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“I am, who are you?”

Standing in the middle of the field was a tall boy with a prickly head and a fierce expression, but he could not be called ugly.

Yan Han curled his lips and smiled and walked in front of him holding the ball with one hand. He was a little shorter than Wei Ningxin, but his momentum was a bit higher than the opponent. Yan Han said slowly: “You just smashed someone up, don’t you have to apologize?”

It’s wrong to hit someone, but asking him to apologize in public was not something Wei Ningxin could bear, so he said violently: “Who the f**k did I smash?”

He was used to being domineering, and he always spoke foul words, and he wanted to say a few foul words at first, but his eyes fell on Yan Han, and suddenly he changed the subject, and said, “You brought this ball over, right? Thank you, is it alright?”

Yan Han refused to give up, and pointed to his head, “You hit me in the afternoon.”

Wei Ningxin: “…”

The male god, who had been chased so hard before had always been indifferent to others, and after lunch he was in a bad mood and went to shoot a few balls.

Unexpectedly, when shooting a three-pointer, a girl stood stupidly under the backboard and didn’t know how to hide and was hit directly.

But in his impression, she seemed to be a pretty ordinary girl, right? Anyway, she definitely won’t be like this one in front of him… Otherwise, he wouldn’t not bother to take care of it.

Feeling that hitting a basketball couldn’t hurt people much, Wei Ningxin asked two female classmates to carry the girl to the infirmary.

But at noon, he was really in a bad mood. He might not have looked carefully, and he didn’t expect that it was such a person… Wei Ningxin swallowed a little, and suddenly felt that he couldn’t say anything serious to such a person.

He said: “I’m sorry I hit you when I played with the ball, classmate, are you okay now? How uncomfortable are you, do I need to send you to the hospital? Don’t worry, I will never renege on my debt…”

Yan Han squinted his eyes, he didn’t expect this Wei Ningxin’s face to change so quickly.

This playground was so big, originally as long as the other party didn’t get hit on purpose, it could only be said that he was careless, but he didn’t even show his face when he hit someone, and he was so arrogant, I guess if it was the original “Yan Han”, he could only eat the dust like a dumb loser.

But Yan Han didn’t care about that.

Such a big basketball court was not enough for him to play. He could throw the ball directly out of the court in a fit of anger.

He ignored Wei Ningxin, turned around and ran to the three-point line, bent his knees and jumped quickly, and threw the basketball in his hand into the basket very coherently and smoothly.


The basketball quickly passed through the net pocket and hit the ground again, and the net pocket only swung a few times before regaining its composure.

Yan Han then turned around and said to Wei Ningxin: “Student, if you have time, you should practice shooting more. Don’t throw the ball blindly, lest I am hit by you if I pass by the backboard again.”

As soon as he said this, the crowd erupted in laughter.

Someone was amused by the tone of his speech.

Some people were laughing because… unexpectedly someone could embarrass Wei Ningxin!

“What the hell are you talking about!” Wei Ningxin’s face turned pale since he was embarrassed. He had a bad temper and was a sports student on the school’s basketball team. He always claimed to be a good basketball player. Could he stand being humiliated by a girl in public?!

Wei Ningxin’s expression became extremely ferocious. He was about to step forward, but the others in the team naturally stopped him.

The ball flew out of the court but the game was still going on. The referee and the people from the opposite team were already waiting impatiently.

But who was Wei Ningxin?

Not only did he have a deep background, but he was also arrogant and unreasonable.

Even when they usually played together, he often threw his face and got angry, so now they only dared to stop him like this, and no one dared to stand out and try to persuade him.

Seeing that the opponent was about to come over with barking teeth and claws, Yan Han subconsciously took a defensive posture.

To fight, all right!

He hadn’t lost to anyone yet.

Wei Ningxin couldn’t help but see Yan Han being unafraid, and even put on a professional fighting posture, and couldn’t help feeling that his face was being challenged even more.

How could he bear this!

“Forget it, Wei Ningxin, keep playing.”

“That’s right, don’t argue with her, let’s continue playing.”

Others tried to persuade, but neither of the two sides had any intention of taking a step back. The referee didn’t know what to do. Then a commotion suddenly sounded from the crowd: “It’s Lin Jianlu…”

Accompanied by the voice, several students in full school uniforms came over, completely different from the people who had their flesh exposed in the basketball uniform with their long arms and legs exposed on the court.

She didn’t know if it was some kind of uniform temptation, but the appearance of this group caused a great commotion.

Yan Han followed the voice and looked over, only feeling that the leader had a particularly eye-catching appearance. He was taller than Wei Ningxin with long legs, and his expressionless face looked calm and handsome.

How handsome could a person be?

Some people were handsome because they had flawless facial features, and some people were handsome because they had an outstanding temperament.

But the handsomeness of this person… made Yan Han feel a little bit jealous!

Yan Han heard a small but uncontrollable excited voice from the crowd, “It’s so hard to see Lin Jialu! Why is he here!”

“It’s okay this time, let’s see how arrogant this Wei Ningxin can be!”

“Ah… I was so scared that this pretty young lady will be beaten just now, fortunately…”

Yan Han: “?”

“What’s going on? Why would I get hit?”

The leader didn’t speak, but the thin boy next to him looked left and right, and said with a smile, “Wei Ningxin, what’s wrong with you? Don’t make fun of sister if you’re in a bad mood!”

Yan Han: “…”

Yan Han didn’t know who the other party was, but he hadn’t absolutely entered the role when he first came here. He suddenly heard someone calling him sister, so his subconsciously clenched fist almost smashed down.

But he didn’t move, and the speaker obviously didn’t realize his crisis, his eyes fell on Yan Han’s face, and he even leaned towards him in amazement: “Hey classmate! Which class are you in? First grade? Are you all right?”

Wei Ningxin, who was already upset by the side, curled his lips with a look of attentiveness.

Wei Ningxin said violently: “Don’t talk nonsense, which eye of yours saw that I made fun of this girl!”

Yan Han: “…”

Yan Han tried hard to remind himself to remember the role.

“Da Pei, come back.” At this moment, the leader suddenly moved, he walked in front of Yan Han, his eyes fell on his face with the same precision, and he looked at him carefully.

This person’s demeanor was too calm, and he had a great sense of presence. If he didn’t speak, the people around him won’t even dare to breathe in air.

Even Yan Han felt a little uncomfortable being stared at.

And a little irritated for no reason.

But when Yan Han was almost impatient, the other party suddenly said: “Student, are you okay? Did you go to the infirmary?”

Yan Han didn’t know if it was his own illusion. He found that Wei Ningxin became honest when the person in front of him spoke out.

There were even more whispering voices around, some people even excitedly called Lin Jianlu’s name and jumped up on the spot. He was obviously much more popular than Wei Ningxin.

As he got closer, he saw clearly that the other party had a small shiny badge pinned to his school uniform, with the word “discipline” written on it.

……No wonder.

The school rules of Luze High School were strict, but relatively open. It adopted a student self-government system. Each grade would select some people with excellent character and learning as disciplinary committee members, who would take turns to patrol between classes, and resolutely put an end to fighting and other unhealthy practices.

And this kind of school discipline committee was great, it was simply the pre-selection of reserve cadres, and in the future, any good things in the school, including recommendation, should be given to this group of people first.

There should not be a fuel-efficient lamp here.

Yan Han knew that this school handled incidents like fights very strictly, and he was new here, so it was not suitable for causing trouble.

He slightly raised the corners of his mouth, and smiled indifferently, his smile more dazzling than the blood-red sunset in the sky.

“I’ve been there, it’s okay. Now that I’ve received my apology, I have nothing to do here.”

There was a slight gasp in the surroundings, he had a face that couldn’t be said to be pure or coquettish, but it was just a beautiful face. What was the effect of such a bold and unrestrained smile on such a face?

They met today.

It was a little better than the reaction of others who were so amazed that they couldn’t move their eyes. Lin Jianlu nodded after confirming that he was fine, and then said to the team and the referee: “Then you continue.” And made a “please” gesture.

Obviously to get him out of the crowd himself.

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