TK Ch. 8: Red Thread

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Bai Ze: “…” These words sounded weird, and he couldn’t help shivering. Only then did he realize that it was not easy for Tianzun to conjure up his hands. As a temporary teacher, he should give him a compliment. So, he quickly put on a smiling face.

“Fu Li, you are so amazing, how did you do it?” The hands held in Bai Ze’s hands gradually shrank back, turning into fleshy little hands.

“According to what you said, gathering mana in one place can indeed make it bigger, but the time limit is very short.” Fu Li summed it up simply and clearly and summoned a wordless book to record his experience. These experiences were very useful and must be written down so that they could deal with the next time the vicissitudes of life came around.

After finishing these, Fu Li patted Bai Ze’s head, Bai Ze was stunned for a moment, then looked down at the serious Tianzun: “Why…” Before he finished speaking, he saw little Fu Li open his mouth, then he yawned, and his clear eyes were covered with mist.

It turned out he was sleepy.

Ever since he slept on Bai Ze’s fur last time, Master Tianzun fell in love with this kind of feeling. Bai Ze belonged to water, and in summer, his beast form was full of cold water vapor, and it was not hot at all to lie on it.

Resigned to his fate, Bai Ze changed back to his original shape, lying on the ground. Fu Li grabbed his fur and climbed up, lying on Bai Ze’s back, with his head resting on his head, rubbing his face between his fur.

The next day, the Jade Emperor brought the Queen Mother over on time, threw her at the gate of the kindergarten and ran away without even saying a word to Bai Ze.

“Woo——” The loud cry startled Bai Ze who was still soundly asleep, and Li Jing rolled off the jade mat, got up with a jerk, and quickly put on his clothes.

“Be good, don’t cry.” Bai Ze turned into his human form, scratching his ears and scratching his cheeks, he circled around the Queen Mother, and raised his arms to hug her. The Queen Mother struggled and jumped down, hugging the jade pillar on the fence gate of Yuqing Palace and wailing loudly while looking in the direction of Lingxiao Palace.

“The Jade Emperor doesn’t want you anymore, is it!” Laojun stuck out his tongue at the Queen Mother and made a face.

After hearing this, the queen mother cried even more fiercely.

“He will come to pick you up at night, don’t listen to Laojun’s nonsense.” Bai Ze glared at Laojun and motioned him to hand over a candy bean to coax people.

Laojun hugged his gourd, pouted his lips and hesitated for a long time, then he poured out three jelly beans, picked out the smallest one, poured in the remaining two, and sealed the gourd. “I’ll give it to you to eat.” Laojun stretched out a jelly bean in front of the Queen Mother.

“I don’t want…” The Queen Mother turned her head and waved Laojun’s hand away.

“I want it! I want it!” Li Jing ran over like a gust of wind, rolled up the jelly beans and ran away.

“Who gave it to you!” Laojun immediately chased after him, and the two started running around the yard again.

“Then what do you want?” Bai Ze asked patiently. As an auspicious beast, he still had a good temper, especially when dealing with children.

“I want a husband… woo woo…” the Queen Mother said sobbingly. She felt that after she got smaller, the Jade Emperor must have changed his mind, as he didn’t like the chicken leg cloud she asked people to weave.

“Why do you see it?” Fu Li floated over, looking at the Queen Mother expressionlessly.

“Ah?” The Queen Mother sniffed her snot, staring blankly at the Fuli Tianzun hanging upside down in front of her.

“Is there anything unusual about the Jade Emperor?” Fu Li turned around and asked her with his arms folded. The chicken leg cloud matter was mentioned yesterday, and the Queen Mother didn’t cry at that time. She cried so hard this morning, something must have happened yesterday. Although they had become smaller, their intuition of being a god was still there. It was probably only some special sign that could make the Queen Mother cry like this.

The queen mother gritted her teeth: “Is it not that nine-tailed fox fairy!” There was a nine-tailed fox who had recently become a fairy. Because of her good dancing skills, she was kept by the Jade Emperor in Lingxiao Temple as a dancing fairy. The fox had always kept to her duty and respected the Jade Emperor, but for some reason last night, she suddenly winked at the Jade Emperor.

“Welcoming the Jade Emperor back to the palace.” The Nine-Tailed Fox Dance Immortal knelt down and bowed to the ground. When the Jade Emperor called out, she stood up and raised her head faintly.

The Jade Emperor froze for a moment, seeming a little confused.

The nine-tailed fox backed away with a smile and winked at the Jade Emperor before leaving.

The Jade Emperor was taken aback again, then shook his head.

“Tell me, has he changed his mind?” the Queen Mother asked weepingly.

Bai Ze coughed dryly: “I don’t think it would be…” The Jade Emperor had never looked towards another beauty in thousands of years, no matter how beautiful the nine-tailed fox was, it was just like that. Although the Jade Emperor’s character was not very good, but based on his understanding of the Jade Emperor, that guy would not do such a lowly thing like flirting with others in front of his wife.

“Woooooo…” The Queen Mother kept crying, so Bai Ze had no choice but to put down the Nine-Tailed Fox beforehand, and take the Queen Mother to find Yue Lao.

“Let’s ask Yue Lao for a piece of red rope to tie you and Jade Emperor together.” Bai Ze coaxed the Queen Mother. The red line of Yue Lao was called the marriage line, which determined all the marriages in the world. All two people who were drawn by the red line were destined people. As long as the red line continued, they would love each other and grow old together.

When the Queen Mother heard this, she stopped crying immediately, nodded and hugged Bai Ze’s neck to let him carry her over. Bai Ze bent down to pick up the Queen Mother, and the other little guys in the yard heard that he was going to the Moonlight Fairy Palace, and immediately clamored to go too.

“No.” Bai Ze refused without even thinking about it. In the Immortal Palace under the Moon, clay sculptures representing mortals were all over the floor, and the red thread implicated the two clay sculptures, which bound the marriage of those two people. Laojun and Li Jing, the two mischievous ghosts, he did not know how they would make trouble after they went there. If they messed up the red lines or knocked over the clay sculptures, it would be a big disaster.

“I’ll go with you.” Fuli Tianzun said suddenly.

Bai Ze looked at Fu Li’s serious face, could Tianzun have noticed something wrong? Before he had time to think about it, Bai Ze nodded, and took the two little beans to the Moonlight Immortal Palace.

After not going out for a few days, Bai Ze felt that the atmosphere in the heaven seemed a little weird.

“Chirp—” A resonant phoenix cry pierced the sky. Bai Ze raised his head and saw a huge phoenix flying over his head. Its bright red feathers covered the sky and the sun. Its wings fluttered like clouds hanging from the sky. Wherever it passed, the white clouds were ignited and turned into a scarlet red. The only fire phoenix in the Three Realms was Phoenix King.

Immediately behind Phoenix King, there was a colorful peacock. The peacock was extremely fast, and it circled in front of the Phoenix King[1] in an instant, dancing lightly, and then slowly unfolding its extremely gorgeous tail feathers.

“Xianjun Qingniao[2], is this… the screen is opened?” Qian Liyan, who was standing in the sun at the Nantian Gate, rubbed his eyes.

“The Phoenix King is a male bird, right?” Shunfeng Er opened his mouth wide, “Qingniao is also a…male bird…”

“The world is getting worse!” The giant spirit god sitting behind them drinking sighed. It was getting messy.

Bai Ze was also very surprised. He remembered that the Phoenix King had long wanted to belong to him, but it was definitely not this male peacock. The phoenix was the king of all birds. Although this Qingniao had a high immortal rank, he was also under the jurisdiction of the Phoenix King. He dared to challenge the king. It was really… courageous.

When the phoenix king saw the peacock spread its tail, he was stunned for a moment, and hovered in place for a while, when suddenly, a mouthful of flames spewed out.

“Quack!” The peacock screamed wildly after being burned, and hurriedly put away its tail feathers and hid aside. At this time, the Phoenix King had already flown in front of him, and he opened his mouth.

“Quack quack quack!” The peacock screamed even worse, the Phoenix King pecked it mercilessly, and used the most primitive method of plucking the fur from its head to make him calm down.

Bai Ze withdrew his gaze, shook his head, embraced the Queen Mother, and pulled Fu Li to turn around and leave. Fu Li stretched out his hand and caught a peacock feather that had fallen. It was colorful and beautiful, and he put it in his sleeve casually.

“Huh? Who is that that God Lord Bai Ze is hugging?” The Giant Spirit God was very curious when he saw the appearance of Bai Ze’s family and turned his head to ask the Qian Liyan who was next to him.

“This…” Qian Liyan took a peek at Bai Ze, and wanted to stab at him, but he couldn’t say anything. Facing the eyes as big as copper bells of the Giant Spirit God, his face turned red. Fortunately, he had purple skin, and he couldn’t tell if he was red.

However, I can’t talk about gossip, it’s really… too aggrieved.

Bai Ze couldn’t understand Qian Liyan’s frustration, he was already stunned by what he saw along the way. The haughty Baihua Fairy was flirting with the Cicada Immortal who always made trouble for her, and the Antarctic Immortal’s crane actually chased Taibai Jinxing’s golden eagle in a courtship dance… Heaven, it’s a bit unusual…

Bai Ze and Fu Li looked at each other with a glance, they understood what the problem was. Bai Ze rode the clouds, and quickly flew towards the Moon Palace with Fu Li.

Moonlight Palace, located directly below the Moon Palace, was surrounded by fairy mist all year round and was very beautiful. In the palace, the bright white jade was used as the pillars, and the nine-day snow gauze was used as the curtain. The pool in the center of the courtyard was full of double lotuses.

When the Queen Mother arrived at the Moonlight Fairy Palace, she struggled to get down, and ran into the house on her short legs: “Yue Lao, Yue Lao, give me a red thread!”

“Hey, you want a red thread, wait!” Behind the heavy white gauze, accompanied by the sound of crisp bells, came a soft and tender voice.

Bai Ze’s heart sank, it seemed that he guessed right, Yue Lao also became smaller.

Standing on the wooden bridge in the middle of the pool, Fu Li stared at an ice bird, bent down, picked it off casually, and straightened up… Because her head was big and her body was small, she was unsteady and fell into the water.

Bai Ze quickly grabbed the man, held him in his arms, and strode towards the inner room. Lifting the layers of curtains, he was a little dizzy for a moment. But seeing the clay sculptures scattered all over the floor, with countless red threads entangled in them, if you look carefully, many completely irrelevant people had been pulled together.

There were princes and ministers who were set to fall in love with the ninety-five supreme beings, there were old farmers in the field who were in love with their own daughters, young talents were in love with big butchers… There were even roosters with gooses, white snakes with scholars, and several statues were tied together in a karmic relationship that was constantly cut and messed up.

Yue Lao, on the other hand, had turned into a three-foot child, with snow-white hair and a round face, his hands and feet were entangled by a bunch of red threads, and he fell over and over again.

“Give it to me! Give it to me quickly!” Sitting beside Yue Lao, the Queen Mother reached out for the red thread in his hand.

“Here you are, I’ll put it on for you!” Yue Lao raised his hand with a smile and tied a red string to the Queen Mother’s head and tied a sky braid.

“How can this be done, come out quickly, if you mess up the marriage line, the world will be in chaos.” Bai Ze hurriedly picked up the Queen Mother and stretched out his arms to hug Yue Lao again.

Yue Lao stretched out his hand to hug him, Bai Ze tried his best, but was pulled staggeringly, nearly fell on a pile of clay sculptures, quickly cast his mana, and floated half a foot above the ground, only to survive.

“I’m trapped by the marriage line, and I can’t get up.” The little Yue Lao looked melancholy, but his big eyes could not see any melancholy, and he happily tied a red thread on Bai Ze’s wrist.

“Don’t make trouble!” Bai Ze shook his hand, trying to get rid of the red thread. At this moment, Fu Li suddenly floated over and crushed the ice bird in his hand. The tangled red thread fell off by itself.

“Wow, I can run now!” Yue Lao was overwhelmed with excitement when he got out of trouble, he became smaller and his memory was not good, how could he forget this solution. Yue Lao, who had regained his freedom, happily ran around Tianzun, but forgot that he still held a red thread in his hand, and the red thread quickly tied Tianzun tightly. After going around enough, the red line disappeared instantly.

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Bai Ze: There are always thousands of years in the life of a beast, and you are lonely

Yue Lao: Don’t be afraid, Yue Lao will help you tie the red line.

Yue Lao: Here, your faithful good partner

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In Chinese mythology, the phoenix king is an immortal bird whose rare appearance is said to be an omen foretelling harmony at the ascent to the throne of a new emperor.


The Qingniao were blue or green birds which appear in Chinese mythology, popular stories, poetry, and religion (the Chinese are somewhat ambiguous in regard to English color vocabulary, and the word qing may and has been translated as “blue” or “green”, or even “black”). Qingniao is especially regarded as the messengers or as otherwise serving the Queen Mother of the West Xi Wangmu. In some sources, three-legged Qingniao carry her messages; in other sources, a single one-legged Qingniao fetched her food.

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