don’t worry, I didn’t talk to her at all.!”

Chu Shuangyan was talking, feeling a little nervous. There were many sources in her family, so she had vaguely heard of the complicated relationship between Siyu and the Ji family. It was precisely because of that that she knew that Duan Rulan was Siyu’s biological mother. But the relationship between them was worse than that of strangers, close to enemies, so when Duan Rulan approached her, she refused without even thinking about it.

Although the Chu family had a good relationship with the Ji family in the past, and Duan Rulan once even regarded Chu Shuangyan as her future daughter-in-law, but as the Ji family had offended Fifth Master Lu, their situation could only be described as difficult, and Chu Shuangyan was also from the Chu family. Duan Rulan was alienated under their order, and she had to follow them.

Unexpectedly, Duan Rulan couldn’t see Siyu on her own, and she actually had the idea to approach Chu Shuangyan. Chu Shuangyan complained incessantly. God knows that she and Siyu were not close to that point. Besides, if she was foolish and dared to help Duan Rulan, her dad would scold her when she turned around?

It was not as convenient to find her as to find Ji Lin!

Of course, Duan Rulan also thought about finding her son, but the problem was that Ji Lin was totally uncooperative! He definitely refused to discuss all topics related to Siyu in front of his parents. When Duan Rulan proposed to let Siyu recognize them and return to the clan, he directly and clearly stated that it was impossible, and moved out of the house overnight and cut off all forms of contact with his parents.

Duan Rulan didn’t expect her son to be so disobedient, and her heart hurt with anger, but only then did she realize that her son, who she thought would be nothing without the Ji family, had stiff wings and was completely out of her control. She also wanted to force Ji Lin as a mother, but he was chilled and walked swiftly and smoothly, so Duan Rulan didn’t even have the threatening capital left.

But at this time, there was news that Siyu and Fifth Master Lu had been engaged a long time ago. When Duan Rulan heard that, she felt thunderous. She didn’t dare to believe it. After confirming that the matter was true, she regretted it.

She couldn’t help thinking, why did she refuse to recognize this daughter in the first place? If she had recognized Siyu earlier, then her current identity would be the mother-in-law of the Lu family. How majestic, would she still need to look at other people’s faces and feel so angry? But who would have thought that, that short-lived ghost would have such a good blessing?

After hearing what happened from Chu Shuangyan, Siyu lowered her head and sneered: “You don’t care about her, let her make trouble by herself. I have nothing to do with Duan Rulan.”

Chu Shuangyan shut her mouth cleverly, and she followed Siyu. From the beggining, Siyu did not have any affection for Duan Rulan, but she was right. She remembered that Duan Rulan had a very bad attitude towards Siyu before the relationship between Siyu and Fifth Master Lu was exposed.

“Don’t be embarrassed, doesn’t Duan Rulan just want to see me?” Siyu narrowed her eyes slightly and covered her coldness. “Then I will come to pay a visit with my boyfriend.”

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