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Shen Qinglan only went back after having dinner at Chu family household. When she was leaving, she was entangled by Pei Hao again. She was not allowed to leave, saying this he cried a lot.

So there were two people when they came, and three when they went back. Pei Hao was very happy, but Master Fu’s face was a little ugly.

“Auntie, I want to sleep with you at night.” Pei Hao said while shaking his two little fat legs, him and Shen Qinglan were sitting together in the backseat.

Fu Hengyi glanced at Shen Qinglan in the rear view mirror, his meaning was obvious, but Shen Qinglan didn’t look at Master Fu, “Okay.”

Master Fu felt like dying.

In order to prevent Pei Hao from sleeping with them, Fu Hengyi did not return to Jiangxin Yayuan, but returned to the military compound.

“Hengyi, you guys are back.” Fu Jingting was chatting with Mr. Fu in the living room when she saw the young couple coming back and said with a smile.

Her eyes paused, when she saw someone in Shen Qinglan’s arms, “Qinglan, whose child is this?”

“My cousin’s family, he came here with him, he calls me Auntie, this old grandfather is Auntie’s grandfather, you should call him great-grandpa.”

Pei Hao nodded obediently, got down from Shen Qinglan’s arms, and ran in front of Mr. Fu and Fu Jingting, “Hello auntie, hello great-grandfather, I’m Pei Hao, you can call me Hao Hao.”

Pei Hao looked like white jade, he was exquisite and very good-looking, furthermore it was very rare for Mr. Fu and Fu Jingting to see such young children. Mr. Fu smiled so hard that his face bloomed, and he kept saying yes, and those who didn’t know would have thought it was his own great-grandson who had come to meet him.

Fu Jingting pinched Pei Hao’s face, “Hello Hao Hao, you are welcome to the house.”

She glanced at the door, but did not see any adults following, “Hao Hao, you came alone?”

Pei Hao shook his head, “No, I came with my aunt and uncle.”

Pei Hao was chubby and delicate, like a New Year’s picture doll, Fu Jingting found it very rare, moreover he also spoke interestingly, which made her like him immediately.

She picked up Pei Hao and kissed him on the face happily. Pei Hao had a faint milky fragrance on his body, which was very pleasant.

Pei Hao was not afraid of anything at all, so he nestled in Fu Jingting’s arms obediently.

“Hao Hao, can you sleep with aunt at night?” She had always liked children. If it wasn’t for…she would not have left Gu Yang at Gu family house.

Who knew, Pei Hao shook his head, “I don’t want, I want to sleep with my aunt.”

“Auntie wants to sleep with your uncle, you can’t sleep with your aunt.” Fu Jingting explained patiently.

Pei Hao was tangled, his eyebrows were wrinkled into a ball, then his eyes suddenly lit up, and he said, “The uncle sleeps with his aunt, and Hao Hao sleeps with his aunt.”

Master Fu’s face darkened, and even Fu Jingting twitched the corners of her mouth. She hadn’t expected Pei Hao to spit out such amazing words.

“Your uncle is already an adult, so he can’t sleep with his aunt. If your aunt can’t sleep alone at night, will Hao Hao stay with me?” Fu Jingting wanted to fool Pei Hao, she really liked this child.

It was just that, Pei Hao was just not easy to fool.

“Aunt Zhao, help take Hao Hao to take a bath.” It was getting late. Seeing that Pei Hao had started yawning, Fu Jingting stopped teasing him.

“Auntie.” Pei Hao looked at Shen Qinglan, obviously wanting Shen Qinglan to help him take a bath.

Fu Hengyi said, “Your aunt also wants to take a bath. You go to bathe with this grandma first.”

Pei Hao glanced at Shen Qinglan reluctantly before following Aunt Zhao.

Mr. Fu and Fu Jingting also went upstairs.

Shen Qinglan went upstairs to take a bath first, and Fu Hengyi went upstairs to give her some water. After watching her go in, he turned around and went out. He personally prepared a guest room for Pei Hao, and wanted to sleep with his wife, which was a beautiful thought for him.

When Pei Hao came out of the bath, he was taken to the guest room by Fu Hengyi.

“Where’s my aunt?” Pei Hao asked on not seeing Shen Qinglan.

“Your aunt is still taking a bath, you go to bed first, and she will come over after taking a bath.” Fu Hengyi coaxed him, he thought everything would be fine as long as he coaxed the kid to sleep before Qinglan finished taking a bath.

Pei Hao was not happy, “Then I’ll wait for my aunt.”

Fu Hengyi rarely softened his tone, “Your aunt is a little slow to take a bath, and you can’t let your aunt not take a bath. Be obedient and go to bed first.”

Pei Hao blinked and looked at Fu Hengyi, “Uncle, can you tell me a bedtime story? Both my mother and my grandmother tell me stories.”

Fu Hengyi was embarrassed, he couldn’t tell stories at all, “I can’t tell stories.”

“Do you know the one with three little pigs?”

Fu Hengyi shook his head.

“What about the big bad wolf and the little white rabbit?”

Fu Hengyi shook his head.

“What about the tortoise and the hare?”

Fu Hengyi shook his head again.

“What about One Thousand and One Nights?”

Fu Hengyi could only shake his head.

Pei Hao looked at Fu Hengyi with disgust, “Uncle, why are you so stupid, you can’t do anything.”

Fu Hengyi’s face was a little dark, staring at Pei Hao in front of him, his breath became a little cold.

Shen Qinglan was standing at the door at the moment, looking at the duo inside, the corners of her mouth were upturned, showing her good mood at the moment, she was afraid that even though Master Fu had lived for more than 30 years, this must be the first time that someone had called him stupid.

“Must listen to the story?” Fu Hengyi asked patiently, while the veins on his forehead jumped slightly.

Pei Hao nodded heavily, for fear that Fu Hengyi would not believe it, he added, “I have to listen to stories every night before I can fall asleep.”

“Okay, wait.” Fu Hengyi stood up and planned to go to the study to find a novel. When he went out, he saw Shen Qinglan standing at the door as if watching a play. Looking at the corner of her raised mouth, Fu Hengyi glanced at her angrily.

Before Pei Hao could find out, he pulled her into their own bedroom, “You go to bed first, I’ll put him to sleep first.”

Shen Qinglan raised her eyebrows, “Why bother, just bring him to sleep with us.”

Fu Hengyi gritted his teeth, “He’s a man.”

Shen Qinglan was speechless, “He’s only three years old this year, and he’s still a child.”

Fu Hengyi didn’t care, he was a man even at the age of three, so he couldn’t sleep with his wife. He alone could do it, then he kissed Shen Qinglan’s mouth, and said softly, “Be good, go ahead and wait for me.”

Shen Qinglan found it funny, but she didn’t object. She went to bed obediently, but instead of sleeping, she leaned on the bedrest to read a book.

Fu Hengyi turned around and went to the study. After looking for a long time, he found a copy of “The Old Man and the Sea” in the corner. It seemed to be some years old. He didn’t know when he had bought it. He had never read these books since he was eighteen years old. There were more military books in the study.

“Uncle, you are so slow.” Pei Hao was almost falling asleep when he saw Fu Hengyi, so he pouted and complained.

Fu Hengyi sat down beside the bed, “Do you want to listen to the story?”

Pei Hao nodded, lay down obediently, and then looked at Fu Hengyi.

Fu Hengyi opened the book and started reading.

Just after a while, Pei Hao said, “Uncle, you are speaking too fast.”

Fu Hengyi slowed down his speech.

After two minutes, “Uncle, what you read is not as good as my grandmother and mother, they don’t need to read books, and they are very…” Little children, who still don’t know what “sound emotional” means, so he didn’t know what to do, or how to describe his Uncle Fu’s rigid “reading aloud”.

But Master Fu miraculously understood his underlying meaning, and his face turned a little cold, but when he met Pei Hao’s black, puffy, watery eyes, his heart softened slightly, his tone also softened, and he began to speak again.

Pei Hao was reluctantly satisfied, then listening quietly, he asked Fu Hengyi when he didn’t understand something, and Fu Hengyi answered patiently.

When Fu Hengyi looked down, Pei Hao was already asleep, with his mouth slightly open, Fu Hengyi smiled lightly, put the book on the bedside table, reached out to help him cover the quilt, and then turned off the light and went out.

“Is he asleep?” Shen Qinglan asked when she saw him coming back.

Fu Hengyi nodded, he had finally coaxed the b**t**d to sleep, no one could steal his wife from him now.

Shen Qinglan had already taken a shower, Fu Hengyi took his pyjamas and went into the bathroom, when he came out ten minutes later, his hair was still half-dried and slightly damp.

He climbed on the bed, held Shen Qinglan in his arms, looked at the beautiful face in his arms, and couldn’t help sighing, “You have so many peach blossoms, men, women, young and old.” He did not forget what happened with Yan Shengyu in the exhibition hall yesterday, he was also a man, of course he understood the affection in Yan Shengyu’s eyes when he looked at Shen Qinglan.

And his sister, when she looked at his wife, her eyes were glowing with green light, not to mention the little one now, he came directly to the house, arguing that he wanted to sleep with his wife.

Thinking of this, Master Fu’s heart felt even more stuffed, “I really want to shrink you and put you in my pocket, so that no one can take you away.”

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