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Picking out the only emerald gem from the little treasure chest that the young man had given to her, the black dragon cub fluttered her dragon wings and pushed out the little treasure chest, which was pressed under her body every day, out of the bedroom with her body. After placing it in front of Xia Qi, the young dragon cub looked at her with her golden eyes.

In the magnificent golden vertical pupils of the black dragon cub, there was the emotion of expectation. After pushing the little treasure chest over, fearing that Xia Qi could not understand its meaning, the young dragon bit the work card originally belonging to the youth and turned it towards Xia Qi.

Xia Qi became more speechless when this black dragon cub looked even more expectantly at her

This little treasure chest was given to her in order to ask her to let the youth come back. This thing was done by a cub. It was innocent, but it made people feel very distressed.

To take out her treasure and exchange it, seeing this black dragon cub do this, the other cubs seemed to have been inspired, and then Xia Qi saw the Muka cub hooking the birthday hat on his bed with his sharp forearm. Then the three chubby cubs flapped their wings and brought over their medals from the flying competition hanging on the wall.

The mermaid cub raised his hand and rubbed his eyes to make some beautiful spar, while Ain opened his eyes that were not glorious, bit a small collar that the youth had given it before and placed it in front of Xia Qi.

Although these things were not of actual value, but for these cubs, these things were precious treasures.

She couldn’t speak, and she didn’t know how to face this scene. Xia Qi accepted that it was not right to let the youth come back and refused to say that it was impossible to do it, and she was in a dilemma.

After a long struggle, Xia Qi forced herself to speak: “I…”

“I’m back.”

The sudden opening of the door and the familiar voice interrupted Xia Qi’s words, and at the same time, everyone in the room noticed the person entering the room.

The cubs were unwilling to stay in the hall, and as soon as they heard the voice of the youth, they approached the place where the voice came from, and soon surrounded Xie Luan and the nox beside him.

As Xie Luan walked towards the hall, these cubs followed him.

After walking to the hall, he said a few words of comfort with some white lies mixed in. Xie Luan hugged the mermaid cub close to him, because he hadn’t transformed his legs and couldn’t walk, then he touched the soft blond hair of the little mermaid who had obvious reddish eyes.

“Gale be good, don’t cry.” Xie Luan saw this mermaid cub crying last time, when the Houdie family sent someone over, and the little mermaid misunderstood that he didn’t want it.

Xie Luan hoped that these cubs could grow up happily. Of course, the less tears, the better.

“Papa, Papa—— ” The caudal fin on the ice blue fish tail returned to a gently lifted posture almost the moment it saw the youth. The mermaid cub called his parent several times and slapped his tail fin down on Xie Luan.

“Yeah.” Xie Luan responded in a warm voice. Before explaining what happened to others, he had to comfort the cubs first.

Xie Luan and Ya Yi had returned to the Yunbao branch. The missing personnel were now found. Under the leadership of Xie Luan, the Yunbao branch quickly restored its warm and comfortable atmosphere from before.

The enemies threatening the universe had been confirmed to have disappeared, and the alert mode of each planet had been lifted. The Hilorin star, which suffered a certain degree of damage due to this war, had been gradually repaired and the Star Alliance headquarters had been restored to its original appearance.

It would take some time to completely repair it, but the smiles of people on this planet had returned.

All the races in the interstellar now knew about the noxes, including what Ya Yi did for them. After a round of discussions, starting from the Star Alliance, each race joined the Attia star’s reconstruction work.

They couldn’t make any compensation for their earlier actions, but they could do this.

When the forces of all the races in the interstellar came together, it became possible to rebuild a destroyed planet, which was extremely difficult for a single individual to do, and the process was advancing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The first to be rebuilt was the original central city of Attia. The central city of the nox race was originally the seat of the palace. Now a solemn and sacred monument had been erected in the center of this planet. Everyone who passed by here was filled with gratitude and respect.

This rebuilt new city was called the City of Heroes, commemorating the noxes who had made great contributions and sacrifices to protect this world.

They never bowed to the darkness and always served the light- nox, the Night Clan, was a race that guarded the light in the dark.

Xie Luan and Ya Yi came to the solemn and sacred memorial monument built in the center of the planet, as Attia was rebuilt. Xie Luan felt that he should take a look at the progress.

Ya Yi was the last Knox in this interstellar, and of course he could not reproduce with him.

Thinking that such a powerful and beautiful race would disappear one day in the future, Xie Luan couldn’t help feeling a burst of unspeakable regret when looking at the comforting monument.

“Everything will die one day, and the reproduction of the nox race is based on love for your partner.” Seeing the thoughts of the young man next to him, Ya Yi turned his head and said this sentence to Xie Luan.

Encircling the youth with the silver tail behind him, the nox stared at Xie Luan, and said in a low and clear voice: “I love you.”

Xie Luan was taken aback for a moment. Rather than responding with words, he approached and kissed the corners of the beautiful nox’s eyes directly.

Now that they had come to this planet, Xie Luan wanted to take this nox to see the other side’s increasingly rebuilt hometown. There was still a way to go before the huge and solemn monument could be completely built. So, Xie Luan and Ya Yi walked together past the monument.

The landscaping in this section of the road was done well. Thinking about that, Xie Luan and the nox next to him walked to a certain position. At this time, this place seemed to welcome them…or Ya Yi. Their arrival caused a reaction, and the ground began to vibrate slightly.

“——?” Xie Luan did not expect the sudden situation. After the shaking ended, Xie Luan saw a passage appeared on the ground that was originally green grass in front of him.

This channel must not have been made when the planet was rebuilt, but it was originally there, that was, it was something made by the noxes.

Knowing this, Xie Luan and Ya Yi looked at each other and walked down the opened passage.

This passage had a stairway that was not too long. When Xie Luan and Ya Yi reach the bottom, the originally dark underground space suddenly became bright, and the things placed in this underground space were also clearly displayed in front of Xie Luan.

This was— seeing the white cub eggs that were quietly asleep waiting for someone to wake them up, Xie Luan couldn’t help but widen his eyes slightly.

These were the cub eggs of the nox race!

Under the surprise, he almost lost his tongue. Xie Luan used mental energy to detect the life reaction of these cub eggs for the first time, and found that the life reaction still existed, and it could even be considered healthy.

It was just that the device in this underground space, while successfully protecting these cub eggs, seemed to make it impossible for these cub eggs to hatch.

Outsiders couldn’t remove the device that protected each cub egg.

There was a console in the center of this underground space. Xie Luan studied it, and Ya Yi had to drip blood into the groove on the console to get control over the device.

There were nearly a hundred cub eggs in this underground space. After the device was disarmed, Xie Luan carefully transferred these cub eggs to the Ark and brought them back to the Yunbao Branch.

Everyone in the Yunbao Branch was astonished that Xie Luan brought back so many cub eggs, and when they knew that these were the cub eggs of the Knox race, they were directly shocked.

Everyone hurriedly carried these cub eggs into the holding room of the branch with great care. Every day after this, the nurses of Yunbao Branch took turns to go to the holding room to apply nutrient solution to these cub eggs.

After taking care of these cub eggs with such care for more than a month, when one day Xie Luan went to the incubator to apply nutrient solution to the cub eggs, he suddenly heard a sound coming from a cub egg that was very close to him.

Xie Luan was taken aback, and quickly moved his eyes to the place where the sound came from.

Before he could hug the cub egg with cracks on its shell, the little life active in the cub egg had pushed out a hole in the eggshell and crawled out of the eggshell on its legs.


At first, two small horns were revealed. This nox cub, who was just born out of the shell, opened his cyan pupils that were round like a glass ball, and arched his body into Xie Luan’s arms while smelling his favorite breath.

Xie Luan held the newborn nox cub in a daze, and his inner feelings at this time were hard to describe.

The birth of this cub could be said to mean the new birth of the nox, a powerful and beautiful race.

It was the birth of a new life, but also the beginning of a brand-new future— whether for this race or the world, all the haze had passed, and they would now usher in a glorious dawn.

T/N: It was a great twist… but u know I had always had this doubt in my mind as to how could a race as amazing as the nox allow all but one of their line to die…. This answers the question….

The last part gave me super feels….

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