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They didn’t know if they were a cub on the other side of the world, but they also wanted to meet the human youth they had met before. When they shared their memories, none of these things had happened yet, so of course they couldn’t see them from the youth’s memories.

Also, as the top executives of the legion, even though there was nothing related to them in the youth’s memory, Oni and Ain still received that memory, so they could see how good the youth was on the other side of the world to the other cubs.

It was not that they were unmoved by the love they saw, even if they didn’t feel it themselves.

Oni put her hand on her arm and turned her head away slightly. The human youth had bandaged her wound, but she did not thank him at that time, but said in a bad tone not to touch her.

Dragons always liked shiny things…including juvenile Kesu cubs.

The young man’s eyes were black and his hair was also black, which did not meet the “shiny” condition, but when the other party gently lowered his eyebrows and smiled, the brilliance in his eyes made Oni find it more beautiful than any gem.

The man with his eyes closed quietly in the seat looked indifferent, because he couldn’t see, Ain was different from the others, and he couldn’t see any of Xie Luan’s features.

But relying on hearing, he could hear clear and gentle sounds, and could smell his unique and warm breath.

Sniffing the breath had a very special meaning in the Wek tribe. Ain sniffed it once when he first saw Xie Luan and sniffed it the second time when the other party spoke to him in a gentle voice several times on the Ark.

Finally, on the planet called Gaia, when the young man brought him the pudding, when he put the porcelain spoon into his hand, he sniffed it for the third time.

The first sniff was a record, the second was to show that he didn’t hate him, and the third could be understood as an expression of willingness to be close or like.

Of course, only Ain himself knew about the three sniffs, neither his colleagues nor Xie Luan himself knew about it.

The cubs of the Wek clan actually didn’t need to be close to a person to smell the breath. If they deliberately approached every time and then gently sniffed, this was already the way of the Wek cubs to express love to the other party.

What this legion was going to do was to destroy one planet after another and disintegrate all the forces in the interstellar space, but after Xie Luan came, Ya Yi in this world had stopped this plan.

Occupying the planet that had been captured before, the legion led by Ya Yi currently existed as a new force in the interstellar space and was no longer an enemy of the Star Alliance.

It was a fact that the Legion had invaded and even destroyed planets, but the Alliance had nothing to do with the forces on Ya Yi’s side, and the two were now in a peaceful state.

[I love you all. 】

Because they had experienced the feeling of being loved, several people in the main hall of this ark ship had different feelings when they look at the world now.

The bad side was there, and the annoying side was also still there, but there were also beautiful places that could be seen.

Like the Yunbao Branch that was rebuilt on Gaia.

They in this world did not have much warm feelings about this cub care club, but in the memory of the youth, the Yunbao Club was a place like home to them who were still cubs in the other world.

If this branch was rebuilt, there would be many cubs who would grow up with care and love just like the youth remembered.

Helping the development of the Yunbao Club was what Ya Yi and the others had been doing in the past few years. A lot of help was not given on the surface, but secretly they helped Xia Qi, who ran the cub care branch, to solve a lot of trouble.

The legion no longer destroyed planets, and the interstellar space in this world was now peaceful, especially now that the unknown enemy had not yet appeared, the interstellar space presented a peaceful and progressive picture.

It was an incredible surprise to be able to receive the thoughts conveyed by the youth from the other world line. In fact, they should be satisfied.

But a few people around the long table in the main hall of the ark still thought – What if.

If only I could see him again.

“It would be nice if we could see each other again.” Xie Luan took out the larger ice-blue scale from the wooden box and whispered to himself while gently touching the cool scale with his fingertips.

Originally, for this world, countless world lines led to the same end, only the world line where Xie Luan was located took the lead in completing the change.

As the most special, brightest and most hopeful one among the countless world lines, the “rules” of this plane world had made a choice.

Except for the world line where Xie Luan was located, in all the other world lines, the hands on the huge clock that the Saen people had not destroyed were trembling slightly and were gradually shifting their points.

When Xie Luan went to Kronos, the hands he saw on the huge clock were pointing directly at the symbol “α”. Now the hands of the clocks that were trembling in other world lines were all deflected in the direction of the symbol α.

It was impossible for Xie Luan to notice these things that happened in other worlds, but there was one thing that happened in front of him, which made him stunned in place.

The ice-blue scale in the palm of his hand gradually disappeared. This kind of disappearance was like when Xie Luan returned to the original world line. The scale first turned into light spots, and then these small spots of light gradually became blurred and transparent, and finally disappeared.

“How could—” Before the scale completely disappeared, Xie Luan anxiously wanted to leave things behind, but he had no choice.

Why did it suddenly disappear, Xie Luan had no time to think about it now.

This scale was what he had promised the grown-up Gale that he would take good care of. If the scale disappeared, he would have still broken his promise.

No matter how anxious Xie Luan was, his hand eventually became empty.

He passively broke his promise, which made Xie Luan speechless for a while, but at this time, he received a communication from the Saen prophet.

“World line… Fusion?” Xie Luan slowly digested what the other party said to him in the video communication, then only he could understand the words the other party said.

Because the world line was about to merge, the scale he brought to this world from another world line had to disappear, Xie Luan understood this matter.

It was a fusion where their world would be dominant, and this was a message from Prophet Karen in a suddenly triggered foreknowledge when the entirety of the giant clock vibrated slightly.

Because the young man was the only person he knew who had been to the a parallel world line, Prophet Clay specially told him the information.

In order to completely save this world, let all other world lines merge with this world line leading to a future full of light and hope.

The fusion of the world lines would take some time. People in the merged world would learn about their life experiences in the main world. After the worlds were merged, this would actually be their life.

Oni, who was originally sitting in the main hall of the ark, turned her head slightly to the side, suddenly opened her eyes slightly, and her golden vertical pupils were very magnificent. She saw her “self” sleeping in the arms of the young man with a small emerald gem in her arms.

Ain saw a Wek cub who was gently sniffing the young man’s palm with his head down. The cub’s eyes were dull but living in the Yunbao Club, he was not at all afraid of the invisible surroundings.

Because when the young man had brought the Wek cub back to the Yunbao Club, he took the cub to familiarize himself with the environment himself for several days.

In addition to sniffing the palm of his hand, this Wek cub also liked to sniff the youth several times a day. This was the cub’s way of expressing his love and affection for the youth.

In this world full of hope, everyone would be happier.

When the world line was merged, except for Xie Luan, everyone felt a little more in their hearts, as if they were not themselves, but it was indeed their own emotions.

“Papa, Papa—”

He didn’t know why he suddenly wanted to see the youth and wanted to sing to the youth. The mermaid cub, who was sleeping in the shell bed at the bottom of the indoor pool, swam to the edge of the pool and called out to its parent.

Xie Luan carried the little mermaid to the side of the hall. When Xie Luan walked back, a goose-yellow chubby cub flew into his arms first, followed by a black dragon cub.


With its small wings in the arms of the young man, the Kuwei cub raised its head and looked at Xie Luan’s face with round black eyes, as if trying to attract the attention of the young man and chirped a few times with exceptional clarity.

Ya Yi was standing in front of Xie Luan, and the Muka and Wek cub who looked like a puppy also came around soon. These cubs wanted to get close to Xie Luan now and wanted Xie Luan to touch them. He touched the wings of the goose-yellow chubby cub in his arms and used his fingers to carefully tidy up the feathers on the chubby cub, then he rubbed bird’s beak lightly.

After Xie Luan sat down, the little mermaid held by Xie Luan opened his mouth to sing a free composition of many monophonic sounds, and a childish but also very beautiful song began to echo in the room.

This mermaid cub who was singing was watching his parent with blue eyes. When he grew up, he would have a better singing voice. In order to be praised by the youth, he must practice hard.

Very instinctively, the little mermaid had these thoughts.

After singing the song, the mermaid cub felt as if he had finally accomplished something he had always wanted to do, and his mood became even happier, and his blue eyes also brightened.

As for the other cubs nesting beside Xie Luan, their eyes were like little stars. These cubs were in a happy mood. If you want to ask why, it was because these cubs were thinking the same thing very clearly at this time.

They were loved by the youth in front of them.

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