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“Wow, I didn’t say that!” Shun Feng’er shouted.

I didn’t say that, I just said that there is a marriage line connected. Although this is true, hearing it in other people’s ears had a completely different meaning.

Li Jing didn’t listen, and struggled to fight again, but the two saw that the situation was not good, so they ran away with oil on their feet.

“You unfilial son, quickly put me down!” Li Jing kicked his short legs and began to beat Nezha.

“Father, stop making trouble, something serious has happened.” Nezha helplessly put his father down and started talking about the purpose of looking for him.

There were demons haunting the Far East, and they had already endangered the human world. The Jade Emperor asked Nezha to lead troops to encircle and suppress the demons, but the transfer of troops required Li Jing’s consent.

“Then go.” Li Jing stood on the ground with his little hands behind his back, frowning at his son who was much taller than him.

“If you don’t give me the transfer order in front of the generals, how can I transfer the troops?” Nezha rolled his eyes. The Heavenly Soldiers and Generals only recognized Li Jing, even if he was a great general, if they didn’t see his father, the generals would not listen to him.

“Isn’t the land of the extreme east guarded by Emperor Donghua? How could there be demons haunting it?” Bai Ze heard the point. As one of the great immortals, Emperor Donghua had powerful mana. Since he moved to Kunyu Mountain in the extreme east, there was no more trouble with demons over there.

“Emperor Donghua probably also…” Nezha glanced at his father on the ground and Tianzun in Bai Ze’s arms. As a great immortal with powerful mana, Emperor Donghua must be unable to escape the influence of the power of reincarnation. Now that something happened in the extreme east, Emperor Donghua must have turned into a child. After getting smaller, the mana also became lower, and the coercion would also weaken accordingly. The demons must have felt his weakness, and naturally dared to run out to show off their prestige.

“Then we have to go over quickly.” Bai Ze said, looking down at Fu Li in his arms, Fu Li was slowly eating pancakes, like a cute little beast, seeing this Bai Ze’s heart melted, saying nothing, he just hated to put the person down.

“Go ask the Jade Emperor if he has a transfer order,” Fu Li swallowed the pancake, turned to Nezha and said to Nezha, and then ordered Bai Ze, “Let’s go back and try to make Li Jing bigger.”

It was rare for Tianzun to say such a long series of words, while his soft voice made people’s heart itch, Bai Ze nodded hurriedly, hugged Fu Li with one hand, picked up Li Jing with the other, and they all returned to Yuqing Palace. While Nezha went to Lingxiao Hall to see what the Jade Emperor could do.

“I have a transfer order, but…” The Jade Emperor pulled his beard in distress. As the emperor of the heavens, he could naturally mobilize all the generals. However, with the marshal around, it was problematic for the Jade Emperor to personally issue orders.

Now they just wanted to hide the news of the great gods’ accident. If the Jade Emperor went to dispatch the troops himself, wouldn’t it be a bit revealing?

Nezha scratched his head: “Then what should I do?”

“Didn’t they say that you can change back by drinking Yuye wine? Let Li Jing drink more.” Jade Emperor said.

“Drink more? No, no.” Hearing the advice that Nezha brought back, Bai Ze immediately shook his head like a rattle. If Li Jing wanted to become an adult all of a sudden, he would have to drink half a pot of Yuye wine, how could he afford it with his small body now.

“Father has always been a good drinker, and it’s not a problem to drink even two jugs of Yuye wine.” Nezha was very anxious, the demons were causing trouble in the extreme east, and if he was a moment late, countless mortals would suffer, so there could be no delay. After finishing speaking, he snatched Tianjun from Bai Ze’s hand, and dragged Li Jing to drink.

Li Jing took a sip, found it delicious, and immediately started to drink it gulpingly.

“Don’t drink too much!” Bai Ze snatched it in time, so Li Jing only drank half of it. Suddenly, his whole body was filled with light, and the rich sun and moon essence swelled in his veins, causing Li Jing to cry out in pain.

“Father!” Nezha was startled, and quickly hugged his father.

Bai Ze sighed, stepped forward and put his hands on Li Jing’s chest, to help him ease the flow of essence.

A moment later, a golden light flashed, and the little Li Jing floated into the air, his body elongated instantly, and he turned into an adult wearing armor and holding a pagoda in his hands.

“Father!” Nezha was overjoyed, and finally saw his normal father, “It’s not too late, let’s go.”

“Hic—” Li Jing opened his mouth and let out a loud belch.

Nezha: “…”

Li Jing was really drunk, until he could hardly walk. Nezha could only pick him up, drag him in front of the heavenly soldiers and generals, and pinch him on the waist: “Father, say this quickly, ‘there are demons infesting the Far East, and today we will send out 10,000 troops. Nezha is going to catch the demons’.”

“Wait, listen!” Li Jing shook his head and regained consciousness for a moment.

“Yes!” One hundred thousand heavenly soldiers responded in unison.

“Uh… Nezha has infested the extreme east, I’ll catch him as soon as possible…” After only waking up for a moment, his tongue began to tie up again.

“Pfft…” The soldiers below couldn’t help laughing.

Nezha felt extremely ashamed, and quickly kicked his father’s calf: “Demons have infested, demons!”

“Ah, demons, demons have infested! Dispatching 10,000 troops, Nezha hurry to catch them!” Li Jing stumbled and finally said the correct words.

“Nezha receives the decree!” Nezha responded loudly, immediately ordered ten thousand heavenly soldiers, and led them away.

Bai Ze carried Li Jing, who had shrunk again, back to Yuqing Palace, and took Fu Li to the extreme east. He had to go and have a look, and then bring back Emperor Donghua who may also have shrunk.

As soon as Bai Ze and Fu Li left, the children of Yuqing Palace became chaotic.

Li Jing was still drunk, so he picked up a bamboo pole and started chasing Laojun all over the yard madly.

“Li Jing, if you have something to say, let’s talk it out!” Laojun ran away lifting the hem of his clothes, now that his mana was low, he couldn’t beat Li Jing purely with physical strength!

“Woo… You are not allowed to fight…” The Queen Mother was frightened by this scene and wanted to try to persuade them not to fight, but was pushed down by Li Jing, after which she began to cry with her mouth flattened.

Yue Lao stood aside anxiously, and when Li Jing ran over, he suddenly stretched out his legs and tripped him, and threw over a piece of red rope: “Quick, tie him up.”

Hearing this, Laojun immediately grabbed the red rope from one end, and together with Yue Lao, they tied Li Jing tightly. Not long after, little Li Jing, who was drunk and crazy, was tied into a big red rice dumpling and thrown to the corner.

“Hoo hoo…” He was tied up and couldn’t move, and Li Jing couldn’t even make any noise, so he just fell asleep like this.

Yue Lao and Laojun looked at each other, and finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“Woo, I don’t want to be here, I’m going to Lingxiao Palace!” However, the Queen Mother hadn’t stopped crying, and without Bai Ze there to coax her, she started to lose her temper.

“Don’t cry, the Jade Emperor will come to pick you up in a while.” Yue Lao said weakly, he didn’t want to coax the Queen Mother anymore, so he went to play by himself after saying a word of persuasion.

“Hee hee, you look so ugly when you cry, no wonder the Jade Emperor doesn’t want you, but that vixen.” Laojun gloated.

“Woo—” the Queen Mother cried even harder.

Holding Fu Li in his arms, Bai Ze flew all the way to the extreme east. They didn’t follow Nezha’s team, the heavenly soldiers and generals had gone to kill the demons, while they were just going to recruit students for their kindergarten.

“I haven’t been to Kunyu Mountain for a long time, and I don’t know if the hibiscus fruit is ripe?” Bai Ze sat on the cloud, thinking about the taste of the hibiscus fruit. The hibiscus tree grew on Kunyu Mountain. It was the treasure of Emperor Donghua, and it was the sacred tree where the sun rested in ancient times. Hibiscus fruit was the most precious treasure in the world. If ordinary people ate one, they could live forever, if demons ate one, it could cleanse their tendons and marrow, and if immortals ate one… It tasted great. During the Pantao Festival, Emperor Donghua would usually offer a basket, and the gods who had a good relationship with him would occasionally beg for one.

Bai Ze was the guy who often got to eat some. He lived by the East Sea, not far from Kunyu Mountain.

In fact, it was said to be the land of the extreme east, not the end of the sky, it was just the farthest immortal island in the East China Sea. Going further east, you reached the chaotic boundary between immortals and demons and the place where the sun rose.

“Look, that’s Cangze Mountain.” Bai Ze saw the top of the mountain where he lived, and immediately pointed it out to Fu Li.

Fuli Tianzun lay on the cloud, looked carefully for a while, and finally saw a protruding stone in the vast ocean. This was the mountain?

Facing Tianzun’s suspicious gaze, Bai Ze was very aggrieved: “The vicissitudes of life are turning, and my mountain is flooded.”

So that’s how it is…Fu Li stretched out his short hand and patted Bai Ze’s shoulder: “It’s okay, I will help you move Cangze Mountain out when I recover my mana.”

“Okay!” Bai Ze suddenly became happy. Moving mountains and seas was just a legend. Most gods couldn’t do it. They could only cast some spells, change shapes, fight, and eliminate demons. But Lord Tianzun could really move mountains.

Legend had it that in the battle between immortals and demons, Fu Li moved the entire Taihang Mountain with one hand in order to suppress the ancient beasts.

“That’s all made up by the Jade Emperor.” Fu Li coughed dryly at hearing that he had moved the entire Taihang Mountain. Only Fuxi and Nuwa could do that. He just cut off a dangerous peak.

“Huh?” Bai Ze blinked. He was injured in the battle between immortals and demons, so he couldn’t remember many things clearly. Later, after the Jade Emperor quelled the war, he rewarded Fu Li for his meritorious deeds. Speaking of these things, he boasted that Fuli was on par with the ancient gods. Those people who didn’t know the truth really believed it. As a result, he had always been afraid of Tianzun, thinking that if he became unhappy one day and broke the heavens, the heaven would be truly lost.

Hearing Bai Ze’s words, Fu Li was speechless for a long time. What the hell was this Jade Emperor bragging about outside?

“By the way, during the battle between immortals and demons, do you know who was near Mount Buzhou?” Bai Ze suddenly remembered something and asked.

“Why do you ask this?” Fu Li paused for a moment, then looked up into the distance.

The last time he went to the South China Sea to look for the fate-breaking stone, he used that trick on the eight-clawed fire chinchilla, which made Bai Ze recall certain episodes. The person who saved him was a beauty wearing a green fairy robe, but it was hard to tell whether he was a man or a woman.

“In the immortal world, there are many immortals who like to wear green, Fairy Biqiong, Tianquan Xingjun, the Dragon King of the East China Sea, the fifth princess…” Bai Ze counted with his fingers, except for the fifth princess, other immortals existed during the battle between immortals and demons, so, it was hard to guess.

“If you find that person, what do you want to do?” Fu Li glanced at him.

“I should repay the favor of saving my life.” Bai Ze said seriously.

“If he could save you, his magic power must be higher than yours. What can you repay him with?” Fu Li lowered his head and stroked the blue silk sash around his waist.

Bai Ze blinked, remembering the sayings in the world, couldn’t help laughing: “If there is nothing to repay, I should promise my body, hehe…”

Fu Li froze inexplicably.

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Fu Li: Okay, I remember

Bai Ze: What?

Fu Li: You said you would give your life to your savior

Bai Ze: Then what? What are you doing undressing?

Fu Li: Come to repay your favor now.

Bai Ze: Huh???

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