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As soon as Mi Wan finished speaking, Quan Juncai opened the door and walked in.

After receiving Mi Wan’s call, Quan Juncai flew over directly from the airport, almost arriving at the hospital with the ambulance. After confirming that his family member was fine, he went out to deal with the hospitalization, and he had just paid all the expenses.

“What’s the matter?” As soon as he entered the room, he noticed that the atmosphere was a bit dignified, so he couldn’t help asking.

“Peng Yan is awake.” Fan Chen replied.

Quan Juncai’s beautiful fox eyes widened sharply, and after being frozen for a moment, he quickly came back to his senses: “I’ll inform the chiefs of the clans and tell them to be careful.”

“There’s also the Demon Hunter Association.” Fan Chen reminded, “Peng Yan’s target is mainly the human race, so let them be careful.”

“Yes.” Nodding his head, Quan Juncai turned and left the ward again to inform the chiefs of the demon clan and the Demon Hunter association of the bad news.

At this time, Fan Chen lifted the quilt and got up from the hospital bed, as if about to leave.

“Where are you going?” Mi Wan asked worriedly. Although Fan Chen’s body didn’t seem to be in serious condition, the demon core in his body was suffering from the backlash, and Mi Wan was planning to check on it again.

“I’m going to see the seal.” Fan Chen replied.

“The seal is broken, what are you looking at?” Mi Wan worried, “Your demon core has been backlashed, you must rest well, and Quan Juncai and I will ask for a plant of Bingya grass when we get back, and I will refine the medicine for repairing your demon core.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon, nothing will happen.” Seeing that Mi Wan was worried about him, Fan Chen was a little happy, so he smiled slightly, and raised his hand to touch Mi Wan’s forehead. Immediately, a blue demonic power overflowed from the fingertips, smoothing away the bruise. Then, before Mi Wan could react, the whole person disappeared suddenly.

“Fan…” Mi Wan stamped her feet angrily, but she couldn’t stop him.

At this time, the door of the ward was pushed open again, and it was a nurse who pushed the door. She glanced at Mi Wan and asked, “Are you the family member of the patient in the car accident on XX road?”

This was where their car accident happened.

“I am.” Mi Wan nodded.

“Someone called you just now, saying that the pet in your car was sent to a nearby pet store by him, so you should remember to get it back. And…” Miss nurse handed Mi Wan a note, “Here is the address and phone number of the pet store.”

Pet? After being dazed for a while, Mi Wan suddenly remembered, by the way, they forgot about the little fox!

After thanking the nurse, Mi Wan hurried to the XX Pet Shop on XX Road according to the address on the note. At this time, the little white fox was being hugged and pampered by the brothers and sisters in the pet shop in turn. They even took a photo with a look of lovelessness on his face.

When the little white fox had regretted a thousand and one times that he hadn’t turned back into a human body in time, he finally saw Mi Wan’s figure. It kicked excitedly on the face of the human male who was trying to hug him, and then flew towards the door of the pet store, snuggling close to Mi Wan’s leg.

“Woooooo~” (Why did you only come to pick me up now?) He had been molested for hours.

“…” Mi Wan was extremely embarrassed, she couldn’t tell the little white fox that she had forgotten him, so she picked up the little white fox with a dry smile, and Mi Wan apologized, “You had to wait a long time, but I came for you as soon as the hospital procedures were completed.”

The little white fox whimpered twice to express his dissatisfaction, but he was also present at the car accident just now and knew that Mi Wan and Lord Demon King were sent to the hospital together. So, Mi Wan’s explanation sounded reasonable.

“Beauty, are you the owner of the little white fox?” The young man who was kicked by the little white fox just came up to him with a smile and couldn’t help touching the little fox’s head. After trying thousands of pets, he had not touched a softer and more comfortable one.

“Wow~~” The little white fox opened its mouth and took a weak bite, scaring away the palm of the young man.

“Hey, this little white fox is quite good at reading faces. When the master is not around, he is obedient and can be touched. When the master comes, he is so arrogant that he won’t let him touch it.” The young man raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“It’s probably because you touched for too long before, that Xiao Rui is in a bad mood.” Mi Wan said with a smile.

“It’s called Xiao Rui, Xiao Rui, can you give me another hug?” The young man gently extended his hand to the little white fox.

The little white fox glared, and bared his white teeth, looking extremely fierce.

Seeing that the little white fox was restless, Mi Wan was afraid that he would really bite people if he was teased any longer. These were the teeth of a fox demon. Although one bite would not cause rabies, it could bite off the palm of the hand.

“I’m sorry, I have something to do, so I have to leave first. How much money Xiao Rui left with you before, I will give it to you now.” Mi Wan said, taking out her mobile phone.   

The young man was the owner of the pet shop. He smiled and didn’t take any money. He just kept asking Mi Wan where he could buy a pet fox like the little white fox. Mi Wan had no choice but to say that the fox was given by someone else, and she didn’t know, and then left the pet shop without seeing the regretful expression on the young man’s face.   

After leaving the pet shop and finding a place where no one was around, the little white fox couldn’t wait to transform into a human form. The six-year-old boy had a cold face, and his cute little face was full of displeasure. He was a majestic ninth-grade celestial fox. When was he petted and kneaded so much, he was really angry~~

“Okay, okay, don’t be unhappy, or I’ll treat you to KFC.” Mi Wan coaxed.   

“It’s not rare.” The little white fox looked unhappy.   

“It’s really not rare? There will be chicken wings, chicken nuggets, and chicken legs~~~” She remembered that foxes should like to eat chicken.   

The little white fox’s eyes lit up suddenly, and his displeased expression softened a bit, but he still didn’t take the initiative to open his mouth to say that he wanted to eat.   

“Let’s go, let’s go buy a family bucket first, and then go to the kindergarten to report.” Mi Wan secretly laughed and took the little white fox to KFC to buy a bunch of fried chicken nuggets. After coaxing the little white fox, she called over a car and went to Popcorn Kindergarten again.   

Yes, although something happened in the middle, but she still hadn’t forgotten that the little white fox was going to transfer schools today.   

Because of the car accident, Mi Wan spent a lot of time in the hospital. By the time she and the little white fox arrived at the kindergarten, it was past ten o’clock. Mi Yan’s assistant Zhang Heng had been waiting for her for a long time, and of Mi Wan’s own professional courses, there was only a section left.

Because he was a related household, and the little white fox was so cute, the kindergarten teachers fell in love with the little white fox as soon as they saw him, and several classes rushed to have him. Although they couldn’t understand why the little white fox who was already in the top class of the kindergarten and would be able to go to elementary school in a few months, needed to transfer.

Zhang Heng accompanied Mi Wan to complete the transfer procedures of the Little White Fox, introduced the kindergarten principal to Mi Wan, and then left the kindergarten.

The classes in the morning had already been skipped, so Mi Wan simply skipped to the end. It was said that absenteeism in college was also an indispensable thing. It was okay now, but she suddenly thought of the Demon King Peng Yan. Five hundred years ago, the then Demon King Peng Yan suddenly declared war on the human race, starting a protracted human-demon war. At that time, the purpose of almost all demon hunters was to kill the demon king Peng Yan, and she was no exception.

Then one day, Mi Wan learned that the demon king Peng Yan was in Molin, so she was fully armed and prepared to go in for an assassination, but she was noticed by the demon clan shortly after entering the Molin and was finally trapped to death by the Qiankun vine. After she woke up, the world had changed drastically, and the demon king was replaced by Fan Chen. She thought that Peng Yan had been killed by other demon hunters five hundred years ago. But it turned out that he was sealed by Fan Chen, the new demon king?

When Fan Chen came back, she had to ask him everything carefully.

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