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“Brother Xie, why did you bring so many things?” Tang Bai was stunned. He actually wanted to ask why Xie Ruheng was dressed so formally. Although he looked handsome, it was too grand!

Snowflake squatted at Tang Bai’s feet, looking at the new guest curiously.

Tang Bai reached out to take the bag to help Xie Ruheng share the weight, but Xie Ruheng firmly refused.

When you come to the love object’s home, you must be diligent, considerate and hardworking. The weight on your hand represented the responsibility of an alpha!

Xie Ruheng stepped into the spacious living room solemnly and looked around with a serious attitude of observing the enemy’s situation.

The Tang family’s living room was very large, with a very wide view at first glance, but it didn’t make people feel empty and deserted. There were soft pillows and cute dolls on the fabric sofa, which made people want to collapse on it comfortably.

A large vase filled with gypsophila, a fruit plate and many small snacks were placed on the wooden coffee table. The colorful carpet and small green potted plants everywhere made the living room look very warm.

Tang Bai’s graffiti could be seen everywhere on the wall, so beautiful that it looked like a master’s work. There was a rattan chair next to the balcony. When the fairy-like white gauze curtain was blown by the wind, the well-cared flowers and plants on the balcony were faintly exposed.

With just one glance, Xie Ruheng was fascinated by the warm atmosphere of this home.

He could imagine Tang Bai taking a nap with his doll in his bare feet on the sofa. His beautiful sleeping face would look like an angel, making the noisy sound of the starry sky quiet down.

After waking up, Tang Bai might kneel and sit on the reddish-brown carpet, pick up a paintbrush and paint on the wall. His clothes and face would inadvertently be covered with paint, as if he brought a rainbow with him.

The phoenix eyes stared blankly at all this.

“Is Tangtang’s friend here?” Mother Tang, holding a spatula and wearing an apron, poked her head out and took a look. When she saw the handsome alpha appearing in her living room, the smile on her face froze, and her hands almost trembled. Even the spatula was about to drop.

Recognizing that this was Tang Bai’s mother, Xie Ruheng took a deep breath, and said generously to Mother Tang: “Hello, Auntie.” The voice was loud, the demeanor was dignified, and he used the green tea smile that made people feel good!

Mother Tang: “!!!”

Mother Tang tried her best to calmly nod, then turned around abruptly, her pretending calm face was almost crying, she held a spatula in one hand, and grabbed Father Tang who was wearing big underpants with the other and sprinted to the bedroom.

Father Tang was dragged into the bedroom with a dazed expression on his face, and the door was slammed shut, leaving Tang Bai and Xie Ruheng looking at each other.

“Auntie, is alright?” Xie Ruheng was a little worried.

Tang Bai was also at a loss. Then he heard Xie Ruheng ask: “Does she not like me?”

Didn’t she like Brother Xie?

No way.

“My mom praised you for being handsome when she saw you in the live broadcast last time.” Tang Bai rubbed his head and said, “Maybe she has something to tell my dad.”

Xie Ruheng, whose appearance was recognized by his mother-in-law: “!” Suddenly, I feel a little more confidence in my heart!

“My family is very easy to get along with. Brother Xie, don’t be nervous. My mother cooks delicious food, and her ears are very soft. If you praise her for cooking well later, she will be happy.”

“My father, he looks serious, but in fact he is quite talkative, and he likes to communicate with young people, especially young people who have their own ideas.”

“My grandfather is a very kind old man, but his mecha manufacturing skills are superb, and he will help me improve it in the future. You can find my grandpa for mechs~”

“Eh? How do you get on good terms with my grandpa? Don’t worry about this brother Xie, my grandpa is super nice to my friends. Several of my sisters were given limited-edition jewelry made of metal by my grandfather~”

Tang Bai was talking to Xie Ruheng in a low voice, when he suddenly saw Mother Tang, who was wearing a cheongsam, light makeup, hair rolled up, and jewelry all over her body, holding the neatly dressed Father Tang, come out from the bedroom.

Tang Bai: “…?”

“Hello, Uncle and Aunt.” Xie Ruheng immediately stepped forward to distribute gifts, “I heard that Uncle and Aunt like to make tea, this is a star sand pot and golden buds.”

Star sand pot was the most precious tea set. The raw material star sand was an associated ore of energy spar, and the quantity was scarce. Only top-quality energy mines could find star sand.

Such a precious star sand pot was said to make tea taste better.

And the golden buds were called “the giant panda among tea”, because the golden buds were difficult to grow, the taste was delicious and the quantity was scarce, and good golden buds were hard to come by.

These two things were cherished by Mr. Ling. Although Xie Ruheng didn’t know the value of these things Mr. Ling gave him, seeing Mother Tang’s satisfied eyes, he knew that this gift was right.

“Xiao Xie has a heart.” Mother Tang saw that more gifts were given to Tang Bai, and the emotion in her eyes became softer. “You haven’t eaten dinner yet?”

Xie Ruheng walked behind Father Tang and Mother Tang neither humble nor overbearing. When the elders were seated, he chose a more remote place to sit down.

“Why did you give such an expensive thing?” Tang Bai asked Xie Ruheng in a low voice with his eyes wide open.

Xie Ruheng came to his house to help him, not to ask their family for help, it would be too costly! Tang Bai felt very sorry for Xie Ruheng’s wallet!

“Tangtang, you go ask grandpa to eat.”

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